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Passionate gamers have swiftly gained a sizable following and trust by playing on Linux. You can play the Windows video games you like best on Linux and its distributions because of digital video game digital services like Steam and PlayOnLinux. 

As we sit in the middle of 2023, several games from renowned developers and publishers are available on Linux and its forks, including Ubuntu. But games from reputable firms frequently have a price tag, and some of these games are incredibly pricey. To help you with your search, here is a collection of the best Linux games. Get set to play! Let's get going.

Best Linux Games

What do gaming and the Linux OS have in common? They both employ technology to encourage creative play and the freedom to asseverate oneself. Additionally, they support one another. The best Linux games offer hours of entertainment and are designed to work seamlessly with the free operating system. What do you think?

Many well-known games have been optimized for Linux as the conventional video game industry has embraced it, and Steam has a significant library of games designed just for it.

1. Unturned


Voxel-based games are undoubtedly only ideal for some; however, if you can get past the aesthetic's resemblance to Lego, you'll enjoy an exciting survival game. The fact that it is free and much higher than you'll ever anticipate from a standard free Linux game is its best feature. In the video game Unturned, you have to attempt to survive the zombie apocalypse together with a massive group of allies. 

You scout out the ruins in quest of weapons, gather supplies, and keep an eye on how much fuel, radioactive, & water are left. The map-maker also develops other games, including paintball & (of course) battle royale, and almost unlimited level types.

2.  Dying Light

Dying Light

Among the most fascinating and thrilling video games available is called Dying Light. This video game does a great job of simulating a zombie epidemic. Playing and enjoying Dying Light is a fantastic thrill, even though its world occasionally can be dreary, unpleasant, and frightening. 

As Kyle Crane, an intelligence agent, you are entrusted with locating the top-secret documents that might hold the key to curing the illness causing the game's violence. Dying Light is developed with the fictional city named Harran. Zombie Inhumans of all sorts are scouring the city for human meat.

There is an amazing day/night circle in this game. You are anticipated to locate the materials important to locate firearms during the day. However, a horde of violent zombies takes over the city at night.

You now need to take care of the political model's file while protecting the populace and eliminating the ravenous zombies. Players can jump through numerous structures and locations in this game and all the credit goes to its outstanding and intense mechanics.

3. Minecraft


One of the best Linux games is Minecraft, created by Markus Persson, a fervent supporter of open-source & freely distributed software. Naturally, there are countless ways to play; the only limitation is your imagination. Building, harvesting, & combat mechanics are all included in the sandbox gameplay of Minecraft.

Thanks to the 3D world's dynamic creation and full support for LAN and multiplayer action, a new surprise awaits you with each game. Construction of forts, gathering supplies and looking out for creepy crawlies. Enter the game right away to see what is possible.

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4. Wakfu


Wakfu is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game with a life of its own that combines humor and battle. Wakfu is enjoyable, a far cry from the brutal grind of genre heavyweights like World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, and others. Have you heard of Wakfu yet? You may have watched the animated TV series that it was based on. 

Players with prior expertise in such games may notice class balancing and craft issues, as Wakfu is a nice variation on the MMORPG. However, if you're a newbie to MMORPGs or not, Wakfu is the best introduction to a critical game genre. Wakfu is cost-free; however, more game content can be purchased on Steam.

5. Friday Night Funkin'

Friday Night Funkin'

FNF was released on October 13, 2021, and offered by RM Hybrid. It's time to express gratitude for the fantastic independent scene on Itch.io, a veritable treasure trove of free games. Others become cult favorites among Itch fans, while some finally make their way to Steam. One of the current power players on the Itch scene is Friday Night Funkin'. 

With a sarcastic sense of humor, catchy music, and a cruel retired rockstar dad trying to kill you while you kiss your fiancée, it is a rhythm-action game in the vein of the PS1 classic Parappa the Rapper. It's straightforward to play but quite addictive. And remember one more thing it is completely free.

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6. Dota 2

Dota 2

Get into a universe full of action, heroes, potent weaponry, & captivating maps to make sure the safety of your kingdom and efficiently take down the adversaries' base. Before starting a battle in Dota 2, you should assemble a team of five players from the 123 available characters.

Each hero has unique skills, abilities, and powers, but if they only engage in combat, they look incomplete. They are more effective and potent when teamed up with the other top heroes. These heroes are divided into two groups: the core and the support. 

