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Among Us has gained remarkable popularity in the past few years. This super-exciting game combines elements of puzzle, murder investigation, and survival. Sounds interesting, right? If you are new to the world of Among Us, worry not. Here is an article with all you need to know about Among Us and how to play this game. 

What is Among Us?

What is Among Us?

The game features up to ten crew members on a spaceship who is seen attempting to carry out simple duties to maintain the ship operational. The issue is that at least one individual, known as an imposter, will attempt to murder everyone on board rather than carry out any responsibilities. 

While attempting to identify the imposter, crewmates must accomplish their jobs. If the imposter is successful to kill everyone without getting caught, the game is over and the imposter wins. 

Players in Among Us resemble brightly colored armless cartoon astronauts; nonetheless, three additional maps have been added since the first release of “The Skeld” vessel. Each participant chooses one of two non-aesthetic roles; the majority choose Crewmate, but a sizable minority choose Impostors.

The Impostors' goal is to subtly sabotage the mission by either killing the Crewmates before they complete all of their tasks or by causing an emergency that cannot be stopped in time. In contrast, the Crewmates' goal is to either locate the Impostors and vote them out or to complete all of the tasks on the map.

The 'Among Us' premise is simple: you are one of four to 10 people aboard a spaceship. One of these is an impostor who exists solely to kill everyone else. The remaining characters are members of the regular Crew who are merely attempting to escape unscathed. 

To do so, they must either undertake a series of missions or (better still) expose the Impostor and vote them out in the fashion of a survivor. If the Crew is successful, they will win. If the impostor murders all of them, he or she wins.

The 'Among Us' premise is simple: you are one of four to 10 people aboard a spaceship. One of these is an impostor who exists solely to kill everyone else. The remaining characters are members of the regular Crew who are merely attempting to escape unscathed.

The game can end in one of four possible ways.

  • All imposters have died. (The Crew Wins)
  • All tasks have been accomplished. (The Crew Triumphs)
  • There are approximately equal numbers of impostors and Crew. (Impostor Victory)
  • The Crew fails to prevent the disastrous sabotage (Impostor Win).

The game's length depends on the number of players, their skills, and the options chosen by the playgroup. When the game starts, you will be allocated a role, either Crew or Impostor, and your aims and strategies of achieving them will alter accordingly. The crew and impostor portions will be segregated for this purpose. Now before exploring how to play among us, let’s have a look at the history of this game.


how to play among us

In 2018, Innersloth, an American game developer, created and released Among Us, an online multiplayer social deduction game. The Mafia Party Game and the sci-fi horror film, The Thing inspired the game. The cross-platform game was first released in June 2018 for iOS and Android devices and then in November of the same year for Windows.

The game was then released in December 2020 and December 2021 on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5,  and Xbox Series X/S. Despite its initial release in the year 2018 to little public attention, the game achieved great popularity in 2020 due to multiple well-known Twitch streams and YouTubers playing it. Schell Games created Among Us VR, which will be accessible on Meta Quest 2, SteamVR, and PlayStation VR.

Despite the fact that the game was released in 2018, the COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to its popularity. During the multiple lockdowns around the world, many well-known influencers, including Chance Morris, PewDiePie, James Charles, and others, began broadcasting the game to millions of spectators, quickly becoming a cult favorite. Over 90 million users have downloaded this fantastic game across different platforms.

Among Us is one of the App Store's most popular family-friendly games. When you're out of ideas for party games and everyone has a smartphone, it can serve as a next-level party game. It's super entertaining. 

Why Is Among Us so Popular?

The best thing about Among Us is that you can play it with your pals. You can do this by becoming a host and creating a password for your lobby. If you miss the excitement of playing in a LAN event, this is the greatest method to achieve that sensation without bringing together many PCs.

However, playing Among Us on PC using BlueStacks has an edge because the emulator allows you to type and react to what is going on much faster than you would on a smartphone. This is a fantastic way to have fun with your coworkers. 

