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Skyrim is really big. There are many dungeons in the world and few discoveries. One of the reasons Skyrim has endured for over ten years after its release is the opportunity to uncover hidden secrets. After so much time, most gamers have become tired of what Skyrim's icy mountains offer.

Fans of Skyrim are still learning new things about the game even ten years after its initial release! It illustrates how much attention to detail Bethesda puts into each of its open-world games. Skyrim's unlimited replayability is made possible via hidden quests, dungeons, and other little elements, which fans appreciate.

But even the most ardent fans of Skyrim occasionally miss a secret or two in a game this size. It is necessary to find obscure features, secret bosses, and even whole dungeons concealed from view. We're going to discuss 25 of these little-known facts about Skyrim today. We'll discuss confidential information from the basic game and later DLC. Players may explore hundreds of cleverly disguised treasures in Skyrim. Have you located each one? Together, let's discover it.

1. The Secret Of Blackreach

The Secret Of Blackreach

Huge old Dwemer towns and cavern lights illuminate Blackreach, a large underground map buried under Skyrim for a long time. And it has a ton of mysteries, just like any place with a Dwemer theme would. One of the most intriguing mysteries in this region features a secret dragon boss battle. A little city is illuminated by an artificial sun in the middle of Blackreach. The Unrelenting Force shouted on the orb will cause it to create the unusual dragon Vulthuryol. Nobody knows why a dragon is imprisoned in Blackreach.

One of Blackreach's most intriguing characteristics is that, in contrast to every other dungeon in Skyrim, journey distance does not transfer over into the overworld. Blackreach is a unique region for many reasons, but this is one of them. For whatever reason, traveling a mile in Blackreach is equivalent to traveling 1.3 miles through the overworld.

Additionally, Blackreach behaves more like the real world than a cave. Blackreach allows you to perform ordinarily impossible actions within a shelter, such as summoning Arvak and Durnehviir or using the Storm Call Shout. Even though no daylight enters Blackreach and all light originates from the stones and fungus that grow there, vampires nonetheless experience terrible side effects when they go outdoors during the day.

2. M'aiq The Liar

M'aiq The Liar

It would be easier to discuss secrets in Skyrim by bringing up this particular Khajiit NPC. A self-insertion of Bethesda, M'aiq the Liar offers an original speech that parodies the design choices made in earlier Elder Scrolls games. He may be found as soon as you leave Helgen, albeit his likelihood of spawning is relatively small. He'll provide a few words of advice before declining to continue. Just a handful of the well-known quotes attributed to M'aiq are as follows:

M'aiq is constantly looking for calipers but has yet to find any. How could they have gotten away? Attempting to block with two weapons is not advised. You'll only become perplexed. It is much preferable to strike twice. M'aiq recently observed a mud crab. Terrible creatures. M'aiq doesn't comprehend what makes yelling so spectacular. M'aiq is free to yell anytime he wants.

3. A Secret Leap

A Secret Leap

Skyrim has a place named Bard's Leap Summit that requires a lot of climbing. Most players hack their way past the Forsworn and, presuming they have completed everything, learn the Word of Power at the top since it is full of Forsworn and has a dragon wall.

Not so! You can jump off the short bridge at the top of the area and land in a tiny pool below if you make your way there. It will be fatal if you fall too far and hit the cliffside. But if you succeed, the ghost of a poet will show up to praise your valiant plunge, raising your Speech ability by two points.

4. Konahrik, The Tenth Dragon Priest Mask

Konahrik, The Tenth Dragon Priest Mask

The landscape of Skyrim is dotted with nine Dragon Priests, each donning a potent mask. Although everyone knows you may wear these masks, did you realize that the game's original version includes a tenth Dragon Priest mask?

This mask, called Konahrik, can only be acquired when you've collected all nine covers scattered over Skyrim; DLC masks don't count. Go to Labyrinthian after you have all nine in your possession. The structure will have a dome-shaped sanctuary with a damaged shrine. A restored shrine is revealed when you equip the wooden mask you found on the ground to time travel. To earn the tenth Dragon Priest mask in Skyrim, place all nine masks atop the altar.

