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We all adore Tony Stark, the character of Iron Man, and his Iron Man body. The character of Iron Man is one of the best in Marvel movies. Over a billion dollars has been made from the Iron Man film franchise, and the character was featured in The Avengers blockbuster.

X-O Manowar teamed up for a Game Boy Advance game, where he played a leading role. Let's finally rank the best Iron Man games while we wait for game developers to give us the one we want.

Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2

Players can play as Iron Man or War Machine with their unique style. While Iron Man is sleeker and depends much more on electric weapons, War Machine is geared up with ballistic weaponry and more challenging armour. Iron Man can pick from more than one armour suit, including Marks II via VI.

Players can personalise upgrades and weaponry on the armour. Weapons can additionally be switched in the course of gameplay. Flight control has been accelerated, given that the first game, like melee combat, allows gamers to get near the ground. 

A.I. was also updated from the previous title. New enemies have been included, and new techniques are now reachable in combat. In the Wii/PlayStation Portable version, simplified graphics, unique combat systems (not the use of melee all through midair), and exclusive missions are added.

Flying across levels was removed as an alternative to letting Iron Man hover or walk across the group. The point of view was once additionally changed. Also included are "Tech Trophies," collectables that can be used as upgrades, while "Ammo Cases" are used to provide ammunition.

Iron Avenger No Limits

Iron Avenger No Limits

The story of our hero is no longer a love story or a sad story, probably now not even healthy for a hero; he is nothing more significant than an easy soldier; who else but the navy would have funding for such a luxury go well with of armour, but the people they wished a hero, now not a soldier.

So, what did the people do? They grew to become a mere soldier in a suit, not even made of iron; they called him Iron Avenger thinking he used to be some man of steel; little did they be aware of who hid in that go well with and what used to be going on.

Who is Iron Avenger? Is he a hero or an easy soldier? Possibly you can discover it while playing the game. 

Iron Avenger - No Limits is back in 2017, more effective than ever, exploring the metropolis seen in no way before, unlocking new armour classes, and improving them to help you escape. This super yet free recreation is the final aggregate between addictive gameplay, stunning pictures, and, obviously, the tremendous personality in a mobile game.

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Marvel Avengers Academy

Marvel Avengers Academy

Marvel Avengers Academy tasked the player with building their educational campus and populating it with superheroes reimagined as college students developing their superpowers. 

Many preliminary characters are voiced via nicely recognised celebrities, Iron Man is expressed with the help of Dave Franco, and Alison Brie says Black Widow. The recreation introduced the participant to a campus component with different areas unlocked as they progressed through the game. 

Completing missions, searches, unlocking characters, and constructing the campus allowed players to accrue XP, allowing them to degree up. Doing so enabled the player to open additional constructions and textures and improve their current feelings and buildings.

Periodically, themed activities had been released, which occasionally tied in with releases in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. These occasions commonly worried an enemy faction decamping upon the Academy to take over. The participant had to protect the Academy while also recruiting new characters to help keep the Academy.

Super Iron Rope Hero

Super Iron Rope Hero

Super iron Rope hero Gangstar Crime town simulator in 1/3 character view (and FPS mode), where you force first-rate cars or a motorbike. You play a hero/legend, and the entire town fears you. Become a chief on the streets of anti criminality in the city.

In the final years, Miami has changed into a dangerous city; the Miami Department has made new plans to make it shop again. It's your job to chase and arrest all the hazardous criminals until all the risky criminals are behind bars! Are you prepared for this dangerous sport, officer?

Beat the grand immortal devils with your iron and metal supernatural powers in this superhero adventure of iron heroes. Take that robotic warfare video games infinity struggle to a whole new level with these men of iron and so known as immortal superheroes. 

War avengers are the excellent Unknown crime lord's way to take revenge for forfeitures and cheaters. Iron robots are geared up to take control of safety measures in vegas city, full of criminals and mafia. Eliminate avenue fights as the crime fighter hero, all of them in this brutal iron superhero war, the hostilities of superhero games in a city of darkish streets. 

