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In this article, you will get a list of the 25 Fun VR Games you can play on your mobile phone, like Virtual Reality, Along Together, VR Fantasy, and so on.

We all have a mystical device in our pockets with exceptional potential. It gives you access to almost everything in the world, similar to VR games. As a result, the appetite for VR headsets for android devices has been soaring with every passing day.

Some of the most incredible and fun VR games are in the market; android or iOS users might like to play and do nothing. Although in the list provided below, you will get an adequate range of VR games, from a puzzle platformer set in strange locales to a neon-drenched third-person shooter, these games are invigorating and, therefore, worth checking out.

Fun VR Games

VR games, also known as Virtual Reality games, are played with Virtual Reality hardware. Most fun VR games focus on creating an interactive experience for the player, generally using a headset or head-mounted display with holographic displays and various controllers.

1. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Released Date: November 8, 2016

Offered By: Steel Crate Games, Inc.

You are in a room, all alone, with a bomb that you need to defuse. Though you are the only one in the room, your pals or the pundits are always there with you possessing a Manual. This manual will help you decode the formula to defuse the bomb, but the problem is that your peers can not see the bomb, so you all have to communicate with each other.

This game will test your communication and riddles-solving adroitness as it is a time-based game. You will play this game at different swift, boisterous, and stretched rounds. All the members playing the game have a pivotal role to play throughout.


  • You will get a different game every time you play the game.
  • Only one manual will be available to your friends.
  • As you level up, the missions become more challenging and sinister.
  • You will see the likelihood of playing this game with your friends as it's a multiplayer game.
  • You will have to believe your friends as they are the only ones to dictate the process of bomb defusing.

2. Along Together

Along Together

Released Date: April 24, 2017

Offered By: Turbo Button

In this game, you will encounter a child with no one. He is all alone so that you will be his fancied partner, intangible confederate, and its guardian. Your liability is to protect the child in any dire circumstances. For example, the kid will ask for your assistance when he loses his dog named Rishu.

This world is incredible, with exceptional visuals and many places to explore. You need to usher the kid and figure out the abstruse treasures. Exploit the mystical powers of fascination to regain Rishu by moving various heavy objects, fabricating new paths, and elevating trees. 

Work as a Teamgam

Leverage the cursor to show your friend the path to follow and motion controls to maneuver the fancy world.

Prospect and Discover 

It's a massive world to explore - through the vibrant environment, riddle-platforming handcrafted world.

Congregate Riches

This toy world is associated with your imaginary pal; unravel and assemble them. Then, you can play together with them in the treehouse.

3. Virtual Virtual Reality

Virtual Virtual Reality

Released Date: March 7, 2017

Offered By: Tender Claws

Turn on VR headsets to get away from your boss and explore more layered virtual universes. Most human employment in the coming years will be mechanized. So what is the point of being human? The Virtual Labor System, Activitude, is available to assist.

Our AI clientele continues to value your handmade human company. Put your headset on. Even though you could serve as a therapy dog to an AI in Bismarck and see your job ratings soar, don't you hunger for something more—adventure, conflict, or a sense of meaning?


  • Explore more than fifty virtual VR
  • More than three hours of exceptional gameplay
  • Built from scratch for Daydream
  • Explore the world deeply by putting on the virtual headset

4. Battle Planet VR

Battle Planet VR

Released Date: February 15, 2017

Offered By: Threaks

This is an action-bump-off VR shooting game where you will traverse across space. You are the only one in the area on a small planet. An army of treacherous adversaries named 'Terminoids' attacks you. All you have to conquer against them is some gunpowder and a drone to diffuse the bombs.

You will explore fantastic gameplay - firepower, intense fights, and infinite planets to explore. But, if you seek to be the God, you must fight against your enemies and escalate your scores or rank in a 'one-stick shooter' game. Let's see how long your potentialities withstand the attacks of your adversaries. 


