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We are thrilled to announce that we’ve entered the field of “Real Money Gaming Ecosystem” with an intent of allowing game enthusiasts to explore the coolest online games and win real cash rewards instantly. Ever since the pandemic began, the gaming industry has transformed itself and expanded exponentially. In this ever-evolving world, where every next person you see is on their phones, we thought to take the advantage of the mobile gaming technology and introduce a multiplayer gaming application for people all around the world.

We all do enjoy playing games but, it becomes even more enticing when we play to earn and who doesn’t want to play online games when they’re getting an opportunity to “VICTORY and LOOT”. Frolic Beta Application has designed 25+ amazing online games built with incredible features that users can try while playing and get an ultimate gaming experience.

Sounds interesting? If you are also looking for a way to earn while playing online games, then you’re at the right place. In this blog, we’ve shared everything you need to understand about how you can “Play and Earn”.

Ultimate Gaming Experience is here- Play & Win Real Cash Daily!

With Frolic Beta, you get the flexibility to choose from multiple online game options. You can challenge your opponents to play and earn a good amount of money in just a few minutes. This multiplayer gaming platform provides you with 100% secure withdrawals where you can redeem your rewards as per your preferred mode of payment and get your earnings quickly. We assure that every player gets the ultimate experience while playing real money games. If you're new to this versatile environment, you can start by participating in the money-based contest that will help you enhance your skills in learning and earning simultaneously.

“With the launch of Frolic Beta App, we’ve set the standard when it comes to leveraging true gamesmanship.”

The Revolution is Here!

Gaming has always been a medium for entertainment; however, in today’s gaming era, it has become a brand new platform for economic opportunities as well. Yes, you heard that right, gaming has revolutionized where it has grown into a source of income for many people. According to the research, the gaming market has witnessed a dramatic rise in 2021 which is at $178 billion, and expected to surpass $268.8 billion by 2025.

In general words, people are following the gaming route to make side income and live freely. You might be wondering how it is possible, well it’s certainly possible! Though it is not as easy as it may sound, it involves a sheer dedication, and willingness to play and earn.

It’s Your Turn! Play 25+Games Build With Incredible Features

The time has changed and so has today’s generation! Gone are the days when we used to spend our time playing traditional games like Mario, Prince of Persia and others, when there was no scope for earning. Otherwise, we would have indeed made a lot of money. However, If you analyze the structure of gaming audiences nowadays, you will notice large numbers of millennials playing online games for earning real cash money.

This is because games have no age limits, people of any age can play and participate as much as they wish, all it needs is eagerness to play and win. To maintain the extent of the online games, we’ve introduced popular online games in 2023 on the Frolic Beta Platform such as Action, Sports, Arcade, Puzzle, Adventurous and many more. People who love to play games online can simply download the app from the website and start playing from the comfort of their home.

Apart from that, this platform provides an opportunity to make extra money  by referring your family and friends. For refer and earn and earn, you will be required to share their referral code with their friends and withdraw money immediately.

Extraordinary Features that You Must Know

  • Real money games to play and win money
  • 25+ battle-tested & skill-based games
  • OTP based verification and secure KYC
  • Profile creation including - add display picture, bio, follow others
  • Wallet based secure money deposit and withdrawal
  • Real money based instant online player challenges
  • Activity-based reward through Activity coins
  • User-generated pictures and video sharing
  • Asynchronous chat feature for single-user
  • In-game video chat for an immersive experience
  • Freshchat and Freshdesk for quick user support
  • Game session recording and sharing

Why Should You Choose Us?

If you’re thinking about starting a journey with us, we would love to jot down some really amazing things that you must know:

  • We ensure that you’ll get what you desire, filled with super fun online games.
  • We’re working relentlessly to provide you with the utmost satisfaction.
  • We’re keen to learn new skills and adapt to the latest technology.
  • We are working hard to provide you with the best gaming experience possible, but it is still a work in progress. We'd love to share the next level with you as soon as we reach it.

Download the application now and be a part of endless online gaming. Play to Win!

Final Thoughts

Finally, we want you to have your own game battle experience and invite your friends to play the most classic online games and compete head to head in various tournaments to win real cash money right away. To learn more about the Frolic Beta Application, visit our website at Frolic. You can also write to us about your experience, which will help us grow and succeed in the future.


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