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Every year, a large number of PC games are released in a variety of genres. Whether you like action/adventure games, strategy games, role-playing games, racing games, shooting games, etc., you can find various PC games in your favorite genre. No matter how good these big games are, you will notice two things: 

1) The game's great trailer and 

2) It is a ridiculously high price.

These sites let you download games for free and give you a complete description of the game, rating, photos, trailers, videos, DLCs, and other information. Some of these sites also make games you can download, install, and play on your computer. Look at the best site to download PC games for free.

Ocean of Games

ocean of games

Ocean of Games is the most popular place to get free computer games. Ocean of Games is the website that provides free download links to the most recent PC games. However, they do not own the copyright for any of these games; it is the most popular website that does this. 

Regardless of that, the website is updated relatively frequently. Therefore, Ocean of Games should be your first stop if you want a direct URL to download free games for your computer.



ConsoleRoms is a website that lets users download practically any classic video game and then play it on their mobile device, desktop computer, or tablet. The website also provides downloads of a type of software known as emulators, which can be installed on any device and enables users to play their preferred classic games for free. 

After obtaining the emulator, you can search through a wide selection of games for the GB, GBA, NDS, N64, NES, SNES, PS1, PS2, and more. Save your favorite classic games in ROM format to your computer, then load them into the emulators you have already set up, and you can play them completely free of charge.

Skidrow Games

skidrow games

Skidrow is another well-known network that gives away complete versions of PC games for free. You will find both a direct download link and a torrent download link for every one of the PC games, both old and new. 

The website's proprietor adds new games and provides cracks, patches, serial numbers, licensing codes for already released games, fresh updates, links to download DLC, and more.

IGG Games

igg games

IGG Games is an excellent website for people who want to start playing games on their computers but don't have much experience yet. This website for free PC game downloads has links to free game downloads and has all the facts and descriptions, video tutorials, and step-by-step guides you need to run any game you want on your computer. 

IGG Games is a website that has been around for a long time and features thousands of full versions of commercial PC games that users can download and play for free.

OVA Games

OVA games

OVA Games is a gaming blog offering free downloads of thousands of games for personal computers. It has supplied categories for you to investigate and check out the incredible games available in the gaming genre you enjoy the most. 

The website is simple to navigate, and you can also use a search tool to quickly locate the game you are looking for on the site. You can always find the PC game you want to download for free. You can request the game through a dedicated button on this website that offers free PC game downloads.

PC Games Download

PC games download

PC Games Download is yet another extremely well-liked website that offers full game downloads for even the most recent and massive games, some of which might cost several hundred dollars if you choose to do so. 

You can search for the game you want using either the alphabet or the search button located in the top-right corner of the screen. Every downloadable PC game on our website comes with a direct link that points to the game itself, along with five or six separate mirrors to ensure that you won't have any problems while downloading games.

Gamer Sky

gamer sky

The Chinese website Gamer Sky is straightforward when offering users links to download PC games freely. You may need to get the website translated from Chinese into English to navigate the website properly to navigate the website correctly. 

Free downloads are available for various games on the Gamer Sky website. These games include single games, Chinese games, tiny stand-alone games, classic games in shooting, action/adventure, role-playing, real-time strategy, racing, sports, and simulation games.

Take Game

take game

The website features a diverse selection of fun little games to play. If you look around, you'll see many classic games considered classics. You can find them here. Every game presented on this page comes with an in-depth description and a set of instructions. 

You can download them by clicking the button that says "Download Now," which is not intended to be a clickbait phrase. If you are a lover of older, more traditional video games, you should check out this website to download free PC games.

Mega Games

Mega games

Mega Game is more like a website where people talk about games. However, as soon as you explore this website, you will become aware of the locations from which you may download free PC games. 

Mega Games offers more than just cracked or nulled versions of PC games; it also offers trainers, bug fixes, cheats, mods, and other crucial items that might assist you with gaming.



GOG is a very well-known website that offers games without the use of any DRM software. But the GOG free games section might be more attractive to you because it has thousands of free games that you can download and play on Windows, MAC, and Linux, among other operating systems. 

These games are discounted by 50 to 70 percent. You can sort songs according to genre, feature, language, company, and other categories.

Origin Games

origin games

Put away your money and take advantage of the free offerings available on the Origin Games website. Origin is a well-known website allowing users to acquire competitive games. 

There are a lot of games, and when they become free to play, you may find them here in the Free Game section of Origin. You can download and play demos, beta versions, and other games here for many games, including many of the most popular titles. 

Game Top

game top

Game Top does not provide the most popular PC games as downloadable content, but this website has many to choose from if you're looking for unique and quirky PC games. You can look at and download many games, such as Hidden Objects, Racing, Action, Sim & Farm, Puzzle, Board, Card, and Arcade. 

Before downloading a game, you can read the description, check the number of downloads, and look at ratings to decide whether or not you want to download the game.

Fast Download Games

fast download games

The website Fast Download Games is a direct games provider that offers a wide variety of incredible games for free download. The games that are presented here are challenging. You will be sorely mistaken if you believe they will be simple to play. The website has games suitable for users of all ages, from children to adults.

