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Bubble Shooter games need less effort to play as compared to other games. It will be complete even in tiny breaks from your nerve-wracking work because it could be a quick-play game.

In the classic arcade Bubbles Shooting, you pop variously colored bubbles. Shoot matched bubbles at them to create combos of two or perhaps more bubbles of a similar hue. You score additional marks for popping more bubbles in a single shot. The playing area will drop one row if you cannot gather a combo. The basic object of the game is to get as many points while eliminating every bubble.

It'll function simply in an exceedingly few minutes; audiences of all ages adore it because it is easy to know and play. Here are some best bubble shooter games non-commissioned for your reference with a brief description. Go through games like bubble shooter and download the one you liked the most.

Bubble Witch 3: Heroic tale

bubble witch 3

Bubble Witch 3 could be a witching bubble shooting puzzle game. This game can be a new creation by the renowned Candy Crush heroic tale manufacturers. It's the most recent and updated version of the known Bubble Witch series.

Stella, a witch, is the main character of this game, with whom you may begin your witching journey of shooting and blasting bubbles. Wilbur could be a villain during this game, and Frank Philip Stella wants you as a facilitator to defeat Wilbur during this exciting blasting journey. 

Facilitate Frank Philip Stella by matching bubbles of identical color and aiming the blast with nice exactness to create her win. During this journey, you must solve the puzzles to rescue the fairy queen, Who is very dear to Frank Philip Stella.

This game has endearing characters with whom you may fall soft. There are several unique boosters for challenging levels. Invite your friends to participate in this game to compare results on the scoreboard. It is available from the Google Play store, where users have given it a favorable 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Bubble Shooter Legend

bubble shooter legend

Bubble Shooter Legend is the most enjoyable and easy puzzle game. This game is one of the foremost fashionable bubble shooter games on the Google Play store.

In this game, you can even compete offline. Therefore you do not have to be compelled to worry about whether or not your web affiliation is stable. You can play it anytime and in any corner of the world.

You should aim with nice exactness and shoot and match 3 or other bubbles that look alike or have identical colors. You must rescue the baby dragons within them by bursting bubbles. There are thousands of levels to finish, therefore, do not watch for the end; keep leveling yourself up. Downloading the game from the Google Play store will allow you to play it on any Android smartphone. Therefore, if you're willing to explore the witching bubble shooter world, download it now and dive into this witching world.

Bubble Wings: Bubble Shooter

bubble wings

Bubble Wings could be an amazing and satisfying new discharged bubble shooter game. Bubble Wings is a classical game like a bubble shooter. The animation utilized in this game makes the gaming atmosphere comfy. You can play this game offline; additionally, therefore no wireless local area network or web is needed to play this game.

Many puzzle levels will be unbarred when you complete the previous one. Every class will increase with a raised level of challenges.

To be a decent player during this game, you must be precise together with your aim. You may become a decent shooter once you begin enjoying this game. You must aim and match three bubbles to pop them. There also are some daily challenges during this game. You get special rewards for finishing them. This game has a high rating and is available for download from the Google Play store.

Bubble Genius: Sound Game

bubble genius

Bubble Genius is one of the simplest bubble-popping games on the google play store. It's a free Bubble Shooter Game discharged by shell recreation. Each level of this game has different challenges to check your gambling skills.

The objective is the same as alternative bubble shooter games, i.e., you must match and pop the bubbles of the identical color. This might sound simple. However, the issue-level will increase as you level up during this game. The puzzles are challenging to unravel. You rescue some cute pets by resolving the dilemmas and sounding the bubbles, and your challenge is completed there. Those cute toon pets can cause you to get dependent on this game. Challenge others and your previous scores on the worldwide leaderboard and vie with others. You may reach the highest of the leaderboard in no time!

Bubble Shooter: Panda Pop

panda pop

If you're keen on enjoying games like Bubble Shooter, you need to download and take a look at enjoying this game too. You must aim, match, and pop bubbles to rescue all the lovable baby pandas at bay within the bubbles.

This game can check your gaming and mental skills at every level, and also the game's toughness can increase as you level up. There are 4000+ levels during this game, and every category incorporates a new twist. You're welcome to invite your friends to the current panda rescue effort!

