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VR games create a simulated environment with high resolution and texture and place the user in a 3D world for an immersive experience. VR still has issues like expensive, despite having made significant progress in the short period it has been used widely. But, we have created a list of the best free VR games for you so that you can enjoy a seamless gaming experience. 

VR game has allowed users to play in settings and ways that were previously unimaginable in the early days of gaming. People now have numerous options for what they want to do in VR without spending as much money, thanks to an expanding library of free VR games.

20 Best Free VR Games

Here are the top 20 best free VR games you can play now! Various fantastic games are available for you to play, including Wolfenstein's 3D world, where you can travel through time, or Wave Beta with your friends, among many others.

The Lab

The Lab is the first VR game developed by Valve. It is a compilation of Valve's room-scale, where eight mini-games exist in the pocket universe within the Aperture Science lab.

The player can explore their space and roam around by using the controller buttons within a restricted area of the physical floor space. Each game will engage you in different activities and keep the player intact in challenges like defending a castle, fixing a robot, adopting a mechanical dog, and many more. 

The Lab has been appreciated for its 3D motion via precise two handheld controls and range of motion, which makes it one of the best free VR games. The motion controllers help handle objects, including a bow and repair tools, and function as a physical objects in the virtual space for mini-games requiring evading projectiles.

Propagation VR

Propagation VR

Developed by WanadevStudio, Propagation VR is a single and multiplayer game set in a zombie apocalypse. This will give you a thrilling experience of survival horror and defense shootings with waves of massive spiders and various zombies. The game provides the player with a combination of fists, a shotgun, and a pistol to complete the game. 

The single-player version of the game is utterly stable and performs flawlessly without any limitations. A few challenging levels ranging from easy to nightmare, offer some replayability. 

It begins with a brief and informative tutorial that explains the basic controls and gives a target practice for survival. The visual of a dark subway station surrounded by inoperable trains and sudden groaning zombies from a distance will get your adrenaline rush to fight with terrifying zombies and other multi-species mutants.

The Climb

The Climb

Developed by CryEngine, the climb is one of the top VR games with breathtaking graphics and fantastic sound effects. The game scales enormous vertical obstacles and will be a thrilling experience that one must not dare to look down on as one climbs.

Quickly navigating climbing walls and making daring jumps stimulates the sensation of dizzying height. The game mechanics rely on two factors that are stamina and speed. The more the player holds on to something, the more energy runs out, resulting in a loss of grip.

The game challenges speed with the strength to qualify the levels.There are five main zones with three different levels, a hidden camera to find other collectibles, and a hundred plus achievements that will make you a climbing master. 

Mission: ISS

Mission: ISS

In collaboration with NASA, Mission: ISS is a space adventure game that will take you to the International Space Station for an immersive virtual reality. The game's intro is set in an immersion factor of sky-high, straight out of the gate of the spaceship. The player can select training, mission, or explore from the menu. 

The International Space Station is based on the NASA model, where the player can learn to move in zero gravity, work like an astronaut using tools, and dock a space capsule. You can also point at an object and select them, displaying a picture or video informing you about the ISS and crew.

The voice-over guides players through the movement system where one can use the analog stick on the touch controllers for the backward, and forward coasting, combined with a 30-degree snap turn, then just by using hands to grab onto objects and push off for them to move through the station.

As the game progresses, VR headsets offer a great experience of 3D object models, gravitational limitations, and peripherals, due to which some users suspect they have trouble with motion sickness.

The Red Stare

The Red Stare is an incredible spy adventure game that allows players to become a spy and complete the mission. The player becomes a secret agent in 1950s New York City in this game. The task is to spy on the building across the windows and figure out who the communist spy is.

The player will receive information via phone and fax machine, funding clues and case files, and capture pictures to send to a higher authority. This game uses motion controllers such that the player can rearrange the captured pictures and write down notes on the chalkboard to help check out who the spy is.

The game is about observation and deduction, which can be a real brain teaser. It is a challenging and very well-made spy game.

Star Wars: Battlefront VR Mission (PSVR)

Star Wars: Battlefront VR Mission

Star Wars: Battlefront VR Mission is not entirely free. However, if you already own Star Wars: Battlefront, you can download it for free. You should already own that game because it's perfect. In this brief add-on, you will be controlling an X-Wing, which is already pretty cool. That probably speaks for itself. 