Softonic Gamers' Academy

softonic gamer's academy

Free PC games are available on a dedicated part of Softonic's website. They call it the Gamers Academy, and you can find direct download links for various well-known games on it. Free versions of games such as League of Legends, World of Tanks, and War Thunder are all available to players.

Full Games Download

full games download

Full games is an excellent website that you should always keep in mind because it offers a free download link for the complete version of all PC games, regardless of how large or tiny they are. 

You can find several popular games in a wide variety of categories. If you want to play games online rather than download them, you can find many beautiful games here that you can immediately play without downloading.

Home of the Underdogs

home of the underdogs

The Home of the Underdogs offers complete re-releases of classic video games. All types of games have hundreds of older games that can be downloaded and played. Because the website complies with all applicable laws, this is the most that it can do besides offer free games.

Free PC Gamers

free pc gamers

The website offers various games that users can download or play directly on. It offers news on games that have just gone free or have been leaked in some other way, allowing users to download those games for free. 

Check out this website to get free downloads of games on your computer, including free MMO games, free browser games, and more. You can also sign up for the Free PC Gamers forum, which is run by many gamers who are happy to help people who are just starting.

Liberated Games

liberated games

Liberated Games gives away complete versions of PC games for free, along with cracks, cheats, and hacks for various PC and Android games. It is a gaming platform from which you can download PC games for free and learn amazing hacks such as limitless health and coin tricks for various popular games. A destination that Who can't miss.

Acid Play Games

acid play games

The minigames included in Acid Play are among the very best found anywhere on the globe. This website only has carefully chosen video games, and customers can download them with a single click of the mouse. 

You can browse the games on your own by carefully reading the descriptions Acid-Game provides, or you can look through the Top Games or Hottest Games categories to find the most excellent games available.

Caiman Games

caiman games

Caiman Games sells original games that people can play online or download when convenient. Because the game developers work on their games from home, the concepts included in the games are fresh and highly original. 

This site is fantastic if you need ideas for making your gaming app and are looking for inspiration. It is also perfect for ordinary people because They can download all its PC games for free. This makes it very good for ordinary people.

Reloaded Games

reloaded games

Various games are exclusive to Reloaded Games that you have never experienced before. These are relatively short games, but each one is interesting. Therefore, if you're not in the mood to play what everyone else is playing, you can choose from Reloaded Games' extensive collection. Just be yourself and let them know how much you appreciate them!

Best Old Games

best old games

Have you ever played some incredible computer games when you were younger that you still miss playing, such as MS-DOS or 8-bit games? This website has every single detail stored, so even if you have completely forgotten about those games, you can still access them here. 

The Best Old Games is a directory of older games that gives you access to ancient versions of PC games in various genres, including action, adventure, arcade puzzles, role-playing games (RPG), racing, strategy, simulation, and sports games.

All Games A to Z

all games a to z

An established website offering free game downloads for many years, All Games A to Z, may be found here. It offers free downloads of complete versions of PC games for operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Occasionally, it will also offer downloads for consoles like Xbox, PlayStation, and others. 

You have the option of searching for games either alphabetically or by the category they belong to. The website also has a helpful forum where people can ask questions and get answers or solutions that are very detailed. The questions and answers can be related to games.

Reddit: Free Games on Reddit


People on Reddit share links to free downloads of a wide range of popular games in specialized forums called "subreddits." You can download links to certain obscure games on /r/freegames, which is the most excellent subreddit in this regard. 

You will also have the opportunity to play games that have not yet been launched. This is because the subreddit is home to many game developers looking for feedback from other users.

1337x Games Torrent

1337x games torrent

1337x is the best torrent site out there, and if you use torrents, it is the site where you can download all of the most incredible PC games for free. There are a lot of people who upload games to 1337x. 

They upload popular games for PC, Xbox, Playstation, Wii, and Nintendo, among other consoles and platforms. If you couldn't find the game, you wanted on any other website but this one and don't want to download it via torrent, you can learn how to use Internet Download Manager (IDM) to download torrents.


Please save this article to your bookmarks so that the next time you're in the market for a free PC game download site, you can quickly and easily find the site that best suits your needs.

This article will be updated frequently to include new resources for downloading free PC games. Keep up with the best sites to download PC games for free.


  1. Click the Search button in the taskbar, enter the store, and then choose Microsoft Store.
  2. To view a catalog of PC games for sale, select the "Gaming" menu item.
  3. To acquire the game of your choice, click on Buy or Get.

Pirating video games is a federal offense in the United States, just like pirating music or movies. The court can give any punishment it thinks is fair, from jail time to paying back the copyright owner. The FBI could never hope to apprehend anyone illegally obtaining computer programs and gaming consoles.

Before unlocked games on Steam are made available to the public, they are checked for viruses. However, a Virtual Private Network is recommended because of the risks of obtaining free copyrighted content. It would be wise to check this page regularly, as we plan to release new games regularly.

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