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Discovering the breadth and depth of the game's environment and getting lost in it are among the best gaming experiences. The one realm in which we have control over everything, where we can play the role of the protagonist and enter a realistic but fictitious world. If you love such experiences, then exploration games are the best pick for you.

Exploration games allow you to travel the globe and visit every location, they are more realistic. In contrast to other video games, this genre allows for interaction with other players, exploration of new locations, and replayability.

Therefore, if you wish to escape reality and enter a realm of fiction where you can roam around and enjoy engaging gameplay, we've put up a list of the top exploration games.

Among the best aspects of a computer game, especially a contemporary one, is exploration. New games invite players to engage themselves in fantastical worlds, going well beyond the realms of Pong, like Super Mario Bros.

We've compiled a list of top exploration video games currently available. Get to work; these are loaded with easter eggs, collectibles, and hidden tasks that need to be found. Please let us know if we overlooked your face.

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Top Exploration Games

Real life can occasionally be uninteresting and ordinary. So dive into the world of adventure games and have fun to cut your boredom and feel rejuvenated. For this reason, we have chosen the top adventure games for you by hand. We sincerely hope you enjoy the game.

Grand Theft Auto V

exploration games

Three alleged "heroes" are now on the run in the chaotic metropolis of Los Santos after a bank robbery gone wrong. The three misfits are now involved with crime, entertainment, the mafia, and different heists.

Three playable characters a sidewalk hustler, a violent sociopath, and a former bank robber perform numerous risky heists and descend into a life of crime and drug use in order to survive in this harsh fictional city.

You have access to every gaming location on the planet. You can drive in your incredible car while admiring the sunset on the beach and the stars in the sky. In our opinion, Los Santos is indeed the virtual world's most popular and frequently visited city. Additionally, using the multiplayer option, you could now play mini-games and discover the city in co-op with your pals.

We strongly recommend this one for those looking for the best exploration game. This game will never grow old thanks to its outstanding graphics, numerous modes of transportation, and captivating story. If you love the Grand Theft games, you should definitely explore the GTA series in order to have the best gaming experience.

Red Dead Redemption 2

exploration games

This game's concept is top-notch; it combines elements of contemporary American history and an incredible premise to cast the player in the role of a rogue on a quest to effect change.

In an effort to resolve the conflict, the notorious Dutch Van der Linde gang, which includes the main character Arthur Morgan, robs the bank. However, their scheme is a complete failure, and the gang is forced to flee the community. The gang became divided as a result, as our hero now has to decide what's best for him.

This game offers one of the most exquisite, breathtaking visual experiences and truly transports you back in time. With several modes of transportation, you can travel practically everywhere on the map, but we advise mounting a horse and exploring the border town of Blackwater.

Additionally, this game allows you to play in both first-person and third-person perspectives, which greatly improves your gaming experience. You won't get bored in this universe because of the magnificent cinematic images that support your gameplay exploration. You might also follow the plot and finish the game.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

best exploration games

A fantastic setting for the open world is a made-up fantasy setting based on Slavonic mythology that features magic, supernatural beings, dwarfs, witches, and even dark power.

The Witcher 3, without the need for doubt, accomplishes practically all of the necessary tasks to provide one of the most realistic gaming experiences possible. This game's graphics are very stunning. Additionally, the RPG elements significantly improve the game and give it a true fantasy game feel. In addition, the size of "The Witcher's" universe is difficult to imagine.

This is excellent for just any open-world game since it makes you entirely forget about the rich and sinister world that is right in front of you.

Therefore, we strongly urge you to embark on the quest with the monster hunter, also known as a Witcher, to locate their old apprentice even Before Wild Hunt captures her and wipes out the human race. For more such survival experiences, check out the best survival games.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla

best exploration games

Now let us step back in time as well as discover the realm of kings, king-killers, Vikings, gods, and demons. The game transports you to 8th-century England, where combat and war are raging.

The weak city is the target of various kings' rebellious armies who want to take control of England. Many kings are interested in a wealthy land while the conflict is still going on.