Iron Man MK50 Robot

Iron Man MK50 Robot

The Iron Man MK50 Robot, with the aid of UBTECH with an associated app, is your portal into the events after Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War. Use the app to join and interact with your Iron Man Mk50 Robot. Engage enemy drones in robust, synthetic truth combat. Program particular animated sequences for your Iron Man robot, or locate the Mk50 into self-reliant Guard Mode.

With a revolutionary bipedal design, the Iron Man MK50 Robot, through UBTECH and associate app journey, includes the following features: 

  • Enhance your Iron Man 
  • Mk50's nanotech and augmented reality (A.R.) 
  • Missions towards nano-drone enemies.

Iron Hero: Superhero Fighting

Iron Hero: Superhero Fighting

This is a fighting game with a pistol and katana. This avenue fighting endeavour combines an iron man game, dead enemies, the pool of bullets, guns, and katana, or so they usually thought. 

This recreation consists of an avenue struggle in which you will be against the town gangs in a massive way. Iron fists of the iron Deadpool ninja can, for the most part, make a pool of dead enemies in one battle shortly, or so they, for all intents and purposes, though.

This is a Deadpool game in the perfect fighting genre, contrary to famous belief. An adventurous sport where you can grow to be a superhero is significant. Defend the big town against the mafia and the gangs. 

Police and even army forces can't do anything about it, then again, you are a superhero, the saviour of the city, or so they thought. Come and make justice, which is primarily significant. Superhero battle with an iron man or Deadpool robot is the recreation you, on the whole, had been searching for, for all intents and functions opposite to popular belief.

Iron SuperHero Crime War Game

Iron SuperHero Crime War Game

The perfect flying iron rope hero, is here to keep the metropolis from the mafia of criminal gangsters. The great iron robotic superhero enters into a crime warfare city to dispose of the criminals from the city. 

Use your first-class war abilities and the upgraded armours to knock down the gangster and enjoy the exquisite iron hero games. In these high-quality iron superhero robotic video games, your hero can additionally force unique cars into the job. Put in the back of all your fears, become a powerful iron hero, and revel in the interesting flying robot superhero simulator. Let's come to be the champion fighter against crime in the town.

The city has the chance of crooked gangsters. Let's emerge as the supporting hand of the daring flying iron hero and start your high-quality adventure of crime war city with nonstop action of flying iron rope hero games. Let's take responsibility and chase the hazardous criminals to protect civilians from their brutality. So come on! Get equipped for the closing iron superhero robot games for unlimited entertainment. 

Use the extraordinary powers of flying iron rope heroes and guard yourself with sturdy metal in the crime warfare city fighting. Superhero iron robots are ready to ruin the gangsters and mafia. Eliminate the enemies from the city as the brave flying iron rope hero fighter and have endless enjoyment.

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Iron Revenge: Justice Hero

Iron Revenge: Justice Hero

"Iron Revenge: Justice Hero" is back in 2020, extra effective than ever; discover the town seen as by no means before, release new weapons and heroes, and upgrade them to help defeat the enemy. This awesome yet free game is the last combination between addictive sport play, beautiful snapshots, and then, of course, the most first-rate persona in a cellular game.

With the invasion of alien legions, Iron Hero and other superhero leagues are ordered to the battlefield to resist the alien invasion. You must play Iron Hero and flip the combat round with strength. Go ahead; the one is chosen by fate.


  • Infinite non-repetitive stages
  • Rhythm gameplay that continues you entertained for hours
  • Multiple character training and skins
  • Level up your weapon and hero properties
  • Various tiers with one-of-a-kind scenery and new gameplay mechanics

Iron Avenger Origin RPG

Iron Avenger Origin RPG

An adequate pressure overwhelms the city of Fairview – you are the only hope, clutch your well with electricity armour and end up the superhero we all need. Fight your way through enemies in Iron Avenger: Infinite Warfare – the most exciting superhero Action – RPG – set in a modern-day environment, beneath attack by an evil force. 

Explore a superhero recreation delivered to existence with console pleasant photos and an innovative yet easy-to-research fight device that lets you create and master your play style where you can strategise each fight in your way due to the open-world designed environment.

Collect strength-ups and use your competencies to reach into the heart of the enemy base and put a quit to the terror. The year is 2019, and a mysterious force emerges from the depths of Fairview Undergrounds.

