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Open World games have long dominated gaming on consoles and personal computers, but they are now gradually consuming the whole mobile game market. The most exclusive part that makes it the most unique is that it has driven out superheroes into the game world.

This creates a privilege for superhero fan clubs to experience the power and development of skills in the virtual world. Spider-Man, a well-known character from Marvel Comics, has appeared in several commercially available video games.

Many people also enjoy playing this game because it has a similar storyline to many famous movies. If you are a spiderman fan and looking for some exciting games, you are at the right place. Here is a blog with a list of the best Spiderman Games for Android that you can play.

Best Spiderman Games for Android

From the long list of superheroes, Spider-Man has been recognized as the top most anticipated character since 1991. There are thousands of games available on the Play Store, App store, and other third-party sites, which can give you a unique and exciting experience in your leisure time. Continue reading to find out the best spiderman game for you.

The Amazing Spiderman 2

The Amazing Spiderman 2

The Amazing Spider-Man is an open-world video game and is one of the best spiderman games for android. It is based on the 2012 film of the same name and the Spiderman character from Marvel Comics. Beenox created it, and Activision released it.

Spider-extraordinary Man's skills, such as web-swinging and wall-crawling, are available to players. In addition, the game introduces a bullet time concept called Web-Rush, which allows players to choose which area Spider-Man will automatically move to after holding a particular button to slow down time.

This gameplay element can also be utilized to target opponents that Spider-Man will attack automatically or things that he will toss at them to temporarily render them helpless before using his web to finish them off.

Although The Amazing Spider-Man isn't a perfect game, it can be a lot of fun. You weave and wail on enemy adversaries through more than 20 missions involving Rhino and the Iguana. Although the stars from the movie did not provide their voices for this game, the present cast is strong and provides some amusing moments for fans.


Marvel Duel

Marvel duel

If you enjoy playing Spiderman and strategy card games together, Marvel Duel is a game for you. You can call on Spider-Man and other Marvel heroes to correct the altered history in the Marvel Universe.

The game's multiplayer mode sets you against adversaries in a contest of cunning and tactics. Build your powerful team by gathering up to 150 Marvel heroes, upgrading them, and using them.

The game's best feature is that it will let you experience and relive memorable scenes from Marvel films like Infinity War and Civil War. Last but not least, if you want a more competitive game experience, you can play against other teams with other people.

The player chooses a superhero to use as their avatar for each game; these avatars are distinct from their cards and can activate additional skills and abilities. Even though heroes are archetype-restricted (Iron Man, for instance, belongs to the Stark Industries archetype), their total level during the game determines their skill set, not the superhero they are presently playing. 

For instance, a player using Star-Lord as their avatar will still be able to choose between Elektra, Doctor Strange, and Spiderman skills while operating a deck of Elektra, Doctor Strange, and Spiderman archetypes.

Marvel Collect

Marvel Collect

You might wish to amass Spider-Man-related collectibles if you're a fan. You may take this pastime to the next level through Marvel Collect, a trading card game for card collectors. You can amass digital cards of any Marvel superhero in this game. But if you're a big admirer of the man in the red suit, you may exchange them with other players for Spiderman playing cards.

You can get digital items daily in Marvel Collect, and you'll also receive rewards for finishing each collection. The best aspect of the game is that you can play to complete tasks and earn various rewards in addition to trading and collecting items.

In the single-player mode of the Marvel Trading Card Game, players can select between two campaigns, one for heroes and one for villains. The player receives booster packs and virtual currency as they complete missions, which they may use to buy more cards in the in-game card shop.


Marvel Puzzle Quest

Marvel Puzzle Quest

On October 3, 2013, D3 Publisher and Marvel Entertainment launched Marvel Puzzle Quest, a video game created by Demiurge Studios. The fourth Puzzle Quest game has 270 playable, unlockable, and recruitable Marvel characters and is a free-to-play match-three puzzle war game in the vein of Bejeweled.

There are two primary game modes: story and multiplayer, in which players compete against other teams led by the game's AI. Although the game is free, there are options to pay for character upgrades or level-ups.

Replaying previous levels will also get you access to new characters, a collection of Iso-8, hero coins, and other things. The options for team composition and talent choices increase as a player's roster does.

A player must gather comic book covers from within the game to unlock new characters and enhance existing ones. Each character is represented by a collection of actual comic book covers, which may be upgraded or leveled by the player and describe the character's skills. The weakest characters are rated as one star, and the strongest and most potent are rated as five stars.

Marvel Puzzle Quest is a little different from Spider-Man and other hero games. The game departs from conventional battle games by featuring Marvel Universe characters in a novel 3D puzzle-matching game.


