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Toby Fox, an American indie developer, created Undertale in 2015. Players assume control of a child who has fallen underground: a vast, remote region beneath the surface divided by magical barriers. On their way back to the surface, players encounter various monsters, some of which will engage the player in combat. 

The player navigates the opponent's mini-barrage attacks in the combat system. Rather than killing monsters, you can appease or subdue them. These choices impact the game, changing the dialogue, characters, and story depending on the outcome.

Undertale is a one-of-a-kind 2D RPG that will leave you with a lasting impression. The game is odd, emotional, and full of intriguing gameplay that will test your skills and morals.A role-playing game in which you do not have to kill anyone. You can defeat each foe without resorting to violence.

Best Undertale Games

Perform a slime dance, play with a dog, tell a knight your favorite secret; alternatively, disregard this option and rain destruction on your enemies. We have combined a list of best undertale games for you to enjoy and play along.



This Undertale game comes in several variations and VLG Games, created this version. This fan game is for players who enjoy games in which they battle opponents or monsters, also known as "Dark Souls," which are difficult to beat and require a lot of fighting strategy and stamina. It engages the players' minds at the same time and keeps their minds alert. If they fall into the monsters' traps, the game ends immediately.

This game is set in an alternate universe where demons are said to be aggressive, powerful, and ruthless. The player is challenged to defeat the monsters in battle using a good battling strategy. Underfell is known for hooking players by providing a challenging and thrilling experience as they attempt to defeat the Dark Souls using brainstorming strategies.


Memory is an Undertale fan game that is the most recent one. LUKELCS created this game, which was released recently, around September 2020. Memory was created by Toby Fox and his associates, as most of the plot and music are credited to him and his associates.

The backstory of this game makes it more exciting and draws the players' attention, hooking them into actually playing the game.

It is one of the Undertale games that resembles the original Undertale story and represents the phrase "you've been there and done that." Bucky the Bunny, the game's original character, also appears. This game has up to seven different endings and three main routes, namely Pacifist, Neutral, and Genocide, as well as three distinct bosses. 

The game's features also pique the player's interest in solving the mystery of this underground world, which may or may not want to lead the player down a darker path in search of answers that a curious, inquisitive mind requires. 

This game contains the original game's areas, including The Ruins, Snowdin, Waterfall, Holland, and New Home. This game has a few good original songs, which add to the game's thrilling and mind-blowing experience.

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Undertale Red

Undertale Red is a fan game that pits the player against a character who resembles the monster-themed Little Red Riding Hood, also known as Little Red Slicing Hood, in this game to match a monster-like personality. Little Red Slicing Hood, also known as "Red," is a member of Undyne's Royal Guard and a ghost monster that you cannot defeat through conventional means. The only way to find this ghost monster is to "lose track of time in ways no one imagined possible." which makes the game even more intriguing! Taxidermy, a fan-made Undertale character, created this character.

Horror Tale

Horrortale is another Undertale fan game that is an AU; it takes place many years after Undertale's Frisk's neutral run. After the queen's overthrow, Toriel returns to the throne on a neutral engine; however, Undyne drives her back to the ruins and seizes the throne herself. To destroy humanity from the ground up, the newly installed queen on the throne enacted laws that caused famine, and the underground monsters went insane due to widespread starvation. 

Undyne's torturous ways have caused the demons' appearances to change drastically in the most horrifying ways. The monsters of the underground are melancholy; they are helpless and trapped. 

After numerous failed attempts to escape the underground, they are forced to feed on human flesh for survival. Throughout the AU, it is strongly implied and demonstrated that the leading cause of the underground's demise is a lack of resources available. 

The new queen's lack of food and harsh laws have severely harmed the demons' living conditions, and they have now lost their sanity. 

The situation in the underground was so bad that when a human soul fell, instead of harvesting it, the monsters fed on it to survive. Sans allegedly told the people of Snowdin about this alleged rule. Some speculate that Sans made up this rule in direct opposition to the queen to spite her for her failed attempts to kill him.

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Overtime is an AU released on May 9, 2017, that replaces the characters and locations from Undertale with those from Team Fortress 2. Though there are many similar games, Overtime has a solid fan base and iconic characters such as the Medic, now Sani on the right, and Sans on the left, making the game a natural fit for a crossover with Undertale. In the game, the player controls Mrs Pauling, who is on a quest to kill the Mann Brothers in the Badlands.

