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The game has always had incredible graphics, gameplay, and an abundance of positive emotions. It's a highly addictive life simulator that progresses from The Sims creature to life, family, and career construction games like Sims are the pinnacle of fantasy.

There were numerous variations of this type of game. However, if you get through them, you can select one of the alternatives suggested in this article. Twenty-five good The Sims substitutes for Android and iOS are slightly different but share the same concept.

Some of the best life simulation gems are now available to download and play in this in this list of best games like The Sims for PC. While there aren't many games that compare to Maxis' iconic Sims franchise, several have a similar vibe and offer an unachievable level of control in the real world.

Here are some games similar to The Sim you don't want to miss:

Alter Ego

Alter Ego

Alter Ego is a text-based game that lets you make decisions and view the outcomes to simulate a daily existence. In these kinds of games, it's crucial that the writing is excellent and that there are enough scenarios to allow for replayability, and Alter Ego fills both of these boxes.

Throughout the game, the alter Ego maintains track of specific player statistics that impact the alter Ego's capacity to succeed at particular decisions. For instance, in the high school portion, the player might try out for the school baseball team or buckle down and study more diligently to improve their arithmetic.

This choice may modify the altered Ego's "physical," "confidence," and "intellectual" statistics, which may, in turn, affect the altered Ego's prospects for admission to college or social success in the future.

Lets try one of the most loved fighting games available on androids.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons is probably something you already own if you have a Switch. Although it was released three years after Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, it is the second most popular handheld game. During the pandemic, it was fantastic for people to flee to the game's vibrant setting, where they could converse with NPCs, go fishing, produce materials, and do much more.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the player takes control of a character who moves to a remote island after buying a vacation package from Tom Nook. The character completes tasks and makes decisions for the island's development.

Players gather resources, make things by hand, decorate the island, and turn it into a settlement of anthropomorphic animals. Critics complimented the gameplay and the customizability features of New Horizons and hailed it as the best game in the Animal Crossing series. So trying this game is a must!

Avakin's Life

Avakin's Life

Because Avakin Life is compatible with Android, iOS, and even PC, you may play it anywhere. This game makes it the ideal option for you. There are many choices for character customization, which is incredibly amazing. It allows one to communicate with other gamers.

It is a very interesting and realistic virtual environment where you can create the lifestyle of your dreams, such as:

  • Personalize your avatar with the newest fashions.
  • Furnish your residences.
  • Visit all the hotspots.
  • Interact with real people around the world.

A social simulation video game is called Avakin Life. It has no primary objective. The player can interact with a variety of game elements and achieve a variety of objectives. The game's main characteristics are avakin', social sports, ava coins, apartments, and pets.

So why wait? Start indulging in Avakin Life's rich 3D universe by interacting, exploring, and competing. Using realistic 3D settings, catch up with old acquaintances and forge new bonds.

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Like the Alter Ego mentioned above, BitLife is a text-based game, although it's arguably the most well-known one. This game allows players to make significant decisions up until their death and begins with them at birth.

Here, the circumstances might range from funny to tragic to everything in between them. The name, hair, cities, and nations in which the character resides are all randomly chosen when a new game is launched. 

The app's first piece of information is the character's parents' names and professions, along with the character's birthday, star sign, conception method, and whether the character has any siblings or pets. In some situations, the child is given up for adoption after birth. You click the "Age" button to give the character one extra year of life.

The game uses a text-based style to produce a simulator that is at least partially accurate while still being very entertaining. The competition aims to lead a trouble-free digital life, portrayed through cartoons and hilarious situations.

Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

Fans of The Sims, but particularly SimCity, will be able to enjoy this. Cities: Skylines is the game you are looking for if you enjoy The Sims games' control but want it on a far greater scale. You'll construct entire cities while tackling pollution, transportation congestion, and natural disasters, to mention a few.