This VR game tests the capabilities of the PlayStation 4 and has stunning visuals, despite not being a PC-based VR game. Several single-player/cooperative game modes are called Missions, Battles, and Hero fights. You can also try Combat Training for Survival (Offline game modes) like, Walker Attack, Combat Squadron

Portal Stories: VR (HTC Vive)

Portal Stories: VR

This Portal fan game, unsurprisingly, is only accessible on Vive (though you can use a Rift with Steam now). The game was terrific, so Valve allowed its placement in the Steam shop. If that isn't a strong enough recommendation, consider its "extremely positive" Steam rating. You must have a copy of Portal 2 to play this game, although everyone in the world should have one by now.

The player controls an unnamed test subject in a virtual reality training course. Instead of the traditional handheld portal gadget featured in other portal games, the player employs a teleportation device and equipment capable of attracting objects from a long distance.

Accounting (HTC Vive)

Accounting (HTC Vive)

It's much more fascinating than it sounds, we promise. The outstanding NSFW adventure game Accounting requires you to grab things in less obvious ways. This is a bizarre game created partly by Squanchtendo, including Justin Roiland, the co-creator of Rick and Morty; therefore, if you enjoy that kind of humor, you'll enjoy this game.

Through a phone call, two accountants (William Pugh and Dominik Johann) introduce the player as potential participants in their new "virtual reality accounting" experiment. This experiment claims to increase accounting efficiency by allowing participants to don virtual reality (VR) helmets. 

After that, the player is teleported to a small, idyllic meadow, but Justin Roiland, a puffy white man protruding from a tree hollow, interrupts the scene by calling the player names and using foul language; they show up uninvited.

The accountants call the player on a landline and express their worry about the experiment going wrong. Still, the player can use a nearby VR helmet to enter virtual reality one more level deeper.

Beat Saber (Oculus VR)

Beat Saber (Oculus VR)

The virtual reality rhythm game Beat Saber was created and released by Czech. It features the player slicing blocks that represent musical beats with a pair of contrasting-colored sabers in a surreal neon environment. 

A pair of glowing sabers that are, by default, red and blue for left and right, respectively, are held in the player's hands using VR motion controllers. Each song's beats and notes are represented by a stream of approaching blocks placed in one of a 4x3 grid's 12 possible positions and are timed to the song's beats and notes.

When a block is cut with a saber correctly, it is destroyed, and a score is given based on the cut's length, angle, and precision. Additionally, there are occasionally bombs the player should avoid hitting and walls they should keep their heads clear of. As the player hits notes correctly, a white bar slowly fills up underneath the path the blocks follow.

The player's "energy bar" will slightly deplete if they strike any note in the wrong direction. The bar will lose more money if the player completely misses a note. The level will end if the bar runs out entirely.

Based on their performance, the player receives badges in multiplayer mode. The following are among them: longest journey, casual cutter, saber surgeon, lumberjack, jazz hands, fencer, restless slicer, nihilist, no mercy, and air slicer.

Creed: Rise to Glory (A VR Arcade Game)

Creed: Rise to Glory

CREED: Rise to GloryTM puts you in the shoes of an underdog Adonis Creed, challenging you to rise through the ranks and become a champion. Train with the illustrious Rocky Balboa, feel your strength grow, and engage in head-to-head combat with rivals in the spotlight of crowded championship rings.

This game features title fights with emcees, responsive crowds, and intense visual effects, which are exciting and adrenaline-pumping. Each battle features memorable themes and dynamic music that immerses you in action through cinematic gameplay and dramatic knockout animations.

Game Modes in Creed: Rise to Glory

  • Play-Free Mode: Create a path to success that is unique to you. When playing in Freeplay Mode, you can create your challenges and pick the opponent and location for them.
  • PvP online: The argument just became more heated. Create custom battles to settle scores with friends or take on unassuming competitors in Quick Match.
  • Employer Mode: Train like a Creed, compete, and prevail. You can experience Adonis Creed's journey against all odds through character-driven interactions and fierce melee combat.

Wolfenstein 3D VR

It's Wolfenstein 3D like you've never seen it before. As you attempt your daring escape in Wolfenstein 3D VR, brave ten levels of labyrinthine halls, killer dogs, hidden passages, and an army of Nazi forces!

