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I guess we all have played Tekken at least once in our childhoods and let's be honest we loved it. Choosing your hero and fighting in hand-to-hand combat using spectacular moves, including throws, escapes, and ground fighting are what we loved about this splendid fighting game.

Now, in this contemporary technically advanced era, you can find a wide range of fighting games on the internet, but which ones are worth your time? We have created a list of the best fighting games for android you should try to get your blood pumping.

List of Best Fighting Games

The craze for fighting games might be low in the modern-day world full of tons of video game genres and categories, but this genre has the most loyal fanbase. In general, when it's about video games preferences, around 39% of people across the globe prefer playing action games packed with fighting.

These games provide you the opportunity to show off your fighting skills in arcade tournaments and be the ultimate fighter in the gaming world. Now, let’s have a look at the most phenomenal fighting games online for a thrilling, action-packed experience.

Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars

When it comes to the best action games for androids that are full of fighting and adventure, Brawl Stars has to be on the list. It is more of a beat’em up game in which a group of people fights against other opponents in a PvP mode. The main objective of this fighting game is to beat the opponents and finish them up.

The best thing about this game is that you have a team player as there is no one versus one mode. You have to participate in an intense fight to the death and trust me you will love it. The fighter genre in the gaming world does not consist of a lot of great titles, but this one is definitely worth your time.

Final Fighter

Final Fighter

This game will give you the vibe of old-school fighting games and will take you to good old memories of Tekken. Final Fighter is a classical fighter game with darn good graphics, awesome characters’ moves, and a splendid soundtrack. That’s not it.

The controls in this game are intuitive including a range of common commands like high, mid, and low punches, grabs, kicks, and special moves to provide you the perfect fighter feel.

You need a strong internet connection to play this fighting game, but it also consists of various cool modes to play through, including online matches, classic arcade, and 3v3 team matches. Another amazing thing about this game is that it is free from in-app purchases and ads, making it a perfect addition to your list of best fighting games.



Gods Among Us 1 and 2If you are a fan of the DC world, then Injustice is the best to keep you entertained. It is one of the most popular franchises and its sequel Gods Among Us has also received remarkable popularity.  

Though the game is amazing, the mechanics might seem monotonous as it requires tapping on your phone screen a bunch of times until you win. The game features tons of stuff to do, online multiplayer mode, and a roster of popular DC comics heroes.

You can command the splendid abilities of the popular villains and heroes of the DC world, and use them in 3v3 battles. Moreover, you also get the option to customize your characters to optimize them according to your needs. Try this game right now for super-exciting DC fun.


Shadow fight 3

Fight 3Shadow Fight 3 is the latest addition to the Shadow Fighter series and is also the latest in the list of the best fighting games for android. It is incredible in its own way and is winning hearts worldwide.

The second game of the series has a 2D art style, whereas this one features a 3D art style that will let you explore a hypnotic 3D world full of action and fights, making it perfect for a hyper-realistic gaming experience. The game features buttery smooth controls, highly-advanced animations, and an adaptive soundtrack.

Moreover, the physics are also on the spot, which means, if you make a strong attack on your opponent, it can make them drop their sword. The features do not end here. You get a wide range of campaigns to explore, and lots of special attacks, armor, and weapons to unlock, leaving you wanting more.

Vita Fighters

Vita Fighters

This game might look goofy but it will take you to the old-school fighting world of 1v1 fighter games. There are around 29 tremendous playable characters. Also, if you are a fan of Ninja games, you will find a Ninja character here.

That’s not it. You can also find here some Mortal Kombat folks, Power Rangers, and many more. This fighting game supports Bluetooth and touch controllers, so you can play in a comfortable way.

Moreover, there are no in-app ads, which contributes to a smooth gaming experience. The game is not limited to its current features as the developers are continuously adding more and more features to it to ensure user engagement. If you love fighting games, you should definitely have this one on your radar.



This one is a perfect combination of RPG and fighting games. It features appealing RPG features making it super cool. You can build new characters, collect them, and send them to different battles to win.

The style-art of Skullgirls is splendid, and the backgrounds, soundtracks, and animations are also highly remarkable. The soundtracks are so realistic, that you will feel like you are in a real battle.

The game also features PvP mode, which is Ok, but you don’t necessarily have to play in this mode to have fun. You can explore the game through different gaming modes like story mode which will keep you perfectly entertained. The in-app purchase can be bothersome sometimes, otherwise, it is a great fighting game.

Stickman Heroes

Stickman Heroes

FightThis one is a decent arcade game with basic controls, effective graphics, and simple gameplay. The characters are inspired by the MARVEL superheroes and will make you fall in love with the game.

Moreover, it features different game modes, including an online PvP mode, tournament mode, survival mode, and story mode. It might not be an intense fighting game but has solid mechanics.

You can join tournaments, choose your heroes, upgrade their powers, and appear at the top of worldwide rankings. Moreover, it has unique graphics, splendid music effects, and diverse combat skills. That’s not it. You can unlock different modes and participate in various challenges for a good gaming experience.

Street Fighter IV Champion Edition

Street Fighter IV Champion Edition

When it comes to the best fighting games, Street Fighter IV is a behemoth. Though it has its problems, you will still love playing it. The game features a great selection of characters and decent fighting mechanics. Moreover, it has amazing features like online PvP, Bluetooth controller support, and a captivating art style.

That’s not it. It has 32 characters, and solo & multiplayer modes The game is free to download, but you have to pay to unlock certain characters and game modes. If you love fighting games, then you should play this game for a different and decent gaming experience.

Final Words

Fighting games can never get out of the trend, they have always been people's favorite. There are various fighting games for android that allow you to engage in team-based and one-on-one clashes with popular characters and icons.

The list of fighting games for mobile devices is huge, and we explored different games to come up with the best ones for you. Trust me, these games will satisfy all your cravings for a good fighting game full of action, spectacular moves, and thrill. Now, what are you waiting for? Try these games and let the fighting begin.


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