The game leaves it up to the players to determine whether Mrs Pauling would fight the mercenaries attempting to kill her. The players are kept on edge throughout the game, which keeps them hooked on trying to complete their character's mission. The majority of the characters in this game retain their personalities and roles. This game features 14 characters, the main protagonist being Mrs Pauling, who also owns the fallen function.

The game's locations are the same as in previous Undertale games. On the other hand, the classic question of all the undertale games of Genocide and pacifism remains, keeping the players hooked on all of these games.

Don't Forget

A Deltarune single-player fangame, also known as the DF Story Model. This game is a continuation of the Undertale storyline; it was officially released last month and is still very much alive. In this game, players take control of Harlow, a new character who is dragged from her beloved peaceful hometown and thrust into the mysterious dark world. 

On the surface, Harlow lives with the Dreemurrs, their adoptive family. Harlow discovers monsters and humans coexisting in this world of darkness and mysteries. 

But something doesn't feel right. The players' role in this game is to carve a path and embark on a journey across a strange new land in search of the fabled "ANGLES GATE." Throughout this adventure-filled journey, a sinister group known as HAPPY CORP attempts to prevent the players from reaching the Angles Gates. 

It is up to the players to fight through the constant attacks of this sinister group to restore things to how they were for Harlow. 

This game demonstrates how much of an impact story-driven games have on players, as most players are hooked on the adventure, thrill, and enjoyment that this game provides to its players. Players embark on a journey to find the Angles Gate, overcome the obstacles of the mysterious dark world, and achieve their character Harlow's goal of restoring normalcy and escaping this world.


Disbelief Papyrus by Flames at Games is only about 20% complete, but fans of Undertale talk about how excited they are to play this game because of the unique depiction of Papyrus in this game,  engaging its players and taking the fan base of Undertale to a whole new level. The game allows players to engage in exciting battles against the Skeleton of Papyrus.

The game excites players because the players need to dodge and battle through Papyrus's unexpected attacks, who will try everything in his power to distract the player with his words; however, the player is expected to battle through without being distracted. They dodge the flying, spinning bones and heads that pop up from all sides, making their hearts skip beats and only act on reflexes. 

If the player manages to click on the scale button at successful moments, it will cause retaliatory damages. The release of this game is highly anticipated, as excitement and thrill spread throughout the hearts of fans who cannot wait for the spine-chilling experience this game provides their players! Disbelief has to be near the top of the fan bases established by Undertale games.


Dusttale is an unofficial fan game based on Toby Fox's Undertale. This game's events take place after the Undertale genocide route. This game imagines a dark future for the monsters in which Charm has taken control of the humans and has begun a never-ending cycle of Genocide. 

The player has no control over the actions of the humans, but they must watch as Chara slaughters all humans in her path. The game then challenges the players, asking if they can assist Chara in her quest for eternal power or if there is another way. 

This game, like Undertale, provides players with a fully functional battle and overworld system, making the game as crisp as its storyline. 

However, in Dusttale, each monster has a unique attack pattern, which keeps the players even more engaged and increases the playtime to 2–3 hours. The classic soundtrack also creates an exciting environment for the players to rely on while playing the game. 

The game's features provide players with a different gaming experience while engaging in battles and seeking answers to the question of finding another way. The games' soundtracks, Reality Check Through the Skull and Murder, add to the thrilling experience already provided to players.


The understory tells the story of Nick, a young boy whose fate leads him on the most mysterious and dark adventure of his life when he falls into the underground and discovers that the monsters have lost faith in humans. Demons and humans are at odds, and our new hero Nick is carrying the story forward. 

The plot revolves around either killing or being killed to reach the ostensibly happy ending. The young boy must overcome the bitter feeling of loss, the sense of bright, enlightened minds drowning in the darkness of the underground world, and the wild, infuriating rage fueled by betrayal. Will the boy kill to survive and escape, or will he be killed? 

All of these questions will be answered by the players as they engage in this game with an intense storyline starring a brand-new character in the world of Undertale. As the story develops a sense of curiosity in the players' nerves, they become more inquisitive. 

This game gives players chills and a bone-chilling experience with a fantastic plot that keeps them glued to their screens, imagining themselves as that young boy trapped underground.

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Undertale Green

Undertale Green

Undertale Green is a fangame and prequel to Toby Fox's original Undertale. The game is a multi-chapter adventure that follows Cody, also known as the human soul of kindness. The plot follows a human boy named Cody who falls into the underground like Frisk in the other Undertale fan game. This young man then ventures into the underground world, exploring the underground caverns. 