The game builds on several well-established clichés of the city-building experience while introducing new gameplay aspects to increase the excitement and challenges of establishing and maintaining a real metropolis. The game features a fully developed transportation system from the developers of the Cities in Motion franchise.

A wonderful counterbalance to the complex and difficult simulation is the option to modify the game to fit your play style. Your imagination is your only boundary, so take charge and aim high! Go ahead and download it to experience this game.

If you love such games, try the Best City Building Games for Android.

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter

Here, you create and operate your vault, which oversees residents and ensures they have access to power, food, and water—a crucial balancing act in the game. Although some players have complained about the in-game purchases, it is more than possible to play the game for free and still enjoy it. 

The dwellers, or people of the vault, are led and guided by players, who must meet their demands to keep their content. Each production room needs at least one inhabitant to function, and you can assign a certain number of dwellers.

Every room that is at tier one starts construction and may be upgraded with caps all the way to tier three. Each space needs a special talent to function at its best. When a production room, such as a power generator, is renovated, it will be able to create and store more power, but it will take longer to produce unless more productive residents are placed inside. 

Another method of merging rooms is to put another identical room next. If this kind of game is your type, you must try it now!

Fantasy Life

Fantasy Life

The game Fantasy Life, situated in the fantastical realm of Reverie, allows players to select their character from one of the twelve life classes, such as chef or paladin.

You can switch between any of the 12 life classes at any moment to acquire distinct powers. The craftsman class is skilled at creating greater weapons and tools, whereas the combat class consists of tough combatants.

Change to a gatherer class and spend some time as a lumberjack or a fisherman if you don't feel like fighting. Begin the adventure of your dreams by engaging in unrivaled crafting, casting, fishing, mining, combat, and exploration.

You will explore a vast fantasy landscape along with grumpy dark paladins, sleek pirate captains, royal princesses, and others who share your appetite for the unknown. Get into the world of fantasy by downloading it. Go ahead!

Farmer's Dynasty

Farmer's Dynasty

Playing Farmer's Dynasty is an obvious choice if you enjoy The Sims 4's "Cottage Living" expansion pack. Here, as in typical life simulation games, you can fully manage a farm in addition to getting married, having children, and interacting with people. 

You can take care of plants and animals, sell them, and reinvest the profits back into yourself. Enjoy a unique mashup of farming, building, and living simulation that transports you to the country and offers several challenging gameplay modes! Renovate and repair your farm. 

Do you have happy memories of going to your grandfather's farm? When you had a busy few years working in the city, but you still recall the sunny days when you yearned to be a farmer. You still harbor the goal of rebuilding your grandfather's farm and creating your dynasty; let's make it a reality!

HarvestMoon: One world

HarvestMoon: One world

Harvest Moon One World allows the player to start farming and emphasizes interacting with the other characters. Many contend that it contains a little more depth. After the Harvest Goddess vanished, the world was left without many crops, including carrots, tomatoes, and cabbage.

At advanced levels, you'll need to unlock other seeds with the power these Harvest Wisps have been given! But finding the Harvest Wisps, who all arrive at various times and locations, will be challenging.

On your quest to locate the Harvest Wisps, you will have the opportunity to visit several countries. You'll journey deep into the snowy mountains of Salmiakki, ride camels across the Pastilla deserts, and even go to a volcano close to the charming mountain hamlet of Lebkuchen! 

This game has a completely robotic feel, from the plot to the gameplay mechanics, characters, and environments, not to mention the god-awful cheesy 3D art style.

House Flipper

House Flipper

In House Flipper, losing yourself for hours in the details of purchasing old homes and renovating them on every possible level is very simple. It's rewarding to witness how your labor of love can transform a run-down house into a charming masterpiece.

The opportunity to work as a one-person renovation crew on House Flipper is wonderful. Just purchase, renovate, and repair the destroyed homes. When focusing on the major goals, House Flipper takes roughly 12 hours.

It has some great gameplay aspects, and it's incredibly entertaining to construct and decorate a house almost entirely from scratch. However, the game is well described as an endless simulation of hard work.