Spiderman Unlimited

Spiderman Unlimited

In contrast to conventional endless runner games, the game's story mode has clear objectives, such as defeating a set number of enemies, gathering random items, arriving at a specific location, or eliminating the boss. It is broken up into chapters, or "problems," each of which has 5 main tasks that conclude with a boss battle and several side missions. 

The third update was changed to require a specific amount of "Spidey Power," or the player's team multiplier. Previously, some characters could only be used by characters at a certain level. By completing tasks, the player can earn experience points to advance to the next level, standard vials or the more valuable ISO-8.

Players can upgrade their power-ups and purchase different Spiderman variations by spending vials. The most well-known and cherished Spiderman video game is this one. It is a runner game with a hint of Marvel characters, similar to Subway Surfers. 

In addition, the game provides a variety of surfaces, including Nick Fury, Black Cat, and avatars other than Spider-Man. You can quickly change Spider-Man into Spider-Armor, Scarlet Spider, or Bombastic Bag-Man. Additionally, your goal is to defeat 10 supporters and gather 10 medical packs.


Spider Rope Hero- Gangster City Crime

Spider Rope Hero- Gangster City Crime

Wherever limitless superhero action is waiting, become a spider rope hero in Vegas crime simulation games. The criminal underworld of Vegas is aware that Spider Rope Hero will protect them from the gang mafia.

The Spider Rope Hero will take on other gangs in the struggle to continue the crime city. So get ready for open-world games' rescue missions to enjoy the crime simulation game Vegas. Trust me, it is one of the best spiderman games for android. 

The Spider Rope Hero has unique, genuine abilities. Spider Rope Hero versus Crime City Mafia is a new game that combines a superhero fighting game with a creative movement game with the addition of a spider battling as a Miami rope hero in the city.

You must adore Spider Rope Hero if you're a Spiderman lover. Once you learn about its remarkable features and realistic gameplay, you will be enamored. It is a Spiderman game for Android that is full of adventures. It has excellent Android tablet and phone optimization. 

This game features expansive cityscapes and graphically appealing in-game scenery. You have access to a variety of special abilities and weaponry. Maintain a calm city with your superpowers and rose-jumping prowess.

Spider Hero- Superhero Fighting

Spider Hero- Superhero Fighting

Check out this superhero fighting game in the form of an arcade featuring Spiderman, your favourite Marvel character. The game's title is Spider Hero: Superhero Fighting, and Aleksey Yarmolik created it. It is a Spiderman game for Android that is packed with action.

It offers a dynamic city environment with numerous events and challenging quests to complete. Be the heroes of the people by defeating the villains. You'll appreciate its easy-to-use control scheme.

Thanks to it, you can play the game without an internet connection. It contains various advanced weapon types with a logical upgrade path. As you advance in levels, the superheroes' perspectives can shift. It produces stunning HD images and accurate sound effects.

You can be a vigilante serving justice who is always prepared to end crimes and drive out dangerous gangs from the city. The system requirements for this game are surprisingly low, and it occasionally includes in-app advertisements.


Power Spider 2

Power Spider 2

With Power Spider 2, get your bearings and traverse the Spiderman universe. Chris Anderson, who has a radioactive illness, is the protagonist of this game's narrative. He must bite a spider to be healed. He gets all of the martial artist's power when he bites the spider.

Consequently, this game combines a superhero with a martial artist. With these talents, he must defend the city. While exploring the city, there are numerous things you can take part in. For a more authentic experience, you can play this game in first-person.

The mechanisms for web-swinging and connection to the buildings have been meticulously devised. The most excellent part about the boss battles is that you can participate whenever you want. By completing objectives, you can unlock various costumes and things; otherwise, you can buy them. There are new achievements to complete.


Amazing Spider-Man

Amazing Spider-Man

Amazing Spider Fight is a Spiderman video game for Android. It's possible to be a hero like Spider-Man. The city is in danger due to criminals. Your ability as a street fighter will improve the more you fight crooks. International gangsters in the New York City setting will confront you. 

Give your best performance and establish yourself as the city's top hero. And it is your best opportunity to save the citizens in your town. Just keep in mind not to get into any legal difficulties. This is a brave competition that is available to battle worldwide.

Rope heroes and battling techniques of various kinds can be used. For a better match, you'll learn special hero combat techniques. You must utilize all of your spider power to take down the crooks of the crime city. You can employ the magical web and various strategies, such as firing laser beams. Free fighting games let you ride motorcycles and supercars.

While it is amusing to watch, the combat is frequently far too simple. You may buy new moves and other enhancements with experience points thanks to the straightforward upgrading system in place. However, there isn't any indication that your power is increasing. 


Iron Spider Extreme

Iron Spider Extreme

It's great for you if you're sick of playing familiar games and want to attempt something nostalgic. You can interact with your preferred superhero in Iron Spider Extreme. Even though the game is exciting and relatively simple, there are many complex challenges.

