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Virtual reality equipment is widely available today, and many of them can be used with cell phones, increasing their appeal to most people. Even though mobile gaming has grown in popularity, VR games are the next big thing in game enjoyment. 

You can travel virtually anywhere using VR apps and experience a truly immersive reality. Virtual reality games give you a different domain of understanding when discussing this reality experience. Of course, many games are available for this technology, making it challenging to decide which ones are worthwhile. 

As a result, a list of the vast majority of the best VR games for Android has been compiled. Look at them just below.

Mekorama VR


The first game suggested here is Mekorama VR, a puzzle game in which you control a robot by moving specific pebbles. The good news is that the game never gets boring because the difficulty rises as you advance.

The levels offer challenging challenges. Your robot character is clumsy, so you must reach your destination without falling. Mekorama VR has a level editor so that you can make your virtual reality worlds. Play the game and create your levels to ensure the fun never stops.

Although it isn't a challenging game and won't make you addicted, it is a pleasant way to kill time. This game's slow and gentle pace may appeal to you if you are getting a little tired of losing lives or wiping the sweat from your brow due to how tense your other games are.

The game is significantly more enjoyable in this edition, even though it lacks any special virtual reality-related features because you can view the entire environment.

Gunjack 2: Shift End

gunjack 2

Another great choice is Gunjack 2: End of Shift, which is already regarded as one of Android's most excellent VR games this year. Gunjack 2 debuted in 2016 and was initially only accessible via Google Daydream. To aim and take out waves of enemies, players in Gunjack 2 are placed in the cockpit of a spacecraft's gunning turret.

You play as a space mercenary who has to guard a mining platform against robbers. You can also access other powers, such as using energy shields to flee dangerous situations and special weapons to annihilate enemies.

The game can be played with the headset's controller, just like the Daydream version. Additionally, the game offers daily procedural missions to entice players to keep playing.

The virtual reality device's immersion is improved by the stunning visual appeal of the game and the ship's interface. It may take practice to get used to the controls, but giving it a shot is worthwhile.

Anshar Wars 2

anshar wars 2

Another space game is Anshar Wars 2, although, in this one, you fight other spacecraft that come your way. It also has an extraordinarily intricate and realistic appearance, making it ideal for virtual reality.

The pinnacle of phone-powered VR technology is present in this game, a complete package tuned to the needs of a modern gaming audience. It incorporates voice chat, multiplayer, 360-degree movement, and the Oculus-powered capability to record gameplay and screenshots while you play.

You can experience one of the most astounding graphical qualities of Gear VR at the moment. Several spacecraft are available, including the Ansharian fighter, bomber, and EMP ship, across 13 vast mission fields. 

VR technology allows you to experience the battle as it is happening around you in real-time, allowing for quick and accurate combat awareness. With the 360 degrees of steering freedom of Gear VR, you can also navigate large planet surfaces, avoid space debris, and navigate asteroid fields.

The only negative aspect of the game is how quickly it moves, making it challenging to operate the camera solely with your vision.

Land’s End

land's end

Given that it was made by the same person who made Monument Valley the best mobile game of this decade, Land's End is a very intriguing suggestion and unquestionably among the best VR games for Android.

The game, developed exclusively for the Samsung Gear VR, combines our desire to use cutting-edge technology and interactive storytelling to produce an engaging, immersive experience.

The soaring cliffs of northern Europe, the arid beauty of the Sahara, and neolithic sites and artifacts like Stonehenge were some of the beautiful, remote regions from around the world that served as inspiration for the game's landscapes.

The player is tasked with reawakening an ancient civilization using their mind while exploring five planets that are home to these fantastic, soaring landscapes. You have to assist in moving forward by resolving various puzzles. You don't require a controller to enjoy it, but it can be pretty tricky.



Despite having a much simpler idea than other games on this list, Wands is nevertheless an intriguing game. It contains a different version of 19th-century London, where magic exists, and you are equipped with a wand full of spells. 

