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Best Gacha Games you must Try in 2022

Best Gacha Games

Similar to loot boxes, gacha games encourage players to spend in-game money to purchase randomly chosen in-game objects. In general, you can get some in-game money by playing the game and other money by paying the game's publisher directly with real money.

The majority of mobile games that use the Gacha model are free-to-play (F2P) titles. The early 2010s saw a rise in the popularity of the gacha gaming paradigm, especially in Japan. It is widely used in Japan's top-grossing mobile games and has firmly established itself in the nation's culture. Continue reading to explore the best gacha games. 

Best Gacha Games to Try Right Now

Along with Western games, Chinese and Korean games are also increasingly using the gaming mechanism. Despite their widespread use, gacha games have come under fire for being addictive and are sometimes equated to gambling due to the temptation to spend real money on rewards that depend on chance. Owing to the gacha games' popularity, here are some of the best gacha games which you will surely love.

Another Eden

Another Eden

A free-to-play role-playing video game called Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space was created and released by Wright Flyer Studios. Masato Kato, a writer, and Yasunori Mitsuda, a music composer, who both worked on the role-playing games in the Chrono and Xenogears series, collaborated on the game.

The game places little emphasis on social interactions and log-in benefits, despite being a mobile game developed on the GREE platform. There are in-app purchases for in-game goodies, but the game is free to play. The main plot of the game includes 84 chapters and is constantly expanding. It involves the player traveling through the past, present, and future at various points during gameplay.

The game mostly functions like a side-scrolling JRPG, but there are occasionally opportunities for full 3D movement. To move forward in the game, the user controls a playable character directly and interacts with non-playable characters. Turn-based battles are used to play out encounters with adversarial characters.

The player can choose to spend "Chronos Stones" to acquire a wider cast of characters to utilize throughout the game, while new characters will naturally join the party and strengthen it throughout the game. Players can bet each style for various characters in the "Star Dreaming Hall" by using "Chronos Stones," which can be earned naturally from playing the game or purchased through in-app purchases.

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A tactical RPG and tower defense game called Arknights was created by Hypergryph in China, which is another free-to-play game on the list. Gacha game mechanics are present in Arknights, which can be played on both iOS and Android devices.

With several characters ("operators") acting as towers, the main gameplay is similar to that of a tower defense game. Operators for melee combat and ranged combat can be set up on elevated tiles, respectively. Ranged operators inflict ranged damage, heal, or provide additional support for melee operators while blocking the path of adversaries physically.

To stop the adversary from entering the player's base, players must position operators on the proper tiles. Once deployed, an operator's talents can be triggered for special effects after a certain amount of time, or players can be withdrawn for redeployment.

Arknights is also considered a puzzle game because there are frequently very few workable solutions, particularly at great difficulties. The game can be paused, and time slows down while directions are given, so quick reflexes are not necessary; instead, tactical thought and foresight are required throughout gameplay.

Bleach Brave Souls

Bleach Brave Souls

KlabGames created and released Bleach: Brave Souls, a free-to-play game with Always-on DRM. It was released on Android and iOS in Japan in July 2015 and globally in January 2016; it takes place in the Bleach universe. By May 2019, the game had received around 40 million downloads already.

The game includes a story, cooperative (PvE), and PVP modes. It is a real-time, beat-'em-up action game with role-playing components. The game is available for free, with the opportunity to buy in-game items to advance more quickly.

Numerous collectible characters that may be leveled up and deployed in battle are included. Tite Kubo, the creator of the Bleach television series, created artwork for a variety of distinct character variants for the game, including some for the game's critically acclaimed official spinoff sequel, Can't Fear Your World.

A 2022 anime adaptation of the Bleach manga's Thousand-Year Blood War will feature characters and plotlines from the game as well. The Japanese pop group Hello Sleepwalkers' song can be heard throughout the game.

Fate Grand Order

Fate Grand Order

The game is based on the tale of Fate/Stay Night by Type-Moon. The game revolves around turn-based combat in which the player, who assumes the role of a "Master," summons as well as commands powerful familiars known as "Servants" to fight enemies. The story is narrated through a visual novel, and each servant has a scenario that the player can explore.

The gacha technique is used to acquire servants. The game is the seventh highest-grossing mobile game of all time as of July 2021. The player assumes the role of a "Master" and commands a group of individuals known as "Servants," who are historical, literary, and amazing mythological figures from various cultures.

In each battle, the player commands a party of up to six servants, three active members, and three reserve members. Each servant has skills and talents that can be used before drawing command cards; each skill has effects in battle, and a special command card called "Noble Phantasm" comes into the picture when the gauge is full. Moreover, the "Master" also has a separate set of splendid skills and special abilities known as "Command Spells." They have a variety of effects and recharge based on real-world time.

Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes

A free-to-play tactical role-playing game called Fire Emblem Heroes was created by Intelligent Systems and released by Nintendo for Android and iOS. Numerous "Best Mobile Game" accolades and nominations were given to Fire Emblem Heroes. It is Nintendo's highest-grossing mobile game as of 2020 and has taken in over $656 million worldwide.

It is a role-playing game with an 8x6 grid battlefield; players command a team of up to four characters known as "Heroes" as they battle various enemy teams. Movement constraints vary depending on the character; for instance, cavalry units cannot penetrate woodland tiles, whereas armored units have a limited range.

Every turn, the game rigidly switches between a player phase and an opponent phase. Heroes who are in the range of an enemy character during the player's phase can attack that character; if the attacker and defender have the same range, the defender will counterattack if they are still alive.

In general, the player uses precise character locations on the map to tempt opponent units into unfair match-ups. There is no element of chance or unpredictability in combat, unlike in prior Fire Emblem games; instead, character interactions and enemy AI are both deterministic, ensuring that a particular plan will always either succeed or fail.

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

It is a free-to-play role-playing game that Square Enix made available for iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire devices. The Final Fantasy spinoff game is the first time Square-Enix and Alim have collaborated on a project.

The turn-based role-playing game Brave Exvius combines aspects from the Final Fantasy series with those from the earlier Alim title Brave Frontier. Similar to Brave Frontier, the fighting system has a condensed user interface where players may direct their characters to attack by touching the attack button for that character, and special attacks or items can be employed by swiping the button and selecting the desired command.

Additionally, the game incorporates aspects from the Final Fantasy series, including magic spells, limit breaches unique to each character, and the summoning of monsters (referred to as "Espers"). Pixel art is used to present the characters.

Players can summon characters from previous Final Fantasy and Brave Frontier games as part of the game's gacha system. The rarity of summons ranges from 1 to 5 stars, with the ability to upgrade to 6 and 7 stars limited for summons with a base rarity of 5 stars. Then, players can create unique parties of five units using those characters. Additionally, they have the option of recruiting a sixth unit from other players.

Marvel Strike Force

Marvel Strike Force

For the Android, iOS, and iPadOS platforms, FoxNext released the turn-based role-playing game Marvel Strike Force. The game's main setting is the Marvel Universe. Marvel Strike Force lets players gather superheroes, villains, and generic individuals from well-known groups like S.H.I.E.L.D., The Hand, and Hydra, then use them to engage in turn-based combat.

Characters can be acquired in a variety of ways; some are provided to players right away, while others must be unlocked or promoted through playing the game or earning in-game incentives like shards as a result of gameplay.

Battles are turn-based, centered on the speed attribute, with participants striving to do the greatest total damage and be the last character standing while also applying healing and various buffs to their side and damage and debuffs to the opposition.

Players can join alliances, which can have up to 24 players and can be open or closed. Players can participate in raids, fight in conflicts, and access alliance milestones by joining an alliance. Any player or the game itself can forge these alliances. Every player must be in an alliance, and the game will assign a new alliance whenever a player leaves or gets expelled from one.

Princesses Connect Re-Dive

Princesses Connect Re-Dive

Cygames created the Japanese role-playing video game Re: Dive. As a follow-up to Princess Connect!, the game was unveiled in August 2016. CygamesPictures' adaptation of an anime television series ran from April to June 2020. In 2022, a second season ran from January to March.

Queen Connect! A real-time action role-playing game, Dive is about diving. To engage in several modes, such as main missions and player versus player (PvP) arena scenarios, players can make a party of up to five people.

New characters can be acquired through a gacha mechanic or exchanged for memory pieces that are unique to each character (the latter is not possible for event-exclusive characters). Players can also establish clans to participate in clan battles, which are similar to raid encounters in a typical massive multiplayer role-playing game. In the clan room, players can freely communicate with one another using text or in-game emoticons.

Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation DX2

Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation DX2

Sega created and released the iOS and Android role-playing video game Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2. It is a part of the wider Megami Tensei franchise and the Atlus Shin Megami Tensei (SMT) series. The story revolves around a player-created character who uses a smartphone app to fight demons.

Dx2 is a role-playing video game with many regions, single-player and online player vs. player modes, and various game modes, including 2-and 3-dimensional dungeon crawl, quests, battle quests, championships, and campaigns. The four demons are assembled into a team by the player, and the player engages in combat using both magic spells and brute force.

Although it is based on the Shin Megami Tensei (SMT) series, it uses gacha gaming concepts. The "press turn" battle system established in Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne is used in turn-based battles.