You're likely to run into a variety of people, including eloquent speakers who are skilled at rhetoric and mind tricks, reserved people who can hardly write a word, and everything in between. A skilled impostor is a slick crook who is familiar with their instruments and knows how to employ them.

Among Us is one of the most enjoyable social-focused mobile games we've played in a while, despite its seeming simplicity. Redditors have even proposed game theories that account for the scenario and design. 

For instance, on the ship, it appears that everyone is dressed in a suit. This would make sense if there were no atmosphere, but that is not the case. When an Impostor slays you, it gives a clue as to why they would require the protection.

The Impostor kills you in one of the victim animations in an eerily alien-like way. Yet they are highly adept at speaking, interacting, and passing for people. The idea that the Impostor is a crew member sick with an illness they picked up in the lab has gained the most traction. 

Several burials are scattered around the map, which could mean that an earlier person also contracted the disease and perished as a result. Given that they are attempting to contain the disease, it seems understandable why everyone would be wearing hazmat suits. The humorous smartphone game Among Us is a great way to kill time and have a good time.

Different Plays in Among Us

In order to understand, how to play Among Us, let’s have a look at the different plays. While there is some crossover, we have divided how to play as the Crew and the Impostor here because they have quite different play styles.

  • Choose between web or local to start a game. From this point, you may select whether you want to start or join a match and if you want to look for one, two, or three impostor games. The Rules and Settings: How to Create the Best Among Us Games manual provides detailed information on each setting.
  • Before the game begins, you won't know whether you're a crewmate or an impostor.
  • Your choice of mouse and keyboard or only a mouse is required to monitor your character, and the host can change everyone's speed. Your decision is purely based on individual preference.
  • An analog stick trackpad is available on phones for navigating.
  • You must enter the right area and either click an object directly or the "Use" icon on the bottom right side to do tasks. Each step is then largely self-explanatory.
  • You can click "Report" in the bottom right corner if you discover a dead body. This will convene a group meeting where you can express your suspicions, find out where the body was located, and find out if anyone was killed. However, if you see a body, you are not required to report it.
  • You can convene an emergency meeting on the map's center button.
  • After the debates, you cast your vote. Voting can be omitted by choice. No one will be eliminated if skipping receives a majority of the votes or if the vote is tied.
  • One must finish all chores before Impostor kills the team to win the game.
  • After being dead, you can keep working with your team as a spirit to perform tasks, and you're unable to speak.

Crew Member

among us rules

That means you're on your way to help repair this ship/station/colony. As Crew, you will be assigned jobs in your task list for each game. The map directs you where to go and what to do. Simply walk over to each location and do the task.

Some jobs will be more difficult, but you will eventually master them. If necessary, don't be afraid to ask your coworkers for help with some of your responsibilities; it's all part of the job training process.

Naturally, there may be some imposters among us, so keep an eye out for strange behavior. Imposters do not assign tasks and do not accomplish duties, but they act as though they do. Keep a keen eye on the task list to see which jobs have been completed, and if you notice anything out of the ordinary, you can always call a meeting using the button on the table.

However, you may not notice anything unusual most of the time. You may become a ghost if you find yourself alone with an impostor. However, just because you're dead doesn't mean your job is done, so make sure to complete your chores and rely on your crewmates to solve your death.


among us rules

That means you'll be in charge of upsetting their operations and ensuring that this position is anything but "business as usual." You'll see a list of chores and their locations on the map on your screen, but these are only recommendations for things to fake, not your true purpose.

Instead, you should strive to isolate the Crew members and kill them whenever possible. This will not be easy, and you will have to be cunning. Fortunately, a few crawl spaces are available for your usage, which are normally concealed by vent covers. As you pick off the crew one by one, you'll want to use your mobility to your advantage.