You can quickly control the gaming mode thanks to the straightforward interface. The game is made with HD graphics, which will undoubtedly attract your attention. There is a tonne of superheroes in the game that you may unlock. Additionally, you can share your successes and compete with your friends. You'll become more and more dependent on playing to fulfill its objectives. 

You must traverse the city while sporting your super iron spider suit, hanging from the rope, and gathering coins throughout the game. However, the game's atmosphere will soon change, and you'll be able to play a simple action game.

Superhero vs Spider Hero Gangster Crime 3D

Superhero vs Spider Hero Gangster Crime 3D

Check out this HNIKER ANUAR action-packed superhero game. Super Hero VS Spider Hero Gangster Crime 3D is what it is called. As the title implies, the game centers on Spiderman defending the city from criminals and formidable gangs.

It includes numerous complex tasks in urban settings, together with pre-existing adventures. It possesses breathtaking 3D visuals and first-rate visual effects. It may be used on any device running Android 4.1 or higher without the need for any high-end hardware.

It offers logical character upgradability and is free to play. It provides incredibly compelling gameplay filled with countless activities and adventures. High-quality audio and flexible sound effects are included. 

The game offers an entirely free open world, and the upcoming update will add housing options for the main character. You can use various armored vehicles to battle foes while flying over the tops of cities. This game includes tons of weapons and equipment you can utilize brilliantly, in addition to the superpowers.


Shadow Rope Hero Power: Excellent Spider Fighter

Shadow Rope Hero Power: Excellent Spider Fighter

The most popular action genre on Android devices has always been spider games. Shadow Rope Hero Power is included in that list as well. You will be enthralled by its anti-criminal adventure right away. In an open-world setting, the game features a 3D fighting game.

The shadow rope hero fights the bad guys throughout the game and stops them from stealing the hero's weapon. As the possessor of numerous abilities in this situation, the rope hero can stop the Mafia criminal using weaponry and cutting-edge military vehicles. Your spider hero can be changed into a frog, a super spider, or an excellent combat superhero.

As you level up, you can take on various missions with the mafia bosses of countries, including Mexico, Russia, Japan, and more; you can run across multiple terrains in high-quality cars and bikes in this fighting game. It is indeed one of the best Spiderman games to try for an action-packed adventure. 


Flying Spider Boy

Flying Spider Boy

Everyone has a favourite superhero of all time; Spiderman is one of them. A Spiderman movie is reflected in the video game Flying Spider-Boy. You can receive training in roof construction to improve your skills. Fight alongside a superhero to gain a courageous position.

You have five thrilling flying spider tasks to complete in this game. You can create combination sets based on your preferences. On this platform, you can move around and use a rope to fly above the entire city. You will acquire intriguing skills like flying, adhering to walls, slinging webs, etc. You will receive training from Legends to combat mafia robbers.


Amazing Spider Fight

Amazing Spider Fight

Amazing Spider Fight is a Spiderman video game for Android. It's possible to be a hero like Spider-Man. The city is in danger due to criminals. Your ability as a street fighter will improve the more you fight crooks.

International gangsters in the New York City setting will confront you. Give your best performance and establish yourself as the city's top hero. And it is your best opportunity to save the citizens in your town.

Just keep in mind not to get into any trouble with the police. A brave competition that is available to battle worldwide. Rope hero and battling techniques of various kinds can be used. For a better match, you'll learn special hero combat techniques.

You must utilize your spider power to take down the crooks of crime city. You can employ the magical web and various strategies, such as firing laser beams. You may ride motorcycles and drive supercars in free-fighting games.

Spider Power

Spider Power

Introducing Spider Power, a new action game with Spiderman as the main character and as your favourite superhero. If you can demonstrate your gaming prowess in this situation, you could become the martial arts champion. The narrative opens similarly to the original Spiderman film. 

When a dangerous spider bites you, you gain abilities. You'll also be in charge of other spidermen. Save the planet and the people from terrible forces. You must defeat the supervillains in the arena battle.

You can play any of the two game modes: campaign or storyline. There is a web-swinging device for practicing spider tricks. You will receive spider powers as a reward for accomplishing those incredible heroic missions.

In this fighting game, you can engage in combat with supercriminals, supermonsters, and villains. You can employ a variety of superpowers to defeat enemy armies when shooting at them. Fight the baddies with your superpowers.

Marvel Future Revolution

Marvel Future Revolution

Created by Netmarble, Marvel Future revolution is the most massive Spiderman game on mobile. The game is available in the play store for iOS and Android with a size of 1.6 GB. Based on the multiverse theme, it offers all the favourite marvel superheroes, including Spiderman, to Play.