Party members can acquire additional moves in the push-turn battle system by taking advantage of enemy weaknesses. There are over 250 demons in Dx2. All of the players have a player rating system and can be hired, summoned through gacha mechanics, or fused during regular play without the use of microtransactions.

Guardian Tales

Guardian Tales

 A 2020 action role-playing video game called Guardian Tales was created by Kong Studios and released by Kakao Games. In a top-down perspective, the player controls the Guardian Knight (or another 'hero' in the following level).

The game has joystick controls on the left and right bottom corners of the screen. In order to advance to the next round of the game, players must defeat some adversaries. Players can use all available strategies and run to entice the adversary to the desired location, but if the combat is not won, players will become "frozen" in that location.

As players progress through the game, players will also be able to unlock additional heroes and new weapons by opening boxes or discovering secret locations. After finishing a stage, the player first camped in a forest for rest and recuperation, but after finishing chapter 1, they landed in Heaven Hold, an airport run by Innkeeper Loraine at their home.

Additionally, by utilizing the gems for each try, players can summon a hero; players also have the option of joining a guild, which unlocks a raid mode that targets four bosses, each of which has a draggable item, experience point, or gold.

Raid: Shadow Legends

Raid: Shadow Legends

The free-to-play mobile game Raid: Shadow Legends was developed and published by Israeli gaming developer Plarium Games. The fictional continent of Telleria, which the Dark Lord Siroth has captured, is where the game's story takes place.

Players take on the role of an old Telerian warrior who has been revived to defeat the Dark Lord and restore harmony and peace to the area. For battles in locations like castles, dungeons, deserts, and temples guarded by enemies and potential friends, players must assemble an army. Throughout the game, players collect shards, which are receptacles carrying the souls of deceased fighters.

The four different types of shards each have unique qualities. The player cannot advance in the campaign without energy. After the first day, players must be very careful not to waste it because it runs out quickly.

The majority of the game is a single-player campaign with a tale that has twelve levels, each of which has seven stages and four varying degrees of difficulty. To determine player rankings, the Arena, a multiplayer feature, is integrated into the single-player game.

Skyrim is one of the best action games to get your blood pumping.

Dragila Lost

Dragila Lost

The action role-playing game Dragalia Lost was created by Cygames and released by Nintendo for Android and iOS. Characters in the action role-playing game Dragalia Lost use a variety of attacks to take out their adversaries.

Different elements that the adventurers possess may be stronger or weaker than others. Another means of attack is a special attack in which the character assumes the appearance of a dragon and deals significant damage to the foe.

When a player has accumulated enough energy from assaulting or destroying dragon statues, the player can use this for about ten seconds. Additionally, each character has a class that includes attack, support, defense, and healing types.

Except for one adventurer, each character has two skills that charge up as they attack. In addition to intrinsic skills, two more can be selected from a pool. The game can be played entirely solo, but it also supports up to four players for cooperative multiplayer and four teams four for raid battles. 

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact

The widely popular action-role-play game was released in 2020 by miHoYo and immediately became one of the most popular games of all time. The game has a vast open world where you can do pretty much anything, like climbing mountains or swimming across any rivers.

If you get bored of being on the ground, you can also fly in the sky and see the world below. The game has jaw-dropping scenery with great detailed graphics at each stage of the game.

The combat system is very impressive, where you get the seven elements as weapons. Using this, you can unleash elemental reactions to attack your enemies. Some of the elements are Anemo, Electro, and Geo. You can interact and fight with other players in the awesome multiplayer mode.

Gacha World

Gacha World

Released by Lunime, Gacha World is one of the best Gacha games of all time. The game is especially available for Android, with more than 1 million downloads in the Google play store with a rating of 4.2stars.

Players can create their customizable anime character called Gacha Summoner. The game's reward system is based on green-looking games, which you can get by completing farming quests. Also, you can battle Raid Bosses; if you get successful, you will get a lot of gems.

Players can also battle in multiplayer PvP mode, which is the best part of the game. Not only that, the game is enjoyable in many more ways! The game is Free 2 Play; You can farm for Gems without spending real money! The game also has an impressive story move where players have to eradicate corruption from the world. You will fall in love with the characters as you learn their story.

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Sdorica: Gacha RPG

Sdorica: Gacha RPG

The game released by Rayark International has successfully combined the world of Gacha into an RPG game. The game is based on a classic fantasy story. The gameplay is mainly turn-based with a tactical RPG mode. The game supports the classic team combo. Players can support, attack, and tank all at once in the impressive combat mode.

