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Temple Run, which allows you to run, leap, slide, and swipe your way through a set with a chaotic theme, is one of the best games for endless running. Imangi Studios created this game. Alternative games like Temple Run are for people who wish to compete with friends or the public leaderboards for the highest scores.

In these games like Temple Run, you can control the main character as he snatches an artifact and runs toward his objective while being pursued by a horde of wild monkeys or an evil entity. The top endless running games like Temple Run for iOS, Android, and other platforms are included in the following list. Scroll down to find out more.

Top 18 Games Like Temple Run

Explore the list of games like Temple Run

Ninja Run

Ninja Run

When it comes to the list of endless runner games like Temple Run, it is incomplete without mentioning Ninja Run on Frolic. This running game features challenging levels, splendid gameplay, and flawless UI. In addition to this, the hypnotic sound effects of the game are the cherry on the game. 

The super exciting levels and complex hurdles make the game highly engaging. In this game, you have to play the role of a ninja. Your goal is to dash as fast as you can while dodging all the obstacles accurately. That's not it.

You need to use your quick reflexes to win in this challenging and exhilarating game. Sounds fun, right? Now hurry up, download Frolic, invite your friends and challenge them in this astonishing runner game.

Jetpack Joyride

jetpack joyride

The vehicles, in particular, add a lot of variety to Jetpack Joyride. They spawn randomly in every game and last until you run into an obstacle. This adds a great touch to the game's overall flow, and their power combined with random spawns makes it exciting every time one spawns.

These include a motorbike, an enormous mechanical walker, a dragon, and even a gravity suit that allows you to switch between the ceiling and the floor. The most intriguing of these vehicles is the insane freaking teleporter, which will cause you to teleport randomly and substantially change gameplay when used.

Players can also choose to run on the ground, but this isn't nearly as fun, and you'll frequently miss coins. Running along the bottom will also prevent you from getting past some obstacles.

In addition to its distinctive gameplay, Jetpack Joyride distinguishes itself by providing a vast array of customization options that enable you to customize the main character (Barry Steakfries) and his gear in numerous ways. 

Even though there is a lot of content in Jetpack Joyride, it will take a fair amount of time to unlock all of it. Compared to other games like Temple Run in the genre, the time required is also a little longer.

Agent, Run! 

Agent, run!

Run, agent! is an engaging free Android runner software that features intriguing new dynamics in a 2D endless runner. Perfect for fans of this addictive genre looking for something with a little more complexity and variety in gameplay that gives you a sense of development as you get the hang of Agent Run's game mechanics!

With a detailed backstory, Agent Run! sends players up to four levels as secret agents trying to save the world while being pursued by accomplices of an unidentified evil mastermind. Players must buy the full game through an in-app purchase to unlock all four levels.

Players aren't entirely left to their ways, though, as the very first run of the game includes a simple but excellent tutorial that sets the stage for your progression from 50 to 5,000 meters. Giving the guard dogs a bone is just one example of how you'll need to do this.  Agent Run! provides coins to gather and missions to finish, with each run attempting to keep you interested.

Lara Croft: Relic Run

lara croft: relic run

Action-Adventure, Platformer, Arcade, Endless Running, and Single-player video game Lara Croft: Relic Run. You have the option of playing as the game's lead character, Lara Croft. Although it has various unique features and collectibles, the game's gameplay is identical to the Temple Run game. 

You must move through environments that continually repeat while playing, and the time you spend moving affects your score. If you encounter an obstacle while playing, the game ends, and you must restart.

To access new content, you can collect coins and other uncommon objects while dodging hazards to keep yourself alive as long as you can. The main components of Lara Croft: Relic Run include three unique settings, Endless Mode, Parkour, Master quick-moving vehicles, and many more.

Rail Rush

rail rush

Miniclip developed and released the video game Rail Rush, which combines action, arcade, 3D, endless running, and single-player gameplay. With the help of Rail Rush, you can experience immersive gameplay and immerse yourself in a fantastical world full of fun. 

You can start exploring the world while you are inside a cart rail. You must collect coins and other items to purchase upgrades. To dodge the obstacles, you had to move your cart to the left or right, slide under them, or jump over them. The main objective of the game is to gather rare stones. 

You can find new and fascinating paths to explore around the mines in the game, and you can also complete particular levels to gain access to more rare stones. Ten distinct game settings offer a variety of fascinating and strange environments in the game.

Throughout your travels, you must combat zombies. The 18 distinct characters, cool power-ups, the ten most gorgeous gaming settings, and many other elements make up the core of Rail Rush. For those who adore playing endless running games like Temple Run, Rail Rush is a fun game.

Jungle Run

jungle run

Game created and released Jungle Run, which has beautiful 3D scenery and Endless Runner-style action. You are placed in the Amazonian jungle and given access to a complete experience. You are alone in the impenetrable forest and must flee from dangerous animals if you want to live.

Before it's too late, you, the protagonist, must escape the jungle as quickly as possible. To purchase a new character, upgrades, and various clothes, you must complete all the tasks and earn score points.

