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Shooting games are pretty popular among gamers. This game genre certainly gives gamers adrenaline as they play the game and desperately attempt to survive in the furious combat of battling and shooting. You must check out these best VR shooting games if you're one of those players who enjoy playing them.

Virtual reality, also known as VR, is a computer-generated experience that is either entirely different from the real world or somewhat similar to our daily life. When playing a virtual reality game, the gaming experiences are highly different from our real-world experiences. When you use virtual reality gaming headsets, you view and experience an artificial or 3D version of the original game and get an enhanced awareness of it when they utilize virtual reality gaming headsets. If you are a fan of VR games, you should also check out the best VR racing games to drive like never before. 

Best VR Shooting Games

Try out these best VR shooting games if you're one of those gamers that genuinely like playing shooting games. The experience of playing shooting games in virtual reality is more entertaining and can be enjoyed with those around us.

Resident Evil 4 – Quest 2

If you're a die-hard fan of the game, you'd be outraged if you found yourself playing it on a virtual reality headset. As a result, Resident Evil 4 VR is murky. Messy and antiquated, it is never far from an unpleasant screen transition or a pointless quick-time event (QTE). 

A tool for While it can refresh the tension and heighten the terror, it can also work well. You don't frequently get the chance to see something you hold dear with new eyes. Resident Evil 4 VR makes the most of it.

Resident Evil 4 is an incredibly well-done, if not definitive, VR iteration of the seminal horror franchise, Resident Evil. Several flaws can be found in this port, such as a lack of spatial audio and some combat encounters that do not work well in VR.

It's probably best appreciated as a novel way to revisit one of the all-time greats, but regardless of your circumstances, you're bound to enjoy the voyage. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners may be the future of virtual reality, but Resident Evil 4 is a pleasant reminder that it's also important to look back in time for inspiration.

Blood and Truth

best VR shooting games

Another big-budget PSVR exclusive, Blood & Truth, comes from Sony's own London Studio, this time in the form of Blood & Truth. They're putting a lot of time and money into creating this game, which could be the most significant investment in a new VR IP. Fortunately, it worked out.

Players take on the role of Ryan Marks, the ex-military son of a global family business with shady financial deals, shadowy intrigue, and outright danger. After your father's death, you return home to face a rival business person who wants to take over all your family has worked hard to build.

There are flashbacks and recollections in an interrogation room for much of the first half, but things ultimately move forward. It's hard to believe this isn't a Hollywood-quality summer blockbuster, but London Studio has done a fantastic job cramming this with every type of set piece you'd expect to see.

Even though the movement system is hard to use and sometimes has problems with the framerate, playing in virtual reality is a fantastic experience. Sony's London Studio should be proud of what they've accomplished here by transforming the quick London Heist demo from PlayStation VR Worlds into a fully-fledged tale that contains some of the best performances we've seen in virtual reality thus far. "The action in this film is so ferocious that it rivals even the most popular summer blockbusters.


As far as virtual reality shooters go, Onward is one of the most well-known titles. It's still considered the gold standard for VR shooters over four years after it first appeared on Steam for the HTC Vive and later got ported to every other PC VR headset. Dante Buckley was the original developer, a self-taught programmer who dropped out of college to pursue his passion for making video games.

His studio has grown around the game, and he now employs a staff of developers. However, it's very much like playing Onward on a PC. Thanks to the superb tracking here, you can control your equipment in various ways, even with just four front-facing cameras. 

Many Oculus Quest users will be pleased with the news that the Oculus Quest is moving forward. Right now, Onward is still missing community content and social playlists but retains the essence of what made the game's PC version famous before version 1.8.

There are various areas, game modes to choose from, and excellent gun control and tracking; this is the best multiplayer VR shooter for Quest. Regardless of how you look at it, Regardless of how you look at it, This is a must-have for every Quest user who enjoys shooting games.

Half-Life Alyx 

best VR shooting games

You don't need me to tell you that Half-Life has been away for a long time. Alyx is a pivotal moment for virtual reality, a chance for a fresh start for a platform that, let's face it, still has a long way to go. It's rare to get a second chance like that. That's a big responsibility, and Valve isn't taking it lightly.