  • It is a 'One-Stick shooting' gameplay
  • VR Bump action gameplay
  • Intense fights that challenge your dexterity

This German game was developed by the creators of one of the best music venture games, Beatbuddy. This game has been rewarded with the German Developer Award, German Video Game Award, and many others.

5. Eclipse: Edge Of Light

Eclipse Edge Of Light

Released Date: April 17, 2017

Offered By: White Elk LLC

You awaken after having collapsed on a human planet to find yourself in a dreamlike landscape full of aliens & the ruins of a forsaken society. You encounter an object of virtu named Artifact, which will help you utilize ancient technologies to gain access to nearly supernatural abilities.

What is the reason behind these sinister circumstances on this planet? What catastrophe struck its residents?

Leverage your advanced space suit to circumspect the reasons for the planet's bemused and baffled present situation. Then, challenge yourself and see if you can unravel the mysterious puzzles!


  • Experience more than three hours of gameplay
  • Stop teleporting now! Throughout the original soundtrack, Mirage Solo encounters an exotic universe for the very first time.
  • Get immersed into the world with the WorldSense.

This game has been tailored for Mirage Solo standalone VR headsets. This will provide you with fantastic action gameplay and a way to imbibe every little detail of this world.

6. Gravity Pull - VR Puzzle

Gravity Pull

Released Date: March 2, 2016

Offered By: VRMersive

The interactive Virtual Reality puzzle game Gravity Pull was influenced by certain first-person puzzle games and is available for Daydream & Google Cardboard. In order to open the doors, you will have to solve sixteen astounding riddles by keeping them on the switches.

Circumspect every minuscule detail of the place from different angles. Leverage an input technique named 'Walk-in-place' to skipper every crook and cranny and be in control. This technique assists you in reducing cybersickness. To enhance your overall experience, using Cardboard V2 with the capacitive button is recommended.

They should work automatically if you prefer to utilize joysticks rather than walking in place while playing the game. The joystick only allows you to go forward and backward by default (to help you avoid motion sickness), but you may tilt the joystick to allow for complete mobility.

The VR-Step plugin was used to create Gravity Pull. VR-step allows you to create an incredibly interactive experience that is often only possible on PC VR systems and dramatically expands the interaction options that are currently available on mobile VR devices.

7. VR Fantasy

Released Date: November 21, 2017

Offered By: Square Inox

Explore every crook and corner of the mysterious dungeons of this world. Decipher the riddles with your sword to move to the next level and experience the fantastic world of Virtual Reality.

Explore every corner of the oubliette

You will live the game by jumping over the walls, thumping the strewn boxes, and rummaging in various streets. Get the experience like never before. 

Battle against menacing adversaries 

You will meet with various enemies, including giant spiders, slimes, and plants (carnivorous), and the final battle will be against a massive dragon. You can use your weapon, the sword, to defeat them all.

Encounter incredible weaponries 

Use different artilleries you will find as you will begin your journey of this game. For example, you might find an axe, magical stuff to throw fireballs, and your sword.

Stable vr cardboard game

Some of the best advancements have been made in this virtual reality game so that you can have a much better experience.

8. VR Thrills: Roller Coaster 360

Released Date: December 7, 2016

Offered By: Rabbit Mountain

The pinnacle of virtual reality roller coasters. The most recent version now has a feature for building roller coasters. Then, experience it in 360 VR by making your rollercoaster. In order to create adrenaline-rush rides, you can share your rides with others so they can compete with you in this multiplayer game.

Your rides will be ranked by someone else, and you will be able to confront the tracks of a VR rollercoaster. 

Build a roller coaster 

You will get a tutorial to make your roller coaster easily and quickly in the game. Then, after the complete formation of your roller coaster, you can view it in VR, and others will also see it.

VR without gyroscope

Don't worry at all about that. You can access a 360-degree view of the roller coaster by leaning your head in both the left and right directions.

