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Having a good time with an iPad game doesn't have to cost a fortune. While it's true that many of the best iPad games are paid in-app purchases, there are still a good number of enjoyable iPad games that don't cost a dime. 

Are there any chances that you'll encounter advertisements? Of course, buddy, you know that nothing comes without a price. However, if you have an iPad, plenty of entertaining games are available for no cost that may keep you occupied in a waiting room or just lounging around the house.

It's no secret that the most incredible iPads, despite their excellent performance, are somewhat pricey. If you're enjoying gaming, you won't break the bank thanks to the abundance of free options on iOS. Puzzle games, racing games, platform games, and more: we have you covered with our best free iPad games listings.

25 Best Free iPad Games

Here is a list of the 25 best free iPad games for you:


Cribbage Online

You're in for a treat with Cribbage, a timeless card game that offers a unique blend of strategy and chance. Your goal? Rack up points through different card combinations and race to be the first to hit that 121-point mark. But the excitement doesn't just end there; it's about outthinking your opponent and making the most of the cards you're dealt. 

Head over to Cribbage Online on your iPad. Not only can you challenge yourself with various difficulty levels, but if you're new to the game or need a refresher, there's a handy guide to help you out. Dive in and enjoy the exciting challenge that Cribbage offers!



Ready to delve into a game that mixes strategy, teamwork, and a little bit of prediction? Try Spades, a trick-taking card game where partnership and precise bidding are the keys to victory. 

Create your strategy after assessing your hand, predict how many rounds you'll win, and then try to make that exact number, all while the spade suit reigns supreme as the ultimate trump. 

Sounds fun, right? If you're looking for a dose of this excitement on the go, simply hop onto Spades.co on your iPad. Challenge your skills, and see if you've got what it takes to outsmart your opponents. Enjoy!

Among Us

Among us

Do you recall the good old days of playing Mafia and Werewolf at actual parties? You and your pals can still enjoy this type of social deduction game regardless of whether you are all in the same place. In Among Us, several crew members of a malfunctioning spaceship work together to find a solution to the problem. 

However, we are saboteurs whose only goal is to eliminate the crew.

Call a meeting if you see anything unusual, like a body, and talk about possible suspects. 

If you receive the most votes, you are ejected through the airlock. If the crew member is an imposter, the astronauts will win. If not, the game continues. It's a good time, and the short rounds make it easy to play.

If you like to play games like Among Us, check out our blog on games like Among Us.

Sky: Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the light

Sky, which takes Journey's gorgeous 3D vistas and exploration-oriented gameplay and opens it up for massively multiplayer experiences, practically makes the highly renowned Journey available on iPad obsolete. 

You are one of a group of young people on an adventure who are trying to bring new life to a kingdom that has all but given up hope. One way to accomplish this is to retrieve and reinstate sky-dwelling stars that have fallen to Earth. It's a lot to ask of a group of kids, but at least they get to solve problems together.

Sky's quirkiness in this regard might be annoying, hilarious, or simply mind-blowing. You and your temporary buddy may come to a situation where you need to open a door that two people can only spread. Occasionally, someone will grab your hand and lead you on a group adventure to the clouds. 

The Sky is distinctive because of its fluidity and liberating sense of possibility. While it can be frustrating not to know how to break through the next barrier or to jump when it's raining buckets, and it's freezing outside, few games can compare to Sky in terms of the sense of unrestrained joy you have when you're flying or sliding down slopes on your heels.

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR

the king fighters allstars

Because traditional brawlers don't do well on mobile devices, developers frequently produce Beat Street, a one-thumb fighting game, or Transformers: Forged to Fight, a simplified Tappy fighting game. While most fighting games on PC can't hold a candle to their console counterparts, ALLSTAR is an exception that manages to pack enough of a punch to satisfy fans of the genre.

This game is based on the popular namesake franchise, a side-on brawler in the spirit of Double Dragon, Final Fight, and Renegade. You can't go a minute without being surrounded by lowlifes who could use a swift kick in the shin. When you've defeated them without taking any damage yourself, you'll be ready to face the boss. 

Despite lacking the joystick-fired combinations synonymous with King of Fighters, ALLSTAR still packs a lot of depth. Touch controllers execute impressive special maneuvers. Players can choose between an automated system and manual control to suit their preferences and skill levels.

