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The Borderland series began in 2009 and explored the interconnected storylines of several characters. Having attracted large, greedy interstellar corporations, players find themselves amid a war for resources, alien technology, and general control of the planet's surface in this game. If you are a fan of Borderland, continue reading to explore different games like borderland for an action-packed experience. 

Games like Borderland

The Borderland franchise offers a potent mix of solo and cooperative gameplay by combining this set with the first-person shooter and role-playing mechanics. Players will find familiar weapon archetypes such as pistols, sniper rifles, submachine guns, shotguns, assault rifles, and rocket launchers on the FPS side of gameplay. 

Games like Borderland are one of a kind; these games mentioned below aren't a carbon copy of Borderland but share some similar features. 

Rage 2

Rage 2

Released: 14 May 2019

Offered by: iD Software

Rage 2 is a strictly solo experience that departs from Borderland's looter-shooter roots but will appeal to players looking for crunchy gameplay and a more contained narrative. The ability to dash and weave around compounds to get the jump on unsuspecting enemies could be just what a shooter fan needs after getting burned out on Borderland.

RAGE 2 is an explosive, over-the-top journey through a harsh, unforgiving wasteland. Surrounded by vicious factions and mutants with a taste for bloodshed and dropped into a wide-open world where an armed and armored vehicle is a traveler's best friend, your journey ahead will not be easy, but it will be a lot of fun.


Released: March 25, 2013

Offered by: Digital Extremes

Warframe is a popular free-to-play shooter/action RPG hybrid that has remained popular since its initial release on Windows in 2013. Warframe has since expanded to multiple consoles and released several expansions that significantly expand on the original core gameplay.

Warfame's story and setting take on a sci-fi twist, with players transported into the future, where the Tenno warrior race has emerged from a long cryosleep, ready for battle. Without their memories, they are surrounded by enemies of similar origins on the futuristic but decaying Earth. 

Fighting against the Grineer (human clones), Corpus (corporation robots), Infested (virus-infected), and Sentients (replicating robots), players face numerous challenges that call on their warrior skills and empowered equipment.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat

Released: October 2, 2009

Offered by: GSC game world

STALKER: Call of Pripyat is the third game in the STALKER series of survival horror games. It completes the franchise's story loop while expanding on the mechanic foundations of your previous adventures in the Zone.

This means many improvements have been made, ensuring it is one of the best installments yet, with the dedicated mod community building further on the core game post-release. Because Call of Pripyat connects several story elements from previous STALKER games, players should complete the first two before venturing into the depths of what Pripyat has to offer.

To survive the harsh Zone environments that constantly threaten you, upgrade your weapons, equipment, and artifacts. There are numerous rare artifacts to find in anomalies to upgrade your character or sell to fund your other equipment. Throughout the story, your actions and faction-specific decisions will influence the ending.

Dead Island

Dead Island

Released: September 6, 2011

Offered by: Deep Silver 

Dead Island is set on a fictitious island home to a luxury tropical resort. After a night of wild partying, the player awakens as one of the four characters and discovers that the guests have transformed into raging flesh-eating zombies. To save yourself and the other survivors, you must travel across the island, completing various quests and improving your level and equipment.

The large open world of Dead Island is divided into several areas that serve as separate game chapters. Combat takes place in first person, with a strong emphasis on melee weapons rather than guns, emphasizing that when the zombie apocalypse strikes, not every location will have a stash of guns.

Destiny 2

Released: September 6, 2017

Offered by: Bungie

Destiny 2 is a one-of-a-kind hybrid of the MMO and FPS genres. As you complete hundreds of quests and acquire increasingly powerful gear, you'll be able to explore a variety of sci-fi-inspired locations with other players. 

Because some endgame content requires more firepower than a single Guardian can muster, the game is best played with a group of close friends. If you enjoy competition, there is also an extremely popular PvP mode. 

Destiny 2 has been around since 2017, but consistent updates and a thriving player base are promising signs for the game's future. In Destiny 2, you can choose between three classes: Hunter, Titan, or Warlock. Each of these three classes provides unique movement and combat abilities.

