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Tower Defense is a computer game that works well on smartphones and tablets. This subgenre of strategy games works so well on bit screens that it sounds like it was created for them. Although not as common as they once were during the platform's lifespan, they are still enjoyable. Earlier mobile games didn't have depth features that allowed players to experience the best quality gaming. Now the smart gyro controls make it engaging to play.

Put another way. They're even as fun to play on smartphones as on different devices. This genre is always overrated, but for good, as tower defense games are one among the must-play league and most attention-grabbing mobile games.

There are currently several choices within the humanoid scheme, so we've created a list of the simplest free tower defense games on humanoid.


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There's a decent likelihood that you've played some tower defense games over the years. However, consider our favorites below if you're trying to play more games.

1. Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush

Release: July 28, 2011

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows PC, Linux

Publisher: Armour Games.

In this fantastic RPG game with roguelike elements, embark on an epic degree-level journey through the medieval fantasy of Kingdom Rush. Lead the most essential and dominant Kingdom Rush characters. Lead an extravaganza of heroes to prevent this foe in a very engaging combat system that's straightforward to explain but arduous to master.

Twelve companion heroes with different skills and powers, like the capable forest ranger, the volatile dwarven bombardier, or the sinister dark knight, can follow your legends to victory. Unlock all those extraordinary heroes as you appear in additional and more dangerous lands.

Strategically move your heroes on a hex-based grid to match their skills to your combat techniques. Switch and check your heroes and companions till you uncover your ideal team for every battle. Engage in uncountable intense battles and breakaway adventures within the new Quick-Play Arena mode. Fight the new elite units, the kingdom's most dangerous enemies.

2. Bad North: Jotunn Edition

Bad North: Jotunn Edition

Release: October 16, 2019

Required: OS Android 8.0 and up

Offered by: Raw Fury

This is an immensely memorable period of small-scale strategy with the Vikings. Your house is under fire. Hope may be a distant glimmer within the fog, weakening quickly with each passing moment. As you rise to claim your father's place as ruler, it'll fall to you to stage your defenses. However, make no mistake: This is not a fight for an ending but a desperate grasp for survival. 

Position and relocate your troops to prevent the Vikings from counteracting the threats you create. Choose your battles and arrange your evacuations carefully. Your troopers take care of the rest, navigating and engaging naturally in response to the situation. You control the broad strokes of your defenses and keep an eye on troop positioning.

Every island is stylistically charming and distinctive in its layout. Arrange your way around each nook and cranny, for you merely get one chance to save lots of them from the enemy invasion. A more substantial, smarter defense results in more significant rewards. Use these to help your subjects progress from ragtag militia to seasoned warriors.

3. Dungeon Warfare 2

Dungeon Warfare 2

Required OS: Android 4.1 and up

Release: April 2, 2019.

Price: Rs 400 on the Play Store; also available with a gameplay pass

Dungeon Warfare 2 is the undisputed follow-up to Dungeon Warfare, a super-exciting tower defense strategy game. In this, you become a dungeon king and protect your dungeons from hungry explorers and naive heroes using the deadliest traps and sneakiest devices.

In this game, you can find physics-enabled tower defense mayhem. More than thirty-three distinct traps with eight particular traits for each web. There are over thirty different enemies, each with a specific attribute and over sixty handcrafted levels. You associated an infinite variety of procedurally generated dungeons with five boss battles. 

Progression with expertise in providing passive upgrades for the traps is similar to talent points. Three talent trees with eleven skills on each tree; environmental hazards

4. Bloons TD6

Bloons TD6

Release: June 13, 2018

Price range: Rs 70-Rs 3550

Required OS: Android 5.0 and up.

Profession your great defense with awe-inspiring monkey towers, upgrades, heroes, and activated skills, then pop all the invasive Bloons. Enlist innumerable alternative players who get pleasure from the vast and ever-expanding options that deliver endless hours of the most effective strategy recreation available.

Earn trophies to unlock dozens of cosmetic items that permit you to customize your monkeys, Bloons, animations, music, and more. Create your challenges and odysseys, share them with other players, and play the most popular community content. There are twenty-two mighty Monkey Towers, each with three upgrade methods and a unique set of activated skills.

Find out the incredible power of the new Paragon Advances, especially against Boss Bloons. There are fourteen different heroes, each with twenty signature upgrades, a couple of special skills, unlockable skins, and voiceovers. Each game features sixty handcrafted maps that create a unique military science challenge—monkey Knowledge. 

5. Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time

Plants vs. Zombies

Required OS: Android 5.0 and up

Release on: October 2, 2013

Offered by: Electronic Arts

The hit action-strategy journey continues wherever you meet, greet, and defeat legions of screaming zombies from the dawn of your time to the top of the day. Accumulate a military of fantastic plants, supercharge them with chemicals, and devise the final word to decide to shield your brain.

Uncover a variety of plants and animals. Collect your favorite field legends, like helianthus and peashooter, alongside many different farming hotshots and creative bloomers like volcanic rock guava and an optical magic bean.

  • Grow power plants. Boost your plants to make sure those zombies are gone. 
  • Earn plenty of coins and pietas to climb the leaderboards, advance through leagues, and become the ultimate garden guardian. 

There's constantly a brand new challenge to complete. Also, practice your best defense; Dr. Zomboss is waiting for you at the top of the world.

6. Kingdom Rush Vengeance

Kingdom Rush Vengeance

A fascinating tower defense game where you can command your army, conquer fantastic fantasy realms, and show all UN agencies who reign over Linirea. You will face and battle hordes of difficult enemies as you clash against top boss fights in this medieval offline tower defense virtual world journey. Command legendary heroes and conquer all fantasy game achievements using your tower defense strategy, methods, and experience.

Here, you get 10+ tickets and artifacts. There are thirty upgrades to assist your army commanders in becoming the best in the world 60+ Deadly Enemies will put all of your strategy game expertise, defense methods, and strategic abilities to the test. Rush to save the dominion as you take down a half-dozen mighty bosses in the most legendary boss tower defense battles.

Epic Tower and Upgrade Selection: Twenty new towers to defend your kingdom or conquer your enemies; each building has its skills and special abilities. Opt for your arsenal of towers and execute your defense strategy. Command your powerful dark army and make the dominion tremble with every step.


7. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans

Release: September 30, 2013

Required OS: Android 5.0 and up

Offered by: Supercell

This game is based on combat strategy. It's pretty famous among players. Train your favorite troops for free and quickly deliver any super army to a social group member's castle. Fight in social group wars as a team against a lot of active players across the world. Examine your abilities in the competitive social group, the War Leagues, and prove you're the best. You have to compete against the essential players in the world to rise to the top of the leaderboard.

Collect resources and steal loot from different players to upgrade your village and switch it into a defensive structure. You can unlock epic heroes and battle machines. Learn new techniques and experiment with your army and social group, the Castle Troops, in application mode. Journey to the Builder Base and see new buildings and characters in a mysterious world.

8. Epic Monster 

Epic Monster

Released on: October 20, 2020

Required OS: Android 4.4 and up.

In Epic Monster TD: RPG Tower Defense, uncover a fantastical world of powerful elemental monsters and advanced military mechanisms. Command a team of monsters to defend the native land from the invasive robot armies.

You’ll take on the United Monsters Alliance militia commander in this epic fantasy tower defense game. Your task is to manage a defensive position around many entrances to the monster's native land. Earn resources, upgrade your monsters, unlock things, and stop the enemy at any cost!

  • Epic RPG Tower Defence: Unlock powerful elemental monsters. Complete daily missions and achievements. 
  • TD Gameplay: Command units with a faucet; earn offline gold.
  • Tournaments are hosted twice every week.

Lovers of tower defense games can love this idle RPG. Prolong completes epic quests, explores a fantastic world, battles robots and monsters, and defeats epic bosses in Epic Monster TD: RPG Tower Defence.

9. Defense Zone 3 HD

Defense Zone 3 HD

A customary corps of enemies waves at your defenses, attempting to destroy them by any means necessary. However, currently, they're even more powerful and madder than ever and differ in terms of attack variety, firing speed, and damage type. The sole way to win is to mix them to complement and strengthen each other.

The versatile settings can enable each player to get as much enjoyment out of the sport as is attainable. Even a fraction of a second is crucial to success; everything depends on your ability to choose and arrange your turrets wisely. If you are intimately connected to the commander, you will love the unrelenting, intense battles wherever the numeration is concerned.

Either way, the thoughtfully designed maps and extensive selection of available resources can offer you an endless list of action choices. Due to the gorgeous, elaborate landscapes, fastidiously drawn towers, and unimaginable effects.

10. Kingdom Rush Origins

Kingdom Rush Origins

The new, enchanting vibes in games are here for game lovers. It’s the third sequel to the heroic tower defense story, which has amassed millions of fans and accolades from gamers and critics worldwide.

You will find eight new specialized tower upgrades and more than eighteen abilities. Clash your enemies with elven sharpshooters, runaway bears, magic-wielding wizards, and even big animated trees.

Execute your strategy with the distinctive skills and extraordinary power of each tower! If you prefer adventure games, play Tower Defense and fall in love.

