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The Minecraft version was launched in 2009 as a PC game, and it gained remarkable popularity in no time. The open-world environment, customization, smooth gameplay, and graphics, made people fall in love with it. If you are looking for games similar to Minecraft, you are at the right place. Here is a list of the best games like Minecraft to try right now. 

The competition in Minecraft is entirely up to you; the primary mechanic is that you wander through this World and break down the assets you discover, which permits you to construct your claim structure and weapons. 

There are four modes that you play in the game. In survival, you have a life and must find resources and build while also being on the lookout for enemies. If you want to make it, you can go for creative mode, which gives you access to all the assets within the diversion and permits you to explore the maps.

You can also have adventure mode, where you can build or experience adventure. Minecraft is arguably the biggest survival game of all time. It's not a surprise that it's still hugely popular even today. Minecraft has a unique style in both its look and its mechanics. But Minecraft is not available free of cost, which makes it more peculiar to play.

Best Games Like Minecraft

The surging popularity of Minecraft has made game developers create more similar free games. This gives an excellent idea to check out all the fun with similar themes and features. Continue reading to explore the most exciting and fun games like Minecraft. 

Loki Craft

Loki Craft

Loki Craft is a free version of Minecraft for mobile. It is a survival game that manages to give a creative crafting world where you can build beyond your imagination in an infinite amount of land. 

You will get access to resources from inventory, and create various tools, blocks, and weapons, to build any unique idea that comes to your mind. The game allows you to choose between survival mode and creative mode, to work as an innovative builder, or become a ruthless hunter for survival. 

In creative mode, you can discover new lands by swimming across the sea and finding resources in the limitless World. With more than a hundred blocks, you can create your civilization by building various structures like houses, castles, farms, and many more.

For survival, you have to fulfill your hunger by searching for food, growing crops, and killing mobs to eat. With your creative weapons, you can fight many Monsters and gain valuable resources as a reward. It features monsters, zombies, and giant spiders that come out at night, and you have to survive the night with your skill.



In Eco-city, you will create your civilization with a megacity strategy. It involves the construction of a farm city in Megapolis, where you play as a construction simulator. You will enter a world surrounded by plants and wildlife, where you can harvest material from the environment and build things to sustain yourself, with many choices and activities impacting the natural world around you.

Imagine yourself as a city mayor, where the whole city is under your control. You can turn the World into one that's modernized by constructing a town with its buildings, making a farm, and generally creating infrastructure for your new town or city with transportation, power plants, and places to research new technology. 

Survival Craft

Survival Craft

Developed by Candy Rufus Game, survival Craft is a sandbox survival construction game primarily designed for mobile devices. The concept of this block-building game is that you are stranded upon a deserted island where you must find different ways to survive, facing various challenges in an infinity-generated World.

You can get food, craft clothing, and build a safe shelter to avoid wild animals like lions, tigers, and bears. This game has multiple modes to play.

The harmless mode that doesn't require eating or sleeping, and the total damage is reduced as well as mobs being passive, a challenging mode where it's easy to die, but items will be kept when you come back; cruel mode, which offers you only one life, and adventure mode similar to Minecraft; adventure mode in which you play with other people's map for fun, and also a creative mode which offers all the block to build free.



Unturned is a perfect game where Minecraft collaborates with the zombie apocalypse. Due to this, it has been one of the most popular zombie Survival games on stream for a few years. The game is so basic and easy to run, and it's a lot of fun with a feeling that emulates Minecraft and Roblox.

This game successfully puts you in the shoes of a survivor in the zombie apocalypse, letting you play solo or multiplayer with friends to survive in the wilderness of a vast world.

The challenge is to stay unturned and not to become a part of the living dead as you forage for fruits, hunt for food and fish, plant crops, and generally seek shelter. You will have to deal with enemy players and look to seize control of your base and loot whilst interacting in both friendly and aggressive manners. 

There are tasks to build a secure base, craft a structure from looted supplies and fortify it to protect yourself. The game has some vast worlds and points of interest inspired by the real world. 


Inspired by InfiniMiner and Minecraft, Minetest is becoming more of a stable standalone game as it progresses. Set in a similar style based Minecraft World, this game is being developed by a diverse mix of designers, which offers an exciting alternative to Minecraft. The game has nearly infinite world blocks and is entirely open source with the idea of becoming an extra modular and trendy game. 

Due to the open-source nature of the game, the game was exposed to exciting ideas, making it ever-expanding. In the procedurally generated craft world, you can build beautiful buildings using tools and raw materials and develop constant functionalities in your official build. 


It is vast and has gained much popularity since its early release last year. This game is more detailed than Minecraft, in which you will have to plan the perfect raids and heists in a world that's entirely destructible. You can use any means possible to bust into houses and bases by using weapons like explosives or vehicles to make shortcuts or points of entry.