You must know about the opposing lineups and the strength of their Ancients, as this is a strategic real-time game. You must select the hero who is best for your squad because this is a squad game before you can engage in battle. This game also offers a range of heroes with various traits and playing styles, which makes it a fantastic educational tool.

7. Freeciv


Steam offers one of the best and most enduring gaming franchises on Linux. However, Freeciv is the solution if you seek an open-source and free Civilization substitute. Challenge rival civilizations in a test of time where you must prevail economically, militarily, and scientifically while maintaining control over and defending your region. 

The objective is either complete control or a spectacular rocket launch into space. With the network mode, you may play multiplayer games fantastically. Freeciv has an online edition where you can customize the playing field to use hexagonal and rectangular tiles according to your preferred strategy.

Freeciv, a 1996 video game, was heavily influenced by Civilization 2. It may be used with Linux, Solaris, Amiga OS, and Windows in addition to Linux.

8. RimWorld


This science fiction colony simulator is functional on Linux and has a primary Linux distribution (maybe without a determined GPU, based on how fantastic the iGPU is). RimWorld is a highly complicated game that took many years to Early Access and has been prepared for its final release, so be aware of the simple aesthetics.

It lets you know about the charge of a community of people struggling to stay alive on a planet akin to Earth, inhabited by other people. You have a lot of things to do, like building up your settlement, agricultural work, and raiding others.

As you learn to divide up tasks around your colony, it's amusing to watch the small people talk to, play with, and possibly even establish a family with one another. An in-character has a distinctive complicated personality, relationships, and wants.

9. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

One of the world's best esports competitions and events is for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. One of the top online first-person shooter games is this one. Since its stunning 2012 release, this game has solidified among the most significant legacies. 

Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists are the two teams competing in the game, and they have different goals. Since terrorists are the ones who place the bombs or kidnap the hostages, the counter-role terrorists are to disable the device or liberate the captives.

Along with the prevalent battle royale mode, the game also features ways to play whenever you want. The key to winning this game is Dying and Learning. You must be conscious of the maps and play around them, learn from your errors, and go on.

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10. OpenRA


The real-time strategy game series Command and Conquer: Red Alert has a fan-made version called OpenRA. It incorporates gameplay elements from the games Command & Conquer Tiberian Dawn and Dune 2000, both of which were produced by Westwood. 

A few enhancements over the original OpenRA include the capability for game archives, the capacity to seize civilian installations, a fog of war, and online video game streaming. However, OpenRA shouldn't be impacted by this.

A network gaming console and a futuristic RTS can be used with OpenRA. It offers support for Windows, Linux, BSD, and macOS.

11. A Short Hike

A Short Hike

While plenty of in-depth and intricate games are on the list, it would be beneficial to begin things out with this tiny gem. Certain games are just meant to provide a pleasant experience. A Short Hike lets you explore a beautiful national park as an illustrated bird that can run, fly, and base leap. 

One can easily glide around the park on your bird-like wings, calming and providing some breathtaking moments. You speak with other hikers, climb mountains, and generally have fun while frolicking in the uplifting environment as you stroll through the campground. 

A Short Hike is an ideal retreat at a time when a lot of people desire to get away into something that allows you to unwind and overlook the problems of reality.

12. Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2

Its whimsical appearance belies its ability to rank among some of the best 1st shooters. There is a catch, even if it is clear that the photographs are fake. Sometimes, Team Fortress 2 turns into something bizarre and humorous, but things are in check in need to achieve success. 

Your gameplay experience with this game will be enjoyable. The game features RED and BLUE teams. Before selecting your character for the game, you must choose your faction, and you can pick from nine different characters. Sturdy engineers, snipers, rangers, healers, Demoman, betrayers, pyro, armed forces, and heavy. 

Each player in this situation has unique skills and playing methods, but they all need to cooperate to win. The team needs to be balanced because each character has advantages and disadvantages of their own.

13. Hedgewars


‘Hedgewars,’ released on November 24, 2006, is a tactical game that is played based on turns. Sounds recognizable? Despite being a Worms clone, Hedgewars has a pink hedgehog troop that participants must command to take control of the map. 

The free Linux game will keep you entertained all day because it supports up to eight players, solo, local, and network multiplayer, and an infinite variety of levels based on 31 environments. A choice of 55 weapons is available, and teams and games can be adjusted.