Did you realize that Konahrik has a second effect that isn't included in the description of the item, even if you were previously familiar with this mask? There is a 3% chance that you will fully heal yourself and call a helpful Dragon Priest ghost to battle beside you when your health is below 15%. It performs ranged mages' tasks, reviving the dead and casting ice spikes while still alive. Players need to be made aware of this unexpectedly potent effect.

5. The Soul Cairn's Reaper

The Soul Cairn's Reaper

The primary questline of the Dawnguard DLC for Skyrim leads players to the Soul Cairn halfway through. Including a secret boss adds to the intimidating mood created by the unending buildings and gloomy skies.

This adversary, known as the Reaper, appears to be the limbo's warden. You must locate three Reaper Gem Fragments dispersed across the Soul Cairn to confront the Reaper. Once you've found them, head to the Reaper's Lair in the eastern portion of the area to call this powerful boss. To get some Black Soul Gems and a Daedra Heart, defeat the Reaper.

6. Notched Pickaxe

Notched Pickaxe

In Skyrim, you may find several war axes, each with a unique form, damage output, weight, price, enchantment or upgrade potential, and rarity. The sword type's current skill determines a particular war axe's damage. This may be strengthened by achieving higher one-handed skill levels or acquiring additional perks, making the weapon more potent. 

War axes are among the fastest weapons in the one-handed weapons category in terms of swing speed. Armsman, Fighting Stance, Hack and Slash (reserved for War Axes), Dual Flurry, Savage Strike, Critical Charge, Dual Savagery, and Paralyzing Strike are some of the advantages that War Axes have in the One-Handed skill tree.

The one-of-a-kind notched pickaxe is perched atop the Throat of the World. To find it, you must ascend to the mountain's peak from the bottom of the world's convenient transport point. To get there, you will need to do some strafe hopping, but the payoff is this special pickaxe that is a tribute to Markus "Notch" Persson, the designer of Minecraft.

7. Sovngarde's Weeping Angels

Sovngarde's Weeping Angels

You'll get the option to visit Sovngarde and interact with several of Skyrim's prominent heroes during the game's last main mission. Although the initial fog labyrinth does an excellent job of creating the scene, most players need to catch up on one fairly unsettling fact.

In Sovngarde, the statues glare at you. They act like crying angels, only turning to face you when you're not gazing directly at them. The stairway that leads to the passage through the fog makes this impact clear. Run down the steps, turn your back on the statues for a moment, then face them again. All of the figures will be looking at you.

8. Angi's Archery Test

Angi's Archery Test

Devoted archers can locate a remote camp close to Falkreath early in their game to build their archery proficiency. There is a spot named Angi's Camp in the high mountains close to Falkreath. However, there is no in-game quest that tells you about it. A woman who also happens to be the finest archer in the country lives in the little hut.

You may upgrade Angi's hunting bow and archery skill by six points if you pass her exams and strike her targets. This is a great early-game quest for archer builds because you may complete it shortly after leaving Helgen.

She will offer to learn the Archery skill for free after speaking with Angi. On a shooting range close to her home, the training is conducted. The Dragonborn will receive practice arrows from Angi to shoot at the targets, but there are also more beside her shack. The training guidelines are:

  • Utilize drill arrows
  • Abide by the restrictions of the practice area.

The training is divided into four rounds: calmness, speed, precision, and a final test dependent on all three. Four games completed resulted in a total of six Archery skill points. Additionally, Angi will give you her bow, dubbed Angi's Bow, if you speak with her after finishing the fourth round.

9. The Mournful Giant

The Mournful Giant

It's unusual to see giants wandering about on their own, let alone lamenting the death of a mammoth. In this secret location, often referred to as the Mournful Giant, is a docile giant honoring a deceased mammoth. The fact that the behemoth is not aggressive at all when approached illustrates the immense mental suffering it is experiencing. Nothing else will do if this doesn't demonstrate the emotional intelligence of giants.

