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Every version of GTA has a unique feature, so GTA received a positive reception from players worldwide. Before Android compatibility, this game was only playable on PC. As a result, several game developers took advantage of this popularity to produce games like GTA for Android smartphones, thus increasing rivalry between these platforms. Here are some of the best games like GTA 5 to try right now. 

Best 20 Games like GTA 5 for Android 

The most popular game was GTA, but nowadays, everyone has made games that resemble it and incorporate its gameplay elements. The finest games that do this are mentioned below. The best thing about these games like GTA 5 is that they are free to play. 

Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar Vegas

A third-person, open-world, action-adventure video game called Gangstar Vegas was created and released for Android and iOS by Gameloft. It is the sixth game in the Gangstar series and has improved gameplay, mechanics, and environment. The game starts in the present day in the fictional Nevadan city of Las Vegas. 

The protagonist, Jason Malone, is a skilled MMA fighter chosen by Frank Veliano after succeeding in a death match. Like Grand Theft Auto, it offers an open setting and incorporates driving, shooting, and exploration aspects. You must fulfill several objectives NPCs give you to advance in the game.

As you progress through the game, more objectives, weapons, and gear become available. The main character can drive, leap, climb, run, and use stealth techniques to eliminate foes stealthily. Use melee weapons and attacks to combat and defeat enemies to advance.

Gangstar Vegas is the best game when it comes to games like GTA 5. Featuring an open environment, engaging gameplay, brilliant mechanics, and stunning graphics, this game is perfect to play and enjoy.

Retro City Rampage DX

Retro City Rampage DX

Video game developer and publisher Vblank Entertainment created and released Retro City Rampage DX, a Top-Down Action-Adventure, Open World, and Single-player title. It features the 80s and 90s pop culture in a retro look, and the gameplay is comparable to Grand Theft Auto 5. 

It takes place in the marvelous fictional city of Thefttropolis in 1985 when the main character is employed as a goon by a major criminal organization run by the Jester. The protagonist allegedly runs into the time-traveling phone booth three years later, following a bank robbery gone wrong. The booth throws the player forward in time to the year during the event.

As soon as he comes, the man driving his time-traveling car, Doc Choc, saves the player as both break down. The player's ultimate goal is to gather the uncommon components while exploring the world to fix the phone booth. 

Players will also run into characters from 80s video games and popular cultures, such as the Jester and Dr. Von Buttnik. There are thirty difficult stages and more than fifty story-based missions. Retro City Rampage DX is the best game to play and enjoy, featuring excellent graphics, fantastic gameplay, and easy controls.


The list of the games like GTA 5 for android is incomplete without mentioning Bully. This open-world RPG action game was created by Rockstar Game. Jimmy, the game's protagonist, confronts every bully in Bullworth Academy.

He works extremely hard to bring peace and protect everyone weaker from bullies. Bully features a third-person viewpoint and lets you move around the game's environment, mostly on foot, bicycle, or on a skateboard. 

Your goal is to take on the character of Jimmy, enroll in Bullworth Academy, identify all bullies, and force them to study the most difficult lessons possible to stop bullying.

In addition to regular Bully hunting routines, you must attend class, hang out with your pals, and act like a typical student. Bully has a multiplayer option where you may compete against other players for higher ranks. If you haven't already, try it out and enjoy kicking bullies.

Dues EX: The Fall

Dues EX: The Fall

Deus Ex: The Fall is a cyberpunk-themed stealth RPG and first-person shooter video game that offers hard-core action-based gameplay. The game's story was primarily influenced by Deus Ex: Human Revolution, its predecessor. 

The game's plot is said to take place in 2027 and centers on the protagonist, Ben Saxon, an enhanced mercenary who works for Belltower Associates. You (the protagonist) and Anna Kelso begin the game by eluding Jaron Namir, the leader of the Illuminati, and his group of Tyrants.

As the game progresses, the global shortage of the anti-augmentation drug Neuropozyne causes the augmentation rejection to start happening. Ben informs the company president about Belltower's involvement in unlawful testing and issues a warning to him. Instead, the firm owner commands a dictator to murder Ben, but the tyrant reluctantly spares his life and flees. 

Ben starts killing the Tyrants to go to the top of Belltower, swearing to take revenge for his murderous scheme and to end the Riezene testing on humans that is being done without a license. After a long series of conflicts and intense gunfights, Ben locates the villain, kills him, and the narrative ends.

Gangstar New Orleans Open World

Gangstar New Orleans Open World

The New Orleans gangster Gameloft created and released OpenWorld, an action-adventure, third-person exploration, building, and single-player video game focused on shooting. The setting is open-ended, and the player adopts the protagonist's character to complete the missions. 