These are options like the Piano Strike and the Melon Bomb. You can also create your maps and costume mods and import mods other players make. This game is all you need if you seek a multiplayer game with a mixture of action and humor that you can play on Linux.

14. Dying Light: Enhanced Edition

Dying Light: Enhanced Edition

The best zombie game that no one is screaming about is Dying Light, which has been around for a while but is still at the top of the list because of its ferocious zombie hordes and excellent parkour elements (though millions of individuals are playing).

In Dying Light, players are thrown inside an open-world city devastated by a zombie plague and must try to help the few pockets of humanity that have survived. You hone your avatar via skill development, traverse rooftops, and battle zombies with weapons created especially for the task.

You may race across the city with a maximum of three friends, making it one of the finest co-op experiences. The Enhanced Edition compiles multiple years' worth of DLC, including the beautiful feature.

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15. Dead Cells

You'll keep returning to this game because of its subtleties. Even after you engage in this game a few times, it will amaze you. Dead Cells is a rogue-like action platformer with a lot of action and is occasionally exceptionally cruel. You play a felon who was dead but was miraculously brought back to life.

He must now explore the monster-filled island. You must complete the course in one sitting because there are no milestones or options to revive in between. The level must be started at the beginning and then continued. You can choose various gameplay firearms and unlock new ones as you advance. 

This game is both exciting and frustrating to play. Even if you think you can overcome any opponent in fun, occasionally, all it takes to knock you out is a simple goon. You're going to adore this game.

16. SuperTuxKart


SuperTuxKart has become one of the most played and one of the best Linux games. It was developed as free software, a Linux-only substitute for Super Mario Kart. SuperTuxKart debuted in 2007 and subsumed racers from different open-source projects, i.e., Mario Kart. SuperTuxKart. 

SuperTuxKart has various game modes, from the traditional time trial and standard racing to soccer variants with Easter egg hunt. Apart from playing this game on Linux, you can use macOS, Windows, and Android. You will meet with different characters and ride on different tracks that will take your journey further in this game.

17. Total War: Warhammer II

Total War: Warhammer II

It's fascinating to play and enjoy the game Total War: Warhammer II. This game immerses you in the Warhammer universe thanks to its engaging gameplay and sparse aesthetics. The game also includes an intriguing protagonist from the Warhammer realm. 

The story of this game's premise is magnificently appealing and fun. There is a way for the old ones to get into the universe of Warhammer, and that’s an enigmatic doorway. They created a wide range of animals to defend the Earth against the powers of Chaos.

Nevertheless, the enigmatic gateway leads to tragic events, as the daemon hordes of Chaos invade and cause havoc on the world. The game has a considerable number of unforgettable characters. Each has unique qualities, playing methods, and abilities.

All of the game's characters are thoroughly explored in the primary campaign. The game's real-time tactics are also fast-paced and highly entertaining. You will get the chance to build your army and order them to win the battle against your adversaries on the battleground.

18. Rocket League

 Rocket League

One of the best Linux games is Rocket League for two reasons. CS: GO and DOTA 2 are natively available; therefore, the gaming experience is outstanding. The second is the game's physics-based design, a soccer game you play with cars. 

Yes, it's strange, but that makes it among the top Linux games on this list. You may compete against other online gamers, and the controls are responsive and straightforward to comprehend. There are various ways to use your car to play basketball and hockey. All you need to know is that this game is a pack of action and adventure and that you can play it on Linux.

19. Alien Arena

Alien Arena

With the presence of background music, go ahead and fight against all the devils that are making this world a mess. Who wouldn't like to kill some aliens and explore the intriguing and entertaining science fiction universe? There was a time when the most thrilling game would be Alien Arena. 

This particular game is a perfect mixture of science fiction, rip-roaring, and enormous action. Deathmatch is among the most entertaining and exciting game modes, whether you play these games or off. 

You will stay energized because of the incredible and thrilling gameplay. Instead, it provides hours and hours of entertainment.

20. Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

One of the most well-known action-adventure game series is Tomb Raider. This is the latest game of the Tomb Raider series. This game is about a character named Lara Croft and her journey throughout the gameplay.

She is a girl who finds solutions to all the mysteries she encounters and discovers the world around her, consisting of caverns, mountains, and much more. The gameplay combines thrilling combat scenes with cinematic platforming to keep you on edge.

The graphics are fantastic, and they will tempt you to literally enter the computer screen and live your character at least once. Now for the important part: how effectively does this AAA game perform on Linux PCs? 

