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Console players may have plenty of great options, but when it comes to hardware, fine controls, and impressive graphics, PC players still have the upper hand. PC gaming is thriving more than ever thanks to features like ray-tracing, the precision of a mouse and keyboard, various online storefronts from which to buy games, and a wide range of games. Check out these best story games for PC for an immersive experience. 

Best Story Games for PC

Story games take you to a world full of splendid characters, mysterious creatures, and stories to explore. With that said, you might be unsure where to begin if you're new to computer gaming. So what are some popular and enduring video games? Whether you're looking to build a solid library or just for new games, we've put together 25 of the best story games for pc you should download. 

1. Batman: Arkham Knight

Even though the first Arkham Asylum is more well-known, this is unquestionably the best Story Rocksteady has ever written. This is a genuinely compelling Dark Knight story, regardless of what you think of the studio's interpretation of the Batmobile. 

Batman: Arkham Knight makes you wonder who out of the Caped Crusader and the Prince of Knaves is the excellent guy by dissecting the relationship between Bats and the Joker in original ways. It's amazing how much fresh juice Rocksteady squeezes out of the greatest rivalry in superhero history, especially given that one of those two characters begins the game in a furnace.

Open-world action-adventure game Batman: Arkham City employs stealth game strategies. The playable character is displayed on the screen, and the camera can freely pan around it because it is presented in the third person. The game is set in Arkham City, accessible to players immediately, and allows them to move around freely inside its boundaries. 

Throughout the game, the player can move stealthily, using a combination of tools and sneak attacks to approach enemies and disable them. Batman can extend his flight by diving and swooping with his cape as he moves around the city. He can also use the grapnel gun's retracting rope to cling to high ledges.

2. Final Fantasy 6

Final Fantasy 6

The list of the best story games for PC is incomplete without mentioning this game. The plot did not get any better than in the sixth entry, even though later Final Fantasy games improved the graphics. One of the largest ensemble casts since War & Peace, Final Fantasy 6 tells a sprawling story about the demise of magic at the hands of immoral progress. 

The player can view any twelve characters as a satisfying lead. The game contains several exciting moments, such as an incredible opera performance, the discovery of long-hidden family history, or a brave sacrifice, but the villain steals the show. The script does a fantastic job of developing Kefka, one of the most hateful villains we've ever encountered. 

If Final Fantasy 6 is Kefka's Story, it is very well-told. Final Fantasy VI has the same four basic gameplay modes as previous Final Fantasy games: an overworld map, a battle screen, town and dungeon field maps, and a menu screen. The player can direct characters to different locations using the overworld map, a shrunk-down representation of the game's fictional world. 

The three main ways to get around the overworld in this game, as in most of the series, are on foot, by Chocobo, and by airship. Enemies are encountered randomly on field maps and the overworld when moving around on foot, with a few plot-driven exceptions.

3. Undertale


Undertale is an excellent pick when it comes to best story games for PC; Monsters, goat-people, and magic all exist in this gaming world. But there's also a heartwarming demonstration of empathy (or the lack thereof). The most crucial thing to understand about Undertale is that its heart is made of pure sweetness underneath its strange, scrappy exterior. 

It's challenging to condense the Story into one or two lines. One of the most powerful storytelling devices in video games is how the player's choices can affect the level. That much self-direction has been used in some games to attempt profundity but fall short. 

Undertale stands out for having a variety of emotionally impactful alternate endings. A top-down perspective is used in the role-playing game Undertale, in which the player takes control of a young child and completes tasks to advance the plot. 

The players explore a cavernous underground world filled with towns and puzzles. The player must decide whether to kill, flee, or make friends with the monsters that live in the underground world. Many of these creatures engage the player in combat.

The world of Undertale is the Underground, where monsters were exiled in the year 201X after a war with humans broke out. A single gap in a magical barrier that separates the Underground from the surface is located at Mount Abbott.

A human child who has fallen from Mount Ebott into the Underground meets Flowey, a sentient flower who instructs them in the rules of the game and encourages them to increase their "LV," or "LOVE," by gaining "EXP" by eliminating enemies.

4. Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption is a sad, somber masterpiece that represents the most emotionally authentic Rockstar has ever allowed itself to be. Rockstar dials back the sarcasm after a string of cynical GTA criminals to tell the Story of a decent cowboy looking for, get ready for it, "redemption" for his previous criminal deeds. 

