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The mobile game industry gaming has exploded recently, with several excellent independent titles as well as classic console classics. With such a wide variety of games available, whether completing challenging puzzles or stepping foot inside a virtual open world, the mobile gaming industry truly has something for everyone.

Here is a list of the 25 best story mode games for android that are all currently available  for anyone searching for a compelling narrative to get lost in.

Best Story mode Games for Android

The best storymode games for android are the ones where several players work together to tell an unplanned tale. Each player typically takes charge of one or more individuals as the story unfolds. Some role-playing games mandate that one player assume the parts of all the supporting characters and introduce non-character forces (such as a flood). In contrast, other systems do away with this character and divide this role among all players. Continue reading to explore amazing options. 

Six-Guns: Gang Showdown

Six guns

Released Date: 15-Mar-2012

Offered By: Gameloft SE

"Six Guns" is an adventurous shooter game (third person) where you encounter various peculiar adversaries slinking for prey throughout this humongous open world. You will discover the presence of the Wild West as the novice frontier, muggers, cowboys, and much more.

The character of Buck Crosshaw never punishes those people who are innocent and didn't commit the crime. He has decided to go to Arizona to attain vindication and to do that, and he pretends to be dead. Unfortunately, his plan failed, and he had to face archaic and barbaric forces somewhere in the queer parts of the mountains.

Discover a harsh, open world full of grim occurrences, ominous mystery, and daring challenges situated on the blood-red deserts of Arizona and Oregon. As you become engrossed in the narrative and the intense action, you'll follow the route of a notorious criminal who is hell-bent on atonement. Don't get captivated by this world's beauty, which is a complex world full of weird creatures as your enemy. Be safe from them!

Leo's Fortune

Leo's Fortune

Released Date: Jul 9, 2014

Offered By: 1337 & Senri LLC

Leo's Fortune is a renowned adventure game. Your main objective is to catch a notorious and clever thief who has stolen your valuable gold. You will have to clear all the game levels to win it, and the best part of the game is its graphics (hand-made) that you will surely love.

In this acclaimed platformer, explore the track of gold and discover the truth regarding Leo's lost money. You will get a chance to discover habitats that range from verdant woods to deserts, from luxuriant settings to snow-capped mountains. There are twenty-four levels, and you will solve various labyrinths and lethal traps to move ahead.

You can spend your winter vacation peacefully by enjoying this game with your friends, clearing the levels with cursory, and winning the game. Leo's Fortune supports Cloud Save, Leaderboards, and Achievements in addition to Game Controllers & Gamepads designed for Android devices.

Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath

Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath

Released Date: 08-Dec-2014

Offered By: Oddworld Inhabitants Inc 

Garrulous inhabitants discover armed outlaws attacking their communities in the dry, uninhabited wastelands of Western Mudos. Stranger, a nomad turned bounty hunter, appears with a distinctive double-barreled crossbow that can shoot animals.

This new release is for passionate android users, including various new controls and better-improvised visuals. You can move and resize individual buttons on touch-screen controllers to fit your play style, and you get a joystick (virtual) for swift movements. You will be dealing with a gamut of adversaries, tactics, blast, stun, and folks who are conversational and super funny in the game.

Important Features: 

  • Discover bustling cities, luscious forests, and enormous industrial enterprises. 
  • Switch between third-person and first-person shooter perspectives without any noticeable lag. 
  • Look around you for live ammunition. 
  • Fight hundreds of different bosses, each with an absurd armament and moniker.

Superbrothers Sword And Sworcery

Superbrothers Sword And Sworcery

Released Date: 20-Dec-2012

Offered By: Noodlecake

This game is an immersive action odyssey with an increasing focus on an audio-visual style named Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP. You will get a chance to explore a fantastical land while engaging in devilish combat, where you will be using a sword and invoking various majestical spells to unlock musical mysteries. 

In this game of Superbrothers Sword and Sworcery, you will get an opportunity to work together with your pals with the help of using Twitter. You can also get completely immersed into this gaming world where moon phases have a profound impact and assist a travelling warrior monk, that is, you, in finishing all her dreadful tasks. You will encounter various other characters in this world with beautiful visuals and graphics. The soundtrack is incredible too! For more thrilling experience, try the best free online games.

Bully: Anniversary Edition

Bully: Anniversary Edition

Released Date: 07-Dec-2016

Offered By: Rockstar Games

Bully: Anniversary Edition continues the Rockstar Games legacy of ground-breaking, unique gameplay and funny, ironic storyline by invading the schools. You will play as Jimmy Hopkins, a 15-year-old, naughty child who will maneuver through the corrupt and failing social order of a prep school named Bullworth Academy.