Develop your skills against a more challenging AI opponent before competing against other players worldwide to move up the leaderboards. Discover new spells, unlocked characters, and powerful load-outs between battles in your private workshop. No matter what VR headset your friends own, you can duel them because cross-platform play is supported!

With 15 potent wands and 25 unique spells, the action-packed game provides a welcoming community amidst challenging seasons and events. Defending against your AI opponent, the spells are tactical.

Essentially, you can use these spells to fight other players worldwide. You should practice using the controls before engaging in combat, even though the game is incredibly captivating and entertaining.

Augmented Empire

augmented empire

It's worthwhile to check out the tactical turn-based RPG Augmented Empire. It surprises us precisely because it is so very different from what we think of when we think of virtual reality games.

Augmented Empire brings a cyberpunk tale of inequality and hopes to VR through a combination of stunning visuals and turn-based action.  Control a group of six outcasts in an "augmented reality" world from the comfort of your secret hideout in 2058, when the Citizen Grade System has divided New Savannah into three groups.

People highly valued by society live in luxury at the top of the island, while outcasts and criminals suffer squalor at the bottom. A memorable VR-RPG experience, Augmented Empire combines tactical action with a colorful cast of characters, including those voiced by Kate Mulgrew, Nick Frost, and Garrick Hagon.

It also has an excellent overall dub, a compelling story, many controllable characters, and highly detailed graphics.


bamf VR

Another straightforward puzzle game, BAMF VR, might be worth playing. It allows you to teleport between stages while collecting various crystals to advance to the next. 

Despite being a platforming game, there is only teleportation available in this one. Once your camera is pointed at the desired spot on the ground, you simply press the teleportation button. It works with magnet switches, Bluetooth/USB controllers, and screen tapping.

Most players should feel at ease playing this straightforward VR game, which only requires a single button to be pressed. Discover the various worlds and gather every glowing crystal.  Mazes, exploration, and timed obstacles are some examples of challenges.

Since the game requires you to turn 360 degrees while playing, you should play it on a swivel chair or while standing. It is ultimately better to play it when standing because it is entirely controlled by your movements using the VR tools.

Galaxy VR

Galaxy VR

This game is a fun space shooter for virtual reality devices. In this game, one of the finest VR games for Android, you will encounter various adversaries and have the option to combat them in multiple ways.

With a ship under your command, you have two options: complete a mission or compete against the clock to see who can transport cargo with the best score. In a cramped cave full of dangerous foes, everything was completed.

There are 55 levels, and players can submit their highest score for each one to the game's website, where the top players and their rankings are also displayed. It is possible to view a replay of the game's record scores so that other players can see how you did it. 22 achievements are also available to be unlocked.

Its intriguing feature, which already distinguishes it from other games of a similar genre, is that you can play as your character or on a ship. Only the fact that the game requires a traditional controller ought to be mentioned because it is a little more complicated.

Hardcore VR

hardcore VR

An older game called Hardcore VR was released when virtual reality technology was just starting. However, it is currently one of Android's best VR shooter games

The idea is that he must find out who he is and protect his wife from a warlord who intends to create reanimated soldiers through biotechnology. They used a dedicated POV GoPRO head device specially designed to record Ilya Naishuller's movie.

The "Call of Duty route" short storylines, underdeveloped characters, and unoriginal approaches to the experience has become synonymous with some first-person shooter games due to their lack of creativity.

It has a third-person camera that is controlled by the player's motions. You can play online with other players or finish many quests yourself.

VR Voxel Flight

VR Voxel Flight

In the game Voxel Fly VR, your character must continuously fly through a sizable city while attempting to avoid the different hazards that may surface along the route. The game offers six distinct modes, each with unique features that add to the enjoyment.