You can employ rain, lightning, call reinforcements, and each hero's particular skill to combat your adversaries. Fight and clash with the hordes of enemies in epic tower-defense battles.

Take arms against thirty new enemy types and interact in epic boss battles! Face hordes of gnolls, giant spiders, and the terrible Twilight Army. Establish your strategy, and find them! Set up your system for trotting out intense boss fights.


11. 2112 TD

2112 TD

Be ready for the last word in defense, and have a sci-fi journey. Set the scheme a hundred years later, fight inter-dimensional flesh spawn throughout the system, and save Earth's colonies from annihilation. However, the pace is steady, and the stakes are high as the relentless hordes amass in an attempt to overrun your mobile command center with beautifully illustrated environments and graphics.

Deploy the machine gun, flame thrower, artillery, and plasma turrets to destroy your foes. Upgrade your towers to the experimental stage, which provides significant military strength and charges attacks.

Earth's square heads operate indefatigably to realize their superiority against the new enemy. They decided it was a soldier's wordbook. The plan of action gathers knowledge on the field regarding your arsenal and enemies alike. Check it frequently because it will be critical to your victory over the hordes.


12. Industry


The gameplay in the industry is pretty advanced; therefore, you'll have to play the tutorial to know its extensive selection of prospects. It will take some time to encourage the suspension of certain things, but mindfulness offers endless hours of habit-forming fun once you do.

The premise is simple: produce an autonomous work that collects every material from the land. The method this game progresses is comparable to Minecraft since you begin by accumulating basic materials and slowly operating to boost your instrumentation. As if aggregating materials by building your assembly lines weren't enough, you may also need to defend your facilities from waves of enemies that attack every sixty seconds.

The industry has three game modes, each unique and providing expertise. In wave mode, you defend yourself from alien attacks, whereas in sandbox mode, you've got unlimited resources for restful additional knowledge. On the other hand, accessible build mode is the same as a sandbox mode, except your resources are restricted.

13. Infinitude 2

Infinitude 2

Every game during this Tower Defence strategy game is endless—stand against an infinite variety of enemy waves for as long as you can! Complete the storyline for excellent rewards.

Oversimplified, well-optimized, small in size, but overstuffed with features: fourteen different types of towers, eleven styles of enemies, bosses, miners, teleports, barriers, modifiers, and resources over forty distinct levels with leaderboards and numerous quests—no endless grind.

Towers gain expertise, abilities, and different aiming ways, and you might heavily upgrade them. Miners are frequently known to dig up resources for brand-new international upgrades. Map editors often create maps with resources won for each game. Music tracks are kept on maps and compete with synthesizers. Players will make an excellent map with any music and share it with others.

Several 3D trophies for completing challenging quests and detailed statistics for each game. Game synchronization with a previously saved computer or another access device passing games is a common way to gain access to an infinitely customizable developer mode.

14. Anomaly 2

Anomaly 2

Maintaining the initial Anomaly pair's core components adds new options to the single-player campaign. Eventually, it puts your skills to the test in an exceedingly distinctive experience: the dynamic tower defense vs. tower offense multiplayer mode.

Transform your troops into war mechs for a fresh take on strategy. Each unit has a distinct mech type with various skills to help you get past particular combat challenges. Participate in a tower defense vs. tower offense multiplayer experience that is only available in Anomaly 2. 

You can either control the humans to destroy the alien structures or oppose the towers and destroy the humans. Fight across the world in an entirely new single-player campaign that provides even more intense strategy expertise than the critically acclaimed original.

Forge your path to victory and assemble your final battle squad. With over one million possible action combos to create your team, your choices in combat area units are nearly endless. As you progress through the campaign, you will gain experience in various endings based on how you approach enemy machines.

15. Grow Castle-Tower Defense

Grow Castle

It is a defense game to guard the castle from enemy attack. If development is frequently placed within the castle tower and on the hero's floor on each floor, the Archer of the City becomes more potent with loads of additional upgrades.

More than one hundred twenty heroes will use their skills. Some heroes are created to provide powerful archers for the city; another hero is a cursed enemy. This strategy is critical because heroes are frequently mounted, up to nine. When you build colonies and rent employees, you'll be able to earn additional gold.

Clear up to the next level, wave, and check your rankings. Create or be part of an online guild. You'll be able to communicate and play with folks around the world. It has an online gold system. The best part is the real-time rankings, the "Hero" system.

If players want to increase their earnings while having fun and learning about the fantastic gameplay in these top tower defense games, they shouldn't worry about it. 