A hunter can summon a supernatural gun, whereas a warlock, like Darth Sidious, can shoot lightning from his fingertips. Destiny 2 allows players to control their, for lack of a better word, "destiny."

The Division 2

The Division 2

Released: March 15, 2019

Offered by: Ubisoft

Division 2 occurred in Washington, DC, after a genetically engineered virus outbreak. You and your fellow players will attempt to rebuild the city, engaging in cover-based combat to eliminate any threats that stand in your way. Exploring the city and completing various missions will lead you to hundreds of weapons and other gadgets. 

They're a little more realistic than in Borderland 2 and have a big impact on gameplay. If you become immersed in its world, you can explore a variety of DLC expansions that delve deeper into its story.

The loot obtained while playing this game is not limited to guns and ammunition; clothing and dyes are also included. It has a way better storyline, sound, and gameplay than this game's prequel.

Payday 2

Released: August 13, 2013

Offered by: 505 Games

Payday 2 is a mature co-op first-person shooter in which the player is immersed in high-stakes criminal activities. Players engage in activities that will earn them eternal infamy. As they progress, they will amass a massive arsenal of fully customizable weapons, skills, and characters, which will be synergized for the next robbery.

The game has seven difficulty levels to ensure that the most well-organized squad with a meticulous strategy is put to the test. PAYDAY 2 may be as difficult as Metroidvanias, but misery loves company this time.

The gunplay and mechanics are refined and smooth. You can shoot, hide, crawl, jump, rob, zip line, and do other things. It would be best if you used all your tools to navigate the dynamic scenarios and emerging challenges.

Finally, characters level up, allowing for progression through five skill trees. It provides extensive customization options on top of hundreds of pieces of equipment. You must combine equipment and skills to create the ultimate criminal.

Shadow Warriors 2

Shadow Warriors 2

Released: October 13, 2016

Offered by: Devolver Digital

Borderland had its distinct style. It is lighthearted and does not take itself too seriously compared to most shooters. Shadow Warriors 2 is also the same. The main distinction is that Shadow Warriors 2 is a gore fest in the vein of Wolfenstein and DOOM.

You control Lo Wang, the main character in Shadow Warrior 2. Demons have taken over the world following the first game's events. Lo Wang has become a funny mercenary who should make you squeal with delight now and then. You'll quickly gain access to many weapons, all of which feel fantastic in your hands. You divide the standard sword into two, as in dual swords.

Enemies frequently drop gems you can socket or remove from your weapons anytime. Each allows you to regularly customize your weapons with features like elemental damage or a faster fire rate.



Released: April 1, 2021

Offered by: Square Enix Europe

Outriders is a science fiction video game set on Enoch. This place has many Earthly characteristics, such as lush environments, ice-stormed mountains, active volcanoes, and crawling rivers. 

This makes sense, given that, according to the game's lore, Earth was destroyed, and humanity required a new planet to live on. Your character was betrayed and left for dead during the planet's early colonization attempt. Fortunately, you survived by remaining frozen for decades.

You can select one of the four characters: Trickster, Pyromancer, Devastator, or Technomancer. The Trickster disappears behind enemy lines. The Pyromancer, as the name implies, wields fire as a weapon. The Devastator is a hulking presence that gains bonuses by engaging enemies at close range. And, Technomancer has the ability to use various devices.


Released: June 22, 2020

Offered by: RyseUp Studios

With its cel-shaded art style, RoboQuest appears to be the most similar to the Borderland franchise. This is a fast-paced shooter where twitchiness takes precedence over mechanical aiming.

This arena shooter also contains a lot of rogue-lite elements. Guns in RoboQuest are classified into four types. There are upgrades for a specific type of gun for each run; by then, you will have to choose how you upgrade your guns.

There are three classes as well: Recon, Guardian, and Engineer. The Recon increases damage by marking targets, the Guardian is an expert in explosives, and the Engineer creates drones to fight for you.