The baby pandas are waiting for you to come back and rescue them! So, download it now from the play store and retrieve all of them! Once you begin enjoying this game, this will be included in your daily routine. It'll unharness your stress because it could be a pleasant and quiet game.

Bubble Shooter Splash

bubble shooter splash

Bubble Shooter Splash is an addictive bubble shooter puzzle game that can also be played offline without wifi or the internet. It is a newly launched classic bubble shooter game with exciting animations.

Your objective in this game is to save all baby dragons by popping the bubbles in which they are trapped. The bubbles are arranged in a puzzle form you must solve using gaming skills. 

Numerous levels in this game have different puzzles with new twists. You should match bubbles of the same color and pop them to save the baby dragons. Because it is simple to comprehend and play, you may play this game even if you are new to gaming.

Bubble Shooter Genies

bubble shooter genies

Bubble Shooter Genies is a classic bubble shooter game that is very addictive. It has over 1000+ puzzles that you can solve as per your abilities. Even if you are just learning the game, it won't take you long to master it. It is one of the games of the famous Bubble Shooter Genies series released by Puzzeljoy. It has a very professional design which makes it more attractive and exciting.

You don't have to spend hours to complete each level. It is a quick-play game you can play during small breaks for recreation. The attractive colors, fire, lightning, and magic bubbles make it more interesting to play. On any Android mobile phone, this game may be downloaded through the play store. It already has 2 lakh plus downloads there. So what are you waiting for?

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Bubble Shooter: Fun Pop Game

fun pop game

You should pop the bubbles in this game with a cute dragon assistant! This game can be played offline too. There are more than 4000 puzzle levels available to play offline. This game has excellent animations with lightning bursts over the clouds, explosives, obstacles, and dragon rescue operations, arranged excitingly. 

You should pop the bubbles in such a way that you rescue all the baby dragons before you run out of the bubbles. Each level challenges you with something new. You should complete all the challenges of that level to unlock the next level. You can also bounce the ball on the wall to hit the target with more precision.

There are many more new features added to this classical bubble shooter game which you must explore at least once. Use all of the new features by downloading it free from the Google Play Store.

Bubble Shooter Rainbow

bubble shooter rainbow

Bubble Shooter Rainbow is a very easy-to-play and addictive bubble shooter game by Blackout Lab. It has a very colorful and relaxing user interface, making you love this game.

There are more than 10000+ levels available for you, which have bubble shooter puzzles with a fresh look at each level. You don't need much effort to play this game, which is very relaxing. The more you score in this game, the more stars you get. So download this game and collect as many stars as you can. 

You will face new challenges at each level, so you will never get bored while playing this game. You can also play this game without any internet connection whenever and wherever you want. It has over five crore downloads on the google play store, and the audience highly loves it. 

Farm Bubbles- Bubble Shooter

farm bubbles

If you are ready to become a master of bubble shooter, you must download Farm Bubbles from the google play store for free. This game is convenient and does not require excellent gaming skills. This game has a relaxing farm atmosphere with some cute farm animals. 

Your objective in this game is simple, pop the bubbles and save those animals. You should pop bubbles of the same color so those bubbles disappear from there with a 'pop' sound. You should keep doing this until you rescue all the animals and complete the game challenge. 

Each level has difficulty, and you should know to play intelligent moves to achieve those levels quickly. Many power-ups are also available to help you whenever you are stuck. 

Bubble Shooter Classic

bubble shooter classic

This is a classic bubble shooter game of only 52 MB, and it was recently released in 2022 by MadOverGames. It has an excellent interface that will attract you to play this game.

This game has many exciting levels that can be played offline anytime. Your object in each group would be the same,i.e., popping bubbles by matching the same bubbles, which are arranged in the form of bubbles, but the difficulty of each level is different. If you get stuck in any group, which is quite tricky, you can use power-ups like the bomb, Thunder, etc., to help you clear those challenging levels.

For each game you win, you are rewarded with some coins, which you can collect and compete with on the worldwide leaderboard. You can also share your scores and rankings on Facebook to show your gaming skills to the world. If you want to get more coins, you should complete the level by using lesser moves to complete the level. The more secondary activities you use, the more cash you get. 