You can only use one unlocked ship at first, but by simply watching advertisements, you can unlock the rest. Even though they only differ in appearance, one advertisement is sufficient to open one new ship. You can turn on the virtual-reality mode of Voxel Fly VR in the settings, and it is designed to function best with Google Cardboard or other similar gadgets.

Since there are more challenges the further you go, the enjoyment is seeing how far you can get. Additionally, there are several difficulty settings, a fully 2D mode, and compatibility for standard controls.

VR X-Racer

VR X-Racer

VR X-Racer is similar to the game previously mentioned but with far more basic graphics. Additionally, a small ship that must navigate a metropolis while dodging hazards is under your control in this game.

As you proceed, the difficulty increases because both the obstacles and your speed increase. However, it is free and straightforward, primarily because it supports standard controls.

The Wrong Voyage VR

the wrong voyage VR

For those seeking a game with more variety in its mechanics and gameplay, Wrong Voyage VR is ideal. This is because it combines elements from shooters, platformers, and puzzle games.

You will be in Star War III when a UFO spaceship attacks your Earth in this game. You will jump onto a jet, bring missiles like in Battle Los Angeles, fly up, and join the right side to defend what is yours. The airway is exceptionally challenging and dangerous. There are numerous obstacles that you must avoid.

Be cautious because playing in VR mode could cause you to lose your balance. That is amazing when you use an Android phone to play a VR racing game. Solving the riddles on each level keeps the game from getting boring. Aside from that, this VR game is free and works with most virtual reality headsets.

InMind VR

InMind VR

One of the most well-known virtual reality games, InMind VR, requires you to move along a brain's neuronal connections to look for potential irregularities.

With the help of InMind VR, users can explore patients' brains to identify the neurons that lead to mental illness.  Immerse yourself in the microscopic world to witness the wonders of the human mind.

The time of the future is now. Humanity is poised to enter a new era marked by significant scientific advancements in modern healthcare. A surgical prototype bathyscaphe that uses nanotechnologies enables its operator to travel inside the patient's body while also shrinking to a microscopic size.

Your responsibility is to eliminate these anomalies once you've located them so the brain can resume regular operations. Because the idea is unique from what we typically see, it is a game worth checking out.

Need for Jump VR.

Need for jump

Although Need for Jump VR is a relatively simple platform game, it is still entertaining. First, you must collect the many coins scattered around the game's several levels. You need a smartphone virtual reality headset, such as Google Cardboard, Homido, or Fibrum, among others, to play. 

You must jump in real life to jump in the virtual reality game, so check that your phone has a gyro sensor as well. It is advised that you play in an open area where you won't trip or fall and won't damage anything.

The virtual reality game Need for Jump is a great way to socialize or pass the time if you're alone. It satisfies every requirement so that you can succeed and enjoy a virtual reality game that will give you the impression that you are actually on the playing field. 

To find out who is the best of the best in the virtual reality world, share this game with your friends so they can compete against one another and have a lot of fun and adrenaline.

Minos Starfighter VR

Minos Starfighter VR

It does not follow that Minos Starfighter is inferior to more recent games just because it is an older game from the early days of virtual reality technology. On the contrary, many people think it's one of the best VR Android apps and games! 

Minos Starfighter VR is a first-person arcade space shooter designed for virtual reality. You control a small space fighter through intense space battles, taking down increasingly difficult waves of foes by moving with your head or flying with a gamepad.

Use the trigger button on your headset to fire your ship's lasers, or use gaze-based targeting if no trigger is available. Minos Starfighter VR offers the most immersive and captivating VR experience currently offered on Cardboard, with triple AAA graphics and the use of 3D positional audio.

It has been fully optimized to extract every last drop of performance to deliver a seamless and fluid VR experience. In reality, the gameplay is still superior to many recent games, and the aesthetics are still rather stunning. There is no excuse not to try out the game since it is another delightful and straightforward space shooter.

I See Ooo VR: Adventure Time

Adventure time

If you're an Adventure Time fan, the VR game Adventure Time: I See Ooo is a fantastic option to play with your virtual reality headset. In this game, you play as Finn, and your goal is to determine why the Ice King wants to ruin everything.

