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Animation produced in Japan is generally called "anime." However, it is not limited to energy now; anime games, comics, and toys have also taken the marketplace by storm. Anime movies have even won an Oscar several times.

If not the most, anime is one of the most popular genres worldwide. From Millennials to GEN Z, everybody loves bizarre and marvelous anime movies, series, and comics. The popularity of anime is uncontested.

Though games based on the world of anime do not have the most outstanding track record of all time, if you look closely enough, you can find some gems that transcend the magic of the anime world into the video game universe. This article humbly attempts to recognize some of the best anime games. 

A list of the best anime games ever made is here for you!

A list of the best anime games ever made is here for you! If not the most, anime is one of the most popular genres worldwide

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

This adaptation of the Naruto anime adds another feather to CyberConnect2. It's all about the Ninja Storm series and its character arcs. This game also does true justice with its arena brawler and detailed attack animation. There are well over 100+ characters with unique costumes. 

The presentation of the story mode is damn perfect and covers all the critical moments of the series, making it a feast for Naruto lovers. The developer’s faith in the source material and excellent graphics work bleeds through every game cut scene. DLCs are still being added, which means more characters and more fun.

You can also play this game on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, and even on PS5 and Xbox Series. Also, the controls are straightforward to learn; it would take a beginner less than 10 minutes to master them.

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NieR: Automata

NieR: Automata is a futuristic anime video game from the mhine warfare. You can explore the war trembled world as three different main characters. You will have difficulty not getting immersed in the unique anime art style, stunning graphics, and magnificent storyline. 

Some action scenes will make you feel like you are watching a cinema. After ample exploration and fighting experience, the player can get exclusive rewards that you can use to upgrade your AI pod, which follows you everywhere and acts as your guide and weapon.

This game has covered the flanks of a refreshing RPG experience and cinematic vibes. You will learn so much lore and backstory by completing the side quests, even from simple searches.

The music composition is also perfect for the premise of the game. It does not hesitate to ramp up in the right places or become soothing whenever needed. Even one of the boss battles follows the crescendo of the music and would make you feel goosebumps.

Attack on Titan 2

Attack on Titan 2 is a magnificent action game based on the popular A.O.T series. You can create your own personalized Titan slaying hero in its primary story mode. He ends up fighting for humanity's future alongside the main cast of characters from the original work. You can make your imagination come true while building your main character.

The game's storyline is much different from the source material manga/anime but still gives you the natural feel and enjoyment of A.O.T. You will have great fun using the mobility gear. In addition, it has large RPG systems; you can zip across large open maps while slaying titans. 

Not only acquiring weapons, but the game also allows you to build relationships with people according to the choices you make in the game. Jetpacking like yourself, Iron Man, swinging around the stage like your Spider-Man, and then cutting the enemy's limbs off and killing them Daraka makes the game so much fun. You can play this game on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

Dragon Ball fighter Z

Dragon Ball fighter Z

Not only a stunning adaptation of Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball fighter, but this game is also a top-tier team-based fighting game. This flawless presentation's phenomenal storyline sets the bar for anime adaptations.

From practice mode, Arcade mode, local battle, and the incredible special events they have almost every weekend (a co-op, by the way). With the immersive storyline, this game has everything. Of course, you can unlock SSGSS Goku and Vegeta too.If you enjoy rock music, heavy metal, or guitars, this game’s music is just rocking!

Each of the character’s interactions is based on the source materials from the Manga and anime, too, so if you're looking for a good Dragon Ball game or a good fighting game in general, try out this game. You will not be disappointed. If you are, then it just means it’s not for you.

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One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4

The game is an ambitious adaptation of the story of hundreds of episodes from the popular anime series. The combat system is primarily the main character taking on the horde of enemies who have four abilities to take down the main character( taking down the whole herd is immensely satisfying, by the way). In addition, you must spam stages to get coins to max out each hero/villain.

The game emphasizes the aerial combat system more than the ground; juggling from enemy attacks and attacking enemies from behind are the unique attributes of the aerial gameplay.

There are many playable characters. After you finish story mode, you should try Treasure Log because there are so many levels, and you can play as many characters as in the free log. Also, you can unlock new characters like Buggy, Ivankov, Shanks, smoker, and Blackbeard. You can skip the cutscenes, but you won’t have the urge to do that after you see those spectacular animations.

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions

The faithful adaptation of the famous soccer-action series is not only good for anime fans but also for football fans. The game has many teams, players, and iconic characters from the series. Moreover, it's fresh and different, far from the tedious pay-to-win schemes of popular football games of today.

You can unlock every unlockable player easily via playing the game which recreates the series, so this game is advantageous to us, the hardcore fans. The cutscenes are directly taken from the original series as fan service.

