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Candy Crush Saga has won millions of hearts and is still peoples’ favorite. This addictive game made people swipe on their phone screens to match candies and solve puzzles. In 2012, when the game was launched, it garnered millions of players. That’s not it. To date, it is one of the most downloaded puzzle games. Now, If you are looking for fun and exciting games like candy crush, your search ends here. Here is an article with a list of brain-teasing games for you.

Top Games like Candy Crush

If you are bored of games loaded with actions and adventures, then puzzle games like candy crush are the best for some relaxing time. These games allow you to test your puzzle-solving skills while training your brain. Moreover, such games feature light mechanics, sophisticated design, and smooth gameplay. Check out these fun games for a relaxing time.

Candy Crusher

Candy Crusher

When it comes to games like candy crush, Candy Crusher has to be on the top of the list. In this easy-to-play puzzle game, your aim is to switch and match candies to score high. Sounds easy, but trust me it is not. You have to plan meticulously to match three or more candies in a row. You need to be extra careful and play smartly to win boosters in the game. You have to match and switch your way through different levels in this game. It is a highly addictive game and you will find yourself spending hours and days playing this super-fun and exciting puzzle game on Frolic. Download Frolic right now, and let the fun begin with Candy Crusher. Another such amazing game on Frolic, is Candy Plaza, another hyper casual game for fun gaming experience.

Bejeweled Blitz

Bejeweled Blitz

This one is a game that has taken the world of matching puzzle games to a different level. It features simple gameplay in which you have to match three or more jewels and crystals to score high. The game might not have an open world or quest, but it is still a decent game to tease your brain and have some fun.

If you want to play a quick and super fun game like Candy Crush then this one is the right fit. There is an entire series of Bejeweled that you can explore. Now hurry up! Play these puzzle games with your friends and family.

If you love hyper-casual games, you should try the best dice games to have a great time with your family and friends. Also check out the dice game rules for a better gaming experience.

Zookeeper Battle

Zookeeper Battle

Matching candies is fun and let’s be honest we all like it. In this game, instead of candies, you will be matching cute little creatures. The most exciting part is that you are matched with random opponents and you have to participate in a match with them. When you make the right matches, it automatically attacks your opponent. Moreover, when you match hippos and elephants, you get effective defense also. You get limited charge points here to play and win. It is a brilliant game with a lot of lovely animations and charms.

Block Puzzle

Block Puzzle

If you love matching games, then Block Puzzle on Frolic is a must-try. It is loaded with cute animations, colorful graphics, and simple gameplay. Your ultimate target in the game is to drag and drop blocks and finish maximum rows and columns. You have to clear up the entire line as soon as possible, otherwise, the space would fill up and you will lose the game. Yes, you read it right. You lose, the moment you run out of space. Up for a challenge? Download Frolic, right.

Pokémon Shuffle

Pokémon Shuffle‍

Do you like playing Pokemon Go, catching mythical pokemon, and participating in battles? I guess all the Pokemon fans love it. Now, if you are looking for something simple, then this puzzle game like Candy Crush is for you. It combines two different strategies: Pokemon RPG and match-three.

Here you have to match three or more Pokemon to make an attack on the opponent. The more you participate in battles, the more Pokemon you get in your pocket to compete successfully in future battles. You should try this one if you want to explore something unique.

Two Dots

Two Dots

If you are looking for the best puzzle games for android, Two Dots is indeed the best. It is a match-four game where you have to match four or more similar dots to score. You get a board full of colorful dots and you have to create a line connecting dots in order to clear the board. That’s not it. If you really want to win, you will have to create a square of the same colored dots. With decent graphics and simple gameplay, this game is good to avoid boredom. Try this game right now to explore some dot madness.

Fruit Dart

‍Fruit Dart

It is among the best games to play with friends. This is the juiciest arcade game with decent graphics, simple gameplay, and smooth mechanics that will make you fall in love with it. Your aim here is to throw knives perfectly and slice the fruits popping on your screen to score.

It is different from other games on the list but will give you the feel of games like candy crush in a different way. Here you can dramatically increase your score with special fruits and boosters. As you level up in the game increases, so do the challenges, and it will leave you wanting more.


Candy Crush is a fun game, but you do not have to stick to it. Choose any game like Candy Crush from our list and let the fun begin. These games offer amazing experience, and are best to play in your free time.


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