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When you put on a VR headset, you enter a bold, new digital realm, and the natural world disappears. There is a special moment filled with mystery and suspense that cannot be duplicated in any other way. 

You may experience what it's like to be stranded in a forest searching for supplies, confined on an alien-infested spaceship, or even left behind in a zombie-infested post-apocalypse, thanks to virtual reality. Although it can be terrifying, your only option is to survive.

The genre plays on our innate fear and virtual reality ups the ante by providing you with new opportunities to experience that nightmare in the comfort of your home. Let's refer to it as disaster preparedness. See our complete list of 30 fantastic VR survival games.

VR Survival Games

Like many other immersive video games, survival games perform better in virtual reality. With VR goggles, picking up twigs, stones, and even the occasional carcass may almost feel tangible. Additionally, fewer outside influences detract from your virtual life-or-death adventure.

1. No Man's Sky

Action-adventure survival game No Man's Sky was created and released by Hello Games. The game's five pillars are exploration, survival, battle, trading, and base construction. The entire procedurally generated, deterministic, open-world cosmos, which contains more than 18 quintillion planets, is at the players' disposal. 

Planets have their ecosystems with distinctive flora and fauna thanks to the game's procedural generation system. Diverse alien species may engage the player in conflict or trade inside planetary systems.

No Man's Sky is now well worth it, even though it has already been said, in case anyone needs more convincing. The development team has made significant progress since the 2016 release of errors. So much content has been added to the game that it practically has something for everyone. For those that use VR headsets, there is something to chew on here.

The smoother gameplay loop and enhanced graphics make the shift to VR worthwhile. No Man's Sky also includes permadeath modes for players who want to live their galaxy-exploring life on the edge and game modes that make surviving even more tricky.

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2. Population One

The VR experience only enhances how engaging, and furious Battle Royale romps can be. With this 2020 online VR-BR, Studio Big Box VR appears determined to take advantage of this marriage made in heaven. Population One emphasizes intensive gunplay and terrain exploration while drawing inspiration from PUBG, Apex Legends, and Fortnite (which has resource collection and building).

Along with the immersive control mechanism that VR offers, Population: One stands out for its emphasis on climbing and "vertical combat system," which adds to the unrest and gives the game a new dimension.

The player's unknown battle areas, among other online battle royale games, are most similar to the gameplay. The player forms a squad with other players (usually consisting of three players). The battle between each team lasts until only one is left standing. The fundamental gameplay is comparable to Fortnite by Epic Games. 

Every object, building, and geographical feature seen on the map in Population: ONE can be climbed. From the height they reach, the player can fly across the map. These elements work together to create the vertical fighting system in the game.

3. Astro Bot Rescue Mission

In this vibrant action-platformer, you take control of Astro, an adorable, blue-eyed robot entrusted with saving his mechanical colleagues who have been dispersed throughout space. There is more than enough content in the game, which has 20 story stages with platforming puzzles, epic bosses, and 26 additional challenges to complete. 

The VR improves the platforming action by providing highly detailed, 360-degree environments and unique VR aiming mechanics, including hook shots, water guns, throwing stars, and other secondary weapons.

The game is ideal for platforming fans transitioning to VR. The controls for the third-person game are straightforward, thanks to Sony's DualShock 4. With complete camera control in VR, you can play the game comfortably without being distracted by jarring movements or effects.

4. cyubeVR


Consider Minecraft with Crysis' graphical fidelity. That is cyube VR. It may have slipped people's notice due to the strange name, which may have hampered its promotion, but that doesn't imply the game isn't good compared to other survival games. Steam has some of the highest ratings for VR or survival games.

Remember that everything you interact with on cyubeVR is still in the Early Access stage and may change. The game boasts a nearly unlimited field of vision, the freedom to construct anything, and even the capacity to upgrade low-resolution creations to 4K versions of themselves.

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5. Elite Dangerous

Frontier Development's Elite Dangerous is an exhilarating flight simulator that promises to take players on a wild, unpredictable adventure from start to finish. The game has a realistic 1:1 scale open-world representation of the Milky Way galaxy and is both large and quick. The word "open world" now has a whole new meaning.

The game's protagonist is a space captain who pilots their ship through the vast Milky Way. Even when engaging in multiplayer, the game's emphasis on realism yields long expanses of quiet, empty areas. 

But in a way, this only heightens its allure—and the intensity—when action is eventually found (via scrambles and firefights). This epic journey into space has new life thanks to VR connectivity after it was first launched for Xbox One, Windows, and PS4 several years ago.