Its enormous, post-apocalyptic cast of endearing characters is easily comparable in size and variety to The Simpsons. Its richly detailed fantasy tales of bravery, horror, heartbreak, and ham sandwiches are delightful to read.

There have already been a few attempts (with mixed results) to bring the Adventure Time franchise to the gaming world. This latest effort, from UK-based VR specialist Opposable, sends players on a virtual reality quest through The Land of Ooo.

Fortunately, the game is very well done and enjoyable, unlike some adaptations of this type. In addition, it has many mini-games that feature scenery and locations from the show.

Hidden Temple VR Adventure

Hidden Temple VR Adventure

Are you prepared to increase your level of game immersion? Because Hidden Temple - VR Adventure is compatible with the Samsung Gear VR and has since garnered much praise for its fantastic atmosphere, exquisitely detailed graphics, and robust stereoscopy. 

In the classic point-and-click adventure Hidden Temple - VR Adventure, you must gather and combine objects to crack codes, find hidden rooms, and solve puzzles. Since the fantastic complete 360° view puts you right in the middle of the adventure, you can explore the temple's corridors on your own by moving around.

Despite its well-known name, this game is unrelated to the previous Nickelodeon program. Instead, it draws more inspiration from the venerable point-and-click games of the 1980s and 1990s. It boasts stunning graphics, scenes, and gameplay, which are ideal for virtual reality devices.

VR Noir

VR noir

VR Noir is your best option if you enjoy games with a noir aesthetic. Given that it is one of the top mobile games released in recent years, it is recommended that you give it a shot.

You take on the role of Veronica Coltrane, a private eye compelled to accept a job for the money. Will you go against your principles to fulfill your client's requests? A revolutionary improvement in immersive gameplay and cinematic storytelling is VR Noir.

Compared to most of the other games on this list, it offers a more cinematic experience. It also has a gripping story and excellent voice acting for all its characters. Overall, it's a great option to investigate.

VVR Vanguard

VVR Vanguard

The brand-new virtual reality action game Vanguard V immerses you in the experience, as only virtual reality can combine the best elements of flight and adventure. Vanguard V is a celebration of gameplay to usher in virtual reality. It is driven by music, a compelling story, and inventive VR design.

With its stunning visuals and simple but thoughtful gameplay, Vanguard V VR is undoubtedly one of the best independent VR games available for Android. You'll travel through the game from the Earth's low orbit to its center.

You take on the role of Qu, who discovers a parasite-borne threat and must exert every effort to prevent the extinction of the entire population—developed by a small team that put in a lot of effort.



Sisters is a game that is unquestionably recommended for those who enjoy horror. It resembles the original Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark, two terrifying virtual reality games.

The two play the role of the final boss in the first level. They behave more like more challenging variations of the primary enemies by moving from right to left and kneeing the player. Later, they return as simple enemies in the third level.

The VR Sisters don't seem to be a reference to anything, in contrast to the other bosses in the game. Given that they both have beaks, they might be regarded as Chica variants, but there is no proof.

Because of the game's immersive 360-degree visuals and binaural directional audio, you'll feel immersed entirely (as long as you use headphones).

Virtual Reality Zombie Shooter

virtual reality zombie shooter

On the other hand, Zombie Shooter draws heavily from titles like House of the Dead because all you have to do is walk around the area killing zombies. Although it is very straightforward, it is also highly addictive and enjoyable.

You pass by bloodthirsty zombies as you navigate the underground tunnels in the darkness. Make use of a variety of weapons to defeat evil creatures. A zombie virus plagued the world of this Android game, so try to survive there.

Abandoned tunnels are home to hungry zombies hiding from the daylight. Get a machine gun, shotgun, or another weapon from the wall. Open the den door of monsters. Advance, navigate the barriers and abandoned carriages, and fire at zombies.

