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A free-to-play hero shooter, Apex Legends, features a constantly growing roster of legendary characters with tremendous skills and many hidden cosmetics unlocks.

Join forces to fight for fame and fortune, a brand-new area of the Titanfall universe, and master a cast of unique characters, tactical squad play, and several innovations that aim to revolutionize the battle royale genre, such as 60-person battle royale matches, 3v3 Arenas battles, limited-time modes, and takeovers. In this article, we will help you to understand how to play Apex Legends.

How to Play Apex Legends

How to Play Apex Legends

Over the past few months, interest in Apex Legends has increased. It's understandable why EA's battle royale game has millions of gamers. Apex Legends touts itself as an excellent free-to-play game but also provides a few unique takes on the battle royale genre.

Although plundering and shooting remain the foundation of Apex Legends, you'll need more than that to prevail. Here are the best Apex Legends starting guides and advice.

Critical Aspects of Apex Legends

In order to understand how to play Apex Legends, it is essential to understand the crucial aspects of the game. 

Legends Change the Game

Discover a growing collection of solid Legends, each with its personality, skills, and abilities. Examine the potential of each Legend for your team.

Constantly Growing Universe

The world of Apex Legends is rich; the plot develops over time, the battlefields alter with each new season, and new Legends join the fray. Join the experience and leave your imprint on the Apex Games with various eye-catching attire. 

The Giving Season

You can share the newest Apex looks with other players by using the new Gifting feature, which enables you to buy bundles and cosmetic products in the Store tab for your gaming friends.

Tactical Team Play

You'll need to act quickly whether you're fighting in Battle Royale on a vast floating metropolis or warring in cramped Arenas. Discover new strategies and potent combinations by mastering your Legend's unique skills and working with your teammates.

Innovative Combat Master

It is a growing selection of potent tools and gear. To make the most of your arsenal, you'll need to be fast on your feet and get used to the rhythms of each weapon. Additionally, switch things up in temporary modes, and prepare for a tonne of fresh material every season. Master an ever-expanding selection of powerful armaments, specific skills, and game-changing equipment in various settings and temporary and ongoing modes.

Game Modes for Apex Legends

Apex Legends features a variety of modes. You can form a squad with friends or play alone and join a team:


The game's instruction. Before you enter the matches, you must first play the Training game.

Firing Range

A range where you may practise with different guns, ammo, and Legends.


In this game, 30 teams of two gamers compete to be the last ones alive.


The first game mode, trios, features 20 teams of three players competing to be the last.

Battle Royale 

This part includes enormous maps, sixty-player games and an expanding Ring. Will your team prevail overall? Whether you're playing in Duos or Trios, the objective is the same: be the last team standing. Respawn Beacons can assist your squad in staying in the fight because death isn't always irreversible.


The unofficial, clandestine fight clubs on the Arenas are called Arenas. The battle to the finish line is in this action-packed 3v3 round-based game mode. Choose your loadout, and hone your abilities on custom maps where luck has no place.

Tips for playing Apex legends

Now that you are aware of the basics of the games, let’s explore tips for playing Apex Legends. 

Pick a Legend

Pick a Legend

There are more than 20 selectable characters in Apex Legends. Every Legend possesses a passive, strategic, and ultimate power. All legends play similarly, save from those benefits. They can use the same gear, moving at the same speed. You can still win a game, no matter who you choose, so we advise you to play with each Legend to see which skills work best for you.

For instance, Bangalore or Wraith would be a good fit if you like to attack head-on. Bloodhound and Gibraltar are solid options if you're a careful battle royale participant. Lifeline might be helpful if you frequently play the healer role in video games. 

Make a Terrific Squad and Stay Close to Them

Make a Terrific Squad and Stay Close to Them

Teamwork is essential for success in Apex Legends, where you enter the arena with two friends. You can keep each other safe and defeat adversaries by combining your skills. Caustic can defend friends by utilizing Nox gas to drive attackers away, while Wraith can throw her squad directly on top of unaware opponents with a well-placed Dimensional Rift.

If you attempt to go it alone, you'll face opposition from other teams that can swiftly overwhelm you. Keep in touch with your team, and your chances of success will increase.

Thanks to its effective ping mechanism, players can convey important information in Apex Legends without a microphone. The ping controls can be used in many ways, but the following are the top items you should ping straight immediately.

Anytime you spot a new adversary, ping. Ping the items you need or need more if you're low on ammo. If you need a specific item or ammunition, call "dibs." It would help if you also started pinging location recommendations as you become more accustomed to the maps.

Become Accustomed to the Arena

Become Accustomed to the Arena

Kings Canyon, the terrain used for all Apex Matches, is a dangerous playground with overgrown trees and abandoned military outposts. This area has several distinct types of terrain, including expansive plains, a swamp strewn with decrepit buildings, and a vast desert full of abandoned outposts.