Infinite rides

There are no limits, and you can have any ride you want in different parks worldwide. More than 150,000 people have created their crazy tracks so far, and it's our turn now. So sit down, fasten your belt, hold tightly, and get a set role coaster!

9. Water Slide 3D

Released Date: September 5, 2019

Offered By: Identive

Master surfing techniques and ricochet through loops, corkscrews a la insane rides, and that's just the beginning! Will you attempt some rather bizarre sprinting tracks? Do you possess the necessary dexterity to reach your destination without colliding? This game is way more advanced than other Water Park games.


  • Access to either third or first individual view.
  • Browse through six excellent pontoons and seven kinds of riders.
  • More than forty test levels are there - Snowy mountains, 3D cityscapes, pyramids of Egypt, ad much more.

This game will give you an unforgettable experience. Dive into fantastic swimming pools, ride the slides, and much more.

Play the game to fulfill your fantasies of water sliding rationally. You can access different view angles to have more realistic experiences in 3D mode. Have fun in other areas like terrains and amusement parks.

10. VR Temple Roller Coaster

Released Date: April 4, 2017

Offered By: Rabbit Mountain

Get the best 360 VR roller coaster ride ever while traversing historic temples! Explore all these temples and caves, and dive deep into the water to see different aquatic creatures, sharks, and a variety of fishes while riding on a roller coaster. So, get this game right away if you are an adrenaline junkie! But be careful sharks might hurt you! 

You can play this game using a VR headset (only using touch controls) or Cardboard to have a whole VR experience. As you take in the intricate graphics of the archaic secret temple, experience the roller coasters maneuver through high- and low-speed turns on the track.

As you start your ride on the super-fast roller coaster, you will witness various spectacular views, including old trees, torches, and dark and mysterious archaic caves. From these dark caves, you will dive into the aquatic life via the subterrane.

Enjoy picturesque coral, little fish adorbs, and a sinister shark rummaging. Make sure you don't instigate; consequences might be dangerous. Give it a try, as you will feel like you are riding a roller coaster and experience every side-to-side turn.

11. Jurassic VR Dinos - Cardboard

Jurassic VR Dinos

Released Date: January 13, 2015

Offered By: Rabbit Mountain

You have never seen a dinosaur in reality, right? But now you can see them in Virtual Reality with a fantastic dino ride in Jurassic for the Cardboard viewers. You can roam around and explore every nook and cranny of this world, having cedar evergreen trees. Your ultimate goal in the game is to explore and have fun in this prehistoric dinosaur world which is poles apart from the modern world you live in. 

Dinosaurs have reigned Earth for more than sixty-five years, and all we know about them today is via their fossils found underground. And if you are interested to know about them, you have to be an archaeologist, but that could be a bit mundane. But now you can learn more about dinosaurs using your VR goggles, which sounds interesting.

This excellent app transports you back in time like a time machine. Discover the historical past of dinosaurs while marveling at the intricate 3D details in a rich virtual reality environment. Run through the dense forests, learn the history of dinosaurs like T-Rex, and chase any of your favorite ones in these mountains.

12. VR Horror

Released Date: November 15, 2017

Offered By: Forstech Studios Horror Games

Here is a WARNING for all those suffering from heart disease, don't play this game at all! But this game is perfect for you if you are healthy and seeking some horror excitement. A breathtaking experience in mystery and survival horror is available for free on VR Horror.

Are you bold enough to play this evil and perilous game? This game is easy to play with your androids or even in 3D cardboard VR. You will ride a rollercoaster in a scary, gloomy, terrific, and sinister asylum, which might give you goosebumps. First, you have to save other people from the hospital; for that, you will have to find keys, weapons, and other tools.

Get ready for screeches, riddles, jumpscares, and the threatening evil around these corridors. This is a perfect time to play while celebrating Halloween nights and experiencing the hocus-pocus of this soul-stirring game.