While running, you can gather power-ups and utilize them to improve your character's abilities. Your character possesses incredible strength, which allows you to sprint, jump, and slide. If you hit anyone, you lose your chance and must restart your run at the starting point.

There are many challenges and obstacles in the forest that you must avoid. The game's most notable features include the Single-player Mode, Endless Runner, Animals, Obstacles, Forest, Upgrades, and so on.

Monster Dash

monster dash

Monster Dash, a blazing infinite runner game by Halfbrick Studios, is amusing. Running along the typical Arabian rooftops is possible in the side-scrolling game. Before being hit three times by an enemy, jump to avoid falls and spiky obstacles while taking out any foes you come across. 

Choose the lives in the form of hearts and fire the upgrade-filled boxes to receive additional surprises—battle hordes of creatures spread over 6 locales while jumping between portals and firing your weapons.

The calming Sufi music playing in the background is one noticeably different aspect. This increases my interest in the game. Halfbrick constantly updates the game to keep it fresh. Even if it's no longer one of the most popular games like Temple Run on Google Play, this game will undoubtedly be a lot of fun if you give it a shot.

Ski Safari

ski safari

Defiant Development developed and released the video game Ski Safari, which combines action, arcade, endless running, and single-player gameplay. The game's combination of animals, avalanches, and action creates a brand-new gameplay experience. 

A mountainside avalanche slowly approaches you, forcing you to tumble down the slope. To protect your character from the avalanche, you must run faster and avoid obstacles. You can purchase new improvements and many other items using these accumulated points. 

You can achieve several goals while playing the game. Your character can jump and advance quickly to dodge hazards. You will encounter brand-new gameplay that combines three genres. Ski Safari provides the best gaming mechanics, breathtaking sights, and an immersive experience. Compared to Temple Run, Ski Safari is among the best.

Run 'n' Gun

run n gun

The video game Run 'n' Gun is an Endless Runner for a single player. The game is set in a stunning environment where the player engages in combat with foes and their bosses to earn points.

The game sends the player on an incredible journey that takes him to a memorable universe and several challenging stages waiting to be finished. Explore the environment from a third-person perspective, collect power-ups and battle foes, and unlock special power-ups to increase your strength. 

You can pick from a variety of the game's original characters. At first, you can only utilize the main character; you must unlock the other characters through gameplay and coin collection. Run n' Gun's main gameplay is similar to some other endless runners, except that you can also shoot in this game. 

Doodle Jump

doodle jump

Platform, Side-Scrolling, and single video games like Doodle Jump were developed and released by Lima Sky. You control the doodler, a 4-legged creature, in the game. You can move the character in whatever way you like.

Your character can jump on platforms and attempt to use various items, such as propeller hats, jetpacks, rockets, trampolines, and more, to give them a little boost and move forward.

You must leap over the barriers, but if you collide with them and lose your balance, you must restart the game to move upward while avoiding monsters and other hazards. As you begin the game, you can choose from multiple themes, including original, Christmas, Halloween, Space, Soccer World Cup, etc.

Doodle Jump is an enjoyable game with lots of adorable and harmless characters. Doodle Jump is a terrific game to play and enjoy, with stunning graphics, captivating gameplay, and lovely game mechanics.

Alto’s Odyssey and Alto’s Adventure

games like temple run

Alto’s Odyssey and Alto’s Adventure are the two best side-scrolling running games on the Google Play store. This game is on the Play Store and has a crazy 4.5-star rating. This game has more than 10 million downloads, and the plus point is that it is played offline and doesn’t require multiplayer.

Both the games feature beautiful background quality scenery, simple mechanics, plenty of unlockable content, and the arcade fun that comes with games like Temple Run. The newest version is Alto’s Odyssey. It adds more content from the first game, including a fun screenshot feature in case you want to keep the gameplay as the background. 

There are in-app purchases in both the games, but they are exclusive to cosmetic items and have no impact on the game or the gameplay. In an interview, the developers said that aside from the game, they have made more money from the ads.

Bendy in Nightmare 

bendy in nightmare

This game has more than 10 million downloads and is well known for its funny-looking characters. Bendy in a Nightmare is one of the unique games like Temple Run. The camera faces the runner the surface, making the view more interesting. 

Plus, the black and white look makes it look like the old-timey animation style harkens back to the golden age of animation. The package of this game is unique from most of the other endless runner games like Temple Run. 

The game also features boss fights, unlockable items, and four game worlds. They also have merch links in fun in case you want to buy any shirts or shirts or anything else you may wish to. It's an enjoyable experience and one of the more recent games on the Play Store.

Blades of Brim

blades of brim

Blades of the Brim is a game by SYBO games with a 4.4-star rating and more than 1 million downloads, which is fantastic. It also has a competition with Subway Surfers.

Blades of the brim is an endless runner game that the developers make of Subway Surfers. The true one is a bit more typical of an infinite runner. You run, choose your lane to avoid obstacles, jump, wall run, and do various other things to prevent the barriers in your way. 

This game has additional features that allow you to keep a pet by upgrading your character as