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Best Arcade Games for Android: Enjoy the Nostalgic Feel at its Best

Best Arcade Games for Android: Enjoy the Nostalgic Feel at its Best

Almost all of us have grown up playing arcade games, and let's admit it; we loved these games. If you did not grow up with the thrilling games of this genre, then it's not late, my friend. There is a wide range of arcade games for android featuring superb gameplay and challenging adventures. Now you must be thinking, where to start? Relax! We have rounded up a list of the best arcade games you can play on your android and have fun.

Best Arcade Games for Android

Arcade games are gaining remarkable popularity due to the nostalgic feelings they offer. The value of arcade gaming markets is expected to increase by USD 1.56 Billion between the years 2020-2024, as per a report by Businesswire.

The numbers clearly show that the arcade games are here to stay and entertain the players with their chilling adventures and challenges. Check out this list of arcade games for android to find out the best one for you.

Corona Striker

Corona Striker

Are you bored of the same old games? If yes, then Corona Striker on Frolic is the right pick for you. This amazing game on Frolic will charge you positively and boost your feel-good hormones. It includes frantic actions and enough of it to make you addicted to this game. It is among the best arcade games of all time as it is surprisingly engaging and addictive. In this game, you need to shoot a vaccine into the Corona monster to destroy it.

Sounds easy? But trust me, it is not. While shooting the vaccine, you need to be highly careful so that you don't end up hitting the already stuck injections. If you do so, you lose points. This adventure game will give you "hell" of challenges when you try to shoot the vaccine to the corona monster. Play the game right now and time your actions carefully to save the world.

Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars

It is one of the latest arcade games for android and is highly exciting. It features a time limit, so you can either play it with friends or solo across a wide range of game modes in just three minutes. In this game, you need to use a 'brawler' in order to attack the other brawlers and make them weak, bring their health down, and finally destroy them.

You can select from various brawlers with distinctive health, super, and attack. The best part of the game is that you can compete with random online players in different game types like one vs. one, three vs. three, or two vs. two. It is a quick game with tons of action, which will make it your favorite game to kill some time.

Crossy Road

Crossy Road

Crossy Road is one of the best classic arcade games. It is a simple game in which you move your character across different rivers, train tracks, roads, and other such areas. Your main aim in the game is to keep moving your character successfully without being crushed, drowned, or run over.

The game includes different playable characters and online multiplayer support. It is a freemium game; you only need to pay for unlocking advanced playable characters. It's fun, entertaining, and the best example of modern-day arcade games.


best arcade games for android

If you are looking for the best arcade games of all time, then Wave is definitely for you. It is a fantastic' move the ball' game where you need to move the ball from one end to the other using your phone's touch. But it is not as easy as it sounds. The difficult part of the game is that the ball moves in a path similar to that of a wave.

Your aim is to move the ball smoothly without colliding with the obstacles and collect coins in your path to increase your points. This game will not only entertain you but will also enhance your logical and concentration skills.

Wave on Frolic features smooth gameplay, splendid graphics, and user-friendly UI, making it players' favorite. This is the best arcade game to play with your family and create some good family-time memories.

Forza Street

Forza Street

By the name, you might think that it is a racing game. However, it is less of a racing game and more of an arcade game. In this game, the car drives itself; all you need to do is tap different things like NOS or brake to control several things in the car like drift and brake.

It features a bunch of superb cars, excellent graphics, and a story mode to boost engagement. If you are not too much into racing games, you might like this one. The moment-to-moment gameplay of the game is fun which will make you feel like you are playing a rhythm action game. This one is a good game to kill time while having fun.

Super Ninja

best arcade games for android

This kung-fu style game on Frolic is among the best free arcade games for android. Yes, you read it right. You do not have to pay even a single penny to play this arcade game full of action. Your goal is to help the ninja to reach home by crossing different blocks.

The game is not as easy as it sounds. All your ninja can do is jump, which adds to the difficulty level of the game. So, you need to make sure that the ninja jumps with an accurate force so that he can successfully reach the next rocks. A single mistake in the jump and you lose! The lively surroundings and sound effects make it more interesting and addictive. Wondering how to play games on Frolic? Click here to know.



It is a hyper-casual game with exciting and entertaining features. In this classic arcade game, you have to rotate two balls continuously around an axis. That's not it. You have to do it while ensuring that they do not fall from platforms of different shapes and sizes.

The game features both free and paid versions. In the free version of the game, you get campaign mode and exciting goodies. The game will take you on a hypnotic trance of co-dependent balls. With basic rules, mesmerizing soundtrack, and super exciting challenges, the game is legitimately good and fun.

Asphalt 9: Legends

best arcade games for android

This one is among the most popular arcade games for android. With simple controls and sumptuous graphics, it is winning hearts across the globe. The game features tons of story missions, online PvP mode, and superb cars to unlock. There is a lot of stuff in this game that can entertain you for a very long time.

The only drawback of the game is that its free elements can be a little bit aggressive sometimes. However, if you are a fan of racing games, you will definitely enjoy playing this game. This classic arcade game will help you live your racing fantasies.

True Skate

True skate

It is a unique arcade game and is an amazing one if you love skateboarding. Your goal is to play as a disembodied skateboard using your fingers to perform challenging tricks and skate around. The game offers amazing features like replays in slow motion, wear and tear tricks on a skateboard, and a lot more like this.

In the free version of the game, you get some particular areas to skate. You have to unlock the majority of courses and parks with the help of an in-app purchase. In addition to this, you can purchase tons of other such stuff to make the game more fun.

Bubble Shooter

best arcade games for android

It is another amazing free arcade game on Frolic. Bubble shooter will give you hours of fun and enjoyment, matching the bubbles of the same colors and clearing them. This addictive game will let you flaunt your bubble-popping skills by breaking, clashing, and exploding them.

Your main aim in this game is to match three or more bubbles of the same colors to explode them and finally clear the playing field. Make sure to aim well and drop the bigger groups. The rule is simple: you destroy more bubbles, you get more points. With basic rules, smooth gameplay, and decent graphics, the game is best to kill time while having fun. Download this game right now from Frolic, and let the fun begin.

Final Words

Arcade games have always been popular, and even today, they are peoples' favorite. They feature consistent challenges, short playtimes, and basic gameplay. Moreover, they are known for their continuous increase in challenges as the game progresses. This whole thing leads to an enjoyable experience and addictive gameplay. Try out the best arcade games for android today, and tell us about your experience by dropping a comment.

Enjoy the Most Engaging Arcade Games on Frolic

Arcade games are popular worldwide for their addictive gameplay and variety of challenges. If you are looking for a platform with the best arcade games, then look no further. Frolic is a one-stop destination for you.

The platform features excellent arcade games, and you can win real money just by playing them. That's not it. The platform announces exciting offers for the players to ensure a competitive experience. Download Frolic right now and make some money just by playing your favorite arcade games.


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