6. Beat Saber

A rhythm game with a playful twist is called Beat Saber. Similar to popular music games like Guitar Hero, Audiosurf, and Rock Band in setup, you use virtual laser swords to cut through songs instead of steering a pretend ship or playing dummy instruments. 

Beat Saber generates patterns of coloured blocks that you must strike with the right or left controller as they slide towards you while the music is playing. Additionally, obstacles that you must dodge or slide past occur.

Beat Saber is a game worth checking out if you enjoy music and motion. But remember that Beat Saber is a highly dynamic experience; it's not a game you can play while sitting down. As you rock to the beat, get ready to slice music blocks energetically.

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7. Zenith: The Last City

Zenith: The Last City

Virtual reality open world massively multiplayer online role-playing game Zenith: The Last City was created and released by Californian game development studio Ramen VR. On January 27, 2022, the PlayStation VR, Microsoft Windows, and Oculus Quest early access game versions were formally launched. 

At its debut, the game had more than 4,000 online players. Several anime series, like Sword Art Online and JRPG games, are influenced by the game, including Final Fantasy XIV. 

This strong game is a highly uncommon MMORPG built with VR connectivity and interface in mind instead of being an afterthought. While opinions on this new game are mixed, Zenith: The Last City has received praise for its originality and engaging gameplay practically every step. 

Zenith immerses players despite its stylized design, floaty physics, and regal themes, thanks to some fluid near 1:1 fighting and a first-person viewpoint. The possibilities for this virtual fantasy world are unlimited, especially since the company has indicated that several expansions and modifications are in the works.

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8. Green Hell

Green Hell's own VR mode was released on June 9, 2022. Additionally, anyone with VR goggles will undoubtedly want to test this out. One of the tensest and most immersive survival sims available.

In addition, Green Hell avoids integrating some science fiction or fantasy themes in favour of emphasizing the Amazon jungle's natural ecology. Because it does a better job than other games at capturing the feel of the Amazon jungle, Green Hell's aesthetics and technical aspects are among the best.

The game is played in the first person in single-player mode or cooperative multiplayer. The player must ensure their existence by gathering food and raw materials in this open-world simulation. However, Jake, the protagonist, cannot rely solely on collecting these necessities. 

The players must make a shelter and some weapons with the materials they have gathered. Without any background information, the player starts in a lone forest camp. Dynamic changes in the environment occur throughout the game, affecting the character's physical and psychological state, such as in the form of hallucinations. The player also needs to keep up a healthy diet with a smartwatch.

9. Blade and Sorcery

Blade and Sorcery mix excellent physics with an intuitive motion to give your strokes weight and sensation without seeming too constrained or realistic. A thrilling, humorous, and utterly fulfilling battle simulator is created when you combine these features with the ability to conjure weapons for you telekinetically, blast rubble with cannon-like force, or fire lightning from your palms. 

The game offers a wide range of mod support, which keeps things interesting. This VR game is for those who enjoy the action. The vicious VR battle is both healing and insane. You essentially take on the role of a magic-wielding psychopath, equipped with a wide array of weaponry and the power to use magic to kill and maim every unfortunate fighter who crosses your path.

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10. Valheim

The little game Valheim, which gained enormous popularity last year, initially demonstrated that games don't need attractive graphics to succeed. It should be noted that Valheim also lacks an official VR mod, even though the game's moddability has proven to be one of its strengths.

Third-person gameplay is used in the survival game Valheim. Players take on the role of exiled Vikings and must make their tools, erect houses, and engage in combat to survive. Action games influenced the game's combat system, and it features distinctive low-resolution stylized 3D graphics. Up to 10 players can play cooperatively, and PvP is an optional feature.

Players can construct a procedurally created planet from a map seed after establishing their Viking avatar. Several biomes, including meadows, the Black Forest, swamps, mountains, plains, oceans, the Mistlands, the Deep North, and the Ashlands, are divided into each globe. The monsters, equipment, and bosses exclusive to each biome alter how challenging it is to live there. Valheim runs on a 24-hour day/night cycle.

11. Iron Man VR

Marvel's legendary Iron Man appears to be ideally suited and well-equipped to match the first-person immersion of VR when it comes to superhero franchises. Camouflaj's arcade-style shooter most definitely fills the need. While pursuing the evil Ghost and her combat drones, players will don the classic iron suit and soar through the air in a fantastic journey through many geographical locations. 

Iron Man VR succeeds with its exhilarating action, exploration, and engaging shooter gameplay, despite not being the most in-depth sandbox romp. This makes for a fantastic demonstration of the PSVR's technology when combined with the slick aesthetics, fluent animation, and smooth, precise controls.