You will have to use tools to manipulate the environment around you to finish your objectives. There is a campaign mode, sandbox mode, and challenges with full Modding support. This game challenges your smartness and has a great physics system for a fun experience.


Terraria is a more challenging alternative to the Minecraft game that includes the fight for survival, fortune, and glory. The grand universe of Terraria has day-night cycle monsters and simple art styles that make it more advantageous to play.

The game takes all the exploration, crafting, building, and battling that fulfill the Minecraft adventure mode. It begins with a retro 2D landscape, where you will dig for resources and adventure, which get more profound as you play.  

The game has a lot of customization and seasonal-based events and offers costumes with a small amount of content, such as new monsters or items for collection. It has a large variety of enemies at different places and bosses to fight, which makes it a multiple-difficulty game. 

You can play for many hours as it has tremendous scope and depth with short jump and shoot, combat, and an expansive sandbox world. The action is simplistic at first, battling demons and uncovering new materials. Building massive strongholds, taking on multiple boss fights, and surviving exploration through perilous areas are all cooperative multiplayer game objectives.

Dragon Mod

Set in a fancy World dragon, the single-player online co-op game offers a lot. This game lets you build, battle, explore, and gather with up to four-player support in sandbox mode with a single-player campaign.

Although it has a similar cue artsy style of a dragon quest, it has a Minecraft-style cube nature, with the majority of the actual environment being made of Vauxhalls, giving it a unique style. 

The game is a block-building game where you can be the master builder and create some great-looking structures, helping the people of the World to rebuild their destroyed lands and survive on each Island in the game.

Planet Craft: Mine Block Craft

Set in the World of Planet craft, the game is action-based combat with a combination of attacks and special abilities, dodging and aiming with ranged weapons. With a focus on exploration, this game has an RPG theme at its base, in which you can pick between four different classes: warrior, ranger, major, and rogue.

In planet craft, you will craft weapons, armor, and potions, tame or ride pets as mounts and traverse through a nonlinear open world to take quests to explore. There is a lot of lore concerning modern civilizations and magical artifacts. This game has a solo single-player or online multiplayer.


When it comes to the list of games like Minecraft, Roblox has to be on the list. It is one of the most popular multiplayer games, which offers an immersive amount of exciting features. Since the game is built on programming and exposes players to the world of marketing and advertising, it can also be instructive for kids. 

Character customization in this game allows you to make your clothing items and differentiate your character from other players. Construction works through blocks of different colors, sizes, and shapes, which makes it a great Minecraft alternative.



Subnautica is an underwater single-player survival game; it will drop you into an environment where you need to find food, water, and shelter. The game is exclusively based underwater, in which you are free to move up and down in any way.

To survive, it requires air, so very often, you will have to go outside on the surface to breathe and then come back, which keeps this game very intense for an extended amount of time. This game has no combat; you will only have a knife to mine different resources.

But there are monster enemies in this game, and you have two options when you see something unifying that wants to kill you: to hide from them or run away from them or not approach them when you see them. The game is about unlocking technology by finding out story bits, and you need to find a way to get out or at least find other survivors.


Forager is a cutesy pixel art crafting game all about mining, exploring, and forging on a single small island. It is a survival crafting game where you will level up your character and fight through dungeons to complete all the feasts.

The game starts with a few objectives to teach you the basics like building the furnace, building a forge, and then taking the reins. The Island only spawns a finite amount of resources at a time, most of which are trees. To make a few structures, you need to break one resource, and another will randomly pop up. 

In the beginning, the Island is small, but as you earn gold to buy land, the map will expand, which is interesting to explore. It is easily solvable by adding a difficulty setting to the game. This is a great game for new gamers with very few complicated mechanics, such as losing a task sets you back to your previous save, and you can begin again. 

Portal Knights

Portal Knights

Portal Knights is another action RPG game with third-person combat on different levels. With a combination of crafting and action gameplay, it has more traditional characters like enemy bosses, monsters, and guardians of other clusters. It will step you into a fantastic unknown 3D sandbox world to craft your adventure, forge your hero and become an ultimate portal Knight. 

There are many features like base building, combat, mining, etc. The game begins with a selection of characters, where you can customize from standard options and choose a class from several types of categories like warrior, mage, ranger, and rogue.

There are several levels; for each group, you must find a portal and put portal stones inside. Each portal requires six portal rocks for it to work. You must craft portal stones with portal shards from killing mobs or mining. 

Portal Knight is more complex with tasks and, at the same time, very simple to use skills and weapons to attack enemies. All skills, spells, weapons, and tools used are easily accessible while in combat.



Mythruna is a widely recognized game that attempts to combine different game genres, such as crafting and building role-playing in the sandbar world. At first, it began the same as other sandbox games, but it is more than a Minecraft clone, as it provides a unique gaming experience. This game has no limitations; you can do whatever you want, from finding a ship with its crew and building an enormous city, which is entirely your choice.

