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Games like Among Us will keep pushing you to different levels with new missions and maps. Once the user starts receiving similar maps or tasks, it gets boring. If the game isn't updated regularly, you might want to try other games like Among Us that offer entirely different missions and maps to play. What if we realize that there are numerous games among us?

In this article, we've listed a number of the simplest Among Us alternatives that you might just attempt. Therefore, with no further delay, let's glance at the games like Among Us available in the list and select the most straightforward game from the list. 

Town of Salem

town of salem

It's a browser-based game that tests players' ability to lie convincingly and their sight once various players have lied. The sport ranges from seven to fifteen players. These players are arbitrarily divided into six alignments: city, mafia, serial killers, arsonists, and neutrals.

If you're a city member (the intelligent guys), you want to run from the mafia and different villains before they kill you. If you're an associate in an evil role, like a murderer, you secretly murder city members within the veil of night and check out to avoid being caught.

Hide Online

hide online

It's a bizarre-person action game that pits two groups against each other in a confined space. The fun half is that one group is formed from objects that will conceal themselves in the setting, and their objective is to survive, whereas the opposite team is formed from hunters armed with machine guns.

The controls hidden online are nearly identical for each team: the virtual movement stick is found to the left of the screen, and on the right, you'll be able to see the various action buttons.

If you're a hunter, you'll be able to shoot and throw grenades; however, if you're able to protect, you'll be able to become different objects. Hide Online's gameplay is similar to Garry's Mod's popular gambling mode.

It's essentially a wacky version of the classic children's game "hide and seek." Specifically, it's like taking part in hiding and seeking "The Thing." Hide Online is a bizarre multiplayer action game that provides a delightful gambling experience. The visuals of the game are enjoyable.

Granny's House

granny's house

Multiplayer Escapes could be a horror game in which you must either escape a haunted house held captive by an evil individual or become the capturer who terrorizes the children. During this journey, you will have the assistance of three others, such as yourself.

You'll have to collaborate with them to win. If you prefer challenges and escape games like Among Us, this disturbing story can have you hooked for hours in rounds against users from around the globe. This fun story allows you to view multiple equally fun viewpoints fancifully.

The modes offered in Granny's house for multiplayer escapes include a deck, escape infection, and occupation. During this option, you will be placed in an abandoned house with three different players whom you must assist in running. However, in escape mode, you will become the devilish previous girl and have to stop the kids from escaping.



There may be a multiplayer strategy game where up to twelve players participate in new and exciting game modes. Betrayers may also disrupt gameplay by triggering its equivalent of sabotage in the U.S. The game has two game modes.

The game mode is the default way wherever you'll be able to play as crewmates, imposters, law officers, and jesters. The opposite game mode is "Hide and Look For," in which you are terrified not only by the betrayal but also by a monster if you are a crewmate.

Colorful graphics and simple controls While the in-game music is close and the sound effects are pleasing, the graphics square measure vibrant and colorful. There are two choices for the graphics: high and low. You can customize your character in various ways, including obtaining pets. The game features a bunch of character customization choices, all cosmetic. 

Hello Neighbours

hello neighbours

This game combines role-playing with cliff-hanging problem-solving parts. One more terrifying and surprising aspect may keep you on edge throughout the game. A neighbor with a secret explores your neighbor's house through an associated intriguing plot.

Hello, Neighbor puts you in a very familiar neighborhood in a mini-cutscene, and you'll begin finding mysteries right there. The controls are straightforward enough; however, you'd have to switch between actions to act with objects. 

Depending on your playstyle preference, not knowing what you're supposed to do is either intriguing or super annoying. The excellent issue is that the endgame is linear, i.e., only one outcome. You won't take wrong turns or dismiss them differently. People will experience excellent suspense while taking part.

The story could initially seem confusing, as you're provided with no directions. Once you've found momentum and completed the primary act, things become unbelievably dark. As you explore and unravel secrets, you'll additionally unlock cutscenes and short movies that specify the story.

Suspects: Mystery Mansion

suspects: mystery mansion

It is a game that is the same as those in North American countries. In it, you are invited to a mansion where you will have to complete different tasks. The fact is that one of the nine guests could be a killer.

This explicit character's mission is to murder the opposite players before they understand who the killer is. The controls in Suspects: Mystery Mansion square measure dead custom-made to touchscreens.