The gameplay is pure bliss with magnificent visuals and great vs. computer and solo play. The gameplay is so impressive that you must find more creative ways to play now and then.

The tackle, particular shot, and dodge animations are up to mark, considering it was released many years earlier. Though this game has some issues with the multiplayer mode and some glitches, it is one of the most enjoyable anime games.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII is one of the most-beloved RPG video games of all time released by Square Enix. It made its way to the best-selling PS1 games soon after its release. That's the Final Fantasy VII remake. According to fans, this game is a massive expansion/rebirth of the original Final Fantasy VII, which had numerous flaws and holes.

The graphics are excellent, and the details are flawlessly executed. The characters are extremely well-polished and attractive in every way. The battle system is fantastic because it is one of the most important parts of the game and gives you complete control over everything you do.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, you can be strategic by pausing the game to consider your moves, quickly switching between characters in real action, or doing both simultaneously! It’s incredible how many different ways/methods you can move on the battlefield.

Persona 5

The game story in modern-day Tokyo follows 'Joker,' a high school student who transfers to a new school after being falsely accused of assault and placed on probation for a school year. He and his classmates gain a rare power and form the 'Phantom Thieves of Hearts,' a secret vigilante organization. They are transported to a mystical realm created by the subconscious desires of humanity.

Persona 5 is excellent. In short, this is a game about how meaningful the connections people make in life are, which helps a person to form his own identity and values. It’s highly recommended to anyone who enjoys RPGs of any kind.

It’s a great game with a beautiful story and engaging combat, and it is very long, so you get your money’s worth! The main thing is that you don’t need to be a hardcore anime fan to enjoy this game. After a while, you will get immersed in it automatically.


This game is a love letter to all DBZ fans. There is not only so much fan service in this game but also fun game mechanics. The game focuses on the events and timelines of Dragon Ball. The game allows the player to make their character called CAC (or C A C) and choose a race from Saiyans, The Frieza Race, Humans, Namekians, and Majins.

Along with the fantastic main storyline, the parallel quests are also cool because it's different from the story, and you can unlock special characters. The gameplay can be repetitive, but at the same time, it can be highly satisfying once you have that perfect setup for a character and just enjoy playing that custom playstyle. 

The enjoyable aspect of the gameplay comes from the pre-battle character setup of your move set. They are constantly releasing DLCs, too. If you ever get bored of the story mode, don’t worry; you have an online lobby where you can compete with other players.

It is one of the most loved Anime fighting games

Demon Slayer -The Hinokami Chronicles

Demon Slayer -The Hinokami Chronicles

It is a beautiful game! It follows pretty well with the small amount of available content that's been released so far till now. It is fun to be in control of the action in some of those fantastic moments.

The breathing forms are fantastic, the visuals are mind-blowing, and playing on the ps5 at 60fps is so smooth that it makes the fighting much more fun. The fights in the story mode are just the right difficulty, and each character has a unique play set depending on their breathing technique, focusing on different combat parts.

The addition of surge and the ults are fantastic, too, adding so much more variety to the combat. The ults are marvelous to look at and do differing damage depending on your combo count.

Additionally, each character's different ult made me want to play as each character and discover what each one has to offer. Overall, this game strives in its combat more than anything else, which, luckily, is the base gameplay of the game.

Doki Doki Literature Club!

It is one of the most, if not the most, wholesome dating simulators ever made. Also, this is based on an anime premise. What makes this game unique is that game doesn't end after the confession. It lets you experience even more post-story daily love life and dating afterward with your chosen girl.

Even the most advanced AI at the moment would have a hard time showing such realistic emotions and behaviors as these girls can. The effort has been spent to make the characters look more emotional and lively under the constraint of a 2D world. These waifs are not going to let you forget them anytime soon.

DDLC is not simply a game you play to kill time. DDLC is also a life experience, a trial to adulthood, and a milestone in one's life. It’s recommended to anyone interested in no-nonsense dating games with perfect and tear-jerking happy endings that will leave you yearning for more.

Guilty Gear -Strive

The game looks fantastic. The art direction of the game makes you forget how weird it is and just accept it for what it is—a beautiful but wacky fighting game. The story, characters, and art are unique. The work, and the team, put into this game sure shows in every frame. 

From teaching inexperienced newcomers to dominate over seasoned players to having such a great range of choices between characters, there is nothing not to love about this title. It's one you have to try if you dabble even a little bit in the fighting game genre.

Moreover, the game is an easy pick-up, and the extended training mode makes you go into the mechanism of fighting games. Finally, there’s no word about the soundtrack!! The music composer would have gotten a damn Oscar if it had been in a mainstream movie! The game is worth getting, even for players new to the traditional 2D fighting game genre.