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own remodeling business? If yes is your answer, this game can help you live that experience.

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Thanks to individuals who choose to make products for the game, IMVU, a game well-known in the life-sim industry, has millions of items in its in-game store. Anyone can do this, and if many people purchase your item, you will receive in-game currency that you can decide to reinvest in the future if you like.

Customization is key in this situation. IMVU has a separate economy with its own "credits" and "promo credits"-based currency system. Developer tokens, a third payment type for creators, were also available; they were obtained when a user made a purchase using "promo credits."

IMVU credits are bought online with real money. Along with completing surveys and the game's daily spin, players can win either an item or a certain number of credits; players can also earn credits by purchasing IMVU gift cards from retail establishments.

IMVU is where you will find your metaverse and 3D virtual world! Meet individuals from all over the world! Create a unique avatar, connect, and have a live chat. 

Jurassic World Evolution

Jurassic World Evolution

Jurassic World Evolution, created by Frontier Developments, is a unique mashup of Jurassic Park video games and life simulations. In this control and building game, you may make your dinosaur theme park from scratch while managing issues like erratic weather, power outages, the possibility of dinosaurs escaping, and more.

The player can build a Jurassic World dinosaur theme park with attractions and research facilities in this business simulation game. Players must construct an Expedition Center, which dispatches paleontologists to dinosaur DNA collection sites.

Use sophisticated management tools to handle the large picture or get your hands dirty to deal with difficulties on the ground or in the air. In a brand-new story featuring recognizable characters from the whole franchise and decades of Jurassic knowledge at your fingertips, you can expand your islands and customize your path.

Download the game and build your Jurassic World by putting yourself at the center of the Jurassic franchise. In this uncertain world, and life always finds a way, bioengineer dinosaurs can think, feel, and respond intelligently to the environment while fending off threats like espionage, breakouts, and catastrophic tropical storms.



Littlewood is a game that happens after you have defeated a Dark Wizard. It was created by Sean Young and released by SmashGames. You're now charged with completely customizing the town's reconstruction. The tedious process of acquiring materials and planning everything from houses to fences to where to put trees is enjoyable.

The world has already been saved. It's time to rebuild your community and everyone else's hearts. Investigate the wide realm of the solemn. The few sites to visit are enchanted forests, bustling fishing towns, and dark mining caves. Convince the locals you meet to remain in your community. 

To remember your past, you need to meet others. Bring unique resources and objects you find worldwide back to your hometown so you can sell them and make something with them. Littlewood primarily consists of trees, rocks, and weeds.

To gather these materials for constructing and improving your town, you must acquire additional tools. Harvest resources by cutting down trees, mining ores, capturing insects, and fishing in ponds and rivers! Meet the new townspeople to unlock new constructions to construct.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley

This endearing farming simulation is similar to The Sims 3 if you were a farmer in the pixelated countryside, and it's yet another heartwarming time-waster. You can develop your farm, embellish your home, and immerse yourself in Stardew Valley's endlessly fascinating community while moving at leisure.

Every inhabitant in every home in Valley, like the Sims, can be made into a connection, and each resident has a unique backstory and story to tell. There is much more to this fascinating RPG than first meets the eye. Fishing, mining, cooking, farming, and caring for farm animals are just a few possible hobbies.

Due to its relatable characters and hidden information, completing the game in one in-game day won't be feasible. You'll spend many hours getting your farm just before you realize it, and you won't even know how much time has passed.

You must try this game if you are Bored playing same games again and again.

Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital

In The Sims 4 Careers expansion, being a doctor is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable careers to pursue because you can manage your Sim and treat patients. If running a small sim hospital ticks all the right boxes for you, Two Point Hospital will satisfy your itch. 

The fundamentals of designing a hospital in this immensely entertaining management game aren't all that dissimilar to creating rooms in The Sims. You will also supervise your staff, enhance the hospital's reputation, and ensure everything runs smoothly.