  • Fantastic 3D visuals 
  • Threatening atmosphere 
  • Spatial 3D Sound 
  • 3D VR Cardboard and Bluetooth Gamepad (Optional)

Fearful adrenaline rushes are guaranteed with the VR Cardboard mode. It is recommended to wear your headphones and a Bluetooth gamepad to have the best experience ever. 

13. VR Traffic Racing In Car Drive

VR Traffic Racing In Car

Released Date: May 3, 2018

Offered By: Fionxy Games

The virtual reality box Jogos 3d technology used in this game and its complete 360-degree rotation will give you a realistic simulation of highway driving. So all driving lovers can now soar the accelerator and drive their cars at full speed without worrying about accidents.

In this game, you have to focus on only a single goal of improving your scoreboard and congregating many points as you can. Apart from collecting 'points,' also assemble various speed packs and turbo boosters to give your car an adrenaline boost, cross the finish line, and be the winner.


  • 3D graphics are visually appealing & accurate physics
  • No worries about accidents at all if you're passionate about the game 
  • Stunning locations and fantastic cars to choose from
  • Simulator-like controls with great suspensions
  • It's a VR game with 360-degree rotation 
  • Spectacles and realistic buildings, highways, and roads.
  • Realistic 3D view of the car interior
  • Easy to understand and play

14. Walk The Plank VR

Released Date: October 17, 2016

Offered By: Kosin VR

Are you an acrophobic (fear of heights)? Are you trying to overcome your fear of heights? If the answer is yes, this game can help you with that. This game serves a dual purpose to you - you will also play this game while overcoming the fear of heights.

Standing still on a plank at an incredible height, you will get chills down your spine! You can play this fantastic game with any VR headset; no controller is required, so enjoy! You will feel like a superhero flying through clouds with a jetpack. Stand in the center of the room & sense the tremor as you ride the virtual elevator for a brief but dramatic experience.

15. VR Heights Phobia

VR Heights Phobia

Released Date: May 15, 2016

Offered By: Kosin VR

This VR Heights Phobia game is challenging as it has different levels of difficulty and gives you a chance to overcome your phobias (including acrophobia). To play this game, you are not required to have a controller, and you can move your head up and down to move ahead in this 3D world.

Heights will give you chills down your spine when you walk on a plank at a great height or step into a bungee jumping elevator at three different locations, including a forest with humongous mountains. If you have a phone gyroscope, it will trace your every single movement to get a more authentic experience. But if not, do not worry, as this game also supports non-gyroscope devices.

16. Falling VR Simulator

Falling VR Simulator

Released Date: June 8, 2018

Offered By: Appa47

Another VR game that lets you experience heights is available. This time, the VR simulation is Falling. You can play this game to bring more excitement to your downtime. Use any of the VR goggles to play this daunting game.

This is a perfect way to overcome phobias while tightening your nerves. So explore this 3D world and do whatever you like - leap over skyscrapers and many other things to boost your adrenaline rush.


  • This 3D world has excellent visuals.
  • If you have any heart problems, it is recommended not to play this game.
  • The concept of gravity has been taken seriously here.
  • Access to discover the skyscrapers and various other buildings.
  • This 3D world looks more realistic with a detailed environment.

17. VR Haunted House 3D

VR Haunted House

Released Date: July 26, 2016

Offered By: HYGAMES

The ghostly activity within a deserted house at VR Haunted House makes the attraction famous. This sinister house has various ghosts, and it is cursed with some magic, and as a player, you need to be courageous enough to get into this place. You are responsible for taking care of this house and conquering all the monsters and eccentric guests to enter here.

This mission will be daunting for you, so prepare for this venture. If this sounds interesting, download this game immediately, as it is free. If you have access to VR cardboard, then it's excellent, and if not, no problem; you can play this game in normal mode as well.


