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The game is free to play if you desire an open-world anime-style setting with a combat system based on elemental magic and character switching. It is supported by in-game purchases that allow users to unlock new characters and weaponry. 

These games, which take place in a fantasy world and allow for the use of any weaponry, are played by both single and multiplayer players. There is a plot that the game will follow, and each game has unique aspects that draw players in.

The best anime battle games can be found here. Anime games are entertaining, and the graphics are created extraordinarily for the players. They have made a variety of worlds that will excite the players, and they have unique graphics and soundtracks. We have listed the best games like Genshin Impact. 

Honkai Impact 3D

honkai impact

Honkai Impact 3rd is the most excellent game to play if you're looking for anything comparable to Genshin Impact. It's a challenging role-playing game set in a fantastical world with a Gacha system that lets you buy gear, clothes, and the ability to change into solid characters.

Three distinct characters, the Valkyries, are the game's central characters. Each Valkyrie possesses particular strengths and offensive prowess. To complete the tasks assigned to your team, you'll be able to switch between characters and use various tools and weapons.

Either through the Gacha system or crafting, new weapons are available. The more victories you have, the more in-game resources you will acquire. As a result, just like the elemental powers you have in Genshin Impact, you will be able to acquire formidable weapons called Stigmata. 

Players will benefit significantly from the developer's recent addition of numerous distinctive characters and armor. In conclusion, Honkai Impact 3rd is an action-packed RPG game similar to Genshin Impact that you should play immediately.

The Alchemist code

the alchemist code

A game like Genshin Impact has everything you could ask for, and The Alchemist Code fulfills those desires. You get tons of tactical components, jRPGs (Japanese Mobile Strategy RPGs), excellent graphics, and a fantastic background score.

There is also the option to play your cards by using the Gacha. To alter the future in this game, you must master the mysterious power of alchemy. You also have more than 50 expertly crafted characters for that.

You can gather the characters to transform into a new solid avatar with exceptional skills. The best feature of this game is the ability to play a four-person cooperative game versus your buddies.

You can engage in combat with your buddies and earn rewards for new character purchases. Simply put, The Alchemist Code is a fascinating Android and iOS game with several sub-genres and intriguing components similar to Genshin Impact.

Tales of Wind

tales of wind

Tales of Wind is one of the best games with a theme comparable to Genshin Impact. Stories of the Wind also has a Gacha system, so it's the game for you if you want that. The game features a wide range of elements, including fantasy, drama, and RPG action.

Tales of the Wind offers an odd plot about La Place, where you must discover the truth to enlighten the world. Although that seems intriguing, there is more to be explained. 

There are anime-inspired moments, music that fits the game's atmosphere, and excellent voice acting by the characters. More than 80 unique characters are available in Tales of the Wind, and you can acquire them via the Gacha system. You'll need to harness divinity's power and establish a new order for the world. 

The game also offers fantastic graphics, including Genshin Impact's 3D animations and powerful sights. If you wish to play an RPG game on your iPhone or Android device, Tales of the Wind is a powerful choice.



One of the well-known games like Genshin Impact is Sdorica, which is accessible on iOS and Android. The Gacha mechanic is absent from the game, but aside from that, Sdorica gives you access to practically everything.

One reason is that the plot has a lot of appeals and has you setting out on a quest to track down the kingdom's dominant great dragon. Similar to the seven Gods of Genshin Impact, Sdorica has an intriguing story that is magical and perplexing, which adds to the gameplay. Identical to the elemental fighting system in Genshin Impact, you can employ magic spells to save the world here.

Although the game doesn't have a lot of graphics, it has everything you need and is sure to become a fan favorite. If you like games with a Genshin substantial influence, check out this game and enjoy its features. 4.2 stars are assigned to this game overall.

RPG Toram

RPG Toram

Genshin Impact's main idea is fictitious role-playing, which is what RPG Toram's name implies. Because it's an MMORPG, you can play with a large community of players online and embark on adventures. In this game, you have complete control over how you wish to design your character.

Additionally, you can employ magic elements, develop your talents, gather weapons, solve puzzles for prizes, and adventure with friends across the stunning, vast country. A captivating tale of a post-catastrophic planet with all four divided universes is also included. RPG Toram is a good option if you're all looking for a typical RPG-style thrill. 