With your left thumb and right, you'll move your character around, and with your request, you'll act with all the weather within the setting. If you happen to be the killer, you'll additionally use the special button to kill or sabotage the opposing players.

One of the most valuable things about Suspects: Mystery Mansion is that it offers two different game modes. On the one hand, you've got a way for adults (players over fifteen years old), and on the other, you've got a mode for players under fifteen. Also, you'll use the electro-acoustic transducer on your device to speak to the opposite players.

Werewolf Online

werewolf online

Protect your community from destructive forces, or transform into a werewolf and pursue your friends! Join the mystery game, defend your group, and identify the liars.

The online social deduction game Wolfville supports up to 16 people. Different teams, like residents or werewolves, compete in each play to finish as the final team standing. Use unique skills to determine the responsibilities of other players and convince them to work with you.


  • Play online with your friends!
  • Join games with players from all around the world.
  • Create and customize your avatar.
  • Send roses to your beloved ones.
  • Join ranked games for serious competition!

Hidden in Plain Sight

hidden in plain sight

It could be a set of native multiplayer (2-4 players) game modes that share a standard theme: attempting to accomplish goals while not drawing attention to yourself. 

One of the only game modes is termed "Death Race." Players and NPCs area unit athletics to be the primary to cross a goal. Every player contains a gun with one bullet and may eliminate one person from the race.  

Other game modes produce similar tension by putting players in a very conflicted position of eagerness to accomplish a goal while risking elimination. Rounds are fast and spirited and continually end in laughter and friendly shouting. Thus, grab your controllers and friends and give it a shot! 



It's a game for three to 20 players. If we talk about its modes, then you can see. Pass-and-Play: Players should be physically in one space, but only one phone must have the secret app. 

Private Space: Players play on their phones. You'll be physically together or playing remotely with people you know.

Public Space: Play online with the community.

Undercover could be a sports social deduction game. A tiny cluster of impostors has appeared on a tropical island wherever everybody (including the impostors) has cryptically forgotten their identity. Secret words are the only clues to recall UN agency square measure, you're, and type alliances. Your goal is to seek out your teammates and work together to oust the others from the island!

Roles and goals There are unit three teams on the island: Civilians, secret, and Mr. White. The bulk of the resident's area unit is composed of peaceful civilians. There are up to two teams of impostors: Secret and Mr. White. A game consists of a minimum of one secret or one Mr. White.

Out of the Loop

out of the loop

The description of Out of the Loop App Out of the Loop may be a fun and simple way to find a new game for 3–9 players. Out of the Loop may be a mobile game by the creators of Triple Agent! All you need is a single humanoid device and a couple of friends to play with.

Every round takes around 5-10 minutes to play, and at the end of the night, whoever has the most points wins! No setup! It's simple to learn the sport. The good filler game is "Short Rounds! Play a fast game or many rounds. Many secret words and queries. Various classes for diverse play.

After choosing a class for the spherical, each player either understands a secret word within the course or is out of the running for it! On the flip side, the "out" person must identify the keyword. If they do, it's all a cipher, proving you're not too obvious!



This could be a first-person shooter, just like the game Counter-Strike. Here, two groups of up to 5 players will battle it out on terrible maps, just like what you'd find in Counter-Strike. One good thing about Counter Attack is that you will simply change the controls.

By default, you have a d-pad on the left of the screen, with the shooting and aiming buttons on the right. Within the center, you will find the buttons to vary weapons, jump, and crouch. In Counter Attack, you will find several different game modes.

Within the bomb deactivation mode, one of the two groups should attempt to place the bomb, whereas the opposite group should try and stop them. Within the classic "Deathmatch" mode, two groups fight unrelentingly for 5 minutes.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a sensible multiplayer independent agency that offers the same game expertise as Counter-Strike but intriguing new options. The game also has some nice graphics that you can easily customize and change based on the capabilities of your humanoid device.

Hidden Agenda

hidden agenda

It's an interactive crime and heroic tale game developed by Supermassive Games. Sony Interactive Players can manage two characters throughout the sport, each witnessing a particular aspect of the hunter's investigation. Hidden Agenda options are an evolution of the resulting system from Supermassive Games' previous title, Till Dawn. 

Depending on the player's decisions, the bulk of the characters within the story will all live or die based on what reasonable choices are made throughout the story. An ostensibly insignificant selection may have dramatic consequences after a while.