John Marston is a compelling character to root for because of its superbly paced, dynamic campaign. Better still? One of the most emotionally rewarding video game endings ever, Rockstar gives the conflicted outlaw an incredible three-hour send-off. Rockstar can, after all, create heroes with souls. 

A third-person action-adventure game with a Western theme is called Red Dead Redemption. To advance through the Story, the player takes on the role of John Marston and completes missions, which are linear scenarios with predetermined goals. In the game's epilogue, the player plays the role of John's son Jack. 

In the open world environment, which includes the fictional states of New Austin and West Elizabeth in the United States and Nuevo Paraiso in Mexico, players can explore these locations at leisure. The primary modes of transportation are various horse breeds, each with unique characteristics. 

They must be stolen, tamed in the wild, or bought to use horses. The player can move quickly by using carriages and trains. Most of the game's world comprises uninhabited land, including various untamed landscapes with occasional travelers, bandits, and wildlife. Urban areas can range from sparsely populated towns to remote farms.

5. The Last of Us Part 2

The Last of Us Part 2

Except for one series, this list contains two entries for only one series and for excellent reasons. This is the pivotal chapter in a cohesive, much longer story, similar to the first two Godfather movies. Even though The Last of Us Part 2 isn't as universally acclaimed as the PS3 original, it's still a remarkable piece of storytelling.

It is crucial if an emotionally taxing experience has no qualms about leaving players utterly dejected. Instead, it is brave and entirely unsentimental. The Last of Us Part 2 rules when it comes to virtual melancholy. 

A third-person action-adventure game called The Last of Us Part II includes elements of the survival horror subgenre. The player travels through post-apocalyptic landscapes like buildings and forests to advance the plot.

To defend themselves from hostile humans and cannibalistic creatures infected by a mutated strain of the Cordyceps fungus, the player can employ firearms, homemade weapons, and stealth. Ellie and Abby alternately take control; in the opening scene, Joel is also briefly under the player's control. 

6. Life is Strange: Before the Storm

Life is Strange: Before the Storm

The best way to experience these two excellent episodic games is as a single entry for the best game stories, even though it almost seems cruel to combine them. In the first game, Life is Strange, Max Caulfield and her friend Chloe Price deal with the dangers of adolescence, love, and an impending supernatural storm that will destroy their town. 

Throughout three episodes, you learn a terrible secret about what happened to Rachel Amber, a missing girl who was crucial to Chloe. It is primarily focused on how you want to tell the Story, and because of the branching narratives, it is worthwhile to play through it more than once to grasp the impact of your choices thoroughly.

The prequel focuses on Chloe and Rachel's relationship before the events of Life is Strange. It's a moving story about emotions, loss, and growing up. The absence of the supernatural gives it a more earthy feeling, which helps the Story connect and resonate.

Like the original, every choice alters how the Story progresses. If you are really looking to try some best story games for PC, do not forget to include this one in your list. 

7. Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn

In many ways, Horizon Zero Dawn's narrative is fantastic. First of all, the Guerrilla Games team made the Killzone series of games, which are renowned but never praised for their narratives. Second, the protagonist Aloy is a woman, and the novel explores strong themes of femininity and matriarchal societies.

Thirdly, it paints a picture of a peaceful end to the world. What a mean feat, huh? However, this is primarily a tale of futuristic robot dinosaurs, primitive humanity, and a badass heroine. A third-person perspective is used to play the action role-playing game Horizon Zero Dawn.

Aloy, a hunter who travels through a post-apocalyptic world ruled by robotic creatures, is controlled by the players. Aloy has a variety of ways to dispatch enemies, including spearing them, using explosives, setting traps like tripwires with the Tripcaster, and shooting them with arrows. 

Aloy needs machine parts to survive, including the metal they make and the electricity they produce. She can plunder their corpses to obtain materials for crafting ammo, resource satchels, pouches, quivers, resistance, antidotes, health potions, and traps. In addition, weapons can be modified to increase their damage output.

8. Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2

Recruit a team of sidekicks, accomplish the unthinkable, and save the galaxy. For science fiction, it's hardly groundbreaking, but Mass Effect 2 uses one of the most well-known adventure tropes—uncertain allies versus impossible odds—to significant effect. Old, titanic machines play the role of the overwhelming odds in this space-based drama. 

The game's suicide mission climax is still overcome by Shepard and friends with a punch-the-air sense of satisfaction. Other games also give you a sense of intimacy with the supporting cast.