  • Levels are challenging - Easy, Medium, Hard
  • VR Cardboard/Normal Mode
  • A realistic environment with realistic sound effects and a scary house
  • Bluetooth gamepad controller support 
  • Various sinister effects & animations 
  • Eccentric devils & treacherous creatures 

18. House of Terror VR 360

House of Terror VR

Released Date: April 18, 2015

Offered By: Lakento

In your journey in this game called House of Terror, you will run in dark regions with numerous traps and barbarians to seek clues. You will have to solve various riddles and ensure no one catches you! 

You have to get out of this weird and scary place; you will never know where you are and what's going around you. So, make sure you keep going forward and ascertain the history of the place to leave this place safely. Are you ready for the challenge?

This game may be controlled entirely using the following:

  • VR button 
  • VR glasses with a Bluetooth joystick. 
  • a ‘Lakento MVR’ - 2 buttons system

19. VR Airplane Flight Simulation

VR Airplane Flight

Released Date: August 5, 2020

Offered By: Naisky

This game employs head tracking to simulate flight in a realistic and exciting virtual reality simulator. You can take off on an incredible virtual reality flight tour with this one. But, of course, it depends upon you where you want to take off, either in a city or from the cliff verges.

You don't have to study hard to be a professional pilot, and this game will help you experience what it feels like to be a pilot. Even though many non-motorized aero activities, such as skydiving, hang gliding, or wingsuit diving, can be thrilling, nothing compares to the sense of empowerment and excitement that comes from piloting a substantial piece of moving metal.

This game is so realistic that you won't feel you are playing a game, as it has pixel-perfect visuals, VR, and a flight Simulator model. So are you ready to be the next pilot and fly into the sky? 

You don't need to have a gyroscope to control this game; therefore, it is easy to play. You have to move your head - left and right to take a turn; that's how simple it is to play this game. You will take a few trials to get the hang of the game. It will also help you to overcome your fear of heights and flying.

20. Ping Pong VR

Released Date: August 23, 2016

Offered By: 3DiVi Inc.

There is now a fantastic Ping Pong app for smartphones! So grab a racket and confront your buddies. You can play this game on your TV, smartphone, mobile VR, or any other device you own. Any type of multiplayer is feasible and simulates playing a simple game of table tennis.

To make sure every opponent knows who he's up against, add your avatar & give the racket a unique look. If you want a completely interactive environment, you can use the VicoVR Full Body Joystick to play this game. Additionally, you can use any VR headset and smartphone to play it, just like any other cardboard game. VicoVR Controller is advised if you want to move your entire body in virtual environments while playing this game.

21. VR Abyss: Shark & Sea world

VR Abyss

Released Date: July 10, 2017

Offered By: Rabbit Mountain

Did you ever get a chance for Scuba diving? No? Well, now you don't need to go anywhere, as this VR game takes you deep into the ocean and gives you an adrenaline rush with its realistic graphics.  

You can experience coral reefs, descended ships or boats, and shark assaults without getting your feet wet with this VR app. 

What experiences you will get: 

  • Coral Reefs
  • A shark cage and its vicious attacks 
  • The Orca (killer whale) 
  • An oil tanker (cargo ship) 

This simulator provides a genuine article! You'llYou'll soon witness marine development in all its splendor and be adept at fending off shark attacks. So that you can keep the shark detector at home since you will soon be up against a shark. The new gameplay immerses you in an action-packed, never-ending underwater diving adventure.

Try flipping and diving even further into the depths to see if you can beat the previous record. Make sure to grab those air power-ups to top your tanks, and keep an eye out for shark attacks or curious underwater creatures. You have to move ahead on your path and avoid sea battles, as your chances to win the battle are much less.

22. Real Dinosaur RollerCoaster VR

Released Date: August 19, 2015

Offered By: XZ Solutions

This thrilling game of Jurassic world is mainly for adrenaline junkies, people who love excitement. So get ready for a rip-roaring ride on a rollercoaster and witness the places where dinosaurs live and roam around. This game is not about hunting or poaching the dinosaurs but witnessing their lifestyle.