Battle bullies, endure teacher persecution, defeat punks at dodgeball, pull jokes, lose or gain the girl, and spend a year at the most challenging school possible. This game includes everything from spectacular visuals, improved graphics, superb lighting, high-resolution views, and swift controls for a better experience with a touch screen for android users. 

The best part is that this multiplayer game lets you join your friends for significant Friend Challenges. The challenges are so fun, like dissecting the frog, helping the flying squirrel battle against acorns, answering problems in English, and a lot more to explore.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Released Date: 19-Dec-2013

Offered By: Rockstar Games

It has been five years since Carl Johnson left Los Santos, San Andreas, to abandon the stresses of daily life in a place where gang violence, drug use, and corruption were ripping the city apart, where aristocrats and movie stars try their best to stay away from drug dealers and gang members.

But it's time for Carl to return to his home (in the early nineties). This place is scary; his mother is no more alive, his family has been obliterated, and his pals are in threatening situations. When he returned to his neighborhood, the crooked politicians alleged him of murder. Now, he's compelled to move to various other states of San Andreas to battle against corruption and save humanity and the people around him.

This open-world game for android users has been acclaimed worldwide as it covers large cities of San Andreas named San Fierro, Los Santos, and Las Venturas. To have the best experience, you can reboot your device once you have installed the game, close all other apps on your phone, and enjoy the game immediately.

The craze of story mode games is never ending. People love the experience that these games offer. If you also enjoy games, you should also try undertale games.

Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons


Released Date: May 24, 2016

Offered By: 505 Games Srl

A guy fighting for his life has two sons trying to save their father. These two brothers, Naia and Naiee, have to be each other's bolster and support each other to survive in the journey of getting the antibiotic named "Water of Life ." One of the two brothers is strong and dauntless, while the other one is fragile & terrified. They are left with only one option, "Water of Life ."

Important Features:

  • You have to escort this duo of brothers on their daunting journey with the help of virtual joysticks for swift movement. 
  • Your gaming skills will be tested here as you will control both simultaneously in a single-player mode.
  • This journey will be emotional not only for these two brothers but also for you. So enjoy each and every moment while you are in this world.
  • Explore a gamut of different epic locations while solving labyrinths and battling against enemies. Leverage the strengths of this duo as they have different sizes as well as speeds.

The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us

Released Date: 28-Oct-2014

Offered By: Telltale

The Wolf Among Us is a 5 part series from the makers of The Walking Dead, which has won more than 90 Game of the Year honors. In this gritty, bloody, and sophisticated thriller, fairytale characters are killed. Episodes 2 to 5 can be bought in-app. 

As Bigby Wolf, THE big bad wolf, you'll learn that a terrible, gory murder is just the beginning of a series of games where every choice you make could have a significant impact.

Important Features:

  • This game is based on Eisner's critically-applauded series of Fables comic books.
  • This game is the ideal starting point for your Fables adventure because it takes place before the happenings during the first issue.
  • Now, not only what you decide to do will have an impact on the story, but also when you decide to do it.
  • Characters from fairy tales, stories, and folklore that have fled into our world are presented maturely and realistically.

The Silent Age

The Silent Age

Released Date: 23-Jun-2013

Offered By: House on Fire

This game, "The Silent Age," will allow you on a daring expedition to explore the future dystopian world where you won't be able to find humanity anywhere. This game will throw a range of puzzles in your path that you have to solve and move ahead, while a piece of suspense music will be played in the background so that you will be curious and attentive throughout the game. 

Between the famous 1970s and a dismal, silent present, travel through time—a moody point-and-click excursion game with stunning graphics. You won't experience any snags or hassles, and this is all because of an interface made especially for touch devices (like android phones), which lets you move through the plot smoothly or swiftly.

So sit back on your couch, take your bowl of snacks, fix your headphones, and enjoy this daredevil game, "The Silent Age."

Gabriel Knight Sins of Fathers

Gabriel Knight Sins of Fathers

Released Date: May 29, 2019

Offered By: Zynga

Investigate a string of brutal ritual deaths in New Orleans & their ties to voodoo's sinister mysteries as an impoverished author and bookshop owner, Gabriel Knight. He will get closer to learning the secrets of his family history and realising his destiny the more he delves into the terrifying and suspenseful narrative of master storyteller Jane Jensen.

With brand-new riddles, sequences, and HD visuals added to this blockbuster remake of the acclaimed 1993 murder mystery, you can relive one of adventure gaming's most striking masterpieces. It reinvents the 1993 original, rated one of the best games ever made for a brand-new audience, by fusing the best of the past and present.