The decision to double back to a time before Half-Life 2 and cast you not as the crowbar-wielding Gordon Freeman but the pistol-slinging Alyx Vance is a wise one, freeing Valve up from at least some of the crushing pressure that putting a '3' in that title would apply.

And, conveniently, it pits Alyx at a crucial and unexplored point in the Half-Life canon, with the human race still licking its wounds as it adapts to life under the rule of Combine stormtroopers. Half-Life: Alyx is a must-have virtual reality game and you should definitely try it. 

Bone Works

best VR shooting games

To appreciate Stress Level Zero's physics-driven VR shooter, which aims to give each of its many interactions a genuine sense of weight and consideration, you'll need a healthy dose of pantomime. Even though you don't have any actual weight, if you still have your arms, you can still pretend to chop down a tree by lifting enormous virtual boxes and swinging your ax. 

Think of your hands as solid substances like every crate, ladder, and door, and don't treat them as though they can phase through anything. Play along by immersing yourself in this world. The six-to-seven-hour story mode is included in Bone's works, and it's delightful.

A crazy virtual metaverse is the only place you can find refuge as you battle hordes of renegade AI foes and the hologram soldiers sent to clean them up. Mostly, it's more like a platformer than a first-person shooter; numerous obstacles require you to lift, carry, and jump toward your goal.

Even so, it's not necessary to make such a harsh comment. Bone works may not be able to give you a rollercoaster ride like its most significant inspirations. Still, it's hard to stay away from its adventure, full of interactive magic, sinisterly satisfying combat, and breathtaking physical realism, even when it's against you.

Superhot VR

VR games

Superhot is still the best first-person shooter in virtual reality. This far into 2019 is a tribute to those ideas. It's better than ever on Oculus Quest. Ironically, a game about altering time has had such a good run.

As such, Superhot's development team was able to fit the entire original game onto Oculus' new standalone, as has been the case with most Quest ports. Unlike most other transitions, this one hasn't required any significant changes. Only minor lighting problems and slower loading times remove Superhot VR's overall quality. Even though this was never the most beautiful game, it looks even better than the PSVR port from last year.

Quest's tether-free tracking, on the other hand, makes the game more open and accessible than before. Until now, Superhot was a two-battle game, one taking place inside the virtual reality headset and the other in the real world. 

When it comes to Superhot VR, the addictive mix of physical and cinematic action is as compelling now as it was on Quest two years ago. As a result of the lack of cables, you can fully immerse yourself in its never-ending levels of entertainment. 

Pistol Whip

Pistol Whip has more difficulties and changes than Beat Saber. Deadeye and Dual-wield are two of these; this is neither a shooter nor a rhythm game, yet it ticks both boxes and does it in a stylish package in a short amount of time. Ten launch tracks, all in the same musical style, are a bit constrained. Despite this, Pistol Whip is already the game that keeps players returning to VR headsets. 

If you are a fan of VR games, you will definitely love the 3D games for android. The best part of these games is that you can play them anywhere and anytime you want and have a chilling time. 

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners

Zombies, They're all around us. These fictional characters have appeared in our favorite films, series, and comic books, but only in video games. You can find these creatures in shooters, RPG survival games, and virtual reality games. 

One's stomach turns just looking at the shambling armies of undead software. We've all said it at some point: "Please, no more zombie games," among the sea of rotting brands and the stench of rotting creativity.

This must have taken a long time to perfect, but it was well worth the time and effort. When you play Saints & Sinners, your two magic hands never fly through the air, pierce through walls, and cut off zombies' heads with a careless wrist flick. 

The weight of the game gives it a dynamic level of intensity. Managing a horde of zombies requires more than just keeping your weapons in good shape and ensuring you have enough ammo. It also requires you to move around and be aware of your surroundings.

As a result of the Meat Grinder and Aftershocks patches, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is gaining ground in the ratings. Exhilaratingly dynamic systems and industry-leading physics combine to create an experience that never gets old, delivering visceral and tactile combat that never gets old, along with a refreshing focus on player agency and a steady stream of surprises. In this real-time, player-controlled virtual disaster, the highs of the game's experimental lows are much better than the lows. 

Population One

Population One is one of the most exciting VR games and trust me, if you are a fan of shooting games, you should definitely try this one. Each sector of the map feels distinct from the others in this virtual reality game more than any battle royale. 