This challenging game needs a powerful PC, even on Windows platforms. Similar circumstances apply to Linux, where you require robust hardware to execute the play.    

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21. The Talos Principle

The Talos Principle

An excellent game for anyone who enjoys Linux games in the "puzzle" category. Influenced by the Talon or Talos (Greek mythology's mechanism) that protects Europa from assailants. You will encounter various challenges with every step you take forward. 

To advance, the player must gather several "sigils" by navigating obstacles and mazes. You will have "philosophical conundrums" concerning your identity as the game continues (in-game, of course). This game has received a lot of respect from all over the world over all these years in the gaming industry.

22. Valheim


This game will initially remind you of an animated film with vibrant colors and lively characters. There is a lot more to this game apart from its spectacular visuals and cool soundtracks. 

The fictional 'Norse Mythology highly influences the game. You will encounter menacing and eccentric creatures on your journey to Valhalla. Valheim is the universe where you play an enigmatic Viking warrior, and you must now find a way to live in this world. 

They must construct strongholds, castles, and homes. The beauty and allure of the Valheimian realm appear excessive, and the deep, gloomy woodland seems ominous and unsettling. You should be aware of all those weird creatures roaming around to eat you.

23. League of Legends

League of Legends

One of the most played free-to-play games for Mac and Windows is League of Legends. This game is already quite prominent and does not require much introduction, and the best thing is that you can also play it on Linux. You can play this game on any Linux distribution, but using a computer with great graphics is preferable.  

Here, you can choose your own character with out-of-the-world skills fighting. You can go for a battle with your counterparts, either chosen by the PC or other players. Using specific maps and weaponry, you'll uncover along the journey; you need to locate and destroy a protective structure where your opponent's power is housed. 

24. Faeria


The gameplay is quite discrete as well as challenging for the players. It falls under the category of a turn-based tactical board game. Aspects like Collectible Card Games and Trading Card Games are available in games like Magic & Hearthstone. However, it also functions as a map builder similarly. 

You can create a deck, just as in other card games, from which you can draw cards randomly. There are cards for spells and creatures. To win, you must assault your opponent with these and eliminate all of their health points. 

Contrary to the other card games, this one does not allow you to order treacherous creatures around you to attack your adversaries. The ability to play Faeria with friends is a great chance to demonstrate your knowledge of deck construction and astute game planning. 

25. Life is Strange

Life is Strange

‘Life is Strange’ is an episodic video game. The protagonist of the game is an 18 years old girl named Max Caulfield who discovers that she has some magical powers which allow her to time travel. 

The concept of time-traveling sounds good. It allows you to go back in time, change what you initially did, and return to the present. You can also explore many of the map's places to find ways to solve puzzles in the form of side missions and significantly alter the landscape. But take care—the previous decisions will have several immediate and long-term effects. 

26. Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

A great role-playing game, Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire will keep you entertained throughout the gameplay as it has cool graphics and amazing gameplay. This game's story is entwined with the level of its predecessor, and this game begins five years from the first and is set in the Eora universe. 

You also take on the role of a watcher in this game, with the ability to look for a person's soul and extract memories. The game features a variety of characters, and in the game, each character is exceptional in different things. 

Additionally, there are different levels of difficulty in this game. You can start playing on the lowest setting, but as your confidence grows, you can adjust it as necessary.

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27. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley

One of the most popular games on Steam, Stardew Valley, functions flawlessly on Linux. Stardew Vally is an RPG, and this is how it is similar to Minecraft. If you want to survive, you must devise a full-proof plan to defeat the enemies. 

Although the game offers linear gameplay as opposed to other graphics-intensive games, it extends simulation and brings it to a new level. 

The game provides a fantasy setting where you can tend to several domestic chores, nurture animals, and harvest crops. You should play Stardew Valley on your Linux laptop because it is considered one of the best simulation games.

28. Xonotic


Xonotic, an open-source first-person shooter, was included in Linux's expanding game library as soon as it was announced in 2017. Numerous gamers still regularly play the game in offline and online versions after it garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews. 

The DarkPlaces engine, a substantially different form of the Quake engine, is the foundation of the game. Naturally, games such as Quake & Unreal Tournament immediately influence the gameplay. You will receive a quick-fire arena-style shooter with up-close action sure to make your heart race. 

It doesn't exactly copy the original, though; it also has many original components, such as some significant weaponry. The primary benefit of using Xonotic on Linux is the lack of an installation procedure needed.

