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Enthralling Anime Fighting Games for Core Anime Fans to Try Right Now

Enthralling Anime Fighting Games for Core Anime Fans to Try Right Now

Anime is no longer limited to Japan, this genre has gained remarkable popularity across the globe and it is here to stay. The anime genre has expanded its horizon from movies and web series, and has got its way into the gaming world. If you are a hardcore anime fan and looking for thrilling anime fighting games, then your search ends here. Here is an article with the list of the most popular anime fighting games to help you explore the best ones in the category.

Best Anime Fighting Games

When it comes to the best anime games, adventure, story, and fights are the most expected elements. In any case, anime offers a wide range of options in gaming category, but fighting games are indeed the best. These games have the ability to take you on an action trip and provide you with the best and most enthralling gaming experience. Continue reading the article to explore the world of anime games.

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle

best anime fighting games

If you are an anime fan, then you must have heard of this legendary title ‘Dragon Ball Z.’ It is the most popular manga series and game franchise. The Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle will allow you to explore a completely different and unique world, where you can meet your favorite characters while enjoying the interface and plot of the game.

The events in this game will take you to an unknown universe in which Trunks is the protagonist of the story. All times are mixed in this amazing universe, and you will have to fight with various opponents and kill them. This game is popular for its unique control system for combat. You can create different combinations of attacks for yourself to level up your game and win the combat. It is an excellent game that combines beautifully rendered graphics, comfortable gameplay, and a perfect soundtrack, for a mesmerizing gaming experience.

One Piece Treasure Cruise

best anime fighting games

The anime world is full of different types of adventure games loaded with fun and thrill to get your blood pumping. In this regard, One Piece Treasure is the best game in which all the events take place in a uniquely-created fictional world. In this world, you have to fight battles with other players and kill them to ensure your victory.

You will love the battle process in the game and you can boost your attack level with a single tap on the screen. Each hero in this game has a unique set of characteristics and rules of attack. You can upgrade the equipment of your characters and explore different worlds to fight new users. Moreover, you can meet your favorite characters here, which will make you fall in love with this anime fighting game.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

best anime fighting games

This one is the strangest but most exciting anime fighting game on this list. It features a wide range of gaming modes that will surely delight you. This one is an online multiplayer card game with a highly engaging storyline that develops every minute as you progress through. It is an amazing game to flaunt your strategic fighting skills.

You need to find exciting maps in the game and it will open endless amazing opportunities for you. Splendid gameplay, excellent interface design, and magical aesthetics will take you on a journey full of fun and adventure. The soundtrack is perfectly synced with the gameplay which will leave you wanting more.

Fate/Grand Order

Fate/Grand Order

The list of best anime fighting mobile games is incomplete without mentioning the Fate/Grand Order. It is from the popular and massive Fate anime and is an amazing RPG. Here you have to collect some characters from the Fate series and fight against the bad guys.

This anime mobile game features online PvP, a story mode, and friendly free-to-play players. That’s not it. Most of the characters are fully voiced which makes it more interesting and engaging. Here you need to participate in ghastly battles, kill monsters, develop your team, and create strategies to win. The atmospheric and pleasant soundtrack is the cherry on top which will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the mythical and dark atmosphere of this game.

Manga Clash - Warrior Arena

Manga Clash - Warrior Arena

If you love role-playing games, then Manga Clash is the perfect pick for you. It features a captivating storyline, a set of heroes that you can create accounting for their specialty and level. Your main fighters are the main focus of this story and their skills develop as your progress through the game.

In addition to this, there are also helpers here. They are not full-fledged heroes but fall in the category of technique boosters and bonuses. In this anime mobile game, you do not have to fight bots, instead, you need to participate in real-time battles which will help you better enjoy the game.

Blazblue: Revolution Reburning

Blazblue: Revolution Reburning

This anime fighting game is like a godsend for crazy anime fans. Packed with action and fights, it is one of the best adventure games for android. The simple interface, appealing visuals, and adaptive sound effects will allow you to have a great time and fun experience during the gameplay.

The best thing about this anime mobile game is that it allows you to control your characters easily with light sliding movements. There are endless opportunities for touch and a convenient combat system that will allow you to fully engage yourself in the environment and create smart gaming strategies. You can access different battles, change your team characters, and explore a wide range of mysterious characters, which will leave you playing this game non-stop for hours.

Fire Emblem: Heroes

Fire Emblem: Heroes

The primary essence of this game is that you have to make a squad by picking the best characters and fighting your opponents. The core effectiveness of this action anime game is profoundly influenced by the structures, positioning of troops, and landscapes. Each character has unique strengths and weaknesses and you can include around sixteen characters in your squad.

The most enticing feature of this game is that each character has its personal ability and qualities, which allows you to create unique combat strategies. When you start the game, you are provided with a blank map and as you pass certain tasks you get access to more interesting locations. Try this action-packed game right now to experience unforgettable gameplay.

Final Words

The entire anime genre is going multi-platform and the gaming world is not an exception. You can find a wide variety of anime games on the internet providing a lot of options to anime lovers. However, no anime game can beat the charm of the anime fighting games full of battles, cut-throat combats, and gore. There are tons of anime games in the market, so we have created this list taking popular characters, storylines, and gameplay into consideration. Try these games right now with your friends and let the fun begin.

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