PlayLink players can vote on choices throughout the story mode, with a majority vote deciding the result. Competitively, one or more players will be given a particular objective known as a "hidden agenda," which will see them strain for a selected outcome that appears to involve sabotaging the characters' lives to a point.

CrossFire: Legends

crossfire: legend

The official robot version of the classic game CrossFire is one of the world's most popular Federal Protective Service titles. Now, along with your normal PvP mode, you will find a new gameplay variant and a whole "Battle Royale" arena where you bully off against over one hundred twenty players armed to the teeth.

Play in solo mode, 2-player games, or teams of up to four players. Along with the seemingly limitless number of game modes in Crossfire: Legends, there are many classics such as Deathmatch, Ship Mode, and much more.

As well as in "Battle Royale" mode, you will relish the 60 fps that will stay stable throughout. CrossFire: Legends, on the other hand, runs smoothly even though it is not an online association. In offline mode, you will play against customizable AI bots, selecting from variable difficulty levels.



It may be a by-product of The Resistance, a celebration game that challenges players to deduce one another's identities. You will have access to similar games like Werewolf and Mafia. Those titles have their merits; however, Avalon works nicely as a result of players not dying, meaning nobody gets to enjoy the fun. 

To get the most out of this fantastic game these days, we'll learn all about the principles and characters of The Resistance: Avalon Edition! You'll need a minimum of 5 participants to play Avalon.

Before the sport begins, every player can receive a card deciding which side they are on: brilliant or evil. Confirm to keep this card and data to yourself. The characters are brilliant, as is the way many Devils supported the total number of players. It is an exciting game.

Trouble in Terrorist Town

trouble in terrorist town

A minimum of 2GB of RAM and an honest processor are needed for the game. Trouble in Terrorist City may be a first-person detective shooter. Each round of the sport involves the choice of traitors among the players. The other players are innocent. 

Also, a detective is chosen from among the innocent by the person who helps the innocent. Traitors should kill all innocent individuals. The innocent should survive to the top of the spherical or kill all the traitors.

Traitors and detectives should purchase unique instrumentation to assist them in winning. Gameplay: It consists of many distinctive maps. Unique gameplay. TTT may be an exciting game. Play along with your friends. Multiplayer for thirty-two players Customization: Over fifty hats will help make your character distinctive.

Over twenty-seven trails. Over ten player models. Over thirty-three kinds of weapons. You can make your gun exceptional by applying a skin obtained from a case or bought for in-game currency.

Space God

space god

Maybe a "hyper-retro" neon-vogue top-down shooting game. Play in single-player, online co-op mode, or online multiplayer. Don't stop; keep moving! And you would possibly survive maybe. 

Singleplayer, online multiplayer, and co-op Challenge mode and a leaderboard Different stage objectives: Annihilation, Escape, Defense, and Survival More than twenty distinctive weapons More than twenty playable stages and sixty maps three problem levels: traditional, complex, and insane Don't stop, keep moving!

Kill enemies, travel to the following stage, rinse, and repeat. Are you feeling risky? Attempt challenge mode and find a higher score than your competitors. You can unlock new ships and weapons with exploitation star coins from clearing the stages.

Upgrade your ships and weapons to get a better score. You can play online co-op and different modes via the multiplayer menu. Play with your friends and assert your dominance! It's not rocket science, and you ought to grasp something.

Move or Die

move or die

It is a ridiculously fast, 4-player native and online game in which the mechanics change every twenty seconds. Slap your friends' controllers, whereas taking part on the couch or online and not moving virtually causes you to explode. And, with only twenty seconds per spherical, it's a quick game to pick up but a difficult one to put down.  


  • Various game modes, including 4-player local/online multiplayer and offline.
  • Follow modes with AI bots are available, each with its distinct mechanics and level style. 
  • A leveling-up system that enables you to unlock new characters and game modes with every online match 
  • Daily Missions and Challenges Regular content updates, forever free of charge, and ultimately no in-game purchases 
  • A heart-pounding, animated second graphics partner in an incredible audio recording is easy to choose but nearly impossible to put down.

Stickman Fights 

stickman fights

Are you prepared for action? Place yourself within the shoes of a stickman and acquire the ability to fight waves of enemies by victimizing all of your senses, particularly your reflexes! With the money you earn, you can buy completely different weapons and survive the massive attack of dangerous enemies. 

Stick Fight is an associate-level action game where you'll have to fight against four players, overcoming obstacles and completely different levels. The character is a drawing that relies solely on sticky fighting.