Grind is present, as it is in most iPad brawlers, and the game's menu system and currency are overly complicated. The vast screen of the iPad makes touch controls responsive in the heat of street combat, and the game's impressive visuals and exciting gameplay make it a strong contender for the title of the greatest fighter on the iPad.

Williams Pinball

Williams pinball

Williams Pinball is authentic and excellent. This program offers realistic lighting and dynamics to reproduce traditional pinball tables. You must find the table's rules and hidden stuff to beat the top score table. Who reads instructions?

This app is by Zen Studios, which makes animatronic tables. Here, you can apply effects to famous Williams songs, resulting in an army guy shooting UFOs in Attack From Mars or a disgruntled dragon spouting fire in Medieval Madness.

Due to unlock, you must play pinball. You gain XP and cash by completing daily tasks on opened tables. It takes a long time to get tables to level four. 

You grind by playing classic pinball, which is excellent, and the challenges are typically score-attacks with infinite balls, letting you understand a table's secrets. Attack From, The Getaway, Mars, and Medieval Madness are good first choices.



Oddmar demonstrates that the iPad can rival "real" game consoles in platforming games. Also, Super Cat Tales 2 provides a different perspective by eschewing traditional platform gameplay instead of focusing on touch controls. It seems OCO doesn't think that's basic enough and instead offers an experience that would make Jony Ive take a second look. 

Each level is a spinning circle in this minimalistic universe, and your auto-running block can only jump by tapping the screen. When trying to collect as much gold as possible, timing is of the essence. Do this quickly or with a few hops, and you'll be awarded after completing the level.

It may not seem like much, but OCO's refined taste and meticulous execution make up a formidable force. Sure, you can force your way through much of the game, but the real prize is in matching OCO's grace, in discovering how a level you just leaped a dozen times may be completed in a mere two leaps. 

In addition to the 135 pre-set levels, the game's level editor allows for virtually infinite replay value. Make your own OCO treats, or explore the many already made by other users.

Mosaic Chronicles

Mosaic chronicles

It takes a lot for a digital jigsaw puzzle to get our attention. Old-fashioned ones fall short because they can't compare to the real thing in terms of touch. We'd rather struggle with physical pieces on a tabletop than their digital counterparts on a tablet. But Mosaic Chronicles' puzzles look like stained glass, so it's already a more appealing option.

The premise is that you're reading a story in which Olga Gromyko plays a significant role. The story itself is fine, but the visuals make this piece worthwhile. You get to look at one that has already been finished, just before it is destroyed. After that, it's up to you to do anything with those individual bits, as you can do whatever you want with them in the main canvas area.

The iPad is required for this game. Puzzle solving on anything less than an iPhone Pro Max is an idea that gives us the willies. But with a tablet, you can play around, organize the parts, and maybe begin putting them together. 

Thankfully, the game does not require pinpoint accuracy in placing or lending a helping hand. Even jigsaw puzzle experts should spend several hours immersed in Mosaic Chronicles, thanks to the unusual pieces that make the game seem distinct from a standard puzzle.



Humans are out of resources on Earth, so they're plundering another planet. Good job, guys! But how to carry all the goodies? Teleportation! The automated system doesn't know how to make a teleporter. So you start by constructing extractors to rip down trees and transport the logs via conveyor belts to a laboratory. 

Once enough reach the brain, new tech is unlocked. Research is stimulated when raw materials are sent to various workshops and machine shops, combining them to produce new products.

It's like a real-time Civilization tech tree coupled with a Mini Metro map "reshaping" The game may be murky at first. Learning the interface and game idea takes time. Bewilderment is a no-risk game you're encouraged to experiment with. 

Pay attention to the minute details (like directional arrows on structures) on the iPad's giant screen. Who knows if you'll be able to produce "Earth tokens" in a continent-spanning plant? You'll have fun trying.

Casual Metaphysics

casual metaphysics

The page promoting Casual Metaphysics in the App Store contains empty platitudes about enlightenment and spiritual progress. Nothing in this game makes sense, and we have no idea what's happening. 