Released: February 22, 2011

Offered by: Gearbox Publishing

Bulletstorm is a one-of-a-kind and fast-paced first-person shooter released in 2011. The game rewards players for insane and creative kills on enemies. While there is no competitive mode, the game does provide a good cooperative experience.

While there are many realistic weapons in the game, many fictional designs allow the player to pull off some truly bizarre kills. Your leash, which allows you to leash items and enemies toward you for fun combos, is an important part of this. Players can also slide forward to move quickly and kick enemies with a powerful melee attack.

Bulletstorm's unique focus on creative killing ensures you'll have a lot of fun combining your leash and the various weapons to maximize your skill points and inflict maximum carnage on your enemies.

Wolfenstein: YoungBlood

Released: July 25, 2019

Offered by: Bethesda Softworks

The first modern co-op Wolfenstein adventure is Wolfenstein: Young blood. Team up with a friend or play solo as one of BJ Blazkowicz's twin daughters to liberate Paris from the Nazis, wielding a powerful arsenal of new weapons, gadgets, and abilities.

In the first modern co-op Wolfenstein adventure, you can play with a friend or alone with an AI companion. Perform new tag team maneuvers, crank up the voltage with the Electro Kraftwerk, a devastatingly powerful new weapon, and show off your flair with skins and emotes.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood is the most open-ended Wolfenstein experience yet. Plan how and when to attack and demolish the Nazi regime from a new base of operations deep within the Paris catacombs.

Path of Exile

Path of Exile

Released: October 23. 2013

Offered by: Grinding Gear Games

Path of Exile is a popular action RPG that's free to play. Billed as the true successor to Diablo II, which is a difficult claim to refute. There are six main classes to choose from at the start of a campaign, with another becoming available after a certain point in the story is reached. 

Path of Exile functions similarly to other isometric action RPGs but with randomly generated maps to increase replayability. There are unlockable skills that add an element of ferocity to battles. Path of Exile's loot system is excellent, which is not surprising given the genre.

The Outer World

Released: October 25, 2019

Offered by: Obsidian Entertainment 

The Outer Worlds is a first-person RPG with a sense of humor as light as coffee froth. Throughout the game's 20-hour main story, you will travel between various spaceports on two different planets, encountering hostile aliens, mutated creatures, and die-hard capitalists.

Borderland fans will find solace in the colorful aesthetic and plentiful loot, particularly in The Outer Worlds' showcase of science weapons ranging from standard lasers to shrink rays, as well as the arsenal of old-school rifles and revolvers - think Jakobs. 

So, while you can talk, sneak, or hack your way through many encounters, you can still expect a lot of shooting and looting and memorable companions.

Risk of Rain 2

Released: August 11, 2020

Offered by: Gearbox Publishing 

The first Risk of Rain was a 2D side scroller, and the sequel Risk of Rain 2 is a 3D third-person shooter. Some players may not agree with the sequel's direction, but those looking for more Borderland game loops should take a sip of this amazing game.

In Risk of Rain 2, you start each run as a helpless, ill-equipped survivor, dropped into a desolate, strange world with no idea where you are or what's going on. This game contains rogue-lite elements but is also heavily focused on looting.

You gain currency for each successful enemy kill. The strength of the fallen enemy largely determines the amount you earn. Stronger adversaries are equal to greater amounts of wealth. Because there is always combat in Risk of Rain 2, you will be flush with cash.

You can purchase crates, kiosks, and various loot boxes with the currency you earn. The items are diverse and will provide you with various effects. When you kill an enemy, some items regenerate you. Some items grant armor-piercing rounds. Some items have more subdued effects, such as increased movement speed.

Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic

Released: May 13, 2020

Offered by: Coffee Stain Publishing 

Deep Rock Galactic is a game with a very unusual set of premises: space and dwarves! This is a four-player co-op game with procedurally generated caves that are completely destructible. There are also four distinct classes: Gunner, Scout, Driller, and Engineer.

The Gunner allows you to take the destructive route and simply blow up enemies. The Scout will assist the party in navigating the labyrinth of space caves. The Driller makes room for everyone. The Engineer will build platforms on the walls. Multiplayer games are notorious for having a toxic community. Fortunately, impolite players are uncommon in Deep Rock Galactic.