The Skyrim giants are renowned for managing mammoths. Both organisms are benefited from the other in their mutualistic symbiotic connection. The mammoths are protected by the giants, who can launch players of Skyrim into the air with a single stroke of their giant's clubs. The giants utilize mammoths for their milk, which they use to produce cheese. However, like people and their pets, giants, and mammoths also have a strong emotional connection.

A giant is discovered lamenting the death of his mammoth, lying dead in a tiny hot-spring pool northeast of Mistwatch and immediately east of Sulfur Ruins.

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10. Skyrim's Real-Time Map

Skyrim's Real-Time Map

While each location in Skyrim has its map, such as the Local Map, while you are out in the wilderness, one map will help you navigate more easily. Any map you look at will generally function in the same way.

You can switch to seeing Skyrim in a location with a Local Map, such as Whiterun, Solitude, or Bleak Falls Barrow. This holds even if you are within a structure like Jorrvaskr or Dragonsreach. However, you cannot see the town's position inside a system.

Few players know that Skyrim's map is drawn in real-time, even though this is not a secret in the conventional sense. Any graphically demanding decisions the player makes in the game world, such as stealing a dragon's soul, are visible from your map. Even the clouds on your map are gone when you use the Clear Skies Shout!

11. Summoning Karstaag's Spirit

Summoning Karstaag's Spirit

As discussed in previous chapters, secret boss fights are familiar in Skyrim. The hardest and most intriguing boss in the game, though, is this one. Go to the northern part of Solstheim to locate it. You'll have to clean the Glacial Cave and Castle Karstaag Ruins cave systems. To get Karstaag's head, first travel to Glacial Cave. If you've played the Bloodmoon expansion for Morrowind, you probably already know where this is headed.

Go to the ruins of Castle Karstaag with Karstaag's head. Here is a throne made of ice. Karstaag's crown was placed on the throne to call forth his phantasmal ghost. He has incredible damage and the power to ragdoll male characters and is more resilient here than in Morrowind. Karstaag is almost immune to harm because of his huge health restoration. 

The only person with a chance against this secret boss is a high-level character. Killing him will allow you to call Karstaag as an ally anytime you need him. Thus it will be well worth the effort.

12. Companions Can Wield Giant Clubs

Companions Can Wield Giant Clubs

Have you ever had your own personal giant's club to smash someone? Your pals may be able to utilize one even if you can't. You must take away all of your companion's weapons for this to function. Having a large club handy, tell your friend to take it. They'll equip it as a weapon. The club won't send people into space, but seeing your friends stomp foes with a gun twice their size is entertaining.

You can utilize a huge club using console commands if you're playing on a PC. Enter the following commands:

Player.add item CDEC9 1

player.equipitem CDEC9

This will enable you to defeat adversaries with a personal giant's club. This weapon is categorized as a greatsword for whatever reason.

13. Illuminating Details

Companions Can Wield Giant Clubs

Most gamers like setting adversaries ablaze with fire spells and shouts, converting their corpses into ash mounds. Even though it's an iconic component of fire spells in Skyrim, Bethesda added subtle features that most players never notice. For instance, did you know the water will boil when a fire spell is cast? Use the flaming spell on the water at any nearby source of water. As the water starts to boil, you will produce bubbles and steam. You may use this to kill underwater swimming fish effectively.

Another interesting aspect is how flame spells and shouts may light little braziers and candles in dungeons. Use a fire spell to start a set of unlit candles or braziers if you come across them. Contrary to common misconception, a brazier cannot be used to summon a fireball using the "Unrelenting Force" shout. However, lighting candles with fire breath is very pleasurable.

14. Winterhold's Unique Prison

Winterhold's Unique Prison

If you are arrested, the game will surely take you to a prison in every significant town in Skyrim. Even Winterhold has one despite the small size of the city.