Casual Metaphysics is, at its heart, a match game, albeit it's not as simple as exchanging gems to create a row of three. Instead, shapes exist freely in space, and you combine them to make new ones. A chain is formed if the item in question may be joined to another like one. With persistence, you can gain a lot of points.

After you've had your turn, though, things take a strange turn. Your adversary is a hand with bright colors on the opposite side of the screen. You're going to be trading blows, but at first, you'll have some early successes. On the other hand, as you go through the game's stages, the shapes become more intricate, making it more challenging to discover matches. 

This is problematic because waiting around causes your score to decrease over time. The iPad's larger screen offers a more impressive visual experience and allows for more precise drag-and-drop operations. However, if you can beat the AI enough, you'll gain access to local multiplayer, which is a blast on a larger screen.

Shadowgun Legends

shadowgun legends

The only time first-person shooters and touchscreens come up in the same sentence is when someone is trying to be funny about how bad they are on touchscreens. You can't beat the accuracy of a gamepad or keyboard for shooting, and a glass screen just can't compare. You can now enjoy the high-octane first-person shooter Shadowgun Legends on the iPad.

The game's success lies in its awareness of its constraints. You can move and aim using your thumbs. All enemies in your line of sight will be automatically shot by autofire. Push buttons activate functions like unlocking doors and firing sentry weapons. There is an emphasis on efficiency. 

The lackluster storyline, alien enemies, and linear objectives. All can have fun as characters spend their "downtime" running amok, blowing up anything in sight, or playing online shooters.

You'll hit a wall where you can only progress by paying real money for additional in-game items, such as extra storage space. Shadowgun Legends is surprisingly the most excellent game for the iPad, and it's free!

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Dashy Crashy

dashy crashy

You may think Dashy Crashy is just another lane-based survival game where you swipe to avoid traffic and score as many points as possible before your smashy demise. But this is a more brilliant endless runner. Looks and sounds great. There's a breezy tune, the chirpy narrator (a sat-nav? ), and sharp images. The automobiles and day/night cycle look excellent as you drive along a long, straight road.

Dashy Crashy's variety makes a simple game stand out. As you play, additional automobiles are randomly given as prizes, but each has unique abilities. Drive a school bus and receive extra points for math. The cement mixer hides a fruit machine. A "Dinosaur" jeep chases green giants down the road.

Multitouch support lets you travel fast across many lanes; you can boost for more speed. Special events drive you to react quickly to a pileup or a TARDIS knocking everything off its way. These changes make Dashy Crashy strategically superior and more profound than its competitors; it's also more entertaining to play.

PewPew Live

pewpew live

For a long time, the iPad was the sole home of retro twin-stick shooters where your only goal was to kill as many enemies as possible before you, too, died. 2112! Astounding! Stormmutant! Changed Dimensions! Shoebox blasters don't die out on the App Store, thanks to PewPew Live.

Each of PewPew Live's five-game modes puts a unique take on the classic arcade shooter genre. The goal of Waves is to destroy enemy vessels. Asteroids is an updated version of a timeless game. In a fury, you'll use twin-stick controls to blast enemies and dodge bullets at the same time. 

Eskil has littered its arena with rocks that must be avoided to honor Bit Pilot. Hexagon is a racing game in which players must make their way around a six-sided arena in search of bonuses.

The quick games on PewPew Live are brutal. iPad makes the material stand out with its vivid graphics and the fact that thumbs rarely obscure text. Despite the small size (6MB), there is a tonne of playable content. This is the best iPad app to relive the glory days of arcade gaming.


spell tower+

Gameplay and word games meet in SpellTower+. It's like a crossword puzzle stacked up against you in Tower mode. Word tiles dislodge and drop into the open spaces when a word is pulled off the screen and submitted. Repeat until you can't add any more text.

In certain games, a series of letters appear after each action or beside a countdown clock. If your stack of letters reaches the death line, the game will finish like in Tetris. Daily Search mode allows you one chance to build a word using starred and gold double-score tiles.

If you've ever played SpellTower from 2011, a lot of stuff will sound very familiar. SpellTower+ is essentially the same game as before but optimized for modern devices and incorporating a new feature called the Daily Search. The iPad version of SpellTower no longer features its unique scoring system or format. All of the worlds can be explored at will. The rest of this great game is available for a one-time IAP purchase.

First Strike

first strike

If Missile Command and Risk had a baby, First Strike would be the result. Every global powerhouse is perilously close to activating a nuclear warhead. When first emerging, each power had only a tiny area, limited resources, and outdated technologies at its disposal. Develop your realm, create weapons and armor, conduct research on cutting-edge technology, and destroy your enemies before you perish.

This is not an easy task. Superpowers can still have half their land destroyed by a nuclear first strike if they aren't paying close enough attention. Using stealth bombers and long-range nuclear weapons does not guarantee safety from overextension. The single-player mode of First Strike is fascinating, exciting, and terrifying. If you'd prefer to battle real people than the computer, you can do so in multiplayer mode.

A premium game that deserves more attention than First Strike received was released. The game that encourages you to destroy the planet and never lets you forget its misery is now available at no cost, so there's no need to avoid it.

Super Fowlst 2

super fowlst 2

Though you may root for the lone chicken facing up against demonic forces in this third and final Fowlst novel, you cannot help but enjoy this series' triumphant conclusion. 

The gameplay is similar to Fowlst and Super Fowlst, with the player controlling the chicken's left and right flaps by touching the screen of their iPads, while also headbutting demons and gathering coins to purchase powerups.

Indeed. This fearless hen is equipped with heat-seeking missiles and exploding eggs. As the game progresses, the monsters you see evolve from stumbling fools to crazed bosses that race across the screen, spewing carnage. 

The classic aesthetic of Super Fowlst 2 shines brightly and realistically on the iPad, and the larger display means your opponents can't hide from you. It's like an original arcade game from the 1980s, but on your touchscreen device. And that's not even factoring in the mechanical protection your chicken may have.

Dungeons of Dreadlock

dungeons of dreadlock

Instantly, Dreadlock feels like a game you've played before. A cheesy prologue introduces a formulaic storyline. Dungeon! Mistreatment! The goal of helpful sibling Tile-based dungeons is to make it to the end of the maze without getting killed. Yawn.

However, the Dreadlock Dungeons are incredible. This isn't the result of any single design choice. It has a vintage vibe that's hip. Generating Laughs: (if sometimes a little too much profanity). Defeat enemies and unravel mysteries to progress. The intellect it possesses is what separates it from the rest.

The familiar parts are what make Dreadrock fun to play. Soon after starting, you'll successfully outwit an ogre. You probably shouldn't count on the monster following you across multiple screens. In other areas, the game's uniqueness and unexpected vitality come from its subtle easter eggs and devious design. One should not feel any dread for this match.

The Battle of Polytopia

the battle of polytopia

You may compare The Battle of Polytopia (originally Super Tribes) to early versions of Civilization. So, in a way, yeah. You're the tyrannical king of an isometric planet. Learning about new technologies and managing resources is necessary to gain access to more robust units. After 30 rounds, the winning tribe is the one with the most points or the most kills.

Fast-paced independence for Polytopia. With low-poly visuals, the presentation varied frequently. In addition, new methods were essential for the speedrun mode of Civilization. Adding new tribes, each with their technology and units, upped the variety and kept things interesting. At the same time, the game's minimalistic aesthetic made it a natural fit for the iPhone. Version 2 of Polytopia is optimized for the iPad. Larger maps have a more dramatic impact and need more time to play. Maps that can change with the times keep the reader interested. The instant gratification, humor, and charm of Polytopia may sway you away from Civilization VI on your iPad.

Asphalt 9: Legends

asphalt 9

Any pretense that the Asphalt series cared about realism is now entirely out of the picture. Instead, you can expect larger-than-life high-octane racing, where your car is routinely thrown through the air that would make the ordinary mechanic shriek in fear.

However, Asphalt 9 takes a very different approach to the weird, with its 'TouchDrive' control scheme that simplifies careening around a race circuit, primarily by letting the game itself deal with steering. The default controls involve tapping and swiping lanes to change lanes, performing stunts, drifting, and boosting; a "manual" mode is hidden away in the options.

If you're a racing game veteran, you're undoubtedly horrified at this thought. However, it unexpectedly proves to be a brilliant piece of work. Sure, the result is far from a "real" racing game, but it still manages to combine the thrill of racing with some puzzle-solving when the player figures out how to cross the finish line first. And when you do, you'll find a wealth of material to explore, including some of the most jaw-droppingly stunning visuals ever seen in an iPad racing game.

Super Cat Tales 2

super cat tales 2

The control limitations plaguing iPad platform games make their quality inconsistent. Only fully programmable (unusual) iPads or those with banana fingers will have consistently responsive on-screen controls (hopefully more rare). Because of the game's simplified control scheme, Super Cat Tales 2 has none of that.

While playing, you have a firm grasp on your iPad in both hands. Simply grab the left or right side of the screen to achieve this. To run faster, tap the screen twice; you'll automatically jump when you get close to a ledge. A player with two thumbs may climb walls, jump across borders, and destroy foes with the yellow tanks they've left lying around.

You might wish there was a "jump" button at first. In Super Cat Tales 2, the developer accepts the game's restrictions by making brilliant choreography a necessity. It's already one of the best mobile platforms, but now you can add secret areas and other settings (like underwater and train levels), and it's unbeatable.

Missile Command: Recharged

missile command

When thinking of classic video games, Missile Command may not come to mind as quickly as Pac-Man or Space Invaders. Defending against incoming ballistic missiles is a thrilling experience. Instead of the usual "game over" message, "the end" appeared after you died. To what extent can you "recharge" Missile Command on your iPad? The latest iteration emphasizes speed over strategy. Missiles will fire out of a silo at you at random as you aim. It is possible to improve your weaponry as well.

Recharged is a good choice if you're an old hand and you're not looking for slavish recreations. The touchscreen, rather than more conventional controls, is the center of its high-octane excitement. 

The iPad version is excellent, with bright neon graphics and an expanded screen that facilitates strategic bullet placement for setting off chains of events. The game's augmented reality virtual arcade cabinet brings a touch of 1980s nostalgia. It's fantastic, but it's not easy to use with your iPad held up to your face. The default setting of Recharged is chill.



The video game Astalo is one of those rare, exceptional titles that hardly anyone knows about. It's a fast-paced hack-and-slash game with a traditional level-based structure. Moving from level to level, you wipe off any enemies you find. The next wave of foes will come on a brand new platform.

Since there are many levels, the challenges increase as you move further. Every single one of these places has its unique collection of monsters. Two warriors are available at the outset, with more becoming available as you progress.

The game's perspective and general hack-and-slash mechanics remind me of Bleak Sword, a highly regarded title in the Apple Arcade. It's just that Astalo isn't quite as challenging as other languages. Because of this, we'll let you in on a few secrets before you unleash your fury upon your enemies.

Pokemon Unite

pokemon unite

Modern multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games are among the most engaging multiplayer game types available. Intense competition, thrilling action, and a tonne of fun are guaranteed. There's a new game out there that's been getting a lot of attention, and if you're a lover of multiplayer online battle arenas, you'll love it. Instead of fighting alongside traditional heroes, you'll be pitted against trainers and their Pokémon. Find out more about Pokémon UNITE if you haven't already.

When it was released in July of 2021, it was immediately recognized as a groundbreaking creation by the Pokémon Company. The game features a 5v5 multiplayer online battle arena mode in which players can use Pokémon to take out their opponents' bases. But this is no ordinary multiplayer online battle arena; your team's success depends on your efforts toward a specific objective.

To win Pokémon UNITE, you must first defeat your opponent's Pokémon. Besides the objective, players can also participate by capturing different Pokémon. The fantastic thing is that Pokémon can develop to become more powerful in battle. All in all, it's a great game that you should enjoy playing with your online training partners.

If you are interested in playing Pokemon game, check out our blog on the best Pokemon games

Angry Birds: Isle of Pigs

angry birds

The 3D puzzle game Angry Birds: Isle of Pigs is a throwback to the original Angry Birds games. As in previous Angry Birds games, the objective is to use a slingshot to hurl birds towards Minion Pigs and destroy them. The Minion Pigs inhabit mansions made of wood, glass, and stone. 

The player has three birds in their arsenal. There are four playable birds, and they all have special abilities. A level Failed screen will appear if the player does not successfully pop all the pigs in the class. If so, they'll be awarded a passing grade and either one, two, or three stars.

Similar to previous games, the action takes place from the first-person perspective in 3D space. They will hold the slingshot in one hand and use the other to aim and release birds in virtual reality. Players have more leeway regarding where they stand and how they launch birds in this version. The player's camera is constantly in use in the augmented reality variant. The player's in-game position can be changed by physically moving the player's iPad.

Threes! Free

threes! free

When it comes to iOS puzzle games, Threes! is without a peer. The gameplay of Threessimple! Revolves around mixing cards on a square grid. Those little extras are what set Threes! Apart.

For a numerical match. A third digit, 3, is formed by adding the blue "1" and the red "2." Two 3s = 6. Two 6s = 12. As you play, the unblocked tiles will slide with each action. This can lead to multiple mergers in a single action if you're lucky or have prepared ahead, or it can create chaos if you haven't. Each turn results in a new card placed on the board from the edge you swiped, making for some strategic thinking.

As soon as you get the hang of Threes!, you won't be able to stop playing it. You'll be captivated by observing how higher-numbered cards improve your score (and their distinct personalities). 

The free-to-play option is also quite liberal, granting the player three more games after seeing a video advertisement. As a result, the game is better able to compete with similar "Threes" titles. The premium version of Threes was eliminated by App Store clones (sometimes called 1024 or 2048). We suggest you enjoy the original at no cost to you.

Genshin Impact

genshin impact

In GENSHIN IMPACT, they perform tasks to save their twin. Players wander with Paimon, a fairy sidekick, and collect food, leveling materials, and other supplies. They can also contain characters with various skills for combat. Locals give game advice in discussions. Players can access new regions and adventures by interacting with characters and activities.

Impressive game controls. Players can climb rocks, leap, sprint, and traverse various terrain by circling their fingers around a joystick or tapping buttons. They can zoom in and out to see the environment in three dimensions.

Genshin Impact is notable for its great graphics and visuals, which include moving grass that sways as you walk through it, flickering candles, and animated-like character voices and movements. Paimon, who travels with you, can be monotonous because she refers to herself in the third person and isn't always helpful or friendly. Many exchanges yield vital information, and gamers can acquire playable characters with unique skills. 

The app provides guidance, and users frequently come across resources or helpful individuals. Yet, users may occasionally feel lost in what to do. With so many complex places to explore and activities, players may spend hours in Genshin Impact's fantasy universe, which may be its biggest flaw. Parents may wish to limit how long their youngster can explore Teyvat's lands in one sitting to limit screen usage.



Meets X is a familiar mechanic in mobile games. You may make something fresh and exciting by fusing two established game genres. Similar to sparrows. No, we'd rather not have yet another iPad version of Mahjong or Scrabble, but could we please have them combined? OK. The letters here are lozenges of various hues. More letters become available as you use them to form words, and bonus tiles can increase your score.

Two and a half free modes are available in Sparrows. For the timed round, you have 60 seconds to rack up points. The tension-building game Movements does away with the countdown and caps your moves at 15. Select from several different puzzle configurations and then fill them with tiles in the puzzle. Calm but fun for those who like word puzzles. The aesthetic is also quite well done, with striking tiles and cute little sparrows decorating the menu. And thus, it's tweetable.


For your gaming experience, we hope the following list of the best free iPad games greatly assists you. The iPad, like always, is equipped with many valuable features. Everyone can find something they like, from Quick Notes for the iPad to the top free games available. Do you have any more recommendations for games that would be great to include? Describe it in the space provided below.


It's a common question: "What is the best iPad game of all time?" The best answer depends heavily on your preferences and the types of games you enjoy playing. Some people's favorite iPad games are role-playing games, while others find that adventure games or puzzles are more their speed.

You might think the graphics are starting to look a little old-fashioned in Asphalt 9: Legends, considering the game was published in 2018. The arcade racing classic is as fun as ever, with stunningly realistic vehicle models and a wide selection of exciting courses to race on. A new season of Asphalt 9: Legends kicked up in 2021 and has already been nominated for many awards. On the App Store, it has an impressive 4.8 rating.

Remember that many free-to-play games provide additional content through in-app purchases—video games of many stripes, including puzzle, racing, and platform varieties. The widely played and freely available ones include PUBG, AFTERMATH, AMONG US, OCO, PewPwe LIVE, and many more.

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