Because of the community's friendliness, you can hitch up with strangers and blast through the caverns without many of the problems that plague games with socializing aspects.

Gunfire Reborn

Released: November 18, 2021

Offered by: Duoyi Games

Gunfire Reborn, like Borderland, is a stylized first-person shooter with looting elements. It also contains RPG elements and is heavily influenced by rogue-lite. You can try out over 100 different items and weapons in this game.

The amazing visuals in Gunfire Reborn, which are cel-shaded like Borderland, will catch your attention right away. You start with a choice of six heroes, but you only have one the first time you play the game. Aside from the weak critters that you can easily dispatch, there are bosses to fight.

There are 40 weapons to choose from, many of which require unlocking. This is combined with over 100 scrolls that provide passive bonuses to your hero in the form of specific bonuses.

A golden chalice at each level's end allows you to select passive abilities. Because, once again, this is a rogue-lite, all of these things are lost when you die. Aside from being looter shooters and having a similar visual style, elemental weapons in this game have the same effects as those in Borderland.

Tales from the Borderland

Released: November 25, 2014

Offered by: Telltale Games

Its journey through the Borderland universe is thrilling. Tales from the Borderland is set between the events of Borderland 2 and Borderland 3. It follows two untrustworthy narrators on a quest motivated by greed but destined for greatness. Your choices make this story uniquely yours, with a slew of unexpected outcomes ranging from hilarious to heartbreaking.

Explore Pandora as Rhys, a businessman aspiring to succeed the infamous Handsome Jack as CEO of the Hyperion corporation, and Fiona, a cunning con artist who can talk her way out of almost any situation.

Meet familiar Borderland characters and make new ones, such as Rhys' best friend Vaughn and Fiona's savvy sister Sasha. Witness the ultimate fates of both heroes and villains in this pivotal chapter of the Borderland canon.

Dying Light

Released: January 27. 2015

Offered by: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Dying Light combines zombies, a great story, and parkour into one incredible gaming ball. Play as a survivor who discovers secrets, and intriguing and heartbreaking characters, battles scary zombies and hostile gangs discover a cure for this disease, and learns how to parkour like a pro.

This game has truly immersive gameplay that immerses you in this post-apocalyptic world. Discover the previously unknown chapter of Kyle Crane's life. Investigate a mysterious cult as you leave the quarantine zone and travel to an area larger than the original game!



Released on: May 5. 2017

Offered by: Bethesda Softworks

Prey is an open-world sci-fi action RPG with sandbox mechanics and an immersive sci-fi setting. You're a Talos I ship survivor, and your mission is to assist other survivors in escaping. Your adversary, the alien invaders, is lurking in corridors and rooms.

The title has a story-driven focus as well as a character-driven focus. Talos, I hide many secrets, and your character is at the center of a disastrous experiment. The only way out is to learn the truth about both of these elements.

You take on the role of a first-person shooter. You amass a vast arsenal of science fiction weapons, armor, and gadgets. Furthermore, by imitating the aliens, you gain abilities. Then you combine your abilities, arsenal, and devices to explore, combat, and solve puzzles.


The games like Borderland listed above should be played if you want to shoot and loot. Some aren't first-person shooters or have rogue-lite elements, but the core gameplay is the same. You must shoot some enemies in order to upgrade your kit, and you must shoot larger enemies for your upgrades to be better than ever.

Obviously, other games on the internet are similar to Borderland but the ones combined here are the best options. You can play the games mentioned above and decide which one you prefer.


Borderland is a video game and game tie-in series set in a violent and chaotic world in a science fiction setting.

Borderland combines classic shooters like Call of Duty and Halo with RPG elements. The goal is to create a game that hardcore FPS players can pick up and play immediately but with the depth of play that only story-driven role-playing games can provide. So it is both.

A group of people travels to a planet called Pandora, an alien planet, to search for "The Vault", rumored to contain advanced alien technology and other things that are priceless according to mankind.

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