29. Awesomenauts


Despite its amusing and absurdist character and plot, this game offers hilarious and absurdist gameplay. Just picture a wild sheriff lizard named Frog with incredible fighting prowess, and there are so many ridiculous characters in this game that it's hilarious. 

This multiplayer action arena game is where you compete against your other counterparts. You must pick the best fighter to use in combat to win the game. You have access to a group of three individuals with unique skills and abilities that can aid you throughout the game.

30. Doom


Even though there are many excellent first-person shooter best Linux games, Doom must be included in the list since it functions well on Linux systems. You will find a perfect operation on Linux distributions. 

In addition, the game features bloody characters and devastating firearms, making it highly violent and brutal. To reclaim your freedom, you can battle the demon armies in hell as a single player. 

A multiplayer mode is also available, allowing you to compete against your internet pals. Finally, Doom is the FPS game to choose from if you want one that runs flawlessly on Linux.

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31. Celeste


A lesson from the game Celeste is that "there is beauty in simplicity." It has the outward appearance of a standard 2D platformer. As the game's name suggests, the game's main aim is mainly related to climbing the characters to the mountains. 

You must overcome several platforming tasks as you climb the hill, which will put your abilities to the test. You can use the access controls to jump, climb or fly only. However, to succeed, you must grasp specific expressive depths (literally). 

In addition to having incredibly tight gameplay that borders on addiction, it also centers around a moving tale of self-discovery. The most pleasing aspect is that the story is woven into the levels naturally; you aren't given it through cutscenes or other external narratives. Not to mention the incredible synth work to compose this magnificent masterwork. 

32. Hitman


Unquestionably, one of the best Linux games worldwide is Hitman. But Steam has made the Hitman franchise available on Linux devices as well. You may enjoy the same gaming performance on your Linux distribution with SteamOS+Linux and Proton. 

Update your graphics driver, though, or switch to Manjaro or Pop OS instead. Speaking of the game, in this one, you take the role of Agent 47, who later develops into the master assassin. You get two options to demolish your adversaries- you can either use a rifle or a golf ball while traveling. 

It all relies on how skilled a strategist you are. In Light of this, Hitman is the game you should play on your Linux computer if you enjoy playing underworld Agents.

33. Minetest


The last Linux game on this list is Minetest. It is an open-source game that was created specifically for Linux platforms. Minetest and other games, including sandboxes and blocks, like Minecraft, can find various similarities. 

In a three-dimensional environment, you can build your original voxel blocks and demolish existing ones. You can apply a variety of mods & texture packs in the game to customize your world. 

This game has many things to learn, like crafts, food, and energy. Minetest is a good alternative for those people who wants to play Minecraft.

34. The Battle for Wesnoth

battle for Wesnoth

In the absence of Steam, this game was one of the most prominent games for users of Linux. But after all these years, this fantastic fantasy game often and rightfully appears on the list of best Linux games. 

It will keep you busy for a long time with its well-known fantasy setting, sixteen races, and hundreds of different unit kinds. After completing the single-player adventures, you can embark on regional (hot seat) and online multiplayer experiences. 

Fans of either game will probably find Wesnoth to be particularly appealing because of the gameplay, which has been compared to a cross between Heroes of Might and Magic and Fire Emblem. Players can make their scenarios and maps using the included map editor.



The best Linux games and their many distributions are listed above. With increasing competitiveness among Linux game creators, many alternative free games are accessible. But there are a few of them that have the capacity to be your favorite ones.

Linux distros are a group of desktop-compatible, open-source operating computers (the core software of a computer). Distros are created by nonprofit organizations and groups of like-minded partners who enhance and expand the OS. Simply put, Linux games are created to run on a Linux distribution. 

Which game would you choose to start with now that you are familiar with the most well-known free Linux games


It is reasonable that Unturned, Dying Light, Minecraft, Dota 2, and Freeciv would be the most well-liked PS4 games, even though it might be challenging to measure popularity correctly.

Games can be played on the majority of Linux distributions. But these are some that you might prefer:

  • Pop! OS 
  • Linux Mint 
  • Ubuntu 
  • Kubuntu
  • Linux Manjaro

Usually, you must know the following points to choose a Linux distribution:

  • The distribution ought to be simple to utilize.
  • The software resources you require to get started should be easily accessible.
  • The distribution ought to be sparing with resources.
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