The classic point-and-click fighting and grinding may be disregarded by many because of the excellent anime graphics, the vast open world, the gorgeous landscape and music, the intriguing tale, and the questing system. One of the best mobile MMORPGs right now is Toram Online.

Tales of Crestoria

tales of crestoria

A blend of epic tales and adventure can be found in Tales of Crestoria, a vintage anime-styled RPG game similar to Genshin Impact. The game contains numerous anime references and features a dramatic tale with

In this straightforward storyline, you combat the demons of Crestoria for your previous transgressions. It includes morals and the defense of citizens from offenders. Battle action is also abundant in Tales of Crestoria. 

The fantasy world's creatures and adversaries must be defeated, and you must assemble a band of allies. Overall, the battle scene is quite good, and you will adore it. So Tales of Crestoria is a good option if you're seeking a jRPG game similar to Genshin Impact on Android and iOS.

King's Raid

king's raid

King's Raid is a free-to-play game that requires the Gacha system, similar to Genshin Impact. It also features a simplified yet reliable leveling system. The characters in the game are easy to get, but the equipment makes up for it.

Because it emphasizes PvP fighting more, this game is a significant improvement over Genshin Impact. Although the battle system limits the player's movement, it serves the game effectively. You'll enjoy this one if you've always wanted to assemble a Gacha team and take on adversaries.

The tale is highly entertaining, even though it differs from the game. Some scenes and episodes may seem dull, but overall, it's not horrible. The new characters are entertaining, and the existing characters are just as fantastic as their video game equivalents. This anime has a new and exciting vibe to it.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

the legend of zelda

You'll see that the miHoYo took inspiration from this Legend of Zelda game if you played Breath of the Wild before diving into the realm of Genshin Impact. Several game mechanics are very similar the two, especially in combat.

Some even claim that this game inspired our favorite anime RPG! One of the best video games created is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. For example, both games have a sizable open world, advancement towers, comparable resource collecting, climbing systems, opponents strewed across encampments, and a robust crafting and cooking system.

The environment of Breath of the Wild is incredibly detailed and offers loads of enticing gameplay, thrilling objectives, opponents with Elden-Ring difficulty, and tonnes of weapons and gear to experiment with. You will undoubtedly spend hundreds of hours playing BotW without even realizing it because of the incredible sense of adventure it provides.

Trials of Mana

trials of mana

A classic game is being revived with Trials of Mana, and the timing couldn't be better. If you've been hooked on Genshin Impact since then, this game will be a welcome change of pace. It debuted as one of the most eagerly awaited RPGs of 2020.

Older components like the linear plot and straightforward puzzles are still present. Still, recent quality-of-life enhancements like a revamped combat system and character advancement systems bring the game up to pace with its current rivals.

Additionally, each of the six playable characters has a distinct playstyle and a well-developed narrative, making some exciting party compositions to test out.

Players of Genshin Impact won't have any trouble settling into the game, thanks to the rich characters and extensive skill tree structure. The linearity may take some getting used to initially, but they'll be hooked soon! This game has a 4.7-star rating overall.

Final Fantasy 14

final fantasy 14

Final Fantasy 14 was shut down and re-released as a 2.0 version after the game's initial release, which did not meet with much success. Most likely, Final Fantasy 14 will divert your attention from Genshin Impact.

The art aesthetic of Final Fantasy 14 is very different from Genshin Impact, yet while you're playing the game, a lot of it feels familiar. The larger-than-life plot and concept are still present, and the protagonist is given a sense of centrality without having things seem too simple.



The action-adventure role-playing game Crashlands was created and released by Butterscotch Shenanigans. In January 2016, it was made available on Google Play, App Store, and Steam after spending 42 hours on the Steam Greenlight stage.

Software pirates uploaded the game to Amazon without authorization after it was released. Players in the "story-driven crafting game" are tasked with gathering materials to create goods like swords and armor. Don't Starve has been contrasted with Crashlands.

The game has received overall Metacritic ratings of 93 out of 100 for the mobile version and 78 out of 100 for the PC version. "Fun combat, terrific story, and a great look, but with pacing and progression geared for a mobile experience, not the PC," PC Gamer gave it a 73% rating. 