Before producing Wolfenstein 3D, Id Software pioneered a 3D gaming engine in Hovertank 3D and Catacomb 3-D. The previous top-down stealth games, Castle Wolfenstein and Beyond Castle Wolfenstein for the Commodore 64, Apple II, and DOS, influenced the game. However, neither game bears any connection to the modern Wolfenstein franchise.

Given that this is where it all began, it is regarded as the father of the first-person shooter subgenre. The game initially included stealth, much like the original Castle Wolfenstein; hiding bodies, reusing uniforms, and sneaking past guards without firing.

At one point, the game was intended to resemble its two-dimensional predecessors more closely. But they soon realized that it was better suited for "just a blasting-action game" like its predecessor Catacombs 3D because of how brutal and quick it was.

After stealth was eliminated, Tom Hall fought for the inclusion of secrets, arguing that they would add some depth to the maze-like exploration and give players a brief respite from killing enemies.

Echo VR

The only game with intense 4v4 multiplayer action in zero gravity is Echo VR, which is available for free. Collaborate and score a lot to win! Echo VR is one of the most well-liked games on a quest and a must-have for everyone who likes fast-paced sports action.

It's time to create a splash by having some summertime seaside fun and inspiring fresh seasonal prizes! Grab your rewards to suit up, team up, and beat the heat in Season 6 of Echo VR, whether you're searching for the excitement of diving with sharks or want to scuba dive around the reef. Quest and Rift cross-play is available in Echo VR as well. Please be aware that Oculus Runtime version 16 or above is required for Echo VR.

Lazerbait VR

Lazerbait VR

The sole objective of the free virtual reality strategy game Lazerbait is to conquer every planet, so you may increase the number of ships you can build and eliminate all of your opponents.

Players can use the motion controllers to navigate their fleet of spacecraft from planet to planet to conquer as many as possible. The number of worlds a player controls boosts their ability to build spacecraft. Players can collect fleets of hundreds of ships over time, resulting in tremendous, epic space wars.

Up to seven AI characters can challenge the player in a free-for-all battle to control the planets while fending off their opponents. Participants can adjust the game's pace, map size, ship limitations, amount of artificial intelligence players, and AI complexity.

Every game has a unique map procedurally generated randomly, ensuring that no two games are identical. Overall statistics and leaderboards are maintained over time for the total number of ships destroyed and the total number of AI players eliminated at each difficulty setting.

Spiderman-Far from Home VR

Based on the movie, Spider-Man: Far From Home VR, the moment has come for you to swing around New York! You'll finally have the opportunity to scale and ride from Manhattan's tallest structures in spectacular virtual reality. You'll be sent flying when you choose one of the four Spider-Man suits.

Keep your eyes and ears open as a mysterious and enormous foe stands by. In this thrilling, swinging adventure, it's up to you to track down the most recent assailant of New York and stop him.

A fast-moving, exhilarating ride through the eyes of your favorite neighborhood, Spider-Man, the Spider-Man: Far From Home VR Experience is based on the movie.

The VR survival car chase DIRE centers on a lone mother in a world that is perishing. You control Ember, a lady scarred by unfathomable events, and you must evade Rustborne's attacks while battling a toxic sandstorm.

You can make it to the end by carefully managing your little nitro and rear-view mirrors while avoiding Rustborne and negotiating the dangerous terrain. In DIRE, survival generally takes precedence over racing. The whole experience requires an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive headset. 

Waltz of the Wizard VR

Waltz of the Wizard VR

Virtual reality experience Waltz of the Wizard lets you experience the magic of possessing magical abilities. Use an ancient soul imprisoned in a human skull to stir arcane ingredients into a boiling cauldron. Unleash your destructive or creative magic in a fully interactive virtual world. This experience, created to have a clear sense of reality, is one of the best hand-tracking experiences available on Oculus Quest. 

Some core features of the game include new varieties of magic, more activities, strange animals, and a procedural universe. 

More Activities and Replayability

Learn to control supernatural abilities as you explore new realms in search of lost information, strange animals, artifacts, and obstacles to be conquered.