Rollercoaster Upgradation 

Three more Roller Coaster carts have been included to enhance the overall experience of this game. 

Travel at lightning-fast speeds

Traverse through the hilly areas like mountains and enjoy yourself in the world of dinosaurs that you won't be able to see in real life. Then, get ready for an engaging and exhilarating rollercoaster recreation ride in a sizable park plagued by dinosaurs. Although you can access any of the Roller Coasters carts from the in-game store, they are all exceptional.

Roller Coaster in a world of Dinosaurs

See how unpleasant gravity can be! The thrill ride will transport you to the dinosaurs' native habitat. You'll be able to hear actual dinosaur growls in your ears! This is so realistic that you will feel you are living the game.

23. Trail World VR

Released Date: December 22, 2016

Offered By: No Pressure Studios

Explore this gorgeous fantasy open world at your own pace and embark on an adventure! Experience breathtaking sights, activities, exhilarating rides, tours, and other activities that maximize smartphone VR. Amble along the trails and imbibe the spectacular views you see on your journey. Are you ready to explore this fantastic land?


  • Assault course Experience the VR rollercoaster and the great mine
  • Fly an airplane in this 3D VR world
  • You can interact with other villagers and people around you
  • Go out fishing with 3D graphics.
  • Solve riddles to interpret secret messages

Players have total authority: 

Do not be rusty while traveling, roaming, or pausing to take the scenery. Turn on walking by looking at your feet, events can be started by looking at the unmistakable cardboard symbol, or you can just be taken aback by the tranquil surroundings. You can do whatever you like - rummage through the playgrounds, rides, jungles, caves, and towns.

Unveil the zones: 

Visit various zones of this 3D virtual world, including a Farm, Sky island, Town, and Waterfall. A future update is expected to include the snowy world, desert terrain, sea world, ocean, and enormous cave. This game is free to download and play the game!

24. InCell VR

InCell VR

Released Date: December 2, 2015

Offered By: Nival

It is an action-racing game set in the meticulously recreated micro world of the human cell. It also includes elements of strategy and science. This project is ideal if you want to learn more about Cardboard VR or get brand-new VR impressions. It is a VR game, but you are not required to have a Cardboard set. 

Tap and hold the screen to exit VR mode, or use the Cardboard trigger to access the main menu. This game is suitable for various kinds of headsets, including:

  • View Master
  • Fibrum
  • Homido
  • Lakento
  • Archos
  • Durovis and other headsets that resemble Google Cardboard.

25. Rec Room

Released Date: July 27, 2021

Offered By: Rec Room

Rec Room is a game where you can play games with other players and interact with them. Millions of people have created their Rec Rooms, and now it's your turn to do so. Apart from this, you can chat or hang out with them. All you need to play this game is your smartphone and VR headsets. It's a social media application that you use to play games! 


  • Create your unique style and dress to form a Rec Room avatar.
  • Explore a variety of fantastic games to play and have so much fun. 
  • You will get a 'maker pen' to create anything you want, like puppies, trees, buildings, and even the entire kingdom.
  • Rec Room is a perfect place for people of all generations and finds new friends to hang out with. 

Get ready to join this accessible and engaging community!


With technologies like Cardboard, Google is at the forefront of mobile VR gaming. So, for the finest mobile VR experience, begin with the Cardboard & Daydream applications if you're looking to play the fun VR games for Android currently available. However, the future will astound you while you seek the finest Android VR games. Though it was in its development, VR technology is increasingly gaining popularity. Prepare yourself for what follows.


Keep talking, and Nobody explodes.

Spider-Man: Far From Home VR

Treating anxiety disorders, such as posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), phobias, & some other specific fears that have been demonstrated to impact participation negatively, can be done effectively and affordably with Virtual Reality (VR).

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