Stick fighting may be a type of martial art that uses completely different models of "sticks" straightforward, long, thin, blunt, hand, and sometimes wood to attack the opponent. Some techniques may be used with a powerful umbrella or an arm in its sheath.

Stick Fight is distinguished by its retro aesthetics, and these graphics have found a wider audience among gamers. A colored marker portrays the stick figures. Though they're straightforward graphics, throughout the fight, you'll hit along with your fists, unique combos, and weapons. The sport has over eighty different levels, with exciting graphics and features. It's the best game.

Hide and Seek

hide and seek

For those who have a strong passion for "hide and seek," Hide.io is one of the alternatives they value. Players desire a very engaging and wealthy "hide and seek" to obtain a house with a variety of various moving maps. Hide.io allows players to experience the authentic feeling of playing hide and seek. 

You will be reworked into the role of a hider. Therefore, you'd wish to be mentally prepared and verify that you're hiding painstakingly, thus not being detected. Several players joined the fun, taking turns playing hide and seek. Each activity in the sport will offer players a unique feeling. 

Conquer the challenges that the game creates. Players are given an outsized range of varied guide maps when collaborating throughout this game. You will better understand your route and perceive the obstacles through that map. Each level of play is different; you will receive various guide maps.

Hot lava

hot lava

The floor is hot lava! Hot volcanic rock transports you back to your childhood imagination. Know those moments of pleasure, joy, and chaos. Run, jump, climb, and surf in person across nostalgia-packed environments flooded with hot liquid volcanic rock. Explore alone or with your friends. 

This is often a game of tricks of the hand and ingenuity; you may have to use all of your skills to complete the treacherous obstacles that wait. And no matter what you do. Don't touch the ground. Features Together: Conquer difficult words with up to eight friends with drop-in/drop-out multiplayer.

Traverse: Run, jump, climb, swing, boost, and surf in person across volcanic rock-stuffed worlds. Mastering execution can take dedication and talent. Explore and exercise caution in environments rife with childhood longing.

Compete: Find the quickest route on the chums' leaderboard by abusing shortcuts and professional execution. Avoid volcanic rock, waste, bottomless pits, and crushers. The danger is around each corner. Create: Hot volcanic rock comes with a level construction kit for Unity.

Dead by Daylight

dead by daylight

It's possibly a multiplayer (4 versus 1) horror game in which one player assumes the role of the vicious killer. In contrast, the other four players take on the roles of survivors who must try to escape the attacker without being discovered, captured, or killed.

Survivors benefit from greater situational awareness and play in the third person. The killer plays in first-person and is very focused on their prey.

The survivors' goal in every encounter is to flee the killing grounds while not getting caught by the killer one thing that sounds easier than it is, particularly once the surroundings change when you play. Dead By Daylight attracts fans from all corners of the horror world. As a killer, you'll be able to play as something from a robust slasher to alarming paranormal entities.

Through the Darkest of Times 

through the darkest of times

The chance of losing everything, together with our pets. This can be how we tend to live. This may be true, but we tend to try to survive through the darkest of times.

Your goal is to cope with little blows to the regime:

  • Dropping leaflets to unfold awareness regarding what the Nazis are up to among the individuals.
  • Painting messages on walls.
  • Sabotaging.
  • Gathering information.
  • Recruiting additional followers.

And each of these, while remaining "hole-and-corner," means that if the regime's forces study your cluster, every member's life is in grave danger.


Expertise in The Darkest of Times in four chapters; 

fighting for freedom, weakening the regime, and leading your resistance cluster; setting up activities, realizing collaborators, and checking out to not get caught; feeling the burden of responsibility as you create troublesome selections and face the dire consequences; and particularly illustrating expressionist scenes and events.

Samsara Room

samsara room

The best description of this game is in its name, "Samsara Room." The word "Samsara" comes from the Sanskritic language, suggesting that "the cycle of death and rebirth to that life within the material world is certain."

The protagonist is placed within a space of judgment, during which it's determined where his soul goes to finish up next. Within the region, his soul is reworked into various forms until he returns to the critical world as a newborn. 

The story of this game is tied to the traditional knowledge of Rusty Lake; thus, if you wish to possess additional expertise in the complete story, we tend to advocate that you simply play different games created by the studio. During this walkthrough, we will show you how to unravel all the puzzles and end the sport. You can use the jump key in the lower right corner to travel straight to the critical level.