It is a first-person virtual reality game that uses a PlayStation Move controller in each player's hand to handle Iron Man's flight stabilizers and repulsor weaponry installed on his palm. 

The player can freely fly around the game's various environments to attack combat drones while also interacting with objects on the game map to deactivate explosives, fix broken things, or put out fires based on hand and head positioning with the PlayStation VR headset and Move controllers.

12. Song In The Smoke

Valheim and Song in the Smoke are comparable. It's a cel-shaded survival game with conventional aesthetics, but Song in the Smoke's VR exclusivity makes a difference. The game fully utilizes all of the VR's bells and whistles because it was exclusively designed with VR in mind.

As a result, the gameplay is integrated into the VR controls, and players will need to pay closer attention to their surroundings because even objects in their peripheral vision should not be taken lightly. Other than that, it's very typical in terms of survival. You'll need to create supplies, go on animal hunts, and get by.

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13. LA Noire: The VR Case Files

LA Noire: The VR Case Files

Despite being a subset of LA Noire, this VR-supported version offers a rich, captivating journey that perfectly complements the game's grim realism. Seven of the game's crackable cases are contained in the nine-hour adventure, thanks to the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Directly interacting with the numerous tools Detective Phelps has at his disposal feels more immersive than ever, drawing gamers deeper into this suspenseful neo-noir. The mechanics and interface work nicely with the subtle hand movements of VR controllers, whether you're driving through 1940s Los Angeles, engaging in furious fistfights, or simply drawing on a notepad.

16. Everyone's Golf VR

Everyone's Golf VR

Despite its bizarre golfing locations and eccentric caddies, Everybody's Golf has a surprising level of control and precision. Everybody's Golf VR, formerly known as Hot Shots Golf, is the first game in the series to be released in virtual reality, and it's a good one. 

With it, you can practise your abilities on the putting green or driving range or play through several courses with a virtual caddy. The PlayStation Move controller is compatible with the game for more dynamic golfing action.

A virtual golf game is the most excellent alternative if you can't go to an actual golf course. There is plenty to be unlocked, and it feels fantastic to smack the golf ball. You can't go wrong with this game if you want a sports title to enjoy in VR, even though it lacks multiplayer capabilities.

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17. Subnautica

Unknown Worlds Entertainment created and released the open-world horror survival action-adventure video game Subnautica. After their spaceship, the Aurora, crashes on the surface of the alien planet 4546B, players are free to explore the seas there. To survive on the strange planet, the player must gather resources and contend with hostile monsters.

The primary goal is to explore the ocean and stay alive while carrying out plot-advancing chores. Players can gather materials, build tools, bases, and submersibles, interact with the animal life on the planet, and more.

Along with The Forest, Subnautica is among the most well-known titles in the survival game category. It's set in an aquatic world and gives players the opportunity and the context to explore the immense expanse of oceans, which is one of its key draws.

Although Subnautica initially appears to be an underwater travel simulation game, it sprinkles hazards of the deep throughout your voyage. For that matter, encounters with sea monsters are among the most thrilling and tense in Subnautica. The dive is even more engaging when you add virtual reality to it.

18. Ghost Giant

The titular Ghost Giant is controlled by the player throughout the game. The Giant's job is to manipulate the game's surroundings, lift objects, and solve riddles to help a young child named Louis. 

Additionally, players can engage with other non-playable characters who live in the city while exploring Sancourt's realm. For instance, users can turn houses with the PlayStation Move controller to see what's inside.

By resolving riddles, grabbing objects, and influencing the game world, you serve as the eponymous Ghost Giant. In the made-up town of Sancourt, you can converse with the locals or explore the diorama-like landscapes. Players of all ages will enjoy Ghost Giant's charming character design and cartoon-like look.

The charming point-and-click adventure game Ghost Giant has an excellent combination of interaction and puzzle-solving that gives it a classic feel with a distinctive VR twist. It's ideal for anyone seeking a direct VR experience with a compelling emotional element.

19. Half-Life: Alyx

Half-Life: Alyx

Half-Life: Alyx is the first full-fledged Half-Life game Valve has released in a long time; it's not Half-Life 3 or Half-Life 2: Episode Three. The events of the game take place after Half-Life but before Half-Life 2. As the title suggests, you play Alyx Vance, a beloved character. 

You engage opposing Combine forces during the roughly 11-hour campaign and discover their weaknesses. Expect outstanding physical dynamics and excellent graphics because Valve specifically designed this experience for virtual reality.

As she and her father, Eli Vance, battle the Combine, an alien empire that has invaded Earth, players take control of Resistance member Alyx Vance. Players use VR to gather resources, operator interfaces, launch items and participate in the battle. 