However, there are alternative options available to you. When you open your sabotage map, you'll notice that you have many options. You can either lock the doors to keep the team trapped or damage the lights to hamper their view.

About Meeting

among us rules

You can also interfere with their communications by stopping them from seeing their tasks. You can also sabotage the reactors, oxygen, or other critical pieces of equipment, which will spell doom for everyone unless they are repaired.

Meetings are the only opportunity for players to communicate with one another, making them an essential component of Among Us. Meetings are called when a body is reported or when the emergency meeting button is pressed.

If you're on the Crew, take advantage of this opportunity to share information and question suspects. If you're an impostor, seize this opportunity to dispel suspicion and spread havoc.

At each meeting, participants can vote to execute one person, and whoever receives the most votes is tossed out of an airlock/into a volcano.

If you do not wish to vote someone out, you can vote to skip at the bottom. Use the meeting time wisely, as communication will be critical to assisting the Crew in coordinating and for impostors to disrupt.

Finally, a few comments about playing Among Us. If you're playing on voice, please keep your conversations to times when everyone is at the meeting, and make sure everyone in your Among Us game is on the same voice chat.

Try to supply as much information as possible at meetings if you're on the Crew. If you're an impostor, don't be hesitant to fabricate outrageous lies or throw others under the bus. 

Don't become angry at other players simply because they made a mistake, and don't be hesitant to call out someone who is ruining the game for you. It's just a game; nobody should feel unhappy because they lost.

Furthermore, just because you're a ghost doesn't mean you're finished. If you're a crew member, you still have jobs to complete, whereas if you're an impostor, you can concentrate on sabotaging the surviving Crew.

How to Play Among Us as an Impostor?

how to play among us

Now that you are clear about what is among us and it s rules, it’s time to explore how to play among us. Choose between online or local to join a game. After this point, you may select whether you want to start or enter a game and if you want to look for one, two, or three impostor games.

Choose from one of the three maps for the game.

  • An analog stick touchpad is available on phones for navigating.
  • The game will offer you fictitious duties; act as though you're completing these to blend in.
  • To kill anyone, approach them until the "Kill" icon within the bottom right-hand corner turns on.
  • The host can alter the cooldown timer that runs between each kill.
  • To avoid charges, you might simply report the body personally or flee.
  • You could still participate in conversations and should try to dispel any suspicions.
  • One can sabotage the ship by shutting down specific rooms or by triggering off flaws.
  • Others, like cutting off the oxygen, may kill someone if they do not correct it in time, making it difficult for crewmates to fulfill chores like turning on the lights.
  • You can navigate the ship more quickly by using the vents, but if someone catches you, they will realize you are a fake.
  • To succeed in the games, you must kill.

How to Create the Best Among Us Game?

among us rules

The fundamental guidelines of Among Us are really simple: finish all of your crewmate-related responsibilities while figuring out the identity of the Impostor. Kill everybody undetected if you're the Impostor.

Other than that, the only true rules in Among Us are that ghosts (dead crewmates) should not talk at all and that you shouldn't talk beyond the meetings whether you're playing in real life or in a group chat. Yet, the specific game laws can be changed by adjusting the Among Us settings.

Each map has suggested parameters, but the host can change them. Below, we explain how each option works so you can understand exactly what you're altering. Following is a brief list of the parameters you might just want to adjust from game to game:

No of Impostors

The number of imposters currently active. The limitation is the smallest amount of Impostors that can be present (your game may elect to have fewer Fakers if your lobby isn't filled).

When enabled, Confirm Ejects will let you know whether the person you just expelled was just an impostor or otherwise. It won't work with that as well off.

Emergency Meetings

A player can first call this many emergency meetings from the map's center.

The period you must wait during an emergency meeting is known as the emergency cooldown. Providing a lengthy cool down when playing online prevents misuse.

The number of times you have to cast your ballot. That's an open period for discussion. Longer time limits make the game more deliberate, while shorter time constraints make it much more intense.

