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 15 Best VR Racing Games of 2022 (Drive the Way You Always Wanted to)

 15 Best VR Racing Games of 2022 (Drive the Way You Always Wanted to)

If you love racing and are looking for games to get a more personal experience, then the best VR racing games are the right pick for you. Racing is the most competitive gaming genre and allows you to have a thrilling experience while sitting at your home. 

The best part is that you do not need an expensive console to experience the speed and thrill. All you need is your VR headset and plenty of VR racing games; you are all set to go. Continue reading the article to find out the best games for you. 

Best VR Racing Games You Should Try

The popularity of VR gaming is snowballing, and introducing VR to racing games has taken gaming to the next level. You will be surprised to know that the racing games are expected to grow at an annual growth rate of 5.94% from 2022 to 2026. These stats reflect the growing interest of people in VR gaming. Now let's continue on our list of the best VR racing games. 


best VR racing games

If you think racing games are all about cars and bikes, then you are wrong, my friend. There are plenty of racing games that feature other vehicles, and Rush is the best example of that. Now you must be thinking, if not car or bikes, then what is this game about? 

Rush features wingsuit races. Yes, you read it right. In this game, you will find yourself racing super fast in a wingsuit. You race yourself out of a plane, move through different insane courses, and weave around the landscape while competing with the other players. Moreover, in this rush, do not forget to come out in the first place and win the game. 

That's not it. The game has five different environments, and that too in VR. This game is the best pick for a splendid VRing experience as it will give you the thrill of racing while enjoying sightseeing. It is different from other games when it comes to racing and will make you jump and jump out of your leisure. 

Live for Speed

best VR racing games

This game is best for crazy racing fans. Trust me; if you Live for Speed, then this is your go-to game. In this best VR racing game, you can race a few laps, or if in the mood, you can race for an entire day. The game is developed to give you a highly-realistic gaming experience. 

Live for Speed features an online multiplayer mode. If you are playing alone, you can play in the single-player mode and compete against AI-guide vehicles. Moreover, the game allows you to change the aspects of the cars, like colors, suspension, brakes, tires, and even the racing wheel, for a lively experience. You can also walk around the racing tracks in the game and enjoy the views. 


VR games

If you are a fan of car racing, then which game could be better than Balastic NG? It is one of the best VR racing games and is the best to satisfy your racing fantasies. The game features racing anti-gravity cars and incredibly fast vehicles here. That's not it. The game also features a variety of tracks and that too in different modes making it the best game to satisfy your need for speed. 

The game requires you to go fast as well as slow so that you can cross the finish line perfectly without getting crushed on the tracks. In addition to this, if you face issues in the making through the tracks, you will get assistance from the game so that you can appropriately tune with your car. The most exciting part of this VR racing game is its 98 different events and 10 campaigns which will leave you wanting more. 

Assetto Corsa

VR games

When it comes to the best VR racing games, the list is incomplete without Assetto Corsa. In this game, you can completely immerse yourself in the racing world with the help of your VR headsets. This game allows you to experience a splendid soundtrack and mesmerizing graphics for the best racing experience. Moreover, the cars in the game are faithful to the real ones, which further adds to your experience.

The game modes of these VR racing games are one of its core features. It gives you choices between drives, cars, special races, events, and championships. In addition, the game also has an online multiplayer mode, which allows you to compete with other players.

Another interesting part of this VR racing game is that you can adjust the realism settings, which can help you avoid motion sickness and enjoy your game at its best. Moreover, you can also adjust your car settings like tire compounds, fuel, tire pressures, gear ratios, ride heights, wheel speeds, and many more. 


VR racing games

This gaming franchise offers VR simulation games through a subscription system. You get training and racing sessions on their servers which gives you access to the best and most highly competitive motorsports available on the web world. These games are the most exciting alternatives for racing fans and casual gamers. If you are looking for racing games for android, click here

iRacing is a perfect VR racing game and has everything you need for the best gaming experience. In this game, you can even connect to the computer, racing simulation controller, and even a game wheel. Moreover, apart from exploring 150 cars and tracks and custom or official series, you can even organize or join private racing leagues. 




The main aim of this racing game is to offer an authentic and profoundly realistic experience by supporting VR through highly detailed tracks and cars, realistic car behavior, and sounds. That's not it. The game enhances your driving experience through a riveting range of racing cars. The collection includes astonishing DTM cards with low lines and downforce. Moreover, it also comprises high technology of WTCC or F1. 

The journey of racing fans in this VR game begins with 2 free tracks and 5 cars, which will take you on an adventurous journey after registration. It is one of the best adventure games to get your blood pumping. You get access to different sports cars, making it a perfect pick for racing fans. Moreover, you get to customize your game on each level. It is an excellent option to enter the hypnotic world of VR racing games. 

Project Cars 2

Project Cars 2

The list of best VR racing games is incomplete without mentioning Project Cars 2. This game takes you through different tracks and lets you compete against an amazing range of racing cars, which makes it more engaging. With the increasing level of racing, you can explore the game's depth of precision. 

The game also features a multiplayer mode which allows you to explore a simulation experience. One of the primary objectives of VR games is to offer a realistic experience to the users, and the addition of the steering wheel to this game is an excellent edition in this manner. 

The tracks in this VR racing game are varied to maintain decent playability and help to create a fun and pleasant experience. The track allows you to challenge your skills and keep you coming back for more and more. In addition, the constant change in the day and night while you are racing on the tracks will make you fall in love with this game.  

Dash Dash World

best VR racing games

This one is a combat-focused, rapid pace multiplayer VR racing game in which you have to compete against Mario Kart. Like other racing games, you can customize your gaming experience here by customizing the color of your car and choosing among a wide range of tracks full of hidden shortcuts and obstacles. 