For example, the cemetery is full of tombstones and has a lot of places where people could hide. In my opinion, it's the best place to gain decent loot. Anywhere in the world, you can see the massive tower in the heart of the map, and the outcroppings of cities and other regions all have their distinct personalities.

This VR shooter game is perfect to get your teeth into if you're searching for something new and addicting. Verticality and freedom of movement are unsurpassed, and the fast, snappy gaming, even on the lower-powered Oculus Quest, is outstanding; this is a great place to start. A large and devoted following is expected for One for some time, as it is currently the most excellent VR battle royale shooter on the market.


shooting games

In Farpoint, you take on the role of an astronaut who finds himself sucked into a terrifying deep space anomaly. Upon waking up on a strange alien planet, you set out on a trip to discover what occurred and where the other two survivors have gone. A large portion of the tale is told through holographic chats you find when you scan the area and film video footage from aboard spaceships.

It accomplishes its narrative objectives. Even if this isn't groundbreaking, it's plenty to keep you going through the rest of the game. The excellent voice acting made players care more about the two primary NPC characters than in any past VR games.

Even though Farpoint is a VR-only title, it feels like it was built specifically to appeal to gamers. The package includes single-player challenge maps and a fun wave-based cooperative survival mode. While people have preferred a lengthier campaign, this one offers a tighter story, which is always superior to a bloated and dragged-out one.

Aside from the movements of their faces, the characters' body animations could use some work, especially for your personality and his shadow. Avoid looking down because your spacesuit obscures, and the complicated shadow movements look weird.


VR games

Many things about Contractors are superior to the competition. After first playing Contractors on a Quest 2, players were taken away by how polished it feels and looks. The visual quality is low compared to other VR games, the textures are incredibly flat, and the majority of the environment is unattractive.

However, the game's designers made these trade-offs to ensure a fluid and satisfying gameplay experience that is arguably much more important in a VR game. Many things about Contractors are superior to the competition. After first playing Contractors on a Quest 2, players were taken away by how polished it feels and looks. 

The visual quality is low compared to other VR games, the textures are incredibly flat, and the majority of the environment is unattractive. However, the game's designers made these trade-offs to ensure a fluid and satisfying gameplay experience that is arguably much more important in a VR game.

There may be some issues with the game's realism, but the gameplay makes up for them. The lack of variation in the maps and the low quality of the visuals are some genuine complaints, and even then, they pale in comparison to other Quest games. However, if Caveman Studios maintains a steady stream of updates and builds upon this for the future, it may swiftly become one of the industry's leading VR developers.


shooting games

VOD may smile toothily and launch Stretch Armstrong strikes, but don't let that fool you—a tough nut to crack. The elasticized arms may be able to deliver a powerful punch, but they're useless if there's a hallway between you and your opponent. Instead of going straight for the fuel supply, it's preferable to take a detour, flank the adversary, and land behind them.

You could also work with a Chi, whose healing beam would go great with VOD's sturdy armor. At close range, activate the Cage of Thorns to snare your foes inside with you. There was no escape. The grin has suddenly taken on a far more sinister air.

It's important to note that Larcenauts is on the more challenging end of virtual reality games, with a complex control mechanism. Fast sprinting, vaulting to tremendous heights with a Hookshot, quick twists; if Impulse Gear's Farpoint was as friendly to VR beginners as it gets, this is on the other end of the spectrum.

With a tight map design that forces you into new scenarios and techniques and a progression system that keeps the unlocks flowing, Larcenauts functions like a well-oiled machine. The game's complex and varied character classes complement each other well for high-level play.

It requires dedication and time spent learning the mechanics so that you can effectively counter your opponent's strategy. That's why it's so satisfying, and it's easy to imagine a vibrant, competitive environment developing around these guidelines.

Sniper Elite VR

shooting games

The Gewehr 43 is the best-worst weapon in Sniper Elite VR. Most of the game's arsenal of long-range skull shatterers involve routine:

  • Load the clip.
  • Pull the bolt.
  • Line the sights.
  • Squeeze the trigger (at least on PC and Quest).

Then, unless you're very good at the hand signals, you should lower the rifle so you can reload it. You are doing this; it isn't an animation or a button press. Sniper Elite VR's gameplay is similar to that of a middle-tier console shooter, with a moderate length (5+ hours depending on level and skill), pleasant production, and the standard range of mission kinds. 