Each crew member has a complicated past, which requires you to make difficult choices that might hurt your friendship and relation with another story character. When/if you lose one of your friends during the suicide mission, you experience honest regret, which is an excellent sign that Mass Effect 2's narrative has impacted you.

9. God Of War

God Of War

In Santa Monica Studio, Sony created the action-adventure game series God of War authored by David Jaffe. As of 2018, the series includes ten games on several platforms, with a new game currently in development. It was launched in the year 2005 on the PlayStation 2 (PS2) console.

It has evolved into a PlayStation brand flagship game. Based on historical events, the Story centers on Kratos, a Spartan warrior who later became the God of War after being duped by his former boss, Ares, the original Greek God of war, into murdering his family.

Battles with the pantheons result from a chain of events sparked by this. As a result of the schemes of the Olympian Gods, Kratos pursues vengeance during the Greek era of the series. 

However, during the Norse period, which features his son Atreus as a secondary protagonist and follows an older Kratos on a path of redemption, the two unintentionally conflict with the Norse Gods. Few gamers would have believed Kratos and Santa Monica Studio had a great story in them after the incredibly shouty original trilogy. How mistaken we were. 

The all-consuming vengeful hatred that characterized the original games have been largely replaced by a deep, restrained parental love in the rebooted God of War. In addition, Sony finally makes Kratos a fully three-dimensional character by giving him a son, even though he pulls an ogre's insides out every 40 seconds. Added praise for Christopher Judge as well. The former Stargate SG1 actor portrays Kratos, balancing his rage and ardent love for his child throughout the performance. 

10. GTA 5


The best narrative Rockstar has ever presented in GTA is also provocative. It's very challenging to categorize GTA 5. Sometimes it's a wry take on Michael Mann's Heat; those box office numbers are impressive. 

However, this Los Santos yarn is frequently way too challenging to pin down and that's a compliment. GTA 5's novel character-swapping gameplay allows you to live three very different lives during a single campaign. 

You'll catch yourself unconsciously role-playing whoever you think Franklin and company should be because of the voice acting's caliber and the way the missions are structured. Michael isn't the person you engage in drive-by shootings with because he is shown to be miserable and repentant. 

When the game places you in the role of the young carjacker, you want to minimize the harm you actively cause because you are knowledgeable and loyal. That is Trevor's brilliance.

GTA finally has a vehicle for its frenzied bloodbaths in the form of an unrepentant character who couldn't care less about narrative dissonance, played with great glee by Steven Ogg as a full-fledged psychopath.

11. Firewatch


The popularity of heartwarming walking simulator games has recently increased, but few have explored Firewatch by Campo Santo's more profound levels. The fact that Henry, your character, is spending the summer working as a ranger in Wyoming is one of the reasons the game works so well. 

Despite wanting the job to distract him from his thoughts and life, he gets to know his boss well through their radio exchanges. This suspenseful Story has the ideal setting in that isolation, hidden away in a beautiful but dangerous natural environment.

Henry makes strange discoveries along the way, propelling the narrative forward until it takes on the momentum of an avalanche. Stopping until the closing credits is nearly impossible as soon as you start playing.

A year after the Yellowstone fires, the Story follows Henry, a fire lookout in the Shoshone National Forest. Strange things happen to Henry and his boss Delilah a month after their first day of work, and they are connected to a mystery. Henry uses a walkie-talkie to communicate with Delilah, and the player can choose from various dialogue options.

12. Uncharted: A Thief's End

Uncharted: A Thief's End

The best story is told in Nathan Drake's final chapter, Uncharted 4: Among Thieves, even though Uncharted two may be the best representation of what Uncharted is all about. Instead, Naughty Dog gives us a more thoughtful interpretation of Nate, filled with Indy-style thrills but also has quiet character pathos moments. 

This is based on the emotional beats it mastered as a storyteller during the creation of The Last of Us. Drake makes peace with the fact that he must grow up and face mortality during this game, where he finally begins to wonder about his mortality.

Third-person action-adventure game Uncharted 4: A Thief's End combines platforming with action-adventure gameplay. Players move through various environments, passing through towns, structures, and wilderness as they advance through the game's narrative. 

Players can use melee weapons, firearms, and stealth to engage hostile enemies in combat. For most of the game, players control Nathan Drake, an athletic treasure hunter with the ability to jump, run, climb, swim, scale narrow ledges and walls, rope swing, grapple hook, and perform other acrobatics. 