You can play as a Spiderman and use its combat skills like spider swing, shot web wrapping and shooting, and many more for a Spidey action. The AAA console game is filled with solid cinematic entries of superheroes, which will keep you up until the end.

The graphics are top-notch, making your experience like a PC game. Various playing modes, plethoric costumes, animation, and voice-over have made this game unique and thrilling. The mechanical control has been improved with updates for smooth gameplay. Marvel Future Revolution was nominated for the Game Award for Best Mobile Game in 2021.

Spiderman No Way Home

Spiderman No Way Home

Spiderman No Way Home is an entertaining Spiderman action game of 55 MB size. For iOS and Android users, this game is available on the Play Store. It is one of the SPE Digital Marketing games.

The game is entirely based on the movie Spiderman No Way Home. The attractive feature of the game is that it will allow you to access Pete's phone, where you can check out photos, videos, archived messages, and voicemail, which give it a nostalgic touch of Homecoming.

The AR suit explorer is a unique feature of this game, allowing you to try Spiderman attire in augmented reality. The gameplay is set from a third-person perspective, and the action moves from a certain angle and is immersive.

By following the story, and interaction of characters with Spider-Man, new levels get unlocked. By progressing, and qualifying missions, you can get new gadgets and modified suits for power and skills. For the Spider-Man No Way Home audience, this game can turn out to be a box of memories. 

Spiderman Total Mayhem

Spiderman Total Mayhem

Spiderman total Mayhem was developed by Gameloft as an action video game for iOS and Android users. It is a 3D gameplay with an imposing action game. The game is portrayed in New York City with 12 levels of action fighting combo from the beginning.

Each class will take you to different streets with a storyline, where you must take out the thugs and rescue hostages before fighting off the chief. You can monitor the scale and lifeline and complete the mission on time. 

This game encounters all the great villains like the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Sandman, Venom, and many more characters. The game features different combinations of combat attacks to destroy enemies and clear the levels. It is Intense, varied gameplay, and the controls are simple, smooth, and handles well.

Spider-Man: Ultimate Power

Spider-Man: Ultimate Power

It is an action platform game of around 12 MB and accessible offline. The game's graphics are excellent, giving a 2D set of effects. The game has simple controls and a smooth pace, as it is specially designed for iOS and Android systems.

The game will take you to different locations in the Marvel universe for the mission to defeat the enemies and save the city. Spider-Man Ultimate Power is a unidirectional quick-shoot game across the city's heights.

You can use the features of Spider-Man, jump from the roof, and use spider webs to defeat all the enemies you come across. The game challenges you with different levels, and by completing levels and fulfilling goals, you can enhance the spider skills by using power-ups in your way. There will also be some obstacles like traps, falls, and rivals.

Spider fighter: Superhero Revenge

Spider fighter: Superhero Revenge

For entertaining street action fights, Spider fighter is one of the top games of 147 MB size. You can experience your life as Spider-Man in the city of criminal villains. The bite of a Radioactive spider results in mutations, due to which you develop superhuman strength and a sixth spider-sense.

To save the grand city, you must become a spider superhero fighter. It is a one-person army game based on a superhero street fighting contest, where Spiderman fights with many enemies simultaneously. Clearing the levels allows the game to craft new skills that compliment Spidey's powers and unlock new moves and combos.

Using a turn-based strategy, you can apply your design to fight against criminals and defeat them. You can upgrade the hero's skill by collecting loot and adding new super skills to enhance your attacks. By doing this, you can utilize your expertise to improve your assaults.

Therefore, you can develop further and overcome considerably more lowlifes and supervisors that come your way. The more you continue, the more difficult it is to finish and overcome the challenging bosses while mastering new characters with unique skills.


Recently, superhero games became the best option for new open-world games offering more freedom to explore. Spider-Man is the most top-rated superhero and is praised for its narrative, combat, and web-slinging abilities. For an open-world action adventure, it has thousands of gameplay, varieties of puzzle-solving challenges, and fighting tasks. 

It transforms you into Spider-Man to explore and experience his world, and the introduction of first and third-person perspectives has given it a realistic mode to explore. We hope you will enjoy the above-listed best spiderman games for android. 


Gameloft's The Amazing Spiderman is a mobile open-world video game that lets players take on the role of Spider-Man in an open-world Manhattan. It is available for iOS and Android.

Gameloft stated in 2019 that Spider-Man Unlimited, a mobile game, will be discontinued from March 31, 2019.

Based on the 2014 spiderman movie and the Marvel Comics character Spider-Man, The Amazing Spiderman 2 is an open-world action-adventure computer game.

The Android version of Marvel Spider-Man is quite comprehensive, having enough inside maps for each building. You can wander around and investigate buildings, barriers, and the street. The range of Spider-motions Man's is limitless. On the map, you can go wherever you wish.

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