Necessary knowledge includes knowing how to move around, where the action is, and where to find the best loot. That becomes especially true as the Ring begins to contract. In actual battle royale style, the arena is surrounded by a vast Ring that gradually gets smaller as the match progresses.

Before it closes in on you and begins harming you for each second you spend outside its boundary, you must act quickly to acquire whatever you need. Knowing your surroundings will speed up your decision-making and improve your ability to move.

The Best Loot is Generally Found in Death Boxes

‍The Best Loot is Generally Found in Death Boxes

You may wonder what "death boxes" are. When a person dies, all their possessions are placed in a sizable casket, and other players are free to take them. The best thing within a death box will cause the box to glow that hue. While a white or grey box is probably not worth the effort, a purple or gold box might be.

Most death boxes are useless within the first two minutes. However, after the game is down to the last ten squads, almost everyone has great shields, helmets, and attachments. You're more likely to find excellent items among the lately departed if you're seeking them.

Renew and Reinvigorate Your Teammates

Renew and Reinvigorate Your Teammates

A close-knit group can do a vital task that no Legend can accomplish alone: revive one another. You enter a downed state after your health is exhausted, where you are still alive but slow and in need of medical assistance. If you pass away before your teammates can assist, they still have a chance to save you.

Each Legend carries a Legend Banner, which they discard upon death. Their teammates can only obtain these, and bringing one to a Respawn Beacon will revive that Legend.

It's a risky move because respawning takes time, and a revived player will have no weapons or armour when they return. Don't let the chance pass; a triumphant resurrection could save your team from an inevitable defeat.

Find a Legend That Appeals to You, but Keep a Plan B and a Plan C

Find a Legend That Appeals to You, but Keep a Plan B and a Plan C

As we already mentioned, one of the most remarkable aspects of Apex Legends is the unique skills that each character has. Bangalore can only throw smoke grenades. Care packages can only be called in via Lifeline. Gibraltar can only throw down a dome shield. And the list goes on.

However, one of the most annoying aspects of Apex Legends is that each squad can only use a character once, and the order of selection is random for every game. No big deal if your team consists of two friends and you all choose to play the same Legend for the day.

However, if you're playing alone and join squads randomly, you might be paired with two other players who enjoy the same Legend and become the third player to be selected.


Stock Up on Items and Replace them Frequently

There are various maps in the game, and they have many locations where you can locate inventory goods. Here are several items you should start stocking up on right away. Get firearms, grenades, and ammunition, but also look for a body shield and a helmet to protect yourself from harm. 

Find Attachments that Will Fit Your Gun

Find Attachments that Will Fit Your Gun

As soon as you pick up an attachment, a slot will indicate whether it fits in that slot or you'll be swapping it out. If the new gun uses the same mods as your old ones, they will automatically transfer if you find a better one. Pick up as much ammunition as possible, and keep it as stock as possible.

Don't Throw Anything Away

Don't Throw Anything Away

Be sure of the caches you locate because you never know what you'll find out in the arena. There are several pieces of sound equipment concealed throughout the hall for you to find, like body armour, weapon attachments, upgraded backpacks that let you carry more, and other enhancements. 

The inventory system will prevent you from taking lower-tier treasure by automatically alerting you if a weapon or piece of equipment is superior to what you already own. That way, you will only run the risk of grabbing something you can utilise in a hurry.

You and your squad can assist one another by calling out item locations when you come across them. The tagging system also notes the item's rarity level, allowing you to find higher-level equipment that you might have missed otherwise.

They also riches fallen foes; they frequently contain some of the best loot and will drop a cache when you kill them. You never know when a single piece of armour can ultimately save your life, so always keep an eye out.

Wave-Drop Technique

Wave-Drop Technique

Getting to the ground as soon as the game starts can mean the difference between life and death. Someone is finding that weapon before you, even if you are only a fraction of a second behind an enemy.

Each squad has a designated "Jumpmaster" who directs the team's initial descent. This player is often the third player to choose their character. You can hand off the position to a teammate if you believe they are more familiar with the map and more adept at free-falling.

Because you do not need to know this information to win the game, it is another bonus tip we provide. The general rule, however, is that if you fly through the air like a majestic dolphin, you'll get where you're going faster.

When you jump, a metre that displays your speed and glide will appear on the left side of the screen. At first, you want to accelerate rapidly until the speedometer reaches 145. You should then pull back and glide until it falls to roughly 130–135 mph: rinse, repeat, and lather.

It will help if you jump about 700 metres from where you want to land. (Ping it first so it can tell you how far away you are.) If you flawlessly execute the wave-drop technique, you should be the first to touch the ground there.