This VR game features arcade-style gaming, making it perfect for people who love arcade games. While racing and competing against other players, you can use two weapons at the same time. Sound interetsing, right? The game is also compatible with the steering wheel, which adds to the immersion factor and helps to enhance the VR racing experience. 

Another amazing feature of the game is that it allows casual gameplay, so you also get the option to rest by simplifying the controls. It is a great way to play smoothly in tight spaces. Moreover, the game allows you to be yourself during races by using personalized sounds and sending emoticons. You can also customize your avatar to better express your personality during races. 

Automobilisation 2

automobilisation 2

If you love the feel of Brazilian motorsports, then nothing is better than Automobolisation 2. With Brazilian racing series, scenes, and tracks, the game is perfect for a Brazilian gaming experience. Featuring a wide range of tracks and cars, the game seeks to offer a stimulating experience to the fans of VR gaming and sim racing. 

In addition, the game is not limited to car racing. You can also race using motorbikes and carts. The weather system changes with time and racing, which makes it more engaging. Moreover, the game features a multiplayer rating system. Different tools to enhance custom modes, racing modes, and official events to meet the needs of racing fans. 

Automobolisation 2 offers a catalog of multiple locations and cars of historic and most amazing brands, integrated with highly-advanced simulation. And the best part is that it all requires a less powerful system to offer the best experience in the racing sim genre. 


best VR racing games

Another amazing game in the list of the best VR racing games is rFactor. Featuring track as well as car customization features, multiplayer mode, and excellent graphics, the game is a perfect pick for racing enthusiasts. That's not it. The amazing mix of features the game offers includes immersive sounds, mixed tracks, and super-fast cars, which makes it more interesting. 

The game offers realism in its every feature to offer a mesmerizing experience that is hard to forget. This Vr racing game goes beyond basics like sounds or graphics. It includes dynamic systems which make cars acts like they should immerse you in a highly realistic feel. rFactor gives customizing rights to the modeling community by hosting an open architecture, which is one of the core strengths of this game. 

Need for Speed - No Limits VR 

Need for Speed VR

From offering famous street racing games to the VR racing game, Need for Speed has everything for you. The VR edition of the game has everything a player wants in a racing game. The game offers a dynamic environment focused on urban settings; the tracks and cars are colorful featuring modern designs. That's not it. This VR racing game features four highly-realistic environments combined with cared soundtracks, visual effects, and graphics.

Like other VR racing games, this one also features a customizable gaming experience, including traffic control, car customizations, and a wide range of cars from BMW to Lamborghini. Moreover, the different game modes allow you to compete with other drivers in action-packed competitions full of speed, aggressive drive, and adrenaline. The competition with others, rash driving, and collision with police make this VR game more exciting. 

Project Cars 3

Project Cars 3

Another interesting VR game in the Project Car series is Project Cars 3, and it has perfectly managed the essence and thrill of VR racing games. The game has amazing new cars and a large number of racing tracks, including 140 global circuits. Moreover, the game features seasons, 24-hours cycles, and highly-realistic weather effects, and all of this contributes to more demanding races. 

The AI of games is profoundly developed to improve the level of difficulty and challenges. The multiplayer mode makes the game more challenging as you can compete with different players and enjoy the true racing spirit.  

Dirt Rally 2.0

best VR racing games

In the exciting world of racing, some races are more intense than others, and one of the most intense forms of racing is rally car racing. The biggest reason for it is that one wrong turn in this racing can leave you wrecked, and people still love it. In this amazing VR racing game, players can compete in off-road events and time trials in a wide range of weather conditions. 

It is one of the best VR racing games due to its rally car concept, excellent graphics, and thrilling soundtrack, which make you jump in and out of your gaming chair again and again. It allows players to choose from around fifty rally cars, including the latest cars as well as historic cars from the 1960s. Moreover, the game includes weather modeling systems that allow players to change the weather effects to customize their experiences.

Gran Turismo Sport 

VR games

The list of the best VR racing games is incomplete without mentioning Gran Turismo Sport. With the increase in the number of VR headsets in the market, the fans of this game are increasing rapidly. The game features three main modes: a VR gallery, 1vs.1 race, and a time trial. 

In this VR game, the players get an astonishing experience, and all the credit goes to the stunning visuals, impressive graphics, lighting textures, and splendid responsiveness. Gran Turismo is amazing with its atmosphere features. It has included weather conditions that affect the visibility and reflection in a dynamic way to provide a highly realistic experience to the players. This game is perfect for testing your gaming skills while satisfying your need for speed. 

Mini Motor racing

VR racing games

The game features mini cars, but that does not mean you can't have fun. In fact, this VR racing game takes you to new heights of thrill and adventure by putting you in small cars. Here you need to race around the world on over 50+ tracks in splendid cars. 

That's not it. You can participate in hundreds of races, try a strong career mode, and explore super-exciting cars. As you grow in the game and do better, you get upgraded cars to explore the tracks in a better way. To succinctly describe, this game takes you to a nitro-fuelled world where cute small cars mean Big fun. 

Bottom Line 

The best VR racing games will take you on a journey full of speed and thrill. In most of the games mentioned in the list, you can explore both single-player and multiplayer modes. Moreover, you can customize your racing experience by choosing your car, tracks, and weather conditions to personalize your experience. 

VR games offer you a highly immersive experience, and no other piece of tech can do that. These games are perfect for getting the adrenaline of racing. Every game in this list of the best VR racing game will give you a different experience and feel. Don't miss out on this! Just make sure to be easy, as this super-speedy game can make you queasy.


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