Puzzle Bobble

puzzle bobble

Puzzle Bobble is a tile-matching puzzle. Each round begins with a specific pattern of colorful "bubbles" placed on the rectangular playing field. The player aims and launches bubbles up the screen from the bottom using a "pointer." The color of each shot Bubble is chosen randomly from the bubbles that haven't been used yet.

The launched bubbles move in straight lines (sometimes bouncing off the arena's sidewalls), coming to a halt when they collide with another bubble or climb to the arena's ceiling. Groups containing three or more dots of the same color are eliminated from the playing field, and whatever points they may have earned are added to the player's total. 

The "ceiling" of the playing area and all the bubbles attached gradually descend after each round of shots. According to how many of each color of the Bubble is still in play, the ceiling will drop a corresponding number of times. If the bubbles fall below the bottom line, the game is over, and the music will speed up.

Bubble Shooter 2

bubble shooter 2

Bubble Shooter 2 is an amusing and fascinating puzzle game with many unique and enjoyable challenges spread across hundreds of levels. Start exploding balloons right now for free by playing this exciting game. The difficulty and challenges in each level double with each group.

Aim, fire, and pop colorful bubble drops as you solve a wide range of bubble-themed puzzles and tasks in this relaxing board game. Obtaining coins is contingent upon completing levels. If you're looking for a fun game the whole family can enter, go no further than this bubble shooter. You and your friends will love this game once you start playing it. Get started on the action today by hitting and blasting the balls and learning more about the history of the best puzzle game ever created. You can quickly get this game on the google play store for free. 

Bubble Shooter 4

bubble shooter 4

Have fun with the most well-known bubble shooter, In which your goal is to eliminate problems by shooting bubbles. Get in on the action and enjoy hours of nonstop shooting fun. This innovative and addicting game tasks you with popping balls and completing incredible difficulties. When it comes to shooting games, Bubble Shooter 4 is the top.

It's impossible to stop, so you might just keep going until you pass out. The clock isn't ticking, so take your time and enjoy yourself while relieving stress by emptying the board. Try to get the most incredible score possible by hitting, shooting, or popping balloons to unlock bonus levels and more prizes, gifts, and coins. Get your hands ready to pop some bubbles by warming them up.

Bubble Shooter 4 is the ideal free brain trainer for use anywhere and anytime, without a network connection or wifi. We took the standard bubble shooter from arcades and upgraded it with some cool new features you will enjoy. Download this entertaining puzzle game from the Play Store right now!

Bubble Shooter HD

bubble shooter HD

Bubble Shooter HD is a free, high-definition, web-based version of the classic bubble-shooter game. Fire the bubbles and pop them by lining up three or more of the same color.

The goal is to shoot your Bubble at a group of bubbles of the same color. By making a group of three or more identical bubbles, you can pop them. Each missed opportunity to pop a bubble results in a penalty. If you rack up too many fouls, the game will add a new row of bubbles as punishment, so give it some serious thought before shooting.

Bubble Shooter HD offers players three distinct gameplay experiences. They are beginner, intermediate, and advanced. With Novice mode's aim assistance, you can see where the Bubble will land for the easiest possible experience. The Expert and Master modes remove all hints about where the bubbles will land.



Shariki is a puzzle video game developed in 1994 by Eugene Alemzhin for the MS-DOS operating system in Russia. The game's objective is to rack up ever-increasing points by arranging three or more balls of the same hue in a row, either vertically or horizontally, and then exchanging any two balls near one another. 

A match is required to occur after each swap. After that, balls that are a match are removed, and new ones fall from the top to replace the spaces left behind. When no further matches are left on the field, the game is over.

This game is a bit interesting and different from other games. So, if you want to try something new, you can consider playing this game once. You will love it.

Bubble Empire Extreme

bubble empire extreme

Bubble Empire Extreme gives you the most extreme and exciting round of bubble shooting you've ever experienced. It has an excellent gaming atmosphere that attracts players more. The rules are the same as other classic bubble shooter games, and you may start popping bubbles as soon as you get the free app Bubble Empire Extreme on your mobile phone, which you can quickly get from the google play store.

 Each difficult level will challenge you to detonate bombs and fireballs. Participate in the challenge and play without the internet, anytime and anywhere! As you defend the empire and get to the top of the bubble shooting leaderboards, you will go on fun puzzle quests. 