Important Features:

  • Experience similar challenges but with new riddles as well as visuals.
  • Discover the acclaimed voodoo murder mystery in breathtaking high-resolution 3D.
  • From Bourbon Street to Jackson Square, the vibrant and striking world is waiting for you to explore. Take advantage of the coasts of Pontchartrain lake.



Released Date: 28-Jun-2017

Offered By: Night School Studio

This game is a mystic thriller where a team of friends inadvertently opens a phantom rift. You will play this game as Alex, a defiant, clever, and quick-witted teenager. She invites Jonas, her stepbrother, to an archaic military island for a party.

The turning point comes when all these friends open the unearthly door that originated from the obscure history of the island. As you have unravelled the advent of dangerous and sinisterical creatures, now the ball is in your court, and decide how you will tackle the situation, your pals, and all the upcoming mysterious events.

Explore this mysterious island (Edwards Island) with your friends, unveil the dark mysteries, and get to know your character's story (Alex); the presence of a radio mechanic allows you to have a conversation with evil ghosts. Your game will depend on your decisions, so be careful with each step!

Forgotton Anne

Released Date: 18-Dec-2019

Offered By: Hitcents

Imagine a paradise where everything that is forgotten and abandoned is moved - strewn toys, postcards, and socks. Forgotlings, living misplaced things yearning to be remembered, live in the mystical land of the Forgotten Lands. A seamless cinematic journey with thoughtful narration and simple platforming puzzles is Forgotton Anne.

Of course, you will be playing the character of Anne, a disciplinarian who makes sure the amendment of laws in the Forgotten Lands. You battle against a rebellion that impedes you from returning to the human world with your master, Bonku.

Important Features: 

  • Explore the beautiful paradise of forgotten things where Forgotlings live.
  • Disentangle the reality behind the existence of the world.
  • You can either play this game via using touch screen control or any of the wireless controllers.
  • You have to be prudent when it comes to your actions as well as your words. A branching dialogue system will aid you.
  • The characters you will see in this game are made with traditional techniques.
  • Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra will perform in the game. So enjoy!



Released Date: 18-Dec-2020

Offered By: Aspyr Media, Inc.

The Sith Lords have pursued the Jedi to the point of extinction. They are on the verge of destroying the Old Republic five years after the critically acclaimed Star Wars Knights events of the previous RepublicTM video game.

The Republic's sole hope now that the Jedi Order is in ruins is a lone Jedi trying to re-establish his connection to the Force. You will have to make the most critical choice in the galaxy as this Jedi: Trail the light side or fall victim to the dark.

Make your decisions effectively, as your choices can change the entire game and the destiny of your teammates. 

Life is Strange

Life is Strange

Released Date: 18-Jul-2018


With the ability to turn back time and alter history, future, and present, the five-part episodic game Life Is Strange aims to reinvent narrative choice and consequence games. Follow Max Caulfield's tale as she learns how to turn back time in order to save her closest friend Chloe Price. Max is a senior in photography.

The two quickly learn that there is a sinister side to lifestyle in Arcadia Bay as they look into the inexplicable abduction of classmate Rachel Amber. Max, meanwhile, must rapidly discover that sometimes altering the past might result in a disastrous future. 

Important Features: 

  • This is an exquisitely written contemporary adventure game.
  • Your decisions will decide your destiny.
  • Attractive hand-painted graphics.
  • You can go back to alter past events (how cool is that!).
  • The soundtrack features Angus & Julia Stone, Alt-J, Foals, Jose Gonzales, etc.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

Released Date: 07-Apr-2014

Offered By: Howyaknow, LLC

You will be playing the character of Lee Everett, a declared culprit. You have been given a second opportunity to live your life in the cruel world of the living dead. The corpses are returning to life, and the people are trying to protect themselves. You have the responsibility to save an orphaned girl called Clementine. This will allow you to give back something good to the world after committing crimes.

The Walking Dead is a five-part video game series (Episodes 2–5 may be purchased via in-app) featured in TegraZone and set in the same world as Robert Kirkman's acclaimed series. Explore this world and various events, and ascertain other people you meet on your journey. Your actions, decisions, and choices will fabricate your journey further accordingly throughout the series.

Important Features:

  • This game has won more than 90 games awards.
  • Make your decisions wisely.
  • There are five award-winning episodes with "400 days".

Genshin Impact

Released Date: 26-Sept-2020


Enter Teyvat, many realms filled with life and the vitality of the elements. You came here from some other world with your sibling. You awaken to a world substantially different from the one you first entered after being separated by an unidentified god, deprived of the abilities, and sent into a profound sleep. 