An outstanding premise for this amazing exploration game is the heart-pounding, blood-swelling battle set pieces and the narration, which would be too deep and dramatic. It was whenever we switched between cities because of how beautifully this game portrays eighth England.

In this voyage to conquer the land, there seem to be various locations to visit, the worlds that are too far gone to look at and the worlds that are simply too lovely and intricate to be overlooked.

Far Cry 6

best exploration games

The main character is trapped in the stunning but chaotic world of chaos, the Yara, by the menacing maniac, as the players must lead their players in just this open-world game packed with adventure, suspense, and mystery.

Giancarlo Esposito, El Presidente, is the only ruler in this country but has been responsible for numerous riots and cruel acts. The goal of the game is to overthrow Dani Rojas' oppressive tyranny and release him.

There are several cities to discover in this game, and you can also explore Yara's vast universe. You may occasionally become lost in the game's immensity and need to consult the map to find your way back. Additionally, even a multiplayer online option effectively sacrifices a criminal partner. Start a rampage against the bad guys and goons as you explore this incredible game.

With the abundance of weapons and ammo and an unrestricted globe to roam and discover all the breathtaking locations Additionally, the Far Cry world's graphical design and theatrical sense are too eye-pleasing and realistic.

Dying Light 2

best exploration games

An intense game with zombies, futuristic surroundings, and a mystery and thriller-filled story is Dying Light 2. Get ready for a burst of adrenaline! The environment in Dying Light 2 is complex yet alive, transforming and growing over time.

You will take on the role of Aiden Caldwell, an infected individual who's on a personal mission to locate his sister while traveling with the organization Travelers and save innocent people. The intriguing plot, captivating graphics, and rather incredible parkour mechanics in just this game keep you coming back for more.

In the game, you can drive or walk throughout the nightmare metropolis of Harran as you forage for goods to keep you alive. You'll go after them using your newfound abilities. When it's not exploring the vast metropolis of Harran, you must battle the undead.

Additionally, you can traverse tricky areas to explore an infected and zombie-filled city. We can guarantee you will have a great time playing this game. If you love such thrilling games that make you jump out of your seat, you should try the best horror games for android.

Death Stranding

best exploration games

One of the most ambitious video games ever, it is directed by Hollywood A-listers Mads Mikkelsen, Léa Seydoux, and Guillermo del Toro. This could be the most spectacular open-world game to play, with stunning graphics, a suspenseful story, and cinematic gameplay.

The architecture of this game is fascinating and fantastical, making you wonder about the creator's creativity and vision for giving us the most immersive video game experience. With its excessive vividness and absurdity, the post-apocalyptic environment provides one of the most bizarre action games.

Otherworldly phenomena disturb the residents of this imaginary world because of the ludicrous event known as Death stranding. Here, the rain gets more hazardous; when a raindrop comes in contact with a human, the aging process begins to speed up, eventually eradicating the majority of humans. The remainder of the populace must seek refuge in the safe area.

Horizon Forbidden West

best exploration games

Aloy, the main character in the sequel to the wildly popular Horizon Zero Dawn, is back in post-apocalyptic America. The backdrop of a contemporary version of both the USA in the 31st decade remains consistent with the tale, which builds on the events from the previous game.

This time, the open-world setting of the game is indeed the Western United States, California, Nevada, and Utah, as Aloy sets out to explore what has come to be known as the Forbidden West.

The gameplay includes underwater exploration this time around, but the game world is still as gorgeous graphically as it was in Horizon Zero Dawn. You'll also come across some intriguing new weather patterns and more devastated landscapes in Horizon Forbidden West.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

exploration games to try right now

Since 1982, Microsoft has produced the Flight Simulator series. Although the series has been a little dormant, Microsoft chose to reveal a new installment emerging in 2020 during one's E3 2019 press conference.

That's decades' value of video game titles released. If you are familiar with the franchise, you can anticipate more of the same in this new entry and with a visual upgrade.