Catherine: Full Body

Catherine is a fusion of visual novels and puzzlers. Both aspects have been executed perfectly - one could argue the puzzle mechanics make it one of the best in the genre. The idea is that your dialogue choices change the course of the story. 

Still, it doesn't feel like it, especially when you encourage the girl leading the main character astray from his long-term partner, only for the cutscenes to present him as totally against it. The best part of the game is the nightmare sequences, which are surreal and refreshingly unusual. Getting Vincent to scramble frantically to the top with new variables added each night is addictive and satisfying.

No complaints there. To top it all up, it comes with a fantastic soundtrack, packing everything from killer re-mixes of well-known classical music to some awesome smooth Jazz tunes that are sure to get entrenched in your mind as soon as you hear them.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

If you are a visual novel lover, there’s nothing better than this game. The writer and director Shu Takumi created the series. The game makes your brain think. The music and art are great.

The player takes the role of various defense attorneys, investigates cases, and defends their clients in court. The trials last three days, with the judge determining the outcome based on the evidence presented by the defense attorney and the prosecutor.

The series of localisations takes place in the United States, which retains a strong Japanese cultural influence. The series has gotten positive reviews, with critics praising the characters and story and the discovery of contradictions; it has also done well commercially, with Capcom citing it as one of their most important intellectual properties.

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

Ni No Kuni is an adventure, and it's impossible to explain how amazingly made the story, characters, and missions have been made in the beautiful game. You will need to build your kingdom up and manage it to do so. You have to recruit citizens. It’s about 100 citizens, and the quests to compel them range from terrible fetch quests to interesting in-depth side stories. 

Giving NPCs a background to them is a heck of an effort in writing. The game's villains, the monsters, can get hard to fight sometimes, but you can level up to get better at fighting and eat food and all kinds of herbs to heal yourself.

The best thing from kingdom to kingdom in each region is the scenery, some of the most beautiful environmental graphics I've ever seen. This is a well-made RPG for gamers. 

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First of the North Star: Lost Paradise

The game is fast. Paced, it has a tiny open world to explore, but you will not get overwhelmed. There’s a little option to tone down the gore whenever you can’t resist it anymore. The costumes feel like a total beast taking on enemies. With decent writing, an easy-to-follow story, and little side stuff! The car part seems unexpected, but damn, you can drive it and get out!

The creators could recapture the anime series' look, sound, and feel with plenty of nods and easter eggs for those who will remember.

The game has the feel of anime. An exciting and fluid combat system that is suitably gory and has a friendly upgrade system that constantly gives you new moves and over-the-top head-popping finishers. All in all a pretty good package. Sounds exotic, right? Don’t waste your time. 

Tales of Berseria

This game is one of the best Tales Games you might have ever seen and will take one of the Top Ten spots in your favorite games of all time. The storytelling is phenomenal. You will quickly get hooked on its story and the development of its characters. It's always enjoyable watching tin-between cutscenes. It has a remarkable story but also many enjoyable sidequests.

The rules are generally well-defined and gradually introduced, which doesn't make it feel overwhelming, but there's so much depth that makes that gameplay a joy. You will surely get addicted to combo movements in battles.

Anime style may not be your thing, but there are experiences in this life that we can't pass up, and in my opinion, Tales of Berseria is one of those experiences!

One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows

Surprisingly the game is impressive. The immense interactivity of the RPG gameplay surpasses most of the other games of this genre. For example, you can choose how your characters will look and what will be their gender, ethnicity, and personality traits. But most importantly, they’re in-game abilities. 

The character cupboard has a wide variety of characters you can choose from. The feeling you select will affect your gameplay majorly. The battle mechanics are excellent, making fighting much more enjoyable.

The graphics team's effort is genuinely reflected in the game. If you are a beginner, this is the perfect game to start your journey in the anime world. Got bored of the story mode? The multiplayer is better than the offline game, and it has more gameplay features, more character skins, and more Naruto fans with whom you can interact via chat or voice chat. You can add them as friends to team up with later.

Soul Samurai

With its impressive 3D graphics, smooth UI, and a great storyline, this role-playing action game has won the hearts of anime lovers worldwide. It may vary vastly from its source, "Brave Souls," but it is not less than that. With all those, it has more than 1 million downloads on Android, which is a lot more than other games on the same platform.

You can switch between the offline and online modes whenever you want. It is mainly free to play, but you can also get exciting new merchandise in the game by purchasing diamond chests.

The story focuses on a region named "KOREN," which is surrounded by evil and dark forces, and you will have to play as a martial artist who is the chosen one to save KOREN from this calamity. Once you embark on the journey, you will make new friends, but beware!! Some of them are going to betray you too!