You take on the position of Major Jack Palmer, a U.S. Air Force ace pilot tasked with working the new hi-tech suit and casting off the enemy threat. You go well to provide the necessary firepower and shielding skills for your task. Not solely does it now not avoid your natural motion, but in the later tiers, it significantly augments your speed and manoeuvring capacity.

Superhero Flying Iron 3D hero

Superhero Flying Iron 3D hero

Evil forces have invaded the earth; SuperHeroes and Supervillains must work collectively to defend the world and do some ultimate fighting. Enjoy the realistic gameplay of flying superheroes like different great iron superhero games in 2023. 

Get equipped to play 1 of the excellent iron games and become an iron hero in your town. Fly your iron hero in multiverse insanity and use your iron forces to defeat the supervillains in this new robot fight game. 

Save the city in the iron nights and fight the metropolis robots in this futuristic robot game. You are an iron runner with excessive tech powers and robot armour to fulfil your missions as a quality, magnificent hero robotic in this new iron game 3d. 

Get your incredible hero robot prepared for multiverse war with villains n robots, aliens, and rival Heros in this action-packed perfect hero game. In excellent hero town iron great hero sport, you need to shield your metropolis from the terrorists and criminals with extreme combat in iron night new play. Enjoy gorgeous superhero images in a free-to-play game. 

Iron Man/X-O Manowar In Heavy Metal (PSOne)

Iron Man/X-O Manowar In Heavy Metal

Even though Iron Man had appeared in other video games before the launch of Heavy Metal, this was the first time that his name appeared on the game's marquee. Unfortunately for the video game's protagonist, this event also serves as a marker for one of the low points in his career. 

This was an early effort on Sony's then-brand-new PlayStation console, and even though it looked and played worse than games sold on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), it was released back in the day. Also, the memory card save feature was not appropriately used, so players had to remember ridiculously long passwords. 

Worse yet, another version of the game was released on a system that was an order of magnitude less potent than the first, and yet it was able to turn out better somehow.

Iron Man/X-O Manowar In Heavy Metal (Game Boy)

Iron Man/X-O Manowar In Heavy Metal

Even though the standard was not very high initially, the Heavy Metal game for the Game Boy is superior in many ways to its bigger brother, which was released for the PlayStation 1. 

There are only two buttons, and the game plays significantly better due to the significantly reduced size of the passwords and the ease with which they can be written down. 

Heavy Metal still has many issues in the game's PSOne version, including too long and challenging levels. The character model used in-game isn't very good, so if you didn't already know it was an Iron Man game, you wouldn't be able to tell who was playing. You must try this game if you love the Best Superman Games.

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Iron Man (WII/PS2/PSP)

Iron Man PS2/PSP

Iron Man on the consoles of the then-current generation received a lot of negative feedback from reviewers, but compared to the versions found on these three systems, it is light years ahead. 

The PS2 version is the one that fares the best out of the three because it does not have awkward melee motion controls, nor does it have the face button camera manipulation that the PSP does. 

However, the game's graphics are unimpressive across the board; it's just a tad bit on the simpler side, and it's also a tedious slog to get through the whole thing. However, in defence of this game, it has THE BEST opening level out of ALL of the games on this list.

Iron Man 2 (XBOX 360)

Iron Man 2 (XBOX 360)

With this sequel, Secret Level Games, which has since been renamed Sega Studios San Francisco, aimed to make amends for their mistakes in the first Iron Man movie game. 

However, the game ended worse despite bringing comics writer Matt Fraction along for the ride to help pen the story. Compared to the first game, the levels are more limited and linear, the upgrade system is confusing to the point where you don't know if you've upgraded or not, and the game is even shorter than before. 

The fact that the game includes the recognisable "hum" power up from the character's repulsors is the highest compliment the game received. Although playing this game will cost you only once to get two Iron Men, the total value of those Iron Men will still be 0.

Iron Man (PS3/XBOX 360)

Iron Man (PS3/XBOX 360)

Even though either gamers or critics did not receive the original Iron Man game from Sega, playing this game can be enjoyable. It is a lot of fun to boost around the relatively open-level maps, and the power-up system, in which you can allocate your powers on the fly, creates an authentic Iron Man experience. 

