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Best Survival Games PS4 Offers to Test Your Surviving Skills

Best Survival Games PS4 Offers to Test Your Surviving Skills

The craze for survival games has remarkably boosted in the past few years. The thrill, adventure, and action-packed experience offered by these games are unrivaled. If you want to have a splendid gaming experience, you should try the best survival games PS4 offers. Yes, you read it right. PS4 is indeed the coziest gaming device offering an unmatchable experience to the fans of survival games. It owns some of the biggest title of the survival genre. Continue reading to explore the best PS4 survival games.

Best Survival Games on PS4

Survival games follow a basic logic: fight to stay alive. The engaging storyline, action, adventure, and fights, are the core reasons people are attracted to this gaming category. The best survival games offered by PS4 push people to do their best, present them with complicated life-making situations and challenge them to push their limits.

In this popular gaming genre, there is a wide range of games available online. However, the PS4 has some of the best titles. We have rounded up a list of the best survival games PS4 offers to help you have a smooth and action-packed gaming experience.

The Last of Us

best survival games PS4

If we are talking about the best survival games, The Last of Us has to be on the list. It features magnificent survival elements, a profoundly-thrilling plot and story, and adaptive music. This is one of the best action games to get your blood pumping. With splendid character development, engaging storyline, hypnotic sound, and amazing depiction of LGBT and female characters, this game is a must-try.

It follows the story of Ellie and Joel in the post-apocalyptic US after a severe fungal outbreak that turns everyone in the city into a zombie. Sounds interesting, right? The amount of drama, surprising narrative twists, and feel this game offers is simply unmatchable. It is a perfect combination of action, adventure, and survival.

Green Hell

ps4 survival games

Imagine yourself in the middle of a forest with limited food supplies and resources, making important decisions that could mean life or death. Isn't it thrilling? Green Hell will give you the same feeling. It is an authentic survival game set in the Amazon rainforest with a highly realistic version of the forest. It means there are no cannibals or mutants. All you have to do in the game is deal with the wild animals, dangerous parasites, Amazon locals, and the nonliving powers of nature.

In this adventure game, you have to struggle to get your basic macronutrient requirements like water, protein, and carbs. You need to hunt, forage, and even keep a check on leeches you have from time to time to survive in the Green Hell. Moreover, you need to build your shelter and collect resources to boost your lifespan in the forest. With various engaging elements, it is indeed one of the best survival games PS4 offers to its fans.


survival games ps4

What would you do if you found yourself in a really-scary house full of darkness and no one around? All you can hear are scary noises, footsteps, and whistling wind. Scary right? Outlast is known for its wonderful intake of horror and survival. In this game, you have to play the role of a journalist with no weapon and stuck in an insane asylum. You only have your camcorder, and that too with low battery life.

The scariest part is that the asylum in which you are stuck in full of murderers and monstrosities hiding in the dark. That's not it. The worst thing is that they chase and kill any human who enters this weird asylum. Featuring spooky sound effects, dynamic lighting, and marvelous graphics, it is indeed one of the best survival horror games to date.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

multiplayer survival games ps4

It is indeed among the best horror games with a perfect combination of the survival genre. This one is a perfect pick if you love fighting the dead. It presents the protagonist in a really vulnerable state and will allow you to live your fantasies of killing the zombies. It includes a wide range of horror elements to offer a bone-chilling experience.

Featuring blood-curdling gore, enthralling location, terrifying characters, and spooky lighting effects, this game is indeed a must-try to test your guts. That's not it. The hypnotic sound effects are just perfect for providing a perfect horror experience. In addition to this, the game has an engaging storyline and interactive elements, which will leave you wanting more.

The Long Dark

survival games ps4

Most PS4 survival games make the survival look like action and fun. However, in reality, it is more hopeless, lonely, and cold feelings, as you are deprived of all the comforts. That's not it. You can't build a home just by cutting trees; you need to work really hard. The Long Dark seems to understand this deadly concept; therefore, it is indeed one of the best survival games.

This game makes you crawl in the endless snow while trudging through bleakness and scary ghost towns. The only sign of life that you will find in this deadly environment are hungry wolves who are in a similar situation to yours. If you want to explore what true survival feels like, you should play this game.

Days Gone

best PS4 survival games

One of the latest entries in the list of best survival games PS4 offers is the Day Gone. It is an amazing zombie survival game full of horror with a touch of action. It features an open world full of zombies where you need to fight the walking dead to survive. If you love zombie survival games, this one is the best pick for you.

It revolves around the story of Deacon St. John, who is trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies known by the name "Freakers." That's not it. He also has to find his wife amidst all this chaos. It is one of the games that have a lot of zombies, making it the best one to play.

Don't Starve

PS4 survival games

This game is known for its cartoonish graphics and art style, which gives it a goofy look. But, do not underestimate this survival game on PS4 because of its comic look. This game is really tough and will teach you what real survival feels like. Here, you have to play the role of a German scientist stuck in a demonic world. Now you need to discover a way to get back home while surviving it all.

Despite the light-hearted art style, the game keeps players under a strong pressure of survival where you have to race against time in hunting, eating, building, and other essential activities as when the dark hits, you have to stay low to protect yourself from the deadly creatures of the night. If you do not have a PS4, check out the best survival games for android.

Until Dawn

PS4 games

When it comes to the best survival games by PS4, Until Dawn has to be on the list. This title is definitely for people who love survival horror games. You need to decide the fate of our protagonist by choosing what they have to do next. Keep in mind that each decision you make has both good and bad consequences.

It is more of a horror game than survival, but it follows a storyline to outlast a bloodthirsty killer present in the wooden cabin. Meaningful choices, an engaging storyline, and splendid do or die consequences are some of the remarkable features which will make you fall in love with this game.


PS4 games

This game will show you that survival games can be the best escape from the world and are the best therapy. Subnautica takes you to the deep ocean of a strange alien planet. Now, here you need to set your base and look for resources to meet your needs. That's not it. You need to explore the place and study all the local wildlife.

Diving underwater and exploring the underwater world with local wildlife will give you a fresh survival experience. When playing, always keep in mind that you are in a survival game, so you will find a lot of creatures underwater who are not okay with you being around them. Get ready for this unique survival game.

To Sum Up

That's the list from our side, and trust me, these are the best survival games on PS4. They include everything from action to adventure to an engaging storyline for a splendid gaming experience. That's not it. You will love the graphics, soundtracks, and gameplay offered by these games. The storyline and plot of these games will definitely leave you wanting more.

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