The Windows Flight Simulator series is a line of flight simulation video games that may be unfamiliar to some of you. In these games, players control an airplane. Players will fly to specific locations while navigating the range of procedures for each aircraft in this extremely detailed simulator.

Anywhere on the planet is accessible to players as Bing Maps data will be used to create the different pathways, coupled with environmental elements, including trees and wildlife.

Subnautica: Below Zero

exploration games to try right now

The follow-up to 2018's premiere, Subnautica: Below Zero, is more of the same but better. Players will need to construct bases to scavenge materials to survive harsh environments and even worse monsters while stranded on an alien world.

You start off with little, so there's a lot to learn, but eventually, you'll be constructing functional bases worthy of the Seaquest. It's challenging, much like the weather you deal with, but it's well worth it when everything comes together. Although there are numerous options, Subnautica: Below Zero comfortably earns a spot on our list of the best open-world exploration games.


exploration games to try right now

Whatever occurs when your death isn't sufficient to remove you from your current location? In the video game Returnal, you play a space traveler who is marooned on an extraterrestrial planet.

The place is always shifting and has a variety of secrets. The true twist would be that death doesn't spell the end for you. Instead, it just relocates you to a different region of the world and forces you to make an effort to continue avoiding dying again.

Your progress in this roguelike game will be heavily influenced by how well you perform in each run, and throughout the process, you'll need to uncover the reality of the world, your identity, and how everything fits together.

Ghost of Tsushima

exploration games to try right now

Ghost Of Tsushima places players in the role of a samurai whose main job is to defend Tsushima island from invaders during the first Mongol Japanese attack. The expansive setting of this game allows players unlimited freedom to discover the island of Tsushima however they see appropriate.

The in-game setting is based on the actual Tsushima Island and is breathtakingly beautiful visually. To your heart's content, explore a range of exquisitely drawn island settings.

Ghost of Tsushima has so many stunning settings that it would be tough to pick just one, but if you want a deeply immersive stealth combat experience set to an evocative soundtrack in a stunning setting, this is the game for you.

Final Fantasy XV

exploration games to try right now

Gamers in Final Fantasy XV can traverse a sizable open area and engage in action-based combat. The setting for Final Fantasy XV is the made-up continent of Eos.

The kingdom of Niflheim, which seeks control of the mystical Crystal guarded by the Lucian royal line, rules nearly the whole globe of Eos. The only location free from the empire is Insomnia, the same capital as Lucis.

On the eve of peace talks, Niflheim makes the decision to attack this final stronghold as well as steal this same Crystal they are so desperate to obtain. The heir to the throne of Lucia, Noctis, sets off on a mission with his friends to retrieve the Crystal to kick serious Niflheim's butt.

If you don't enjoy playing the classic, turn-based Final Fantasy games, By doing away with that, this installment enables players to engage in more action-focused gameplay.

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life

exploration games to try right now

For those who are acquainted with both the Yakuza series, Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, the seventh main installment, starts up the plot where Yakuza 5 left off. Players could still anticipate a brawler-focused game with an open-world setting.

Players will be able to level up several talents and powers to employ in the battle against other yakuza thugs, just like in previous games. In terms of the story, players will once more play  Kazuma Kiryu's role, who is on a quest to figure out what happened with Haruka after she was imprisoned for three years.

Players can explore an open-world metropolis in the game, and as they advance, they'll gain more experience to utilize for improvements like agility or strength and the acquisition of new abilities.

Assassin's Creed

exploration games to try right now

Users are transported to ancient Greece in the Assassin's Creed franchise's eleventh entry. Assassin's Creed Odyssey, which is set during a time of conflict between Sparta and Athens, dives deeper into historical mythology than most of the other titles in the franchise, creating a vast, lore-rich world that players can freely roam.