It'll keep you playing for as long as any other session because of its unique blend of humor and tongue-in-cheek description of hospital administration.

My Time At Portia

My Time At Portia

Instead of moving to Willow Creek or Oasis Springs, why not Portia? Fans of the genre will like the endearing open-world life simulation by Pathea, which has a range of jobs to keep you busy. 

You can make money as a newcomer to the neighborhood who receives a workshop as a gift from a relative by creating any number of gadgets or gizmos to fulfill orders. But it goes even further. Mining, fishing, farming, crafting, cooking, and other occupations are a few examples. 

The vibrant Portia neighborhood and the countless locals with whom you can make friends and romantic connections are where the city's true heart truly beats. You can enjoy all the homely moments. My Time at Portia has so much to offer that you'll be busy for a long time.

Second Life

Second Life

Few multiplayer games can match Second Life, which offers a fully virtual world experience for simulating simple real-world living. Second life, simulating the real world and promoting user-generated content, provides the framework for a player-driven economy linked to real money. Because of this innovative design, Second Life has proven to be an enjoyable and profitable hobby for many Second Life residents.

Aside from economic considerations, Second Life, one of the few multiplayer games similar to The Sims, is ideal for The Sims fans who want to recreate themselves in a virtual setting and pursue goals or communicate with other players. 

Second life, with its primary feature of user-generated virtual material, delivers content far beyond any single-player game, surpassing The Sims' extensive library of objects and apparel. These materials include environments, avatar clothing, and scripts, which can all be purchased and sold online.

Virtual Families 2

Virtual Families 2

Players control a character and their daily Life in Virtual Families 2, which is accessible to PC users on the Microsoft Store. Several The Sims 4 mechanics are available here, such as personalizing their home, adding family members one at a time, working, and attending to their needs.

As the game continues, players can change their homes, and a series of unrelated incidents can either cause catastrophe or only slightly affect daily living, keeping the game's enjoyable sense of difficulty and mystery. From a top-down perspective, the graphics are appealing and reminiscent of the initial The Sims game.

The Sims 4

The Sims 4

Some The Sims 4 players were dissatisfied with the game's lack of material when it was originally published in 2015; six years later, an onslaught of add-ons has made the EA titan bigger and better.

Create a sim or adopt any of the NPCs made by EA, then start living their lives how you like, selecting things like their work, romantic partners, and overall demeanor. In addition, the game allows you to experience and play through the effects of your choices, so you are free to be good, bad, or just plain weird.

Your Sim can test out life with magic powers, have a pet, relocate, have paranormal experiences, and much more with the help of DLC. Or you could utilize the money scam to spend many amusing hours constructing a mega-mansion.

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Planet Zoo

Planet Zoo

In Planet Zoo's expansive and soothing simulation game, you can spend a long time planning your zoo's layout. Then, in career mode, you can either start a brand-new zoo from scratch or take on zoos in desperate need of assistance.

The most satisfying part of Planet Zoo is, without a doubt, building enclosures and designing the ideal homes for your creatures, especially when the animals arrive prepared to explore their new home. You can enlarge the image to see their actions. To earn conservation points, which unlock more exotic species and zoo renovations, you can raise your animals and release them back into the wildlife.

By modifying their cage to contain enough room, friends, and vegetation to their liking, you can keep your animals fed, watered, and content in their surroundings. If you don't, you'll receive a flood of notifications to the contrary.

Graveyard Keeper

Graveyard Keeper

A life simulation will always end in death. Graveyard Keeper will hit all the right notes if you're looking for something with a darker tone and significantly more gruesome content.

Death plays a significant part in your daily life as the new manager of a graveyard in a medieval village, similar to how death manifests as the grim reaper in The Sims. To help you win over the villagers and ease life in the medieval world a little, You can even design the blueprint of the graveyard and create objects.