Avoid being approached by demons. To kill the bloodthirsty zombies that could attack at any time in the game, you'll need to pick your weapon and explore the subway tunnels in a post-apocalyptic world.

The Unicorn Happy Place

unicorn happy place

Among the best VR games for Android, Unicorn Happy Place is a very unique and one-of-a-kind game. The objective here is to unwind! In the game, you are given a unicorn to hang out with. Enjoy some downtime in a magical forest with the unicorn.

Pay attention to the Unicorn's reassuring remarks. This activity is excellent for getting people interested in virtual reality, or you can use it as a regular stop whenever you want to hear a motivating message. The unicorn will offer you some motivating words to make things a little more fun!

Minecraft VR

Minecraft VR

If you haven't played it, you've probably at least heard of Minecraft in its more mainstream form. It also has a virtual reality (VR) version that functions essentially identically to the standard game (you can farm, mine, build, and do anything else you like), but in that environment.

Block-building and exploration are critical aspects of the game Minecraft. Discover bizarre worlds and create impressive structures, from the most basic houses to the most elaborate castles. To combat dangerous mobs, you can either mine deep in Survival Mode or play in Creative Mode with an unlimited supply of resources.

Do this all by yourself or with friends. The game itself doesn't change many thanks to VR, but the ability to physically look around and include 3D audio makes it a more immersive experience.

SmashHit VR

smashhit VR

In Smash Hit, one of the best endless runners available, you play as a shapeless entity that must shoot balls to break the glass barriers in your path. Everything becomes more difficult if you get hit because you lose your combo (which increases the number of balls you shoot at once).

A substantial amount of ammunition, precisely ten balls, is lost with every obstruction contact. The balls can either be used to directly destroy obstacles or shoot a button to otherwise move them out of the way. Power-ups are unlockable for a set period and can be earned by players. 

Each power-up has a unique effect that manifests when used, such as providing the player with an endless supply of balls, making all their balls explosive, or slowing down time.

In this variation, you direct where the balls are shot with your head. Even though it eventually becomes pretty tiresome, it is still a delightful and fun experience.

Proton Pulse

Proton Pulse

If you like the old Pong game, this is probably something you'll enjoy playing. It can be viewed as a significantly more frantic and intense version of this Atari classic.

The object is to get various things to jump from wall to wall, but there are no buttons to press; everything is controlled by how you move your head. This makes the game even more difficult, but those prone to motion sickness shouldn't play it.


With platforms like Google, you are at the forefront of mobile VR gaming. So, for the best VR Android games experience, start with the play store apps if you're currently looking to play VR games for Android.

Use your paddle to direct the Proton, an energy ball with extraordinary power and the only thing that can destroy the M.O.A.I. core! If the action gets too fast, use the Space-Time Dilator to turn a sure miss into a deadly volley! Will you be able to conquer over 50 levels and beat M.O.A.I. at his own game?

However, the future will astound you when looking for Android VR games. Though it is still in its infancy, VR technology is gradually gaining popularity. So prepare yourself for what follows.


In the Labs section of the PhoneCast app, you can use live streaming apps to stream videos to the VR headset's enormous virtual screen, in addition to running games and other applications. A 2D window is created inside of your VR environment. You can use that window to run Android applications.

Various video games range in price from free to $60. Compared to independent games and games from smaller studios, which frequently have lower prices to entice people to try them out, games from big studios are more likely to have a higher price point.

  • Follow the on-screen directions to browse the Oculus store using a Gear VR.
  • Download the Google Cardboard app and enjoy the demo if you don't have a Gear VR.
  • Look through the WEARVR store and Google Play for content.
  • Make sure the VR headset is present.
  • Connect your phone to the VR device.

Because VR is an undeniably worthwhile investment, it’s suggested that every household purchase at least one headset. This is because the future of gaming and applications is in virtual reality. Similar to smartphones, they will be used as a standard form of communication.

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