  • Player Speed refers to how quickly players move about the ship.
  • Each crew member's vision ranges as they look about the ship.
  • The Impostor's field of view when looking at the ship. To make their jobs easier, impostors frequently improve their vision.
  • Kill Cooldown: The interval of time between kills for the Impostor. It should take much longer the more Impostors there are.
  • How far away (brief, average, or far) the Impostor needs to be to kill somebody?

Some chores, like scans in the MedBay, are visible because other players may see you as you complete them. A visual task being performed by you serves as evidence that you are not the Impostor.

Common Tasks

among us rules

These will be the player's most fundamental assignments and take an average amount of time to finish.

  • Long Tasks: As their name suggests, these tasks need several visits to different rooms and take the longest to finish.
  • Short Tasks: Such tasks can be finished quickly, in a central site, and are relatively brief.

Tip: Longer missions are beneficial for the Impostor because they take longer to finish and make it harder for Crew members to cooperate because they must go to several areas. The Crew benefits more from shorter chores because the participants can complete the checklist more quickly while being more direct.

Setup Guidance

Depending on the kind of game you want, you can change Among Us in various ways; therefore we've listed some gameplay builds here.

Fast-paced games: If you really want to play a game that is fast-paced and hectic, you will have several brief tasks, a short kill cooldown, a short discussion period, a short ballot time, and verify ejects off. With this build, there is less time for deliberation, and lengthy talks, and the game proceed much more rapidly. 

Additionally, it implies till the end of the game, you won't know for sure whether you successfully evicted an Impostor. Though many quick chores may imply the Crew doesn't even have to work just as hard to win, it does advantage Impostors.

Methodical games: If the appeal of Among Us is in your ability to make deductions, you'll prefer this sort of game. It has a long kill cooldown, two emergency meetings, a lengthy debate period, and a long vote period (all of which are unjust to Impostors). 

Combined, these two types can finish in two and a half minutes, although many players find everything longer than 90 seconds to be long. Confirmed ejects are essential in these games because they inform participants of the validity of their suspicions. More lengthy activities can solve the balance in this build, which benefits crewmates while adding visual chores supports the concept of deductions.

How many Imposters do I need?

how to play among us

It relies on either wanting to emphasize the player's mystery (where in case, just have one Impostor) or wanting to go through under more time constraints (in which case, have more Impostors).

If you've got five players or fewer, it's advisable to stick with just one Impostor; wait to use additional Impostors when you have 8 or more. Even in a ten-person game, a lot of people continue to use a single Impostor, and then you should definitely

One Impostor: The Crew does have a big edge with just one Impostor. The ideal compromise method is to include rapid kill cooldowns of no more than 15 seconds, vast kill distances, just one emergency session, and impostor vision that is at most 0.5 higher than crewmate sight, if not more.

Three Impostors: In this case, the Impostors are in the lead. Because of this, you want a low killing distance and extended kill cooldowns—probably over 40 seconds. Keeping the number of emergency meetings to one could be preferable, as calling more than that can abuse the lengthy death cooldown and make it too challenging for the Impostors to operate. Even yet, impostor eyesight can still be slightly better by about 0.2. It's best to strike a balance between two strategies when competing with two Impostors.

General Counsel: Try to maintain a mix as to whether your game benefits the crewmates or the impostor players. The Impostor will benefit from long meeting cooldowns, low kill cooldowns, no based methods, don't accept ejects, lengthy kill distance, and several lengthy tasks.

The polar opposite of these conditions is in the crewmates' favor. If you're playing several games simultaneously, experiment with the settings to find the right balance.


We hope you have enjoyed being with us. The article includes everything important about the game including the rules and even game setting options. Among Us is an amazing game and the best pick to have a good time with yoru friends and family. That’s not it. This game can make your parties and get together more exciting and full of fun. Now that you know, how to lay among us, start the game and let the thrill begin. 


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