Though many dubious options may arise along the way, making your decisions in the Sims look like a piece of cake, the darker side doesn't just come from the presence of mortality.

If you are a fan of open world games, then GTA V is a must-try for you.

The Movies

The Movies

The Movies is another excellent game to play if you like the Sims, despite having a different game environment that centers around the production of movies with some small touches of business and tycoon management.

Players are urged to write their scripts, construct movie sets, and take care of the requirements of their up-and-coming stars in this game based on the concept of starting their own movie company. While controlling stats like tension and boredom, players can design their studio.

Early Sims games come to mind when playing the interface and overall gameplay. Genre, script, and costume choices are three pillars to significantly raise the film's production value and, with luck, help it win a movie award.

A sandbox option is also offered for complete movie independence. In contrast, The Movies' campaign mode gradually introduces these components while pairing them with development through film history (affecting genre preferences and technology).



Fans of science fiction who enjoy simulation and management games will adore RimWorld. Players in this independent game with a top-down perspective are tasked with managing practically every aspect of a group of colonists' lives.

In that needs and relationships must be maintained, this game is similar to The Sims. However, the gameplay also heavily emphasizes survival, with the colony being protected, new structures being built, and new objects being created.

Singles: Flirt up Your Life

Singles: Flirt up Your Life

Released at the same time as The Sims 2 Singles, Flirt Up Your Life draws inspiration from the Sims series and is aimed at the subset of fans who devote most of their free time to dating, romance, and relationship management. Singles Flirt Up Your Life offers similar room customization, needs management, and romance choices to the different Sims games despite limiting you to a single house of housemates.

The focus of Singles Flirt Up Your Life, however, is primarily on the relationship between the two housemates that you choose. As a result, Flirt Up Your Life's gameplay is made fascinating and different by personality matches with a predetermined cast of characters, each with unique characteristics and histories.

While choosing characters with similar traits is undoubtedly an option, the real fun in the game comes from choosing individuals with opposite personalities and trying to make them mesh while juggling daily responsibilities and a profession.

Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House

Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House

One of the few free-life simulation games available, With several new features and an overall larger selection of objects, events, collectibles, and awards, Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House expands on the franchise's popularity.

Your Virtual Families 2 game is designed to simulate real-time gameplay and moves at a slower pace, just like the original and the other games from Last Day of Work. A year is divided into several game hours. Instead of playing nonstop as one might in The Sims, this design encourages players to check in with their virtual family frequently.

Players can advance their careers, adopt a virtual pet, renovate their homes, decorate their rooms, respond to sporadic events like sickness, and more within these check-in places. Not confined to a generation of only one family. Virtual Families 2 anticipates that you will repeat this cycle countless times as you look after one generation after another.

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Here are several games like The Sims franchise. They enable you to control the life, relationships, and objectives of one or more customizable characters while also influencing the environment in which they live through features like house building, community development, and avatar customization.

Because of this, they make a good game like the main The Sims franchise (The Sims, Sims 2, Sims 3, Sims 4) and its various expansion packs and spin-off games. Hopefully, you will find the games mentioned above as thrilling and alluring as we found them to be, download the games and enjoy the-life scenarios via these right now.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Stardew Valley, Two Point Hospital, and Cities: Skylines are among the best games, like The Sims, that allow you to live your best virtual life. Continue reading for more information.

The Sims 5 is undoubtedly coming; however, it might take some time before we can play it. During VentureBeat's GamesBeat Summit 2021 conference, EA acknowledged that the upcoming simulation game is developing.

The Sims franchise and BitLife are both smartphone apps, but BitLife deals with more mature issues and includes a tonne of gameplay material. The smartphone application BitLife - Life Simulator, released in 2018, has at least a 4-star rating in both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

Like the color wheel, computer optimization had a major role in the choice to forgo an open world in The Sims 4. The Sims 3 was unable to achieve EA's goal of making The Sims 4 perform well for the majority, if not all, players.

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