You can quickly create and build anything using 3d cubes, different materials, and elements. It is an endless world made of blocks, where digging and mining can be done to implement a crafting system.

Scrap Mechanic

Scrap Mechanic is a very creative multiplayer sandbox game. It has three default playable modes: challenge mode, survival, and creative mode. Each of the methods presents a unique way to play the game. It will allow you to explore a world. At the same time, you can engineer your adventure, using all the hundred-plus building parts to create anything from intricate transforming vehicles to moving houses. 

The challenge mode is excellent for learning the game's building mechanics; you can go through each stage with a buddy as the game can turn hilarious if you mess up just one cable and fly to the sky. The creative mode allows you to build and design vehicles that you want in any sense. 

It also provides race tracks, launch pads, and many other fun activities that will enable you to test different cars. The need for survival in this game pushes us to become extra imaginative and make elaborate plans for different machines. Building scraps mechanic is the ideal title for intensive gamers.


The list of games like Minecraft is incomplete with Rust. It is a game where you can exercise your survival skills by building your primitive living quarters that will gradually be upgraded to more advanced as you start to uncover ways of creating new and improved tools and materials.

The game will take you into the wilderness with nothing but a rock that serves as both a weapon and a gathering tool. Using a stone, you can chop down trees and gather rocks to build a rudimentary shelter while keeping an eye on hunger, thirst, and health gauges. You have to be resourceful and think of ways to create a better life for yourself. Rust doesn't deviate much from the standard survival formula founding game.

Stardew Valley

‍Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley combines farm simulation with RPG elements to create an intriguing, absorbing rural world. It has farm maps that offer players the ability to monitor Stardew Valley. Each of the farm's designs shows different types of work like farming, fishing, foraging, mining, and combat.   

It has a fantastic addition of a multilayer that allows you to start a new farm or add up to three players to your established farm. You can explore mining and farming and learn more about its intriguing town.

New items, building, farm-type events, relationships with farmers, and multiplayer give it a better foundation. Every new Season brings an enjoyable pace with varying weather, crop types, and fun festivals that keep it engaging.

Lost Miners

Lost Miners

Lost Miner is a sandbox game with challenging crafting and endurance games with interactivity. The game has a reassuring 2D and 3D visual style with polished pixel graphics.

The game takes place in the rundown old farm of miners, where you can turn the business around by collecting and crafting. In the match Lost Miner, your goal is to endure as long as possible in a dangerous environment. The game offers local multiplayer as well as offline creative and survival modes.

You can do everything you need in a procedurally generated, pixelated, and entirely obliterative universe. You can destroy blocks, build houses, ranches, and animal homesteads, hack trees, create new things, amass wealth, go fishing, ride an ostrich, milk cows, and engage in combat with beasts. You can also dig and explore the intimate details of an irregular underground, try to survive in various biomes, and gain access to privileged information.

Craft the World

It is a sandbox strategy Game where you get to explore a randomly generated world to build fortresses, gather resources, and craft a myriad of valuable weapons and items. It is an extensive open-world game where you can put together the most clever contraption and structure you think of. 

Anything from building blocks to castles and cities can be created in a pro-3D version of the World. This is a game where the only limitation might be your imagination.

Pixel World

Pixel World

Developed by Kukouri Mobile Entertainment, Pixel world is an online massively multiplayer social sandbox indie game where you can build, craft, and play. The game has mine resources, blocks, props, and others to create your unique pixel art. You can join your friends in amazing adventures and collect gems and other items that will help you fight in dungeons.

Additionally, you can edit your character, fight against other players in PVP worlds or play exciting dungeons. You can also compete in worlds created by other players or make your adventure for others to enjoy. You can also find mini-games made by the community to win and collect prizes.


Minecraft has a unique style in its visualization and mechanics; that's why it is still hugely popular. Here are alternatives to the Minecraft game you could play with your friends and enjoy. We hope the listed games are something you are looking for.


Dragon Quest Builders 2 is a Minecraft clone with many more features than its original game, similar to Terraria. It is a block-based builder identical to Minecraft, complete with hundreds of recipes.

Trove is a sizable free-to-play multiplayer online game that heavily imitates Minecraft's immersive gameplay. In this game, a player can select from various character classes and set out on an adventure across dangerous lands.

Terraria (Opens in a new window) is a randomly generated 2D side-scrolling game similar to Minecraft, where you can explore, craft, and engage in combat. Despite the similarities, the game has boss fights, magic, and other elements that make it more action-oriented.


A video game genre known as a "sandbox" has a gameplay aspect that gives the player much creative freedom to interact with, without any specified goals or goals they set for themselves.

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