Winterhold is unique in that it is not associated with the town. Instead, you will be taken to The Chill, an ice cave on an iceberg distant from Winterhold college, HIf ou manage to escape, you're ready to fight Frost Atronachs. This is the most memorable jail in Skyrim.

15. Hidden Skill Interactions

Hidden Skill Interactions

In Skyrim, some perks offer many more advantages than initially appear. Many benefits have unintended connections to certain spells, shouts, or vampirism. Here are a few notable instances:

Aspect of Terror (Illusion): Since burning targets flee with low health, fire damage is increased.

Necromage (Alteration): Every passive effect is 30% stronger if you are a vampire, according to the alteration necromage. This applies to standing stones, charms, and additional benefits acquired after necromancy.

Quiet Casting (Illusion): You are silent even when you scream or use modest casting (illusion).

Stability (Alteration): The Slow Time Shout's duration is also lengthened.

Merchant (Speech):  You can also buy any item from that NPC's inventory, the merchant says in a speech.

16. The Headless Horseman

Despite spending countless hours in Skyrim, players have never even encountered the Headless Horseman. He can randomly appear anywhere on the main world map and only wanders at night during specific hours. The ghost typically rides along the major thoroughfares toward Whiterun's Hamvir's Rest. Most people believe this to be the location of the Headless Horseman's grave.

17. Thieves Guild Shadow Marks

Thieves Guild Shadow Marks

Shadow marks are distinctive engravings found on specific environment objects and houses, and they're arguably the worst-kept secret in Skyrim. These symbols allow Thieves Guild members to communicate without attracting the attention of guards or bystanders.

Reading the Shadow Marks book will reveal each symbol's particular meaning. Understanding these signals can alert you to nearby loot, safe havens, or hazardous areas. So keep an eye out for these signs the next time you're in a big city.

18. Merchant Sets

In Skyrim, each significant city has at least one invisible chest that houses the stock of a particular vendor. All you have to do to rob a merchant blind is locate one of these chests.

Each major city contains a sizable number of these chests. Most of these chests require out-of-bounds glitches to access, but one is surprisingly simple to locate. Go to Dawnstar, then dash to Iron-Breaker Mine. Turn left and hug the wall instead of going into the mine. There is an invisible chest nearby, a small tree, and a rock that you can open to see the complete inventory of the local Khajiit traders. It's a secret, even though Bethesda never intended for players to discover it.

19. Paragon Stones

Paragon Stones

You can defeat several frost giant bosses hidden deep within the Forgotten Vale. When you beat these giants, you'll receive special stones called "Paragons," which you can use to open a Paragon Platform's hidden treasures. The right Paragon slot opens a portal to a small room where you can find some fantastic loot. The most effective of these is the amazing Auriel's Shield, which you can use to gather energy and blast enemies away.

20. Voice of the Sky

Voice of the Sky

You'll be required to ascend the seven thousand steps that lead to High Hrothgar, the Greybeards' home, during "The Way of the Voice." In-game, there are closer to 700 steps, but who's keeping track? Most players climb seven hundred steps for some reason specified in the game, legally, rather than using a horse or jumping up the mountainside.

The trail is littered with numerous tablets that you can read that contains a short proverb explaining the Voice's beginnings. If you read all ten tablets on the path, you might receive the Voice of the Sky effect for a day. All animals are hostile to you while in motion, but they won't run away from a fight.

21. Luke Skywalker's Lost Ice Cavern

In a long-ago ice cave far, far away, Bethesda decided to make a playful allusion to the opening sequence of Star Wars Episode V. If you haven't seen the movie, the opening scene features Luke Skywalker hanging from the ceiling of a Wampa cave.

It appears that the same thing happened in Skyrim, but as portrayed by Nirn, Luke wasn't as fortunate. Southeast of Winterhold, in Bleackcoast Cave, you can find this interesting homage. The entrance has a corpse next to a sword, a ribcage hanging from the ceiling, and a Frost Troll nearby. This is the clearest example of an Easter egg.