13. Portal 2

When it comes to the best story games for PC, Portal 2 has to be on the list.  After introducing players to the silent Chell and the decidedly less silent GLaDOS in Portal's brilliant, minimalist narrative, Valve was left with a challenging task. How is it possible to follow up on an excellent short story with a full retail release? 

Could new characters compete against GLaDOS? Amazingly, the answer was yes. The curious Wheatley and the incredibly charismatic Cave Johnson were just two new characters that gave the world of Portal 2 personality. Yes, there was still a ton of information to learn from Aperture. 

The facility itself, the series' most significant character, was given more depth due to our exploration of the depths of the abandoned business. It was surprisingly moving to learn about GLaDOS's past and Aperture's origins. A first-person puzzle video game is Portal 2. Chell is the main character in the single-player campaign.

In contrast, in the cooperative movement, they take on the roles of either Atlas or P-Body, two robots, or a crude humanoid icon in puzzles created by the community. These three characters are capable of environment exploration and engagement.

Unfortunately, characters can only take so much damage before they pass away. The player character is instantly killed if they fall into bottomless pits or toxic pools, but there is no penalty for failing onto a solid surface. 

In the cooperative game, the robot respawns shortly after without restarting the puzzle; in the single-player game, Chell dies, and the game continues from the most recent checkpoint.

Exploring the Aperture Science Laboratory, a challenging, malleable mechanized maze, is the objective of both campaigns. Chell's tale also reached a satisfying conclusion, transforming the original tale's relatively unremarkable plot into an epic saga on par with almost any other.

14. Red Dead Redemption 2

This is an exception to the rule prohibiting the inclusion of multiple games from the same series in the list. This is AAA storytelling, fusing empowering gunplay with a fascinating open-world map. In addition, Red Dead Redemption 2 creates a larger, more cathartic narrative by laying the groundwork for an even more compelling sandbox story. 

An action-packed game with a Western theme is Red Dead Redemption 2. The game, which can be played in first- or third-person, is set in an open-world setting with a fictionalized representation of the Western, Midwestern, and Southern United States in 1899, at the end of the Wild West era and the beginning of the twentieth century. 

The game has single-player and online multiplayer elements, with the latter being made available under Red Dead Online. The player plays as the Van der Linde gang member and outlaws Arthur Morgan for most of the game, completing missions (linear scenarios with predetermined goals) to advance the plot. From the game's epilogue, the player plays as John Marston, the playable protagonist of Red Dead Redemption.

The player has unrestricted access to the game's interactive world outside missions. The player has access to melee weapons, firearms, throwables, and explosives for use in battle.

The game's predecessor's combat has been improved, and notable new mechanics include dual wielding and the ability to use a bow. As a nod to the previous game, in which swimming resulted in instant death, the player can swim as Arthur but not as John.

15. Nier: Automata

Nier: Automata

It's uncommon to find a work of media with 26 distinct endings, most of which could be unlocked in a single playthrough. But NieR: Automata succeeds in doing just that. Your adventures with 2B don't end when the opening credits roll; they're just getting started. 

Since the beginning of gaming history, traditional constructs of video game endings, deaths, and rebirth have been subverted. Your death is no longer simply a "Game Over" or respawn. NieR: Automata becomes one of the greatest video game stories ever when you incorporate all the themes surrounding automatons, breaking the fourth wall, and narrative slights of hands.

In the action role-playing game (ARPG) Nier: Automata, players control combat androids from the YoRHa units in an expansive open world. In addition to using a particular item to navigate generally on foot, the player can also summon a wild animal to ride and, in some circumstances, control a flying mech to engage in combat. 

Like Nier (2010), the camera occasionally switches from its usual third-person perspective to an overhead or side-scrolling view while navigating specific environments. The player must jump between platforms or over obstacles to move through some areas, including platforming elements. Side missions for non-playable characters (NPCs) are available for the player to complete.

16. Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2's Story hasn't been resolved, but it remains one of the best sci-fi stories. Gordon Freeman and Eli and Alyx Vance fight off the Combine. This multidimensional empire managed to conquer Earth in seven hours. The events of Half-Life 2 take place years after those of the previous game.

However, unlike in the original game, you are unaware of what has occurred or is about to happen, making the Story even more compelling because you are in Gordon's shoes. Half-Life 2 distinguishes itself as a first-person shooter way ahead of its time thanks to the trust it grants players, with a narrative that keeps you confused but forever invested. 