Genshin Impact is comparable to Crashland; Crashland fans will undoubtedly enjoy playing this game. This game's distinctive graphics and anime will draw you in even more.

Monster Hunter Stories

monster hunter stories

The role-playing video game Monster Hunter Stories was created by Capcom and Marvelous and released by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS. Despite being a Monster Hunter series spinoff, the game has a very distinct gameplay emphasis.

Monster Hunter Stories has an entirely new gameplay design compared to the series' earlier games. The player takes on the role of a rider who hatches stolen monster eggs and becomes friends with them.

The user can then give their "Monsties" (companion monsters) names, ride them through the overworld, and enlist them in battles. The player can explore various settings, run into monsters in the wild, fight them, gather stuff, and break into monster nests to take their eggs.

The Great Sword, the Sword & Shield, the Hammer, and the Hunting Horn are the only four weapons from the core series available to the player in this game. Depending on the gun and equipment the player uses, they will have access to various talents and be able to manipulate objects in combat.

To unlock and awaken a companion monster's stats and powers, the player can transfer Bond Genes into the monster's slots using the Rite of Channeling feature. This enables the player's play style to be further modified and adjusted. Multiplayer combat can be accessed by a local or online connection in the game.

One-Piece Bounty Rush

one piece bounty rush

Bandai Namco Entertainment created and released One Piece Bounty Rush, a free-to-play mobile game based on the One Piece series. Each battleground in One Piece Bounty Rush is modeled after a locale from the One Piece series, and two teams of four players compete against one another in real time. 

Whichever team has the most coins after combat is the victor. Players can raise a character's level by gathering in-game materials from either the story mode or the battlefield. To claim the treasure, each team must place its flag on it.

A team has four character types: runner, attacker, and defender. The attacker engages in combat, the defender clears the path for the defender, and the runner scores points. There are numerous characters to pick from, each with unique attacks. A fundamental combo and special talents are used in the attacks. 

The player must attack the nearest character when employing an essential combination. The player receives a bonus for each point earned while claiming treasure after combat. The enemy gets knocked down after completing a basic combo, but they can get back up without being hurt.

Dragalia Lost

dragalia lost

Nintendo published this game, which Cygames created. This game offers one of the most captivating narratives on mobile, which the well-known gaming brand anticipates. In the parallel reality of Dragalia Lost, dragons have a significant social role.

To summon strong warriors to fight by your side, you'll also need to employ the Dragalia skill. Dragalia Lost's combat places a lot of emphasis on team composition, just like in Genshin Impact. You must carefully consider your team's essential characteristics and the dragon preferences that best support your party.

Look no further than Dragalia Lost if you want an iOS or Android game that is fundamentally an action RPG. The game's features and animations are expertly made, so players will love playing them. This game has a 3.7-star rating on average. It was the best game in terms of the impact of Genshin similarities.

Tales of Arise

tales of arise

A fantastic action JRPG in and of itself is Tales of Arise. Despite some parallels to Genshin Impact, Tales of Arise has its distinct personality. Players can explore the game's open environment, engage in conflict with foes, and level up their characters. 

Because of the real-time combat, you spend a lot of time chaining attacks together and attempting to generate combos one after another. Tales of Arise is a terrific rival to Genshin Impact after you get adjusted to the battle adjustments.

It's fair that many players believe Tales of Arise's plot to be superior to Genshin Impact's. Though Genshin Impact has a larger-than-life narrative, Tales of Arise is easier to connect with. 

It is probably easier to understand this game's JRPG gameplay and recognizable anime storytelling than in Genshin Impact. One of the top Genshin Impact games, Tales of Arise excels the most with its captivating character interactions and lavish graphics.

Ni no Kuni Ⅱ: Relevant Kingdom

ni no kuni

A third-person perspective is used to play the role-playing game Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom. To advance through the story, players must accomplish quests, which are linear scenarios with predetermined goals.

Players are free to explore towns, villages, dungeons, and other dangerous locations worldwide when not engaged in a task. Players can choose a destination using the World Map after leaving a place; the overworld resembles a diorama, and the characters are shown in a chibi-like style.

Players enter a fighting system when they come across foes. Players can freely move around the battlefield because battles take place there. During fights, players control a single ally from their party; a party consists of three selected characters who can be switched at any time.