The gravity gloves allow users to pick up objects from a distance, much like the gravity cannon from Half-Life 2. The game features classic Half-Life components like story, puzzles, combat, and exploration. Although it is predominantly a first-person shooter, the game also has elements of the survival horror subgenre because health and ammunition are more challenging.

This fantastic VR ride through the world is available to fans patiently waiting for Half-Life 3. Alyx is a must-have VR title for anyone craving Half-Life action because of its excellent plot, combat, and aesthetics.

20. I Expect You To Die

I Expect You To Die

We all enjoy a challenging logic game, and I Expect You To Die raises the stakes by placing you in a dangerous world of spies and criminals where your only chance of surviving is through cunning. 

As a spy, you must get out of several challenging scenarios before time runs out. Your intelligence, your ability to solve problems, and your telekinesis are all at your disposal. So, take anything you can find; it might save your life.

This VR game is for you if you enjoy solving puzzles, spy movies, or escape rooms. Although the game is brief, the high stakes and open-ended difficulties keep you engrossed.

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21. The Solus Project

The Solus Project's first user with a gizmo and planets, shooting stars, and sunset. The first-person adventure elements of The Ball are carried over into this game, which dials up the scope and intensity with some challenging survival gameplay. 

Players assume control of a lone astronaut in this open-world virtual reality trip as they set out to save humanity after crash-landing on a mysterious extraterrestrial planet. The objective is to locate a colony to assure humanity's existence and to live to fight another day by using local resources and one's wits.

Discovering the secrets of an undiscovered alien civilization while exploring this fantastic alien planet will also lead to finding numerous things and exciting locations that are essential for survival and creation. The Solus Project's strong, atmospheric quality is greatly heightened by the tactile, lifelike feel of the VR experience.

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22. Star Shelter

Star Shelter

Like Half-Life: Alyx, Star Shelter doesn't support virtual reality. It is a VR game. The creators took a risk and created it from scratch with VR in mind. As a result, the game's mechanics and gameplay components cannot be used without VR headsets.

Anyone who has watched space thrillers like Gravity or something comparable should be familiar with the space survival game Star Shelter. Even if you manage a space station, the work is anything but tranquil because you have to keep an eye out for asteroids, oxygen levels, and a host of other unpleasant factors that stop billionaires from ultimately achieving their space race.

23. Cosmodread

A lot of things about the VR game Cosmodread need to be checked. Star Shelter is a VR-only title that emphasizes terror more than anything else. Additionally, it uses roguelike elements that force you to restart from scratch after failing or dying.

However, Cosmodread is more about escaping from a sinking ship than operating a spacecraft (or, in this case, disintegrating). To avoid dying during the evacuation, you'll need to figure out a route out of the spaceship that is slowly perishing while scrounging for scraps of resources. It's a terrific game, but it makes sense if some people wish to avoid it because the VR aspect makes it too frightful.

24. Stormland

Even without the addition of deep, fluent VR controls, dual-wielding shooters can be entertaining. However, when they do, the experience can be fantastic. Enter the renowned gaming studio Insomniac Games' sci-fi action adventure. Regarding the fluid, dynamic movement in-game, this game stands out as one of the best Oculus Rift presentations.

Players go on the character of Vesper, a robotic gardener whose meek tasks are disrupted by an alien faction known as The Tempest. Players will shoot, jet, and climb across magnificent open-world locations while armed with humorous gadgets and futuristic weapons. The simple-to-use VR setup only emphasizes this first-person shooter's creative gameplay and mechanics.

25. SURV1V3

Have you ever desired a more sombre Left 4 Dead game with a VR element? That is what SURV1V3 is, and more. It's an exclusive VR game where you can cooperate with three other players online to live in a zombie-infested environment. Additionally, because it was released later, its gameplay and graphics meet the day's standards.

SURV1V3 will satiate your need for horror and frighten you at the same time. SURV1V3 advertises itself as a realistic game, in contrast to the more arcade Left 4 Dead. You can't expect to wing it and make as many mistakes as possible while still having fun or succeeding because the physics are less forgiving.

26. Keep Talking, and Nobody Explodes

Do you ever question your friends' level of reliability? The perfect multiplayer game for doing just that is Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, which encourages you to cooperate in disarming a sophisticated bomb. 

Two groups of players—one Diffuser and numerous Experts—are divided. Defusers cannot obtain the handbook but can see and inspect the bomb. Although they cannot see the bomb, experts can read the manual. 

If anyone wants to survive, players must communicate, assist one another through each difficult phase, and monitor progress. It will explode if you make too many errors or take too long to disarm the device.