16. Anomaly Defenders 

Anomaly Defenders

The original image of the Tower Offence sub-genre had players as dominant humans fighting alien invaders. The human counterattack is afoot, so the alien homeworld is under threat. In the final battle of the series, defend the Earth from human scum.

Anomaly Defenders could be a fast Tower Defence game wherever assaultive human troops will injure and destroy your defenses. You've got to react and counterattack your enemies on the field of honor at all times.

The eight upgradeable towers' special abilities—repairing them, sending them berserk, sacrificing them in explosions that harm nasty humans, and using other techniques—make killing people less effective. This could be the final conflict with humans.

17. Castle Storm 

Castle Storm

The Castle Storm is an alternative to besieging that combines real-time strategy and action with "tower defense" elements in which players build their castles and defend them from incursive horde attacks.

This edition of Castle Storm for robot devices comes with a dead-tuned sway system for bit screens. Even though this is a console game, it retains the same mechanics and graphics as the original game, and thus the game has reached mobile devices while maintaining the same high quality.

When it comes time to build your castle, you'll notice plenty of prospects, which you'll be able to defend across four campaigns divided into 100 and fifty different missions. Players will use other nations throughout those campaigns, each with its troops, weapons, defenses, and spells.

CastleStorm: Liberal to Besiege keeps the standards of the first game for desktop consoles and PCs elegantly and effectively tailored for robot devices. Its excellent graphics are worth mentioning and are spectacular on tablets.

18. Castle Creeps TD

Castle Creeps TD

The role of the players in this game is to defend their kingdom from the wild hordes of invaders on the prowl for their towers. The primary weapons obtainable to you're your, well, tower. That said, you'll additionally be able to manage characters directly with the flexibility to wander freely on your piece of ground.

Castle Creeps TD gameplay is usual: enemies follow marked paths on every level, whereas you strategically place towers on selected tones. Once you defeat enemies, you gain mana, which is employed to make a lot of buildings. As you progress in your campaign, rising on every one of your towers allows you to produce a lot of powerful weapons.

Because each type of tower is especially effective when competing against a specific enemy type, the game must instruct you to mix all buildings effectively to prevent enemies. Your hero, the United Nations, is far more potent than any troop and can almost certainly halt enemy progress under challenging situations

Castle Creeps TD is a superb "tower defense" for automatons with over twenty chapters in its single-player mode alone. Additionally, you'll unlock twenty alternative towers and a couple of various heroes.

19. Radiant Defense 

Radiant Defense

Release: March 16, 2020

License: free

Among the top tower defense games is Radiant Defense, in which you must defend your base of operations against never-ending attacks from aliens out to destroy everything. 

The primary distinction between refulgent defense and other games of the same genre is that here you will be able to build the path that your enemies will have to take in order to reach your base. Leaving this distinction aside, you'll notice that there are nine different weapons in rebel defense that you'll use to outfit your base.

Some area units are appropriate, and others are appropriate for all enemies. These hostile aliens can attack you on fifteen distinct levels, where over 400 waves of enemies can put your strategic data to the test. The Radiant Defense may be a time-period "tower defense strategy game" that stands out thanks to its graphics, which are fully spectacular and colorful.

20. Arknights


Release: March 25, 2021

Offered by: Yostar Limited

Required OS: Android 4.4 and up.

People tend to prefer the light over the darkness. Let's take the role of a member of the island , a company that combats each deadly infection and the unrest it causes. Besides your leader Amiya, you'll recruit operators, train them, and then assign them to numerous operations to guard the innocent and resist people who would thrust the planet into turmoil.

Your techniques can confirm the long history of Rhode Island. A gorgeous anime-style game with an ideal combination of RPG and strategy parts, hundreds of distinctive operators across various categories open up myriad gameplay choices. The Auto Deploy System handily permits you to release your hands. With the bottom construction system, you can carve out a home exactly how you want it.

21. Last hope, TD

Last hope, TD

An extraordinary TD RPG game with customizable heroes exerting powerful skills and abilities. Tower Defence vs. Zombies: In this zombie tower defense game is set in an open world. Choose from the world's most influential and powerful heroes with unique epic gear and abilities.

With the large variety of weapons, you'll produce an excellent strategy during this tower defense zombie game. Over one hundred forty-five levels can challenge your process. Realize the explanation behind the zombie invasion, get rid of the raider leader scavenging the land, or fight within the arena for coins and glory.

50+ varieties of enemies to encounter while exploring the barrens. If that is not enough, go up against five boss monsters scattered across the map, waiting to rush you! Destroy the dead with a single divine blow or terrify the zombies by shifting the globe with your strong hero and legendary god talents.