Two additional characters that the player does not control engage in independent combat. Players can employ melee assaults, magical powers, and "Higgledies" to defeat foes. Higgledies are little creatures with distinct forms that each symbolize one of the six elements and have unique strengths. Up to four players can be in one party at once.

Alchemy Stars

alchemy stars

Alchemy Stars is a free-to-play tactical role-playing game for mobile devices, created by Tourdog Studio and released by Tencent Games. On June 17, 2021, it was made available worldwide on iOS and Android devices.

Alchemy Stars uses a similar aesthetic to Genshin Impact and centers its fighting around elements. Five characters—known as Aurorians—each representing different elements, are operated by players in Alchemy Stars. 

Players attempt to direct their avatars via identically colored tiles during turn-based battles. The character gains strength as the tile path lengthens. Although it seems straightforward, it allows players a lot of room to think of techniques and ways to increase their approach and get to their opponents.

Characters can teleport and alter the tile's elements following their powers. Alchemy Stars allows players to construct a base they may shape and customize while engaging in combat. They engage with and level up their characters at the beginning.

One Piece: Fighting Path

one piece: fighting path

Gacha games like Genshin Impact have had a significant influence on this game. Players battle foes and level up their avatars as they cruise between islands. Many gamers are accustomed to this combat style thanks to the Genshin Impact mobile controls, but One Piece: Fighting Path is where it shines. 

The game's ultimate objective is to unlock every character, but it has a straightforward plot. If you are an anime fan, you will like the references to One Piece because this is still a One Piece narrative.

A Gacha lottery is how players acquire new characters, and a character's ranking determines how rare and powerful they can be. You won't need to learn much to comprehend One Piece: Fighting Path if you've played Genshin Impact.

Crossing Void

crossing void

The gameplay in Crossing Void is turn-based. You can use your character's many skills and attacks with these controls. You can attack various regions, use supporting talents to help you, heal yourself, and utilize other standard tools in this genre. After you've used all your options, it's your opponent's turn. The first to annihilate the opposition wins.

In Crossing Void, you can unlock more than 40 distinct characters based on Dengeki Bunko's novels using the standard Gacha system. Progressing in the story mode (and other game modes) is enough incentive to see new locales and people in action because the 2D graphics are nearly an interactive anime with fantastic sprites.

Despite many games with anime aesthetics currently available, Crossing Void stands out due to its visuals (both in animation and character design). Additionally, the voiceovers are performed by skilled Japanese seiyuus. This interactive Asian animation art is likely to engross you.

Cat Planet

cat planet

A charming anime game with cat characters is called Cat Planet. Soft synthesizers play in the primary menu, where the player disables the first ten free Wi-Fi. They vary in the amount of rarity and can only be acquired through gacha; they also belong to a particular element, allowing you to combat the foe.

Local battles take place in an automatic mode and step-by-step style during missions that require collecting materials for pumping and improving the profile's overall level. RPG fans will find all they need on Cat Planet. 

The game provides a single player with an engaging journey. The anime-based core aesthetic of the project means that the player may expect cute waifus with a focus on the teen and adult demographics.

Genes like turn-based, gorgeous games and gacha inspire this project. This anime is quite enjoyable. Cat Planet Cuties is a high-quality product in terms of production. The voice acting, music, and animation are all excellent. This game has a four-star rating overall.

Diablo Immortal

diablo immortal

The new Diablo Immortal events will take place. We will discover numerous characters' backstories and what transpired to them between the second and third episodes of the series. The consensus is that this is Diablo for mobile devices. And if the grind destroys you from the inside in other MMOs, it is revered here. Blizzard has added numerous arbitrary challenges and events.

RPG fans will find everything they want in Diablo Immortal. The multiplayer in Diablo Immortal has some cool features. The game's ominous atmosphere prepares you for its grave and ongoing events. Additionally, this project finds inspiration in the open world, top-down, and hack and slash game genres.

Blizzard has been working on Diablo Immortal. It has excellent mobile controls and production qualities. Casual players can enjoy the game's main story without spending money.