The game does have issues, including a short play length and a frustrating protection mission towards the end, but any fan of Iron Man who can find this for a low price should give it a try, at least on the easy difficulty setting.

Iron Man 3 (Mobile)

Iron Man 3 (Mobile)

Even though we are not huge fans of mobile games in general and free-to-play mobile games in particular, we played this game an unhealthy amount during the summer of 2017. The game developer, Gameloft, has a history of creating superhero movie tie-in games. 

Many of these games try to use touch screen controls that are hard to use, but it was a great idea to make Iron Man 3 an endless runner game with few rules. It made it simpler for the player to play the game and didn't feel too out of place with the hero's personality. 

The fact that they were able to include a story to break up the monotony of the never-ending grind is one of the many things that set this game apart from many others in its category. Do not expect that you will be able to play as any of the suits that appeared in the movie unless you have one million hours to kill or enjoy spending money on virtual Iron Man suits.

Iron Man 2 (Nintendo Ds)

Iron Man 2 (Nintendo Ds)

It would be more appropriate to name this game "War Machine," given how he manages to steal the show from the title character in the best version of Iron Man 2. Both characters can be controlled in every version of Iron Man 2. 

Still, in this game, they have their distinct personalities: Iron Man moves with talent, but War Machine is big and heavy, but it is also mighty. The way they are controlled is another way they differ from each other. 

War Machine uses a d-pad to move and a touch screen to attack, while Iron Man uses more traditional buttons. This is an okay 2-D action game, but it's still way more fun to play all the other versions. Other Griptontie-developed superhero movies tie-ins are similar to this one.

Iron Man (Nintendo Ds)

Iron Man (Nintendo Ds)

The first Iron Man game for the Nintendo DS was a big hit, and Iron Man 2 did the same thing by becoming the best game in the series. This game is both woefully underrated and disappointingly brief, and it plays like a twin-stick shooter similar to Geometry Wars or Smash TV. 

Instead of using the directional pad to move and the touch screen to aim, however, players are required to use the touch screen instead. We recommend playing on the 3DS if you want the most comfort possible, as the slide pad is much more comfortable than driving with the d-Pad.

The Invincible Iron Man (Game Boy Advance)

The Invincible Iron Man (Game Boy Advance)

The past has shown that the character is more at home on a handheld device when it comes to Iron Man games. Even though we would love nothing more than for there to be a fantastic Iron Man game on a home console, history has shown that this is not likely to happen. 

This was the first time that Iron Man was given top billing, and even though there have been a lot of video games released in the years since then, no one has been able to top the quality of this one. 

Excellent sprite work combined with fidelity of controls not dissimilar to that of Capcom's MegaMan X series. However, the biggest flaw here is that this game is too short. Fans of Iron Man or anyone who enjoys good, solid, two-dimensional action games shouldn't let this one get away.

If you love such games, try the Best Open World Games for an Adventurous.


These are the best Iron Man games. We may have forgotten some good games, so if you think we missed any of your favourites, feel free to tell us about them in the comments. Leave your thoughts on our picks.


The action-adventure video game Iron Man is based on the 2008 movie of the same name and the character's comic and cartoon appearances. Timed to coincide with the movie's wide release on May 2, 2008, its release was met with much fanfare.

The Windows version that was supposed to be released was scrapped. Matt Fraction, author of "The Invincible Iron Man," penned the game's original story. Although the iOS and BlackBerry versions remain pretty faithful to the film's plot, this story takes place after the film's events.

After two years of work, Marvel decided to scrap plans for an open-world Iron Man video game. Taking to the skies in the Mark-42 Armor, à la Just Cause, would have been an unforgettable experience. As early as 1982, when the first Spider-Man video game was released for the Atari 2600, Marvel had already established a presence in the video game industry.

According to Marvel and EA, a new Iron Man video game is in the works. Currently, EA has hired Motion Studio Montreal to develop the game. Marvel Games have hired the Guardians of the Galaxy director. So, if you're familiar with that game, you have an idea of what to expect.

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