Friday Night Funking

Friday night funking

Friday Night Funkin' may be a musical time game wherever you contend in race music battles. Press the arrow keys in time with the music to outdo your opponents and luxuriate in the cool beats!

This source version is an ASCII text file on Github and is accessible under the Apache 2.0 license. If you want the latest version of FNF, together with Week 7, you'll play it on Newgrounds.

In story mode, you'll set the amount of difficulty that most closely matches your ability. Original music with various influences, from nu-jazz to Vocaloid dance beats; an extensive career mode with many distinctive characters. There are several issue modes available to suit your periodic availability.

Stumble Guys

stumble guys

Stumble Guys is a multiplayer action game where you can engage in fun battles against up to 32 other players. You'll need to beat all types of challenges to win. The colorful graphics in Stumble Guys can accompany you right from the beginning during this computer game version of Takeshi's Castle. 

Every spherical is made up of three distinct challenges, each of which can be completed by many players. Your goal with everyone is to avoid obstacles till you reach the finish line.

This challenge will not be straightforward, but it will continuously cause you to smile: you may face giant snowballs, falling platforms, revolving doors, wrecking balls, etc. Playing Stumble Guys is straightforward due to its controls a virtual joystick to maneuver and the jump button.

Stumble Guys is a fantastic multiplayer game with a fun physics system and the excitement of competing against other players to win the coveted Triumph Crown. It is an excellent Fall Guys clone to relish on your humanoid smartphone or pill.

Secret Hitler

secret hitler

It could be a social deduction game for 5–10 individuals regarding finding and stopping the key. The players are secretly divided into two teams: the liberals, who have a majority, and the fascists, who are hidden from everyone except one another. 

If the liberals learn to trust one another, they need enough votes to regulate the elections and save the day. However, the fascists can say no matter what it takes to induce electives, advance their agenda, and win the sport.

Triple Agent

triple agent

For 5–9 players, Triple Agent may be a mobile game. Each player on the QT is given a job as either a spy for VIRUS or a member of The Service. Then, as they receive events that will expose details about various players, alter their allegiance, or present them with a new win condition, players pass the phone around. 

Each player casts a vote to determine who shall be locked up at the end of the game. The Service prevails if a spy is held captive. If not, a virus will. Each game lasts ten frantic minutes of trickery, scheming, and deduction.

Mitosis of the Game

mitosis of the game

You are the only one-cell game that includes Club Wars and Competitive Mode, a Friends List with a Traveler, Invites, a Club Chat Room, and much more!

Mitosis permits you to:

There are four game modes: liberated to play, random team, capture the flag, and guild war. 

Club system with a chat room Instrumental System: Custom Skins Eat smaller cells to realize mass and become larger; avoid more giant cells as a result of their ability to absorb you; Separate yourself into a pair of cells to realize speed; Use viruses to cover yourself or hit others; expel mass to decrease in size; have loads of fun.

Werewolf Within

werewolf within

Werewolf Within could be a fast game of hidden roles and social deduction for five to eight players. In one game, a player can be a dweller attempting to cleanse the city of werewolves, whereas minutes later, they may be the mythical creature, lying and revealing friends to survive the vote. Werewolf Within keeps players on their toes, perpetually questioning one another and testing their judgment.

Mine Craft


Minecraft may be a 3D sandbox game created by Markus "Notch" Persson. Minecraft focuses on permitting the player to explore, act on, and modify a dynamically-generated map fabricated from one-cubic-meter-sized blocks. In addition to partnerships, the environment provides options for plants, mobs, and other items.

Some activities within the game embody building, mining for ore, fighting hostile groups, and crafting new blocks and tools by gathering numerous resources found within the game.


Finally, we learned about the famous and fantastic games among us. We hope you understand things very well. This article gives you a clear picture of the games and their features, which helps you choose the best game to play.


Without the game Hidden in Plain Sight, the list of the top games like Among Us would be lacking. This is one of the best games you will play, comparable to Among Us. This game can be played with a party of 2 or 4 people. You must execute specific activities in the game to draw attention to yourself.

A social deception game, Among Us, is available for free download on Android and iOS or for purchase to play on a PC. Players can host or join games with friends or play with a group of four to ten people online by entering a game with strangers.

One of the most well-liked multiplayer games of 2020, Among Us, is now gratis on the Epic Games Store. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the game saw tremendous growth in popularity.

Four to ten players can play Among Us together in a group.

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