Half-Life 2 is a single-player first-person shooter similar to the first Half-Life (1998), in which players take control of Gordon Freeman. Similar gameplay elements from Half-Life are present, such as health and weapon systems (although there are fewer weapons overall) and periodic physics puzzles, but with the more modern Source engine and better graphics, which makes it one of the best story games for PC.

Additionally, the player begins the game with no items and gradually adds to their collection as the game progresses. Although the game is primarily linear, great care was taken to make exploratory satisfying and intriguing; many entirely voluntary areas could be missed or prevented.

17. The Last of Us

The Last of Us

The highest-budget, most emotionally complex video game ever made. The Last of Us establishes itself as a masterwork in single-player pacing thanks to its narrative ferocity, which is befitting of an independent project that never anticipates a sequel. 

The Last Of Us puts you in the role of a grizzled gunrunner who is more than ready for the end of the world, but TLOU stands amazingly tall because of his friendship with a young girl who just might be the key to saving humanity. Not only is Naughty Dog's potty-mouthed teen one of the most complex heroes ever, but she's also arguably the best PlayStation character ever created.

A third-person view is used to play the action-adventure game The Last of Us. To advance the plot, the player travels through post-apocalyptic landscapes like towns, buildings, forests, and sewers. To defend themselves from hostile humans and cannibalistic creatures infected by a mutated strain of the Cordyceps fungus, the player can use firearms, makeshift weapons, hand-to-hand combat, and stealth. 

The player controls Joel and a man tasked with accompanying a young girl named Ellie across America for most of the game. Additionally, the player controls Ellie throughout the game's winter section and Joel's daughter Sarah for a brief period in the opening scene.

18. Persona 4

Persona 4

The pace of Persona 4 is its most vital point. In the sleepy town of Inaba, the main character's life unfolds one day at a time for an entire year. While attending high school, working a part-time job, and (most importantly) getting to know your new friends, you delve deeply into a murder mystery. 

Even though you enter a dark world filled with monsters and dungeons, you grow so close to your new friends that even a brief encounter in a park with one of them has more meaning than the most challenging boss fight.

The Story of Persona 4 takes more than 80 hours to complete, but it never feels tedious because every day offers a fresh opportunity to strengthen your friendships. Scenes that seamlessly transition between comedy and drama help to define characters like Teddy, Kanji, and Chie, and the varied dialogue options let you express your personal feelings for each of them. 

When the Story comes to a satisfying conclusion, you feel like you and your closest friends have just experienced something life-altering. It's difficult not to cry when the game is finally over because of everything you're saying goodbye to.

19. Telltale's The Walking Dead 

Telltale's The Walking Dead was game of the year in 2012 due to its heartbreaking narrative, which kept us on the edge of our seats until the very end. On his way to prison, Lee Everett, who plays the unlikely hero, meets Clementine, a young child whose parents were on vacation in another city when the zombie apocalypse struck.

They unexpectedly travel to Savannah, Georgia, where her parents should be, and while there, you meet a variety of people you come to love (or hate with a burning passion). It's okay, though, because there are times when your decisions have an impact on whether or not they stay in your group. 

The dialogue and character development in the game are its most vital points, and whenever Clementine witnesses or encounters something heinous, it's impossible not to feel sad, guilty, or angry.

You could play as a shark that devours seals one second and a factory worker butchering fish the next. Instead, Edith will astound you with a stunning homage to Michael Myers' Halloween when you believe you have the Story's pacing down. This is sophisticated independent storytelling at its best.

20. Her Story

Her Story

Finding a killer is the central theme of Her Story, which is immediately apparent. However, as you watch more snippets of the main suspect's testimony, you begin to suspect that there may be more than just heinous murder.

Her Story was one of the most popular independent games of 2015, and the praise and accolades are entirely deserving. It's another game where player choices determine the course of the Story, but these choices go beyond picking options from a dialogue wheel.

Because the entire Story is told in brief videos that you can find by searching specific keywords in a database of police evidence, each person who plays Their Story will have an unique experience with the plot. Depending on your questions, you might be able to poke various holes in the suspect's alibi. 

Every player follows their strategy for uncovering the truth, and that information directs your subsequent search. The Story is quite fascinating when you watch the videos in order (thanks, YouTube! ), but Her Story is one of the best examples of how a game can tell a story because of the winding path it leads you down.

21. Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2

The narrative in Silent Hill 2 exhibits a sinister genius. It begins as an enigmatically romantic tale, with James Sunderland looking for his wife after receiving a letter from her a year after her passing. It turns out to be much darker and more nuanced in the end.

The intricate plot of Silent Hill 2 is presented in multiple ways. The way you play and engage with the world also has an impact, even though the spoken narrative leaves little room for interpretation regarding the character of James Sunderland.

Spending the game with James at half health (or lower), for instance, will result in a different ending because the game will assume that you believe James is suicidal due to your disregard for his health. Another critical factor is symbolism. Every repulsive creature in the game is a physical representation of James' distorted psyche and his sexual hang-ups and guilt. 

By the time the game ends, you will no longer feel sympathy for the main character. How frequently do you get to complete a horror game before realizing that you are the monster?

22. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Nilfgaardians, beware: Geralt has returned. Our gravel-voiced hero of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is searching for Ciri, his young ward who has aroused the Hunt's ill will. Eastern Europe is the source of inspiration for the entire game universe, giving it a distinct flavor from the typical fantasy RPG.

The Witcher 3 defies all expectations for the genre, though. The interactions between the characters are complex, and the characters are fully realized and relatable. The writing is far superior to that of a typical script. The game systems are flawlessly executed and aid in developing the plot.

Additionally, this series has always felt most at ease exploring the morally ambiguous territory, in contrast to most games that only have binary good-or-bad ethical rules. The narrative of Wild Hunt was already excellent in the base game, but the addition of the Blood & Wine DLC elevated it to a new level.

23. Bioshock


Bioshock is indeed one of the best games for PC. Beyond its expertly timed twist in the last act, Ken Levine's genre-defining shooter demonstrates that it is a master of background narration. 

One of the best video game environments can be found in Rapture, a submerged city that defies expectations at every treacherous turn. You will at one point be gazing at a giant squid as it darts past the center of a long-submerged city. After that? A monstrous deep-sea diver whose sole mission is to protect a young girl so evil that she makes the child from The Ring look like Mary Poppins Jr. could very well be in your sights.

The Ken Levine-created retro-futuristic video game series BioShock is distributed by 2K Games and was created by several studios, including Irrational Games and 2K Marin. The BioShock games are categorized as immersive sims because they combine first-person shooter and role-playing elements and give the player freedom in approaching combat and other situations. 

In addition, the series is notable for exploring philosophical and moral ideas through a compelling in-game narrative influenced by ideas like American exceptionalism, total utilitarianism, and Objectivism.

24. Control


Action-adventure game Control was created by Remedy Entertainment and released by 505 Games. The game was released for PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One in August 2019; for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, it was released in February 2021.

In October 2020, for the Nintendo Switch and in July 2021 for Stadia, cloud-based versions were made available. When the service went live for the general public in March 2022, it was accessible on Luna. The game also received two paid expansions.

The game Control is played in the third person. The fictional Federal Bureau of Control (FBC) headquarters, which investigates altered world events (AWEs) and gathers and studies objects of power from these AWEs, is housed in New York City's Oldest House, a featureless Brutalist skyscraper. 

The interior of The Oldest House, which is also an Object of Power, is vastly more extensive than its exterior and contains a supernatural realm that defies the laws of space and time. An entity named Hiss has taken control of many areas of the Oldest House, reconfiguring its architecture to suit its needs, and has recruited many FBC employees to fight for it at the beginning of the game. 

The Hiss is trying to cross a dimensional barrier into this reality. The player takes control of Jesse Faden, who joins the battle against the Hiss after visiting the Oldest House in search of information about her brother following an earlier AWE.


If have always loved listening stories, you should try the best story games for PC. They provide you with the opportunity to explore the stories and live in them. The best part is that you are the hero of your own story which makes these games more exciting and intriguing. Moreover, they provide you an opportunity to explore a new world full of mysteries, fascinating creatures, beautiful characters, and puzzles to solve. Try these games right now for an immersive gaming experience. 


A storytelling game involves several players working together to tell an unplanned tale. Each player typically takes care of one or more characters as the Story unfolds.

Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition, number 21, (37-159 Hours). It is the longest game in the series with a deep story driven by the player, is regarded as the best.

Xenoblade Chronicles II requires more than 100 hours to complete a simple run-through.

Some of the games which have an excellent story are like

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. 

Clockwork Trigger.

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