In terms of combat, it also departs a little from the series' standard stealth mechanics. The graphically striking Assassin's Creed Odyssey engages players in its use of maritime adventure, warfare, as well as open-world adventure. This game is unquestionably for fans of Greek mythology.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

exploration games to try right now

Dragon Age: Inquisition, created by BioWare, is the follow-up to 2011's Dragon Age II. An Inquisition, a character in the game, travels to the island of Thedas to put an end to civil strife.

The journey starts when dangerous demons are let loose on the planet. Players are also influenced by the Inquisitor's companions while playing the game. The open-world RPG got a lot of attention from both critics and players and also was shortlisted for Game of the Year.

Horizon Zero Dawn

exploration games

The concept of Horizon Zero Dawn's tale is inextricably linked to its futuristic setting, which is the post-apocalyptic United States. Humans aren't any longer the dominant species on Earth in this brand-new universe, which is set in the United States in the year 31.

Rather, the world is dominated by machines, yet the environment itself still resembles Earth in certain ways. Horizon Zero Dawn is indeed the game for you, but if you really want to see how the world would appear after a millennium of degradation. A key element of this stunning game that was made for taking a wrong turn in is open-world exploration. Just be aware of the machinery.

Monster Hunter: World

exploration games to try right now

You'll adore Monster Hunter: World if you take pleasure in taking out a variety of fantastical creatures in a non-fantasy scenario. This New World, the game's main location, is an inviting place for exploring and questing. Of all, it also is ideal for taking down a range of intelligent monsters.

The New Planet is divided into six sizable zones where players are free to roam, encounter various species, and discover unusual environments. Monster Hunter: Environment offers players the option to explore the many ecosystems in-game and boasts an enormously wide gaming world where wilderness appears prominently.

As this game is on the harder side, we advise facing the animals alongside pals.

Metroid Series

best exploration games

This Metroid series has been around for a while and still attracts new players while serving as an inspiration for other developers to create their own original intellectual property. Perhaps you may have heard the phrase "Metroidvania" used in the past to refer to specific video game genres.

Exploration is a big part of Metroid. You'll discover yourself accumulating a particular thing or ability that will let you into locations that were previously off-limits or sealed away. You are seriously omitting a part of video game history if you haven't played any of these games.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

best exploration games

The most recent mainline game in the Legend of Zelda series is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This time, players can take on a variety of dungeons, also referred to as Holy sites, in any sequence while being immersed in a sizable open-world setting.

Players will once more assume control of Link in The Zelda: Breath of a Wild after he wakes from a long rest lasting a hundred years.

Link is warned by an enigmatic voice to travel to a destroyed country in which he will discover Calamity Ganon, the villain he must slay. The game's large open world and many missions and adventures have made this one of the most adored entries in the entire series.


best exploration games

There isn't much more that can be stated about Minecraft. For so many, it's the pastime they played growing up or have been playing for years with their own kids. It is the game that many more individuals are actively growing up with.

This is a phenomenon on a global scale unlike anything else. Players can do whatever they want and construct whatever they want inside the open environment of Minecraft. In the pursuit of creating the ideal empire, this game can consume hours, days, and even weeks.

Forza Horizon 5

best exploration games

When you think of "exploration games," you might picture racing games, but Forza Horizon 5 is exactly that (and certain other Forza games, for the record). Because it's not just about the vehicles (though they do help), it's also about being able to explore the terrain as you travel through a fictionalized version of Mexico.

Going on highways, around cities, off highways, just on the beach, in the dirt, inside the desert, and anywhere in between are all on the table. You can drive hundreds of various types of vehicles while doing so, giving your journey through an "ever-evolving world" a distinctive flavor.

So even if you might not initially consider gameplay with exploration themes, download Forza Horizon 5, and Your opinion might be altered by it.


We hope you have enjoyed this post. These were some of the best exploration games from our side. Take a look at these games if you think of playing exploration games. We suggest trying another platform, Frolic. Frolic is an online gaming platform where you can play and earn simultaneously.

On this platform, users can enjoy interactive and personalized gaming experiences. If that sounds interesting, then get into the world of online gaming, where you can make real money every time you win!!


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