NIKKE: The Goddess of Victory


The Goddess of Victory is a mobile shooter that leans toward the extreme. As missiles fly at you and fire out of every crack, you must constantly switch between a group of vayfu you have collected. When it comes to the image, everything depends on the location. In South Korea, we may anticipate two versions one with and one without censorship while the full version will be 17+ in the rest of the world.

NIKKE: Action lovers will find everything they want in The Goddess of Victory. This game's single-player adventure has a strong emphasis on details. The anime-based core aesthetic of the project means that the player may expect cute waifus with a focus on the teen and adult demographics. 

Additionally, this project is inspired by the shooter, gorgeous, and adult game genres. This game offers unique features, including the ability to halt play whenever you wish and a wide variety of weaponry to choose from, earning it an overall rating of 3.7 stars.

Destiny Girl

destiny girl

A mobile gacha called Destiny Girl is influenced by Destiny Child. These games require you to put together a team of waifus, and there is an "18+" version available in South Korea. According to the developers, we will assemble a team from Vayfu and engage in combat with monsters. You can organize guilds with other players and receive rewards for it.

The RPG-themed mobile title Destiny Girl is intriguing. The game provides a single player with an engaging journey. The anime-based core aesthetic of the project means that the player may expect cute waifus with a focus on the teen and adult demographics. 

Additionally, this project is inspired by genres like adult games and gacha. Next2Play Games is the company that created Destiny Girl. People particularly like the features in this game because they are similar to the gin shin impact games, which makes it an exciting game for the players.

Epic Seven

epic seven

The role-playing game Epic Seven was created by Smilegate Megaport. Your Goddess has neglected her obligations to her celestial race to bring wealth and peace to your world while a Celestial War rages above. Her siblings developed the evil Archdemon to destroy your world out of fury and jealousy. 

You are Ras, Heir of the Covenant, and the Goddess has chosen you to purge the world of the Archdemon and his army of extraterrestrial beings. Greetings from the seventh world. Play Epic Seven on your PC and select a group of formidable warriors to face the Demon King's rampaging legions.

Earn tasty rewards and fantastic loot by completing quests or sweeping your way through the mysterious dungeons of the Labyrinth. In this never-ending conflict for control of our world, arm your warriors with the most cutting-edge equipment before engaging the Archdaemon's forces in steel combat!

Experience the epic cosmic saga, a legendary story portrayed through breathtaking 2D graphics and cutscenes. Action in Android RPGs is unmatched, with thunderous audio effects and gorgeous pictures. Play Epic Seven on your PC to enter a breathtaking demon and angel universe!

Wuthering Waves

wuthering waves

Wuthering Waves is a mobile game. Players are placed in Rover, an "industrial wasteland" in the narrative. Locals are skilled fighters and possess mysterious powers. The developers promise open universes, complex storylines, and freedom of choice.

An intriguing mobile RPG is called Wuthering Waves. The game provides a single player with an engaging journey. The cyberpunk environment of the game features companies, futuristic settings, and implants. Additionally, third-person, open world, and other genres serve as inspirations for this project. KURO GAME is the creator of Wuthering Waves.


Each game has a unique plot, arsenal, setting, and characters. These games allow you to customize your characters and choose your weapons while on the battlefield. Some games also allow you to pause play and pick it up later. The anime video games have made numerous advancements, and the music is excellent. We hope you enjoy the listed games like Genshin Impact. 


Tower of Fantasy surpasses Genshin Impact in terms of player autonomy, a more straightforward design, and quality of life enhancements as it goes global. Tower of Fantasy and Genshin Impact will inevitably be compared, yet there are several things that Tower of Fantasy achieves better.

Its high quality is the reason for Genshin Impact's continued popularity. As the most talked-about game on Twitter in 2022, Genshin Impact is probably due to its fantastic gameplay. Despite its apparent oversimplification, the game's outstanding quality initially made it famous.

Conclusion: Genshin is superior, yet both are commendable.

Genshin Impact, on the other hand, is incomparable to Honkai Impact 3rd, in our opinion. Genshin Impact simply has a more refined overall vibe, from the general aesthetics to the music and artwork.

Because Genshin Impact is a free-to-play mobile gacha game, some players may be concerned that it is a pay-to-win game. Fortunately, the game has demonstrated over time that players can beat even its most challenging content without paying a cent.

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