From here, you begin your journey through Tevyat and get all the answers from The Seven - the protectors of every element. You will meet with various characters throughout the game, so join forces with them and unveil the problems of this fantastic world.

The elemental combat system is the most exciting part of this game and this world. Different combinations of elements can be formed here with Pyro, Geo, Anemo, Dendro, Hydro, Cyro, and Electro. You have to exploit these elements and unravel their reactions to each other. You will meet various characters throughout your journey with different backgrounds, personas, and abilities. First, you must team up with the best and make your team. Then, keep upgrading them to battle against enemies.

Tears Of Themis

Tears Of Themis

Released Date: 27-Jul-2021


Slowly, what first appeared to be unrelated cases come together to form a bigger picture. The individual orchestrating it all has no respect for societal order and merely wants to destroy everything honorable and moral. The distinction between evil and good gets hazier when the truth is obfuscated and veiled in darkness. You are left with none, and this world is against you. Are you still going to stand for your decisions and beliefs?

It would be best to go to the crime scene to find the actual truth by looking at the evidence you get. Then, you can ask questions from the suspects, compare them with your pieces of evidence, and get critical evidence. Then, the case will be taken to the law court, and you can get justice by being logical.

Cards come to life thanks to the fantastic Dynamic Illustrations, which capture every aspect of your priceless moment with him. After a personal tale is enabled, you will start to get facetime from that person! Enjoy his soothing voice and regular interactions! Go on for dates where you'll melt and have heart-poundingly personal experiences.

Opus: The day we found Earth


Released Date: Oct 20, 2015

Offered By: Sigono Inc.

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a space scientist and in space? Well, you have the opportunity now! Discover outer space by being a NASA scientist and helping Emeth, a robot who seeks to fulfill his promise to save Earth by securing humanity and humanity.

Get into a spaceship where you will operate the telescope and discover the nearby stars at the beginning of your journey. After this, your actual task begins - juxtaposing different planets in order to find Earth. The spaceship is full of various unknown things that you can know about. 

Important Features: 

  • This game has a rich and venturous story to deliver.
  • Get to know about different planets while searching for Earth.
  • The soundtracks used in the game are super relaxing.
  • This game will satisfy your quench of exploring outer space.
  • This one is undoubtedly an emotional game.

Octopath Traveler: Champions Of The Continent

Octopath Traveler

Released Date: 21-Jul-2022

Offered By: SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.

In the Orsterran universe, a new story is developing! This prequel designed for mobile devices features top-notch graphics, exciting action, and narration similar to OCTOPATH TRAVELER.

Important Features:

  • The world of Orsterra looked so natural with all 3D-CG effects and evolved 2D pixel art where you will be dealing with different sides, arduous, menacing bosses, and riches.
  • You can create your massive team as more than sixty-four characters are available in the game. Please choose the best ones and select among them to fight particular battles. 
  • Many different options for interaction with other characters are available, like using 'hire' to invite them to your team, using 'entreat' for items, and using 'inquire' for availing information. Try them all, and you will be surprised by your results.
  • A maximum of eight team members participate in an advanced command-style battle system, which features swiping controls for quick command selection.
  • The game's soundtrack is so good as it was composed by Yasunori Nishiki.

Fate/Grand Order

Released Date: 24-Jun-2017

Offered By: Aniplex Inc.

This role-playing game is easily accessible on your mobile phones easily. Whether you are a Fate fan or a newbie to the game, this satisfies all its players. You will find more than five million characters in the game, each with its own story. The Earth's future-gazing organisation Chaldea has verified that recorded civilisation has been collapsing since 2017. The "promised future" up to 2115, which had unquestionably existed until yesterday, vanished overnight. An unknown and mysterious area has been created here that never existed before.

Chaldea realised that this was the reason behind the extinction of all the humans of this world. So now she decides to complete the sixth experiment,' It's time travel to the past. This experiment still needs to be completed. This experiment is about taking humans' spirits out of their bodies and sending them into the past to discover the singularities in space-time. Though it is a ritual that has been prohibited, it has to be done to save humanity. The Human Rights Protection Order, Grand Order, is a phrase used by those who defy fate to defend humanity by challenging human history.

Old Man's Journey

Released Date: May 16, 2017

Offered By: Broken Rules Interactive Media GmbH

This game is a journey into the soul about priceless moments, dashed hopes, and life-altered goals.

Important Features: 

  • A moving story that is only conveyed through images.
  • Beautifully wacky landscapes with hand-drawn illustrations and animations. 
  • Stress, hand-made puzzles 
  • A novel method of shaping the landscape. 
  • A brief gaming experience that's ideal for an escape that inspires wanderlust.
  • SCNTFC provides an original, moving soundtrack.