As the criminal, the player must investigate the area from a third-person vantage point, employ a vast array of weapons to threaten it, run into other characters, and commit crimes to score points.

Players can build their private mansion, explore more than 350 stories, equip themselves with weapons, and defend their territory in the vast open world throughout gameplay. 

Moreover, the players can use vehicles to get about the world. The player's location is shown on a mini-map in the top-right corner of the playing area in this game. Fantastic elements in Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld include unique soundtracks, action-packed gameplay, detailed graphics, and more.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is an action-adventure, graphic, and interactive drama that Telltale Games created and published. They were inspired by the Robert Kirkman book series, which served as the basis for the gameplay.

The game's setting is in Georgia during the Zombie Apocalypse, and the protagonists, Lee Everett, a former university professor, and a little girl named Clementine, are central to the narrative. A group of survivors is led by Lee Everett, who also aids in their survival.

The player and all the inhabitants can move about freely and interact with objects thanks to an open world and third-person perspective. The protagonist is controlled by the player, who aids them in their battle against the zombie hordes by giving them access to all of their available weapons.

The survival rate of survivors is based on how well each combatant can battle. The Walking Dead offers incredibly engaging gameplay with excellent graphics, a compelling plot, and various weapons.

Fewer Angels Crime

Fewer Angels Crime

Naxeex Studio created Less Angels Crime for Android, an action-adventure, third-person shooter, and single-player video game set in an open world. The game casts the player as the protagonist, a devil, and provides a sizable open-world area.

It immerses the player in a devilish journey set in the world of sins as they travel through a dangerous, looted landscape in the third person. The player must engage in combat with foes while wearing the demon's wings beneath the moonlight.

The player's characters have the power of 1000 hell beasts. The player can command his character, move around the environment, and complete each level's requirements using the touch controls while resolving riddles to advance to the next level. 

Similar to GTA, the player can go around the world on foot or in vehicles while also having the ability to fly. The game has a map that shows the characters and their goals. Fewer Angels: Crime is the best game because of its captivating storyline, superb graphics, and engaging gameplay.

Miami Crime Stimulator 2

Miami Crime Stimulator 2

Naxeex LLC created and released Miami Crime Simulator 2, an Action-Adventure, Third-person, and Single-Player Simulation for Android and iOS. The game's open-world setting allows players to take on the role of the protagonist, who is unrestricted in their movement. 

During gameplay, the player can use either feet or a vehicle to get around. It features 3D visuals and assigns the player control of a robber who must commit heists in several missions to earn money. The game gives the player access to various new towns with intriguing objectives to accomplish and thirteen different sorts of weapons.

The game has numerous destructible tanks, automobiles, helicopters, and motorcycles. To roam across the world, the player adopts a third-person perspective. He can interact with non-player characters and perform their missions for cash and points. 

Spending the money will unlock weapons and other goods. Popular elements included in Miami Crime Simulator 2 include 13 different weapon types, destructible cars; racing gameplay; New Town; and more.

Auto Theft Grant Wars

Auto Theft Grant Wars

The action-adventure, open-world, third-person, and single-player video game Auto Theft Gang Wars was created and released for Android by Tap Free Games. The game incorporates features from gangster simulators, where the player begins as a small-time thug and must battle his way up the criminal food chain to become a renowned gangster in the city. 

There are numerous tasks, and the game becomes challenging to play as the player commits multiple crimes and is pursued by the city's police to be apprehended. The goal of the criminal that the player controls in the game are to ascend the success ladder and take the top spot to conquer the globe.

In the game, the player must carry out unlawful tasks like delivering top-secret shipments, running the gang, fighting the enemy squad, and more. The player can use motorbikes and cars or walk across the vast environment. 

For each assignment accomplished, the game awards the player money. The player can connect with other players and carry out quests and chores in exchange for cash. When trying games like GTA 5, this one is a must. 

High School Gang

High School Gang

Italy Games is the developer and publisher of the single-player, action-adventure, third-person perspective video game High School Gang. The setting for the game is an inner-city high school where a punk group controls everything. 

According to the plot, violent crime is commonplace in the made-up society, and children at the school must pass through a metal detector. You have been chosen in the game as the legendary figure who can restore harmony to the school.

As the hero, you must now fight against vicious gangs, criminals, and tyrants, pull practical jokes on your professors, and battle your way up the educational system ranks. The final task is to go on a heroic journey to help the friend and gain an appreciation for one's abilities. 

You are given the freedom to maneuver around the 3D environment while engaging enemies with both melees and ranged weapons. High School Gang features third-person action, shooting gameplay, a realistic campus, and more basic characteristics are all present in High School Gang.