Spookiz Pop

spookiz pop

Spookiz Pop gives you a thrilling adventure of popping bubbles. It is a straightforward game that anyone can play with ease. It is accessible on the google play store, and you can also play it without any internet connection. It has beautiful graphics and exciting puzzle challenges that make you love this game. 

Each game has more than 1500 levels, and each group has new challenges. You can also share your scores and progress on Facebook.

There are more than 16 languages available in this game. You can change the language to whichever you're comfortable with. This game is supported on all android mobile phones and tablets. If you need a better gaming experience, you can also download it on your tablet.

Magnetic Balls Bubble Shoot

magnetic balls

One of Android's more popular bubble shooter games is called Magnetic Balls Bubble Shoot. The game is a famous example of the bubble shooter subgenre, to which the developer added some magnetic elements. You fireballs into the group, and anything that hits them will magnetically stick to them. In addition, you can knock balls out of their locations and into other sites. 

It is an additional gameplay feature, which is something that several bubble shooter games lack. There are over 380 levels, approximately 100 collectible items, configurable difficulty levels, an unlimited game option, and a color-blind mode to make the game more accessible. Some of the game's features include: It's a good time, and it's been around forever.

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Original Bubble Shooter

original bubble shooter

This version of Bubble Shooter is a ported version of the original game. In addition to being the most challenging game on the list, it features over 3,000 different levels with tricky puzzles to solve.

Other elements that intrigue the game include a color-blind option, an arcade game mode, daily login rewards, Facebook friend support, and the ability to play the game without an online connection.

You will likely spend years playing this game before you finally finish it. Some in-app purchases are available, but with patience, you shouldn't need to make any of them. You will soon become a master in this game by just playing and completing a few levels.

Inside Out Thought Bubbles

inside out through bubbles

A bubble-shooting game, Inside Out Thought Bubbles, features figures from the Disney and Pixar film Inside Out. Over 1,000 levels are present in the game, which is a significant number for a mobile game crossover. Otherwise, it fits the genre fairly well. There are challenges for players, various power-ups that help you finish stages more quickly, and more. Additionally, it incorporates Facebook to play with friends and trade gifts. On any Android smartphone, you may play this game for free. So get ready and start having fun right away!

Frozen Bubble

frozen bubble

Frozen Bubble is a free game available on the google play store, and it doesn't even have any purchases within the app. There are no ads, too, so you won't get distracted while playing the game. This makes it perfect for those on a tight budget or those who don't enjoy interruptions or diversions while playing.

It is, nevertheless, among the list's simpler choices. There are numerous fun game types in this game. Additionally, you can challenge your friend to a competition. The app requires no permissions, making it the least intrusive game on the list. So, you might think about playing this game.

Buggle 2

buggle 2

The bubble game Buggle 2 puts teddy bears against bees in its competition. As you play, you pop bubbles, complete levels, and carry on the match between you and your opponent. Even if the story isn't particularly in-depth, it's nice to have something to do other than just play level after level all day. 

In addition, there are more than 1,300 levels, various boosters that can be acquired and utilized, and recurring events that award additional content within the game. This version of Bubble Blast is the newer of the two titles, yet some prefer the original Bubble Blast.

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These were some of the best games, like bubble shooter, which you will enjoy playing during your free time or breaks. Most of these games can be played offline, so you don't have to worry about network issues. You will soon become a master in bubble shooter games once you keep leveling up. So, if you are ready to become an expert shooter in this gaming world, rush to the play store and download it now! You will soon get addicted to it, for sure! Best of luck and happy shooting! 


No, bubble shooter is not at all a boring game. Its players highly love it, and they are addicted to it. Some people find it boring because playing does not require much effort. But it is more relaxing than boring. It may release all your stress.

No, bubble shooter games require significantly less download space ranging from 2 to 100 MB. Therefore, you don't need to be concerned about your phone's remaining storage capacity. You can easily download it.

Bubble shooter games can be downloaded from the google play store if you are an Android user and the app store if you are an Apple user. These games are available for free on both platforms.

Bubble shooter games are straightforward to understand and play. So, children can also play it very quickly without much effort. It will also increase their knowledge about colors.

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