22. Destroy the Dark Brotherhood

Destroy the Dark Brotherhood

Astrid, a Dark Brotherhood assassin, will ask you to kill one of the three hostages she is holding hostage in the same shack as you during the "With Friends Like These" quest. Unexpectedly, the game always tells you about the fourth option to this quest. You don't have to kill a captive; you can kill Astrid.

You'll begin the secret alternate quest "Destroy the Dark Brotherhood" after she passes away. This quest allows you to enter the sanctuary and personally eliminate each Dark Brotherhood member, in case you couldn't tell. Commander Maro in Solitude can provide you with the password necessary to access the sanctuary. Speak with Maro for a sizable Gold reward after entering the cover of the Dark Brotherhood and eliminating every single one of them.

23. Ulfric Stormcloak Might Be A Thalmor Agent

Ulfric Stormcloak Might Be A Thalmor Agent

This theory contextualizes almost every encounter with Ulfric Stormcloak (note the emphasis on approach), even the first encounter you have with Helgen at the beginning of your playthrough. In addition, a specific Thalmor dossier supports the theory that Ulfric Stormcloak is a Thalmor operative.

Several passages in the book Thalmor Dossier: Ulfric Stormcloak discuss Ulfric's value as a resource and how crucial he has been to the Thalmor's objectives.

Ulfric's unwillingness to engage in direct communication with the Thalmor is mentioned in the document. Still, some theorize that he may have done so to protect his reputation from suspicion among the Stormcloaks. However, it is questionable whether Ulfric is knowingly collaborating with the Thalmor. During the "Diplomatic Immunity" quest, in the interrogation room of the Thalmor Embassy, you can find the dossier if you'd like to read it for yourself.

24. Spider Scroll Crafting

Spider Scroll Crafting

Making diabolical spiders throw at your enemies to burn, freeze, and control them is the most distinctive playstyle in Skyrim. So the Dragonborn DLC included the addition of these particular elemental spiders.

You must enter the White Ridge Barrow in Solstheim to craft these spiders. There are a lot of spiders and mind-controlled bandits in the dungeon. The reward for simply finishing this dungeon is a Black Book. However, if you first explore the entire dungeon, you'll discover a crafting area where you can make your spiders. 

This station allows you to create a wide variety of spider variants to go with almost any type of build, and you can have up to six of these creatures active at once. These spiders deserve your full attention if you're looking for a bizarre appearance to play with.

25. Pickpocket Briar Hearts

One significant weakness that no enemy shares with the Forsworn Briarhearts is pickpocketing. You can take a Briarheart's heart if you have a high enough pickpocket skill, instantly killing the victim.

It's difficult to steal someone's heart because the Forsworn has a keen hearing ability rather than because it is located in their chest. To approach a Briarheart, you must use a muffle or other sound-canceling spell. If you succeed, enjoy killing every Briarheart you encounter for the remainder of your Skyrim playthrough.

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Skyrim is very big. There are many dungeons in the world, and there are little discoveries to be made everywhere. One of many reasons why Skyrim has endured for almost ten years after its release is the opportunity to uncover obscure secrets during subsequent playthroughs. Unfortunately, most players have become quite jaded with what the snowy mountains of Skyrim have to offer after that much time.


Players worldwide say The Elder Scrolls V is the largest open-world game in size and content and has many hidden objects. Dedicated explorers will attempt to uncover every secret in the game, but it is easy to miss quests, locations, and easter eggs in such a vast game.

But when scaling is considered, the Skuldafn dungeon is the toughest challenge of the game of Skyrim. Skuldafn is the only dungeon in Skyrim to substitute level-scaled for all its native creatures.

Ulfric becomes Skyrim's High King after the Stormcloaks win the civil war and proclaim their independence. The only remaining territories for the Tamrielic Empire are Cyrodiil and High Rock, along with a few smaller provinces.

The middle wreck in the Pilgrim's Trench contains chests. South of the Lady Stone in Lake Ilinalta is a shipwreck called The Silvermoon.

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