Azur Lane

Adapted from the popular anime "Azur Lane," this top-notch shooting RPG action game was released in 2019 but quickly got the attention of gamers due to its weird gameplay story. The main thing is collecting anthropomorphic girls who will act as warships. Sounds funny, right?

In the alternate universe of the World War II timeline, you will have to battle with the bad guys using your 'shipped’ girls as mass weapons of destruction. You can have both AI and analog battle systems, and both are equally impressive.

The designs, the gameplay, the events, and even the tiny little details will amaze you so much. Sometimes it can be a little tedious, but you will most of the time enjoy obtaining every little thing to level up your battleship girls.

It is a satisfying long-term resource management game where you collect and level up a wide variety of ship girls. It is also very F2P friendly.


Want to hang out with your friends? Or have a date with your E-Girl? Then, there is no place better than this game. You can feel the sensation of freedom while you build your avatar and make your places with your designs. You can also download performed models if you are too lazy to do it. Sounds futuristic, right? Yes, it is.

Here's the best part put on your VR headset, and then boom!! You are inside the virtual world where you can walk, talk, jump and do anything. You can play poker, and cards, hop on a train and go to the world’s famous places and cities all over the world with your 3D friends. The sound effects are incredibly accurate, and the facial expressions are too!! 

The game is upgrading quickly, and soon you will be closer to the future of humanity. With 10 million players worldwide every day, this game has some potential.

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment

A great game to play. The combat was okay, but the thing you will love about the game is the character events that Kirito, the main character, has with the other characters. They were great. The story was also incredible and straightforward, as they had to clear the remaining 25 floors to escape.

The story almost sticks to the source material, the anime series with which many people, including me, have a nostalgic connection. In addition, the graphics were good if we consider the fact that it was released decades ago.

The immersive environments, which required the entire investment of the players and the beauty of that world, were what Sword Art Online conveyed. It may not appeal to many people today, but it does appeal to hardcore anime lovers. One cannot deny after playing the game that they were not invested in the character arcs and, most importantly, the background score and sound effects, which are soothing to hear!!

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance

A very Disgaea game. Disgaea 5 pints of milk is Disgaea from start to finish. While the plot can be a little too straightforward for the series, it doesn't ever feel oversimplified or in the way. The extra content and level of customization in this game are almost mind-boggling and fit into the game's theme very well.

It is mainly a role-play strategic game that has so many characters with a great sense of humor. Your sense of humor will get a sharp edge after you have completed the game.

Because of the vast and exciting storyline filled with so many aspects, political or personal, you will feel you are playing a ‘Game of Thrones game. Play this game, and you will know what it’s like to play a game with a perfect gameplay environment.

Dragon Quest XI

The best game on the Nintendo Switch, hands down, and an incredible experience. The game is nearly flawless, accomplishing everything it strives to do. The world is bright, vibrant, and full of life. The characters give compelling performances. It’s commendable that everyone who voiced for this game did an incredible performance and a fantastic job. The battle system is so much fun. The battle system is so much fun that it makes grinding fun.

You can upgrade your character's abilities and strengths, making them optimal for your play style. If you ever change your mind and want to remove a skill you aren't using, you can do that. The abilities in this game have fantastic animations, and it only makes me love the battle system more.

The animation quality in this game is also phenomenal, with motion-captured cutscenes and each character moving less like a robotic 3D model and more like actual people, which doesn't look out of place because it fits the art style, too!

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Probably the best Pokemon game in the last decade. First, the graphics are a phenomenal recreation of the original Gen 3 games while keeping the feeling of those games intact. 

The story is miles better than most recent Pokemon games and adds another layer to the already incredible story from the original Gen 3 games. Of course, Gamefreak could've stopped there, and this would still be a solid Pokemon game - but they went all out. 

The story of the Delta Episode is just as good, if not better, than the main game's story and has some epic moments in the end. That's not all, though. After you beat THAT, there's a MASSIVE endgame with all the legendary Pokemon you can track down, the player bases (which also have a lot of exciting potential), and the battle mansion, carried over from X and Y and also having been improved since those games.

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There is something for everyone among the best anime games, regardless of the kind of anime you enjoy watching. They range from the adorable but slyly horrific to the competitive to the epic and adventurous. You now have access to the top PC anime games. Plenty is here to keep you busy if you enjoy this Japanese animation style.


Dragon Ball Fighter Z. It shouldn't come as a surprise that Dragon Ball FighterZ is at the top of this list of anime games because it satisfies every requirement for an anime video game adaptation.

4th edition of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm

Since Genshin Impact does not require players to pay to succeed, they can play it for free.

Despite not being an anime or manga, the well-liked Netflix series Squid Game was greatly influenced by manga that has been turned into movies and TV shows.

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