The Rifle is Complete with Attachments

The Rifle is Complete with Attachments

There are various types of items in Apex Legends, including pistols, SMGs, LMGs, and assault rifles, so there is something for every kind of player. None of these weapons, however, are straightforward to operate without sight (unless you are shooting at point-blank range).

Using the gun with the company is almost always preferable if you have two weapons, one with an attachment and the other without. That is how it would be in the real world, after all. You can take action to increase the power or output of your weapon.

You can use add-ons, such as barrel stabilisers, extended magazines, and hop-ups, to make the gameplay more advanced. Hop-ups open up a vast array of potential weapon applications. The Peacekeeper shotgun may be fitted with a Precision Choke to narrow your spread gradually, and the Prowlers can be equipped with a Selectfire Receiver for complete auto-fire.

It Won't End Until You are the Last Survivor

It Won't End Until You are the Last Survivor

The game ends if you are your team's last survivor engaged in a gunfight. You are returning to the menu page. But you don't pass right away if you still have a teammate living. You are initially "knocked" and start bleeding.

You can still crawl, ping, and unlock doors even when you can no longer fire your weapon. You can also use a knockout shield if you have one to make it even harder for the enemy to kill you. Before you pass away from bleeding out or taking additional shots, try to reach a teammate (or they can reach you) so that they can revive you.

If it occurs, you will have no shield and very little health, but you will still have all your goods. As long as you recover, the condition is "No Harm, No Foul." The only harm is that your bleed-out timer will be much shorter the next time you get smacked.

There is still a chance of being respawned if a teammate cannot revive you. A teammate can transport your banner to one of the several respawn beacons on the map if they arrive at your death box within 90 seconds after you pass. You then get to resume your activity.

Watch Out for Closing Rings

Watch Out for Closing Rings

You are already too familiar with this gaming feature if you have played Fortnite. If not, allow me to explain quickly. You will initially have access to the entirety of Kings Canyon. However, the safe zone gradually gets narrower, compelling teams to engage in combat every few minutes.

The majority of games only endure three or four rounds of shrinking. Each round lasts less than 30 seconds, and teams stand on top of one another. However, the map can decrease by up to eight times.

Using your map or radar, you can determine whether you are in the next safe zone or which direction will take you there. It's easy to remain within the Ring as long as you are not careless or pinned down.

However, if you are captured outside the Ring until you return within, you will sustain health damage (it disregards your shield). It only deals one damage point every 1.5 seconds in the first round. If you begin with total health, you may remain outside the Ring for over 2.5 minutes before passing away at that rate. It is not a big concern if you are first stuck outside the Ring.

The third round deals five damage points out every 1.5 seconds. It consists of 10 damage points for rounds 5-8. A healthy person would then expire outside the Ring in just 15 seconds.

Steady Movement

Steady Movement

Nowadays, "camping" doesn't frequently appear in multiplayer shooters, which is good. In Apex Legends, lingering in one location is a sure way to perish (if the Ring doesn't kill you, other teams will). This is true of other battle royale games as well. Early on in the game, you should keep moving while taking out opposing teams one by one and assembling a loadout.

Securing and protecting a position might be beneficial when only a few teams are left. You may refer to it as a "tactical advantage" if you don't want to think of it as camping. In the game's later stages, staying put enables your team to set up a solid defence and effectively utilise any traps.

Unless your squad is solid, you should avoid sprinting around the restricted space inside the Ring. Even if your aggression results in a few kills, a sniper on the other team is likely waiting for an opportunity to fire; give them none, please.

Missing Equipment for a Craft

Missing Equipment for a Craft

Crafting was added to Apex Legends in Season 6, and it greatly aids in completing your build. Crafting complements looting; you shouldn't think of it as a substitute. Use the Replicator crafting stations to upgrade your weapons' parts and stock up on extra ammunition.

You can purchase a new gun if you require a specific kind—Rampart, for instance, has faster reloads and higher magazine capacity with LMGs. However, it's best to avoid depending on Replicators for new weapons.

If not, keep track of where the Replicator is located for any fallen comrades. Your squad can assist them in creating new equipment if you have the chance to renew them rather than having to dig through leftovers.

You want to enter and exit the Replicator as quickly as possible, whatever you're using it for. Although the crafting mechanic is solid, there is a lot of danger involved. You're in the open while putting new equipment together, making it simple for any observant players nearby to wipe your party.

Investigate the surrounding locations and make a plan for what you're going to craft before you even open the crafting panel. You'll have the best chance of picking up some new items safely if you do that.

How to form a Custom Game, and How do you play it?

With the increase in popularity of events like the Apex Legends Global Series, some Apex players took advantage of the custom game, one of the custom game's most significant and exclusive features. Tournament directors can design and manage games only available to invited teams, thanks to custom lobbies.