New Varieties of Magic

Magic is a synthetic force that moves around the world, interacting with other natural forces like gravity as if it were real. Your movements and presence can channel those energies; while this is simple to understand, only the most skilled practitioners will be able to utilize magic's physics completely.

Courtyard of the Castle and Ceremonial Circle

The courtyard enlarges the tower area where you can discover the enigmatic ritual circle to go to new locations, interact with intriguing species, and learn to control fictitious mystical forces.

Procedural Universes

Aldin's first procedurally generated planet, introduced in Natural Magic, is a fortress between dimensions, where mysterious items are kept, and the universe's most naughty creatures are imprisoned.

Using Hand Tracking and Oculus Quest 2

With enhanced simulation realism on Oculus Quest 2, Waltz of the Wizard delivers a distinctive VR hand-tracking interaction powered by Aldin's presence- & gesture detection algorithms.

Horizon Beyond VR

In the quest for a unique key, soar above the sky and investigate a planet in ruins. In this calming VR adventure game, fly your ship through the air while stumbling upon strange creatures and places.

A little, cunning creature carrying a golden key will meet you on your quest. This brief contact sparks an exciting chase with numerous shocks along the way. You can use your fishing rod to capture delicious fish and the ship's navigational system. You can feed pelicans and other animals.

The Ranger: Lost Tribe VR

The narrative takes place on Roland's mainland. You have seen several abnormalities recently as a ranger, like the red moon and crazy animals. Currently, the older chief of NaBaer is counting on you to put an end to the hordes that pillaged their tribe.

There is a large environment for you to explore, checkpoints for saving, and you may choose how to approach the enemies.

  • Various weapons
  • Silent killing
  • Mutilation
  • A variety of possibilities for movement
  • Enchanting ability

A Few Survival Tips

  • Regain life by consuming fruits or meat that you can discover on plants or in drops.
  • Arrange your route and your approach to the adversary. It can be risky to tank on numerous enemies at once.
  • To prevent pointless conflicts, use the stealth kill feature.
  • To eliminate enemies who are further away, use the throwing technique.
  • Use your sword to cast fire to outwit larger foes.

The Last Day Defense VR

You are caught amid a protracted war between two cosmic empires that are equally powerful, both of which originate from the Earth and engage in time manipulation research and development.

The following are the essential characteristics:

  • Degrees of difficulty Would you like to unwind and take in the scenery? Or are you prepared to accept our challenge at the highest difficulty level? You are in charge.
  • Extensively detailed game levels. You'll want to look at them!
  • Weather effects at various levels are intended to emphasize and enhance their atmosphere from basic training to more advanced and sophisticated ones. It takes VR a comfortable amount of time to complete one level. You won't have a chance to become fatigued.
  • Twenty-five levels of the game. Three branches comprise 12 towers. They each have advantages and disadvantages.
  • On average, after 18 unsuccessful attempts to complete the level, using the maximum difficulty level can result in irreparable damage to the controllers, helmet, monitor, and any available interior design elements.
  • Only use the highest difficulty setting if you want a rush. (Playable on Oculus Rift as well)

VR Chat

VR Chat

The free-to-play multiplayer online social game VRChat was developed by Graham Gaylor and Jesse Joudrey for the PC (Windows). Anyone may create and experience virtual reality with the help of VRChat, whether using a VR headset.

We're confident that everyone familiar with VR games has heard about VRChat at some point. VRChat is popular among users who want to engage with others in virtual reality games, especially after the outbreak. 

You may communicate with individuals worldwide, create your avatar, and even show off your dance moves in dance wars! It is an excellent venue for cultural exchange as well as an excellent platform for pleasure. VRChat is compatible with a wide range of VR headsets and can be played on both PC and mobile devices. You can enjoy yourself while socializing!


Over the last few decades, there has been much anticipation of people into the world of virtual reality gaming. This has brought a resolution in the gaming industry, giving rise to VR game development and setting even higher expectations and hopes for VR technology.

In virtual reality games, players enter into a simulated environment and, by using unique gadgets like goggles, and controllers, interact with the virtual world. Although, it has become more trendy with the arrival of new devices like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Several available controllers have a comfortable hand posture, adjustable straps, premium materials, and easy cleaning. This makes Virtual reality gaming an expensive game because people rely on free online games. Above mentioned games are the best free VR games that are easily accessible, free of cost, and best for a vivid experience.


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