Grandmaster 3D

Grandmaster 3D

This game is a must in the list of games like GTA 5. Action-Adventure, Open World, Third-person Exploration, and Single-player video game Grand Gangsters 3D was created and released on Android by Doodle Mobile Ltd. The setting of the game is an invading evil empire in Sin City. 

You can be a protagonist, who has complete control over the world, may communicate with other players, can operate any vehicle, and can utilize a vast armory of weapons to accomplish his objectives. 

Similar to the GTA series, you can advance through the game by moving the environment, engaging in hand-to-hand fighting, and completing the goals of each mission. You can escape the police who are chasing you by using one of six different kinds of cars to take over the city. 

To advance in the game and gain more money, you must obey traffic signals while racing down the street, dodging police, eliminating rival gangs, and mastering the art of crime.

It can be used with up to fifty weapons and motorized vehicles. Grand Gangsters 3D has several standout features, including 3D graphics, a tonne of missions, and four enormous playable worlds.

Grand City Gangster: Grand Crime

Grand City Gangster: Grand Crime

Grand City Gangster: Gang Crime, an Android action game with an open world and a single-player mode was created by Mega Gamers Production. The game allows you to take on the role of a gangster and engage in criminal activity while viewing the world from a third-person perspective. 

The plot revolves around a mobster who robs banks, delivers packages containing sensitive information, and steals trucks to make money. The missions begin in Vendetta, Miami, San Andreas, and LA. 

Your main objective is to advance your gangster career and take control of the streets of Miami and Los Angeles. You can choose from several assignments, and you must complete them without drawing police attention.

The terrain is accessible by foot or by automobile. Engage with NPCs, finish objectives, and get access to new content and weapons. While operating a vehicle, you have the option to drift and, if the cops pursue you, flee.

Popular elements of Grand City Gangster: Gang Crime include an open world, third-person action, the ability to play as a gangster, survival and chase missions, and more.

High School Simulator GirlA

High School Simulator GirlA

Kuma Games created the action-adventure, exploration, third-person, and single-player simulation known as High School Simulator GirlA. Playing the game is possible on mobile operating systems like iOS and Android.

The Grand Theft Auto series inspired the game set in a fictional universe. Take on the role of a female character and explore the universe by interacting with NPCs, objects, and various landscapes.

You must finish numerous missions to earn money that can be used to buy various tools, weapons, and equipment. You can travel the world on foot or in a car. To advance, play the game in the third person and complete all of your objectives. 

You can design your distinctive style with the customization option. High School Simulator GirlA is the best game to play and enjoy, thanks to its outstanding graphics, brilliant mechanics, and excellent touch controls. If you love such games, try exploration games for android

Mass Effect: Infiltrator

Mass Effect: Infiltrator

Mass Effect: Infiltrator is a fantastic game from the Mass Effect series that offers a more colorful and brilliant gaming experience for mobile devices. You must navigate a world that is constantly at odds with itself and is generally chaotic while fending off legions of foes using simple tap and tilt controls. 

The epic missions in Mass Effect: Infiltrator, including Geth Menace, Robot Wars, and World War campaigns, bind you to the device for a considerable time. Playing and enjoying Mass Effect: Infiltrator is fantastic, with a tonne of objectives, numerous foes, an engaging plot, exhilarating gameplay, and stunning graphics. Give it a shot for great action, RPG, stealth, and shooter video game experience. 

Clash of Crime-Mad San Andreas

Clash of Crime-Mad San Andreas

Criminal Conflict Cactus Games Company developed the action-adventure, racing, and single-player video game Mad San Andreas. The game's plot centers on a young boy named Nick, who has been in love with the world it is set in for ten years.

He alternates between driving a taxi and delivering pizza in the real world, but his debt keeps growing. Nick's old pal suggests a job working with the mafia to solve problems. In desperation, he consented without asking what to do.

The player takes on the character of Nick, who must investigate the environment from a third-person perspective to complete missions similar to those in GTA Vice City. The player has unrestricted movement worldwide and various weapons at their disposal to kill enemies. If you love games like GTA 5, you should try this one. 

The vast globe contains many unique vehicles, activities, weapons, etc. The game features fantastic graphics and improved character and vehicle models. Customization, High-Quality Resolution, a Thief Simulator, and other noteworthy features are present in Clash of Crime: Mad San Andreas.

Vegas City Gangster

Vegas City Gangster

Vegas City Ganster is a third-person shooter, open-world, action-adventure game emphasizing exploration that Solo developed and released for Android. You can be a protagonist in the game who must meet the requirements of the missions to advance through the game and gain money. The game is set on a vast globe. 

It provides a fictional Vegas city where you, the hero, must battle a vicious gang. You can participate in street racing competitions to apprehend vehicle or motorcycle thieves.