Sara Is Missing

Sara Is Missing

Released Date: 23-Oct-2016

Offered By: Kaigan Games OÜ

Her cell phone is the only way to track Sara, who has vanished under suspicious circumstances. You can access all her messages, pictures, videos, notes, emails, and more. You have to find the clues by connecting them and the reason behind her all-of-a-sudden disappearance with the help of the data available on her mobile phone. 

Unlock password-protected files, unearth hidden messages, and decipher missing data to learn wherever she traveled, what she performed, and how someone may vanish even without a trace so soon. Then, play a mobile game with found footage style firsthand. 

The dangers of mobile technology are the focus of the video game Sara is Missing (SIM), which also focuses on the voyeuristic thrill of looking through someone else's belongings. Our mobile devices contain so much personal data about us that it is as easy as tapping a screen to infer what we are truly like.

Ticket to Earth

Ticket to Earth

Released Date: 11-Dec-2017

Offered By: Robot Circus

A far-off world. Colony in decline. A murderous conspiracy Battle a rotten system in the ground-breaking tactical puzzle RPG Ticket to Earth! You deploy your team, gather identical tiles, and charge up destructive special powers on the puzzle grid, which serves as your battleground. Never before have you played a game like this!

Important Features:

  • Get involved in a curtailed and furious battle. Complete all your mission with the help of your team members by using different strategies.
  • To survive in this evocative sci-fi world, you need to manipulate the capabilities of different characters of your team and keep upgrading them to be in the top place.
  • Every time you will find something new to explore in this world. Keep up with your tactics and match the tiles to unveil the powers of battles.
  • This game provides you with more than one hundred and twenty eccentric missions you need to accomplish. There is no in-app buying, so you will have a premium experience.



Released Date: 12-Jan-2022

Offered By: Rayark International Limited

A creature known as "The Ancestor" has been terrorizing the country with a catastrophic "Hollow Rain," posing a threat to the future of a kingdom built by music. Anyone in contact with this deadly rain will 'bloom,' changing into a whirlwind of white blossoms before ultimately dissipating from existence.

This game revolves around a girl named Echo, who has burgeoned but somehow reappeared, but no one knows why. Deemo is the other character who is an impenetrable station protector. Deemo with Echo start their journey in this world that has wholly been soaked up with rainwater, and they will be trying to protect it.

You will encounter various unforgettable characters at the central station with unique capabilities. You will play the character of Echo, and you can talk with all the other characters. While conversing with them, you will realise that you somehow belong to this new weird community you have entered. You will experience some of the best moments in this world with high-quality characters and exciting and fun background music.

The Bard's Tale

The Bard's Tale

Released Date: 20-Sept-2012

Offered By: inXile entertainment

The Bard's Tale is the game where you will play the character of Bard, a self-centred reprobate sick of needless side quests and rat-infested cellars. You know, a mystical song to call different characters together and add them to your team. So that you can use them while conquering enemies you encounter, and they can even take destruction on your behalf.

Get ready with all your artilleries when you begin your hunt for money and cleavages. You can play this game on any of the android devices you have. This daring game will be more than twenty or thirty hours long.

Important Features:

  • Battle against almost fifty kinds of adversaries, except for the bosses.
  • Twelve bosses are there as your enemies.
  • Discover more than one hundred and fifty specific items to use, like weapons, artifacts, instruments, riches, tokes, and a lot more.
  • A massive cast of eccentric NPCs.
  • Sixteen mystical characters will assist you whenever you summon them.
  • This massive world is waiting for you to explore; it is every crook and corner, including rivers, mountains, castles, tombs, towers, towns, forests, dungeons, and so much more.
  • Don't miss the zombie dance-off.


A complete list of some of the top games for android users with great storylines can be seen here. It is handy when you play any game on your mobile phone while being in your comfortable position. Nowadays, the mobile gaming industry is booming, so you will find various fantastic fun in your hands.

As you know, numerous best story mode games for android are out there that you can download right away and play while sitting in your bed. Try these games out, and in the end, you will know which one suits you the best.


  • Six-Guns: Gang Showdown
  • Leo's Fortune
  • Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath
  • Superbrothers Sword And Sworcery
  • Bully: Anniversary Edition

Though Leo's Fortune is one of the best story mode games, you will undoubtedly have. But apart from this, you can try other games like The Bard's Tale, Brothers: The Tale of Two Sons, The Silent Age, and so on.

Leo's Fortune

Bully: Anniversary Edition


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