Experience the most effective tower defense you've ever seen at a higher level. Transfer this enjoyable free game and prepare for some intense battlefields and epic boss battles.

22. Royal Revolt 2

Royal Revolt 2

Royal Revolt is a strategy game with role-playing elements. You must create your kingdom into a mysterious defense against other players while attempting to conquer their treasures worldwide. The gameplay in Royal Revolt has two main facets.

On the one hand, you must construct a significant defense where you will house your troops and support buildings; on the other hand, the most critical factor at this stage of the game is to construct a concrete road into the heart of your kingdom because this is where your enemies will return from.

You can place every kind of trap on the road: barricades, spikes, archer towers, cannon towers, and much more. All of it, therefore, means your enemies cannot conquer your empire.

Once your kingdom is well protected, it is your turn to attack. During this part of the game, you control a hero and the troops you previously selected and attempt to defeat other players' fortresses, gaining expertise, gems, money, and, most importantly, prestige. This game is too much fun with good graphics.

23. Tower Lands

Tower Lands

Place archers and distinctive alternative heroes on the megatower to defend the castle. In a large fantasy world where you must protect yourself from enemies and capture new lands, you must endure a titanic rush battle that goes to a lord. Only those who mix the correct defense and placement methods can win this tower war.

Enemies will shoot hearts, rockets, and bullets. King, defend your magic lands. Grow legendary kingdom clans.

Your strategy is to put the proper units on the battle tower to defend the kingdom against enemies. And be prepared for a mighty clash. Within the building, you can access a module and a cell for heroes. You'll be able to mix and merge in any order. That's what your luck in military science and defense depends on.

Your defense may not stand up to the clash. Use military science maneuvers. Conquer the military boss. Claim their gold—crush enemy empires. Build warriors who can bomb your tower. Don't allow them to conquer your kingdom. Play a match with friends in the TD Castle game "Towerlands."

24. Random Dice

Random Dice

Random Dice is a super fun strategy title that, with expertise, combines the two utterly different game varieties of Tower Defence and Merge Games.

The gameplay in Random Dice is easy since it's based mainly on the most basic Tower Defence mechanics: you've got to defeat all the enemies within the level before they manage to create their method in your base.

For each enemy you defeat, you will earn coins that you can use to purchase new and more powerful units to help you defend your weak points. The merge game mechanics come into play once it involves designing your defense strategy: the teams that will assist you in protecting your base are dice that you mix with alternative Dice of equivalent color and worth to extend their attack capabilities.

One of the most striking options in Random Dice is its multiplayer mode. This is where you will have to compete against players worldwide to be the last one standing against the never-ending enemy hordes.


25. Cat 'n' Robot: Idle Defence

Cat 'n' Robot: Idle Defence

In this game, your mission is to defend your kingdom with a military of cats by leading them into battle against your enemies. If you like this genre, Cat's Robot: Idle Defence can entertain you for hours while you refine your strategy as you play.

The gameplay is straightforward. Your kingdom is found on the left side of the screen. Here, you'll be able to see all of your skills and weapons. On the proper aspect of the screen, on the other hand, you'll be able to keep an eye fixed on the insects' attacks. You'll need to fight against monsters with variable speeds, strengths, and defenses. To develop a solid strategy and destroy all the enemy troops, you'll need to be told every monster's weaknesses.

Meanwhile, your archer cats can shoot at your enemies and inflict injury as they approach; however, that alone will not be enough to urge you to ensure a level playing field.

When you kill an enemy, you earn coins you'll be able to use to enhance your defenses. Get additional cats for your army and secure your kingdom once and for all. Health In this game style, the tower defense game can have fifty levels or waves. Every amount contains many enemies with totally different attributes and specialties. Things will have unique enemies every five levels, i.e., boss levels.


You just looked at a selection of the top tower defense games. This real-time strategy game's more straightforward derivative has a place here, despite not having its origins on mobile. Regardless of their design, placing defensive turrets by touching and dragging on a touchscreen tablet makes perfect sense. Hope you'll download them soon and use them for entertainment!


It's also sensible to have a good assortment of enemies, each with its vulnerabilities. This stops players from pamming a similar reasonable defense every single time. Adding some randomness so that enemies appear in each wave can also help.

Tower Defense (TD) is a strategy game in which the objective is to protect a player's territory or holdings by hindering opposing attackers or preventing adversaries from reaching the exits. This is sometimes accomplished by placing defensive buildings on or during their assault.

The Tower Defence game genre is frequently portrayed as a hybrid of two genres, period-of-time strategy games and shooter games, or as a sub-genre.

Tower Defence Machine is a related skill developed by Paradoxum Games.

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