To earn incredible rewards, you must carefully follow the map, struggle to complete the many missions, and eliminate gangsters. You can explore the landscape while playing the game on foot or by car.

You can employ weapons like the submachine gun, M1A, FAMAS, Charter Arms, CZ83, and more to fight off foes in this game. New graphics, exciting cars, character dress-up, rescue the people, goal completion, and touch control are among the game's standout features. 

Max Payne

Max Payne

Remedy Entertainment created the action and third-person shooter video game Max Payne, released by Gathering of Developers and Rockstar Games. The game's protagonist is the NYPD detective Max Payne (New York Police Department).

In the game, Max Payne hunts out the murderer who killed his entire family by tracing his steps. The gameplay in Max Payne is full of fast-paced action and adventure, and the graphics are well made. The interesting weapons Max Payne offers include semi-automatic pistols, shotguns, AKs, grenades, and many others.

You can even employ melee weapons when you're close to the enemy. Some of the guns in the game allow you to dual-wield, and you can use painkillers to keep your health at its maximum while continuing to wreak havoc on the enemy warriors.

Throughout the entire series, Max Payne offers the unique Bullet Time function, which enables you to use the Slow Motion capabilities while striking your adversaries and helps shield you from oncoming bullets.

Max Payne is one of the best third-person shooting video games ever made because of all the fantastic and frantic action, thrills, and drama. Try it out if you haven't, and enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Payback 2: The Battle Sandbox

Payback 2: The Battle Sandbox

Payback 2 is relatively comparable to Android games like GTA 5 in terms of the open-world map feature and missions, but it differs in its plot. You can engage in several gunfights, gang violence, etc., in Payback 2.

Some numerous weekly assignments and challenges can help you earn extra points, and you can even play online. Its aesthetics, however, fall short of what we witnessed in GTA 5. However, the closest game to GTA 5 on a smartphone is Payback 2.

The third-person shooter and action game Payback 2 is set in an expansive open universe. Players can choose to participate in live or online events that are practically always jam-packed with action. Downloading it is cost-free with in-app purchases. 

The action game Payback 2 is a lot of fun and has many different settings, game types, cars, and weaponry. Using the main menu, you may also change your character's appearance by selecting from a vast array of skins and accessories.

Mad Out 2 Big Cities Online

Mad Out 2 Big Cities Online

You are free to do whatever you want in about 2: BigCityOnline, a game about committing crimes. You can access more than 30 cards in the game and complete enough missions to improve your talents.

This is one of the best options available if you're looking for Android games similar to GTA 5 to play on your mobile device. You can steal as many automobiles as you like, and there are no restrictions on how many crimes you can commit.

Additionally, you can enlist 100 additional online players to assist you or perform your dirty work. You can explore the entire city in the game, and the graphics are excellent for keeping you interested. 

Lego City Undercover – Switch

Lego City Undercover – Switch

Go ahead and pretend to be a teenage police officer in Lego City Undercover, which is like playing the Lego version of Grand Theft Auto. If you like games like GTA 5, Lego, and the idea of playing an undercover cop, you should try this game.

It is possibly one of the best Lego games available. You assume the position of Chase and are required to look for criminals. But we'd argue that this guy needs to be imprisoned given the damage he causes to the city on his illogical pursuit.

Using vehicles, you may travel across what is possibly one of the most visually appealing Lego landscapes. It also has the standard gameplay elements you'd find in a game of this type. 

If you're looking for anything with a GTA vibe, we recommend giving Lego City Undercover a try because it's entertaining. People highly appreciate this game due to its features, making it one of the greatest GTA-like games.


We all adore games with an open world where we may do anything, including missions, random races, and gunfights. The GTA video game series helped popularise this open-world game mechanic.

The top games like GTA 5 for android free and paid in our list are easily downloadable. These games offer the best gameplay experience and allow you to roam freely while exploring the super-thrilling open world. 


The GTA series by Gameloft is comparable to The Gangstar. Las Vegas is the setting for this TPS action game. Utilize trucks, vehicles, and even boats to explore the large map. Players can install it for free.

The popular Rockstar Games series' follow-up, Grand Theft Auto V, is now accessible on your smartphone or tablet. Download GTA APK for iOS and Android. In the gaming industry, Grand Theft Auto is a name that virtually everyone is familiar with.

GTA Chinatown Wars

It might be one of the best Grand Theft Auto releases for iOS and Android because of this. Do you require an explanation of what you see here? Because it contains everything you would find in a Grand Theft Auto game—a wacky plot, an expansive open world, a tonne of vehicles, weapons, and mayhem.

It's time for Niko Bellic, who ranks first on our list of the top GTA characters. The protagonist of perhaps the best and most sad Grand Theft Auto game is Niko Bellic.

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