The World War II setting only emphasizes the game's resemblance to older console shooters. However, while the campaign's mix of sniper and infiltration missions (with some action setpieces sprinkled in) may feel familiar with a controller, it is an improvement over the vast majority of shooter games and more so in virtual reality.

While Sniper Elite has always been a bit of a b-movie treat compared to conventional gaming standards, several of the series' core components are significantly improved by the platform in Sniper Elite VR. Even if Sniper Elite VR isn't the most innovative shooting game on the forum, it proves that even a grizzled veteran can be taught some new skills.

Zero Calibre: Reloaded

shooting games

Zero Calibre: Reloaded isn't the most morally good video game, but it means well. Underneath all the Gunfire and explosions, there's a sincere effort to please the VR shooting game community's many high expectations. 

Reloaded is hampered by technical glitches and fundamental design difficulties. Yet, developer XREAL succeeds in several ways in its aim to gratify, perhaps more so than most other shooters on Quest.

The game's premise that it is a reworked version of Zero Calibre for PC VR, which (wisely) avoids the oversaturated competitive multiplayer market, may be enough to convince some people to buy it. While other games have tried and failed to compete with Onward and Pavlov, XREAL offers an entire campaign for solo or cooperative play with up to four friends.

The completion of Zero Calibre: Reloaded is almost too close. It has some of the best weapon handling in VR and incredible customization, and it makes a commendable effort to provide the entire shooter campaign that so many of us have been waiting for. 

However, the game suffers from recurring problems such as lackluster AI for enemies and objectives that seem to be tuned for varying amounts of players, leading to a jarringly inconsistent experience. There's a lot of potential for VR shooters to improve from here, but it's an easy recommendation for anyone craving Quest's single-player or co-op missions.


shooting games

It's a developing game that, at its best, floats clear over the competition's head before sliding into the slipstream and leaving them in the dust. It serves as a barometer of the state of virtual reality first-person shooters over the past three years and a guide to what's still to come.

It's a developing game that, at its best, floats clear over the competition's head before sliding into the slipstream and leaving them in the dust. It serves as a barometer of the state of virtual reality first-person shooters over the past three years and a guide to what's still to come. Insomniacs latest is undoubtedly its most ambitious VR effort yet. 

Therefore, a great deal of elaboration is required. Stormland offers a collection of critical open-world areas filled with tiny, lavishly-produced islands you visit by skimming through an ocean of clouds. 

You assume the role of a robot that engages the enemy machine army known as The Tempest, who frequently stands guard over objective markers. You will spend your first four or five hours with the game learning the ropes, improving your physique to get into fighting shape, and creating a base of operations as you go up through three layers of the Stormland, each harder than the last.

However, after that point, the game's true colors emerge. There's undoubtedly more work to be done, then, but when looking back at the development of VR shooters over the previous three years, Stormland shines as a great triumph. Its stumbles are as evident as many, but it picks itself up again. VR shooter development is still rough, but Stormland navigates the waters quickly.

Sweet Surrender

shooting games

The fact that Sweet Surrender can develop further is undeniable. Because it didn't go through Early Access, it lacks the depth and polish of its VR roguelike cousins Until You Fall and In Death, both of which have been out for months or even years and profited greatly from player feedback. 

Regarding development, Sweet Surrender has plenty of room to spare. Considering the shallowness of the loot system and the smaller total dungeon size compared to other VR roguelikes, it's no surprise that Salmi Games promised extensive free upgrades at launch.

However, despite its relative simplicity, no one had any problem losing hours within this roguelike thanks to its addictive challenge, fun arcade gameplay, and captivating visual and auditory flare. Even if this is only the beginning of Sweet Surrender's adventure, it's already looking great.

From Other Suns

shooting games

Considering how new the virtual reality business is, most games we have tried in the genre focus on mastering a single mechanic or experience in the hopes that you'll find it compelling enough to keep coming back for more. 

Consequently, it is still unusual to encounter a virtual reality game that attempts to fulfill many functions typically associated with traditional video games. It is much more unique to experience a VR game that succeeds.

The primary play loop in From Other Suns involves:

  • Gathering your crew.
  • Studying the star chart to choose where to go.
  • Encountered some difficulties along the way.

