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Imagine yourself in an intense, hostile, and open-world environment, holding limited supplies, equipped with minimal weapons, surrounded by enemies, and stuck in a situation of ‘do or die.’ Now, in this situation, you need to survive as long as possible while collecting resources, crafting strong weapons, and fighting enemies. Sounds intense and exciting, right? This is exactly the feeling that the best survival games for android offer you. Continue reading to explore the world of top survival games. 

Best Survival Games for Android

Survival games are the best pick if you want to try challenging, captivating, and breathtaking games. They bring out the best in you while enhancing your decision-making skills. That’s not it. They take you to a fascinating fictional world full of challenges and fun. Most survival games feature an open environment encouraging you to work in a team to survive. In these games, staying alive is the core component of winning. Now, here are the best survival games for android to take you on a thrilling experience.   

Rules of Survival

There is no doubt that Rules of Survival is one of the best survival games. It has everything to satisfy the fans of survival games. It is a multiplayer game launched by NetEase Games and is among the most popular ones. It features an open world with tones of weapons, gears, and equipment. Moreover, you can play this game both in solo mode or team mode. 

That’s not it. This fantastic survival game allows around 300 players to play in a single session. It will let you test your survival skills and bring out the best in you. The sound and graphics of this game are mesmerizing, making it more alluring and realistic.

If you are looking for an immersive gaming experience, then this game is definitely for you. A smooth controlling system and flawless gameplay will make you fall in love with it. Looking for something more horrible? Try the best horror games for android for a bone-chilling experience.



This one is the latest in the list of best survival games for android. LifeAfter is remarkably popular for its outstanding graphics and hypnotic sound effects. It features realistic visual effects with a splendid open-world setting. The gameplay of this survival game is different from others, and it offers incredible RPG elements combined with amphibian and air combat. 

In this highly engaging game, you have to make your living space with limited resources. That’s not it. Zombies are the twist in this game. Yes, you read it right. It is like a zombie survival game in which you have to face insects, diseases, infected famine, and creepy zombies. 

The game features an advanced crafting system that allows you to explore the open world with a wide range of opportunities. In addition to this, you can interact with other survivors, make friends, and form teams to fight for resources together. The database of this game is constantly updating, so you get to explore new things frequently. 

Last Day on Earth: Survival

Last Day on Earth: Survival

When it comes to the best survival games for android, this game is a must on the list. It offers mesmeric graphics combined with sophisticated details. Moreover, it is free to play, which makes it one of the most preferred survival games. It has single-player gameplay featuring a wide range of missions and tasks to complete. 

In this game, a virus sweeps the planet, which leaves most of the people as monsters or dead. Now in this intense post-apocalyptic situation, you have to survive collecting your supplies and fighting the monsters. You can build safe houses, forage for food, and also learn to treat wounds. 

The game offers an engaging storyline and is loaded with action, making it one of the best action games for android to get your blood pumping. You have to fight against the deadly odds while collecting resources and crafting weapons to survive and win. 



This survival game combines a wide range of gaming genres which ultimately boggles your mind. In Crashlands, you will find action, adventure, survival, and RPG. The game follows the story of an intergalactic trucker who is stuck on a weird alien planet. Now you have to fight the bad guys while building a base and saving the world from evil. That’s not it. In the middle of all this chaos, you also have to deliver your lost packages. 

The game is intensely deep and has more than 500 different items that you can build. You can also tame creepy creatures and monsters to fight for you. Sounds interesting, right? This game will give you a bone-chilling experience, and you will find yourself spending hours playing it. 

Last Island of Survival: Unknown 15 Day

Last Island of Survival: Unknown 15 Day

This one is a diamond in the list of wild survival games. It is built around the last man standing on the planet and is loaded with actions and adventures. This alluring game has a wide range of opportunities and deadly challenges. Additionally, its rich plot and engaging story will leave you wanting more. 

The game features stunning graphics and adaptive sound effects. You can explore tons of things in the game, like build elements, weapons, and rides to level up your game. The most exciting thing about this game is that you can either play it alone or with the team, whatever suits you the best. Build your den, customize your weapons, and let the game begin.

Day R Survival

Day R Survival

If you are someone who loves war games, battles, and stories, then this survival game is the best pick for you. In the game, you are required to survive a post-apocalyptic world completely destroyed and demolished by a horrible nuclear war. You have to face fatal diseases, radiation, and many more. You have to save yourself as well as your family from all these horrible things. 

This RPG survival game features around 2,700 locations, a really huge map, and lots of items to find. You have to survive hunger, protect yourself from zombies, and do all these while staying away from harmful radiation. This zombie survival game is full of action and thrill.

Raft Survival

Raft Survival

It is one of the best survival games for android in which you have to conquer the vast ocean and survive on a raft. This fantastic game offers spell-binding graphics and phenomenal sound effects. That’s not it. There is more. The profoundly realistic HD graphics and intense gameplay combined with an ambient sound, will win your heart. 

You can also communicate with other survivors online. This game will offer you a fun experience with tons of adventure and action. You can build different defenses and improve your raft for better protection. Moreover, you can craft different weapons and gears to boost your level. 

Last Shelter: Survival

Last shelter

This survival game is exactly like it sounds. It is a perfect pick for people who love battle games full of turns and twists. This one is a type of zombie survival game featuring a land full of walking dead, and you are the last man in this terrifying world. 

You have to be highly cautious, or you will be dead. In this game, you will get a map so that you can explore this zombie world in a better manner. You have to build your city, craft facilities, collect resources, and also train the survivors. It has an excellent thematic story with appealing sound effects. 

To Sum Up

Survival games are usually set in an open-ended environment with no fixed set of rules where you need to survive till the end to win. In other games where the game is over the moment you die, these games push you to survive. It is one of the best gaming categories featuring tons of the best survival games for android. All these games offer a unique gaming experience with their individual excellence. Now, what are you waiting for? Try these survival games and check out whether you can survive till the end. 


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