Cody must help his friend Undyne solve a mystery involving a virus spreading widely in the underground world. The monsters have been infected with this virus, slowly affecting and extending to all the monsters underground. The monsters bleed after Genocide, which significantly differs from the original game. 

The game keeps players interested with its storyline, which contains questions only players can answer by participating in the journey of the boy Cody, who has also fallen into the Underground and is on a quest to solve the mystery of the virus spreading among the monsters. 

All the questions are a brainstorming but an adventurous and mysteriously thrilling experience for the players, who are deeply invested in learning about Cody's journey and their experiences in the underground.



Dylan Tales follows a different storyline than the classic Undertale story, allowing players to experience something other than the classic Undertale story. Even though development for this game is no longer ongoing, Dylan's Tale remains a fan favorite for many. This game is about Dylan, who desperately needs an A+ in his class to satisfy his allegedly evil mother's wishes and get her off his back for constantly pressuring Dylan to get an A. 

It is in the hands of the players to help Dylan explore and reach school on time and then eventually take his test to see if he's made progress. Because this game is based on the classic Undertale games, instead of monsters and humans, there are "failures" and "non-failures" in Dylan's world. However, similar to the classic Undertale games, this game includes both the Pacifist and Genocide routes, with the former being said to be more brutal. 

This game has many unique features and traits that will appeal to fans who have never played an undertale match before. Dylan's TaleTale has a very different storyline than the classic. It excites the players because it is an entirely new experience, with a hint of adventure thrown in for good measure!



With a game time of about 5 minutes, Undercard is an Undertale game primarily inspired by fast-paced games. Hearthstone is undoubtedly a notable example from which the Undercards game was inspired. It is a card game, but it differs from other card games in that the player must first assemble a card deck before playing. 

It has seven tiers based on the seven human soul types mentioned in Undertale. These seven decks are distinct from one another due to their unique passive abilities. The players are expected to choose their soul type first and build their deck of cards. A deck must contain 25 cards; when a player changes the type of soul, the player must create a new deck for each type of soul. 

Each card has three main stats compared: health, attack, and deployment cost. When the player presses the play button after completing his deck of 25 cards, he is presented with three game modes: standard, ranked, and custom. 

Players are kept engaged as they can play with their friends and chat with them simultaneously. Players and their friends frequently play this game for extended periods; as far as we can tell, this game never fails to bring joy, thrills, and excitement while playing with your friends!

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INK Sans

Comyet created Sans, a Sans variant (aka Mye Bi). He was a conceptual Sans who destroyed his soul to escape an abandoned and incomplete world. He was able to create objects out of paint and ink. Thanks to a paintbrush that fell into a void. He is now the keeper of the scripts for the Undertale AUs.

This one-fight-only fan game, dubbed "the ultimate Sans battle" by some, has the player attempting to go on a genocide run while being rejected by a slew of Sans characters.

Each Sans joining the fight introduces new challenges for the player, ranging from lasers to cleavers to bones. The only criticism some fans have is that there is only one song for the fight. If you are looking for some real challenge, then this game is for you.


Undertale is a great sport that does not want remarkable pictures or playing; you're immersed in the fears, the thrill, and the personalities of each entity in the sport. They are all relatable and remarkable, and it drops some hilarious tropes in the sport to maintain it mild and fresh.

This "sport" is an interpretation of life, in which you have a choice, that you can have led a higher life, or a worse one, in which you made your very own preference and lived with the ending, glad or not.

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Some points to keep in mind while playing are:

You are not required to kill any enemies. Undertale's enemies can all be reasoned with. Your first run does not have to be your last. Continue Speaking if You Notice New Dialogue. You are not allowed to look for puzzle solutions online.

These are the three available game modes. Depending on how you play, they're frequently activated. You can win the Genocide by playing the game in Genocide mode and eliminating all enemy encounters until none are left. During the game, if you do not kill any of us and instead rescue or befriend humans, you are on your way to becoming a pacifist. You will achieve a Neutral finishing if you take a course of action in between.

Undertale isn't kid-friendly and shouldn't be played or watched by immature or unprepared people (who might be disturbed by the player's choices and outcome).

The primary endings of Undertale are all different: Genocide, True Pacifist, and Neutral. A fourth, unrelated ending is also available (Hard Mode).

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