This VR game, From Other Suns, aims high and succeeds in many ways; this is some of the most enjoyable cooperative virtual reality (VR) gameplay, and it's sure to please sci-fi fans. 

There is a tonne of material tremendous consumed, and there is enough diversity to keep things from getting boring. The actual test of From Other Suns' replayability will be Gunfire's post-launch support and the reception it receives from the community.

Medal of Honour: Above and Beyond

VR shooter games

War is essential to the Medal of Honour. World War II is the most prominent, with the first game heavily influenced by Saving Private Ryan and released on the original PlayStation. Beyond that, though, the franchise frequently fights internal battles.

Medal of Honour: Above and Beyond, on the one hand, features a campaign that lasts for more than 10 hours and is jam-packed with exciting set pieces, recognizable locations, and impressive polish. 

After you finish the complete installation, you'll quickly see why it needs roughly 200 GB of storage on your computer. The game's 54 "scenes" feel more like a montage than an actual story because of the game's unattractive floating rectangle menus, multiple lengthy load screens, and complete lack of consistency.

This VR shooting game manages to be both infuriating and fascinating simultaneously. More importantly, it succeeds in many crucial ways to AAA games. The experience has many enjoyable aspects, but they aren't nearly enough to make it a must-play. 

Experience World War II in virtual reality with thrilling set pieces, real-life film, and a fun online multiplayer mode, and you won't be disappointed. Don't hold your breath, though, if you're hoping for an engaging story encased in a technologically advanced, expertly-paced progression of virtual reality game design.

Robo Recall

VR shooter games

Oculus Studios and Epic Games, creators of the Unreal Engine, Gears of War, and Unreal Tournament, have teamed up to deliver Robo Recall as a free update for Oculus Touch. After Epic's Showdown and Bullet Train demos teased the finished product, Robo Recall is now here.

Although highly regarded in the PC gaming community, first-person shooters (FPS) can be challenging to pull off successfully in virtual reality. Conventional first-person shooters (FPS) have you moving at a rate that will make most people queasy in virtual reality. Moreover, aiming with a crosshair inside an HMD with a mouse or Xbox controller isn't very intuitive. 

However, the arrival of motion controllers like the Vive wands and the Oculus Touch has eliminated this drawback.

The gameplay and visuals of Robo Recall are both enjoyable. Considering that it's available for no cost on Oculus Touch, it's worth trying out. Those intense bursts of Gunfire are so exhilarating that it's impossible not to get caught up in the excitement. 

You may not have the stamina to play until you've beaten your top score, earned all the stars, and upgraded every weapon. A three-hour voyage is quite an adventure, even if you don't plan on staying for the duration.

Firewall Zero Hour

VR shooter games

It feels like something close to a miracle that this PSVR-exclusive, online-only, multiplayer-focused shooter, which is best played with the extra PS Aim Controller attachment, is prospering with the community and is also immensely entertaining to play.

Contracts, Firewall Zero Hour's primary gameplay mechanic, will be instantly recognizable to anyone who has played Rainbow Six Siege. Two teams of four players each face off against one another in a PvP-only tournament played entirely online and with no respawns. 

Each match lasts five minutes, during which time the attacking team must hack firewall access points to reveal the location of a laptop containing top-secret information and then steal that information. In contrast, the defending team must either protect the computer from the attackers or eliminate them.

That's essentially it when you take out all the fluff. Firewall Zero Hour defies expectations by becoming a multiplayer-focused VR shooter that succeeds in doing what it sets out to do. Even though you can use the DualShock 4, the PS Aim controller is highly recommended for this game.

To fully enjoy this game, a PSVR headset is required. First Contact is already a must-have PSVR game, but with a few tweaks and additions, it has the great potential to become a classic in its own right.


These are some best VR shooting games that are enjoyable and thrilling to play, especially since they are virtual reality (VR) games. Numerous players love playing all of these shooting games. You must pick the one you like the most because they all have different layouts and themes. Each of these shooting games will give you a thrilling experience while playing.

These virtual reality headsets bring the gaming experience to an astonishing new level. These shooting games might require you to be the primary shooter or apply your strategy and talents to win. You can also play these virtual reality shooting games with a group of companions, so gather them all and get ready to have some fun.


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