Custom lobbies are for more than just expert players, though. Players may have also seen them employed by streamers and content producers, whether it was for their tournament or for coming up with original strategies for playing the game. Everything you need to know about developing custom games in Apex is covered in this post.

It's significant to remember that only some have access to these exclusive lobbies. Access to a custom match will still require a code from the player. To participate in or make their own unique game, it is necessary.

Players need to get in touch with EA and ask for an access code to make unique games or host competitions. They'll have to go to the Apex website to do it. You still need a code to access the custom game if you're participating in a tournament organised by someone else.

However, the tournament's organiser will supply the code in this case. Players must locate the correct location to enter the code once they have it. After starting Apex, they must choose a new gaming mode in the left corner of their screen.

Once it has opened, they will see a tiny podium icon in the top right corner of the modes menu. By choosing this, they will enter a unique game. Players should be prompted for a password to access private tournaments after selecting this button in the game. The rest will be straightforward after you enter the password.

Rules in Apex Legends

Rules in Apex Legends

Check out the rules in Apex Legends for a better gaming experience. 

Avoid In-Game Cheating

We want everyone to have a fair and enjoyable time playing Apex Legends. It's against the rules to cheat. Aimbots, wallhacks, and other similar tricks, among others, can be used by third parties to give themselves an unfair edge over other players.

Cheating includes:

  • Exploiting faults or defects in games and employing them improperly.
  • Utilizing game elements improperly to stack scores artificially is known as stat padding.
  • Using techniques or software to prevent other gamers from connecting to the EA servers.
  • Cheating while playing reduces the enjoyment for the other players and is not fair play.

Make no False Statements

It's against the gameplay policies to make false statements to EA Help Advisors or any other EA agent. They may take action against your account if you make a false claim.

Don't Access the Accounts of Other Players

Accessing another player's account is strictly prohibited, even though it can appear obvious.

Stop Being a Troll

They won't accept the "But I was role-playing!" defence for offensive or discriminatory behaviour. You will get a timeout if you bully another player.

Don't Go Out with Liars

Even if you aren't utilising the hacks yourself, knowingly teaming up with cheaters in a match to advance your rank or aid in completing challenges still counts as cheating. You risk being banned if you team up with known cheaters to enhance stats across several consecutive bouts.

Don't Be Banished

They take the regulations seriously and monitor how frequently they are broken. They reserve the right to terminate your EA Account if you repeatedly violate the terms.

How to Personalize Your Weapons and Legend?

Personalize Your Weapons

Customize your Apex Legends to reflect your unique style by adding in-game cosmetic skins, banners, stances, and more from Packs.

Modify Your Legends

Select the Legends tab. Select the Legend by clicking on it. Sort by Finishers, Emote Wheel, Skins, or Banners. A red dot will show any newly unlocked modifications. To try it on, scroll down and click the customisation. To add it to your Legend, choose Equip (or double-click) or Unlock to purchase it using crafting supplies.

Upgrade Your Weapons

Your weapons can also be customised with skins and charms. Although you won't start a game with your weapon equipped, this will alter how it appears once you find and use it.

Select the Loadout tab. Select the weapon type you want to change by clicking. A red dot will show any newly unlocked modifications. Click Charms to view charms, and then click Skins to view skins. To try it on, scroll down and click the customisation. To personalise the weapon, choose Equip (or double-click) or Unlock to get it using crafting supplies.

Customize the Game

Select the Loadout tab. For game customisation, click—sort by Skydive Trails, Music Packs, or Load Screens. A red dot will show any newly unlocked modifications. To select a different customisation, double-click.


The latest phenomenon in mobile gaming is called Apex Legends. The game has already gathered a sizable user base and is currently at the top of the iOS App Store charts in more than 60 countries. We made sure to include everything you need to understand how to play Apex Legends, a fantastic game. We've outlined the guidelines you should adhere to play a fair game.


The famous free-to-play battle royale game Apex Legends can be challenging to master when you first start playing. Despite having a maximum of six legends, which are free characters, not all of them are suitable for novices.

Bloodhound is undoubtedly the most excellent Apex Legend for new players. The equipment of Bloodhound makes them highly effective in the hands of beginners. Their skills are simple to comprehend. Most importantly, they impart to the player the subtleties of the game's gameplay.

The online multiplayer battle royale game Apex Legends uses three-player squads to play as pre-made "Legends" with unique skills akin to hero shooters. Since the game's release, alternative modes have been added to allow for solo and two-player teams.

Even though Apex Legends requires a lot of hardware, you can still enjoy a satisfying gaming experience. You can adjust things and optimise the settings to your advantage even if your hardware bare-bones fulfil the system requirements.

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