Keep Talking, and Nobody Explodes are two great party games. Playing with friends is a terrific and amusing game because of the all-or-nothing game cycle, necessary teamwork, and essential communication components.

27. Skyrim


The immersive, motion-based controls of VR work fantastically with Bethesda's epic role-playing game regarding first-person combat and exploration. When worn with a VR headset, Skyrim's gorgeous, vast environments genuinely stand out and provide a riveting cinematic experience.

With the significantly different input and viewscreen, the standalone VR port of Skyrim makes sure that little is lost in the translation. Even just exploring the expansive vistas is impressive, and the headgear adds to the ambience of this already rich journey. 

Those who prefer classic RPGs' epic, cinematic features should find enough value in this VR version, even though it may lack traditional controls' sharp, solid feel.

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28. Into The Radius VR

Into The Radius VR

Want to play a VR-only game modelled by the cult-favourite Stalker series? The best book in its category is Into the Radius. At first appearance, this VR-only game even seems to be a Stalker prequel. Since it is a VR title, the graphics make a significant difference.

In Into the Radius VR, you can explore the Pechorsk Radius Zone, which is home to various mysterious and peculiar physics anomalies. Don't worry; you have your AK, a compass, and some post-Soviet food to ensure your survival.

29. Lone Echo

Lone Echo

A 2017 virtual reality adventure game called Lone Echo was created by Ready At Dawn and released by Oculus Studios. The game is set on a space station that orbits Saturn and lets users move in zero Gravity by pushing and grasping objects in their path. 

The title includes a team-based multiplayer sports mode called Echo Arena in addition to the single-player narrative game, and it was also made available separately. On October 12, 2021, Lone Echo II, the sequel, will be released. It was first announced in 2018.

You take on the role of Jack, an AI character entrusted with helping your captain solve a dangerous mystery. Lone Echo is a virtual reality game on a space station orbiting Saturn's rings and has stunning graphics, freeform movement, and superb VR controls. Additionally, there are interactive dialogue options to help the story take shape.

Lone Echo's character-driven plot satisfies that craving for role-playing. A fantastic single-player experience is made possible by the sci-fi atmosphere, fluid movement, and exploration-focused gameplay.

30. Minecraft VR

Minecraft VR

For those who are unfamiliar, Minecraft is a unique low-poly exploration, creation, and survival video game. Providing the VR platform, the game adds several control improvements, such as 3D audio, a virtual living room mode (for a change from the first-person perspective), VR Turning (snaps head swivelling motions to increments to reduce dizziness), and VR Controls (makes in-game tasks easier to manage). 

There are multiplayer options in Minecraft VR so that you may share the experience with your buddies. Minecraft VR is ideal for those already dependent on the game's popular mining and crafting loop. 

The VR improvements make Minecraft more immersive and offer a new gameplay experience. However, as the fundamental gameplay is still the same, this may not be enough to encourage new players to join.

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31. Project Cars 2

Project Cars 2

From breakdown assistance systems to how your hands are placed on the wheel, Project Cars 2 accurately simulates the experience of driving in the real world. If you want to achieve the highest level of realism, you can even turn off the HUD. However, its distinction from the racing game pack comes from the visual and ambient aspects. 

The more than 180 automobiles' surfaces look fantastic, while the weather and landscape systems raise the level of visual sophistication. To get one step closer to realizing your ambition of owning a cutting-edge car, think about connecting the pedals and steering wheel.

Combine a fantastic racing sim with VR integration, and you have a winning formula. Even though Project Cars 2 is an excellent game, adding virtual reality brings the sim factor full circle by putting you right behind the wheel. For racing lovers eager to experience virtual reality, it is a must-have.

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There aren't many VR survival games, like the majority of genres. Due to the high equipment requirements, VR remains a relative niche industry today. Several game designers continued to incorporate VR into their best survival titles. Some brave individuals created survival games designed to only work with VR headsets. With these VR survival games, get ready to taste the mud and the sting of despair.


Twenty real-time minutes are allotted to an in-game day, of which 15 are spent in daylight and 5 in darkness.

Prices for VR games range widely: While some video games are free, others might cost up to $60. Compared to independent games and games from smaller studios, which sometimes have lower prices to entice consumers to check them out, games from big companies are more likely to have a higher price point.

Subnautica may currently be played in virtual reality using the Epic Games launcher, the Oculus app, and the Steam Launcher. Due to the game's heavy demands on the system in regular mode, PSVR does not support it.

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  • Astroneer
  • This War Of Mine
  • Don't Starve
  • Neo Scavenger
  • RimWorld
  • The Long Dark
  • Subnautica

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