The main objective is to get the orbs using tactics that can be used to cast a variety of spells. In the main story mode, you will have to save the world from achieving your fantasy life. You will also get cute-looking monsters that you will catch and breed.

The game also has a unique multiplayer system that allows players to fight alongside their teammates. You can also create or join a guild and get support from the guild members. The game is quite fun, with many pretty-looking anime girl characters with attractive outfits that will keep you immersed for hours.

Blue Archive

Blue Archive

The Blue Archive is a treat for anime and gacha lovers all over the world. The game's premise is based on a combined world of Youth Academy and Military RPG. The game has a 3D real-time battle mode. The combats are very impressive, with detailed and cool-looking animations and many cutscenes. You can build your team and improve your team's abilities by training them. Players can also use synergy to improve their skills and powers.

The game also has a great story mode where the player will be appointed as an advisor to the FIC club located in a small city called Kivotos. It is a huge educational city where hundreds of military academies are located. The players will have to resolve and investigate all the mysterious crimes that are happening in the city.

Illusion Connect

Illusion Connect

It will be unfair if we miss out on illusion connect from the list of best gacha games on board if you are looking for the best online interactive multiplayer gacha game. The illusion connect was developed and released by Superprism Technology Co Ltd and is also very popular among anime lovers. More than 1 million people around the world have downloaded the game on the Google play store.

It is a mobile game mainly based on real-time strategy combat. The game allows you to build your main characters, which are called Radiants. Players can socialize and interact with other players and their Radiants in the various social modes available in the game!

The game contains more than 50 Radiants. You can collect and earn them as you progress and level up in the game. You can buy them using the gems you have collected too! You will have to make your team of Radiants fight against others and win.

The game is highly customizable with the feature of building your unique home. You can even arrange your furniture and paste your wallpapers as your wish!

KonoSuba: Fantastic Days

KonoSuba: Fantastic Days

The game Konosuba is a superb Anime RPG. Based on a glittering world of fantasy, laughter, friendship, and action! Released by the Nexon Company, the game currently has more than 2 million players all over the globe.

In the game, you will have to choose your attributes based on the elemental sources. Players will have to face the unstoppable forces of devils and monsters. The combat system is unique and intuitive. It is a blend of real-time attacks and turn-based combos.

The main story is about a brave traveler who has come to a world that is in danger. Threatened by the Devil King's army, the world is on the brink of collapse. You can join and create your team and choose all the KonoSuba characters you know and love. There are also some fresh new faces, and more are coming in the upcoming updates. The game has great cinematic skill animations with great sound effects.

The Rising of the Shield Hero

The Rising of the Shield Hero

The game is based on the work of famous anime writer Aneko Yusagi. It was a popular anime TV show before the developers GotchaGames made a game out of it named "The Rising of the Shield Hero." In the game, you can relive your favorite movements from the TV show.

You will be amazed to experience the impressive battle system of the game. You will play the main character, who has a specialty in defense. You can also play as a traveling merchant and conduct trade all over the vast lands of Melromarc.

The game has all the sprites of the characters from the original anime. The game is highly player choice based, as your choices affect how various NPCs throughout the world will interact with you.

These systems, along with the rich storyline, make the game a real treat for the fans. In your journey across the world, you can collect materials that you can use to craft items and later sell them.



If you are looking for a game with collectible anime RPG items also full of JRPG nostalgia, you have come to the right place. The main story is based on a naïve but honest man. He somehow gets into a mystical world. He has amnesia and discovers that he is the chosen one of the world.

As a dark force trying to kill Sei for his power, Sei must find ways to use his powers before the world ends, and he loses all the ways to return to his world. The combat mode is very strategic and skill-based.

Players can make and customize their teams to a very large extent. You will have to train and level up your team members to fight and defeat monsters in a pretty impressive turn-based combat system. You can also create hybrid heroes by mixing and matching heroes with their respective skills to give you an upper edge above others.

Lord Of Heroes

Lord Of Heroes

Thanks to clover games which introduced the whole world to a game that has not only great graphics but also good music, a decent length of the story, and balanced gameplay. After just two years of release, this game has won a grand prize at 'The Korea game awards' and 'User's Choice Game Excellence awards'.

After playing "lord of heroes," nobody will become a hero, but it will give the players absolute satisfaction playing the game, which is the main purpose of a gacha game. Just don't get too busy unlocking the new characters because the game contains too many of them! Not only many characters, but it also contains many collectible and epic skins for them, which you can get after defeating strong enemies.

The reward system of the game is unique and challenging. The more time you give the game, the more rewarding it gets. It is almost a free-to-play game, with very little advantage to those who pay for it instead of working hard.

Epic Mecha Girls: Anime RPG

Epic Mecha Girls: Anime RPG

The game is a great-looking anime RPG with mecha-based fights and lots of pretty exotic anime girls to summon. Released by Viva Games Studios, the game became very popular in a short period after its release.

The game looks great, with incredible manga-styled visuals. It also has stunning 2D graphics and smooth animations in combat modes. Players will have to join a team of other players to acquire new powers and elements to improve their skills and defeat others.

The game has tons of attractive girl characters; some of the girls are common and easily collectible, rare, or epic. There are also legendary girls; once you get them, you are the king of the game.

The game also has got an immersive PVP ARENA mode where players can choose their mecha team to fight against real players. Once your team defeats their robots, you will win exclusive fantasy items and prizes.

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Tales Of Erin

Tales Of Erin

Inspired by the famous Japanese anime story of the same name. The game was developed by Efun studios and was released a few years ago and immediately became a hit in the industry.

Tales of Erin is one of those gacha games which contains pretty good graphics with decent music in the background and good gameplay. You can play the game on your pc and your phone as well. The game has good-looking 3D characters. You will also be able to play in the story mode, whose script length is more than one million words.

While playing this game, you will not feel bored at any level. Because you can play this game with your friends and also you can play against your friends, making it more interesting. And also, you'll get more than 80 heroes to choose from. Though it has a low gacha rate, all features of this game will keep you awake from dusk till dawn.

Azur Lane

Azur Lane

Adapted from the popular anime 'AZUR LANE,' this top-notch shooting RPG action game was released in 2019 but quickly got the attention of gamers due to its weird gameplay story. The main thing is collecting anthropomorphic girls who will act as warships.

Sounds weird, right? In the alternate universe of the WORLD WAR II timeline, you will have to battle with the bad guys using your 'shipped' girls as mass weapons of destruction. You can have both AI and analog battle systems; both are equally impressive.

The designs, the gameplay, the events, and even the small little details will amaze you so much. Sometimes it can be a little tedious, but most of the time, you will enjoy obtaining every little thing to level up your battleship girls. It is a satisfying long-term resource management game where you collect and level up a wide variety of shopgirls. It is also very F2P friendly. 

Epic Seven

Epic Seven

This game is developed by the famous game maker Smilegate Megaport. It came into the gacha world approximately four years ago, and now it has already passed over so many good old gacha games.

 If players who have played this game in the past get a chance to describe this game in only one word, that word would be the first word of this game, 'Epic. ' The game will keep you engaged with its very own long and impressive storyline. The game Is available in English, Korean, French, and many other languages as well.

If someone is looking for a game that contains impressive visuals and cool characters and wants to experience a great anime story in the form of a game, they will surely love this game without any doubt.

The game has many modes, including the PvP, which is the best one yet; players can battle with other players and their demons while being engaged in a voice chat. The combat system of the game is also 'EPIC.'

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII is one of the most-beloved RPG video games of all time released by Square Enix. It made its way to the best-selling PS1 games soon after its release. Nothing is perfect in this world, but If there's something that touches perfection, that is the FFVII remake.

This game is a massive expansion/rebirth of the original FFVII, which had many plot holes and flaws, according to the fans. The graphics are top-notch, as the details of every little thing are perfectly executed. The characters are super polished and gorgeous looking in all aspects and completely represent the ones that live in people's nostalgia.

The battle system is fantastic as it's one of the strongest parts of the game, and it gives you the feeling of total control over everything you do. You can be strategic by stopping the game from thinking about your moves if you are overwhelmed, or you swiftly switch between characters in real action or do both at the same time! It's incredible how many different ways/methods there are for you to move on the battlefield.

If you love action Battle or adventure games, then Battlefield Series is indeed the best pick for you.


Video games have never failed to amaze us. Gacha is one of the most famous and highly appreciated genres of video games. Most anime lovers also love gacha games. This article is a humble approach to trying to appreciate the vast and rich world of gacha games.

Not only stunning visuals, but the storylines in these games are also epic and deserve so much appreciation; if you are fond of Gacha games, you will surely love our recommendation of the best gacha games. So what are you waiting for? Try out these right now as per your liking. 


Is Genshin Impact available on pc?

Yes. You can download and play Genshin impact on a pc, but you will need a pc with good specifications.

Is final fantasy a gacha game?

Yes, final fantasy is a very popular franchise of many gacha games.

How much RAM do you need to have on my phone to play Azur lane?

The game has really good graphics. You will need at least 6GB of ram in your phone to run it smoothly.

Can teens play Eroica?

 Yes. The game doesn't contain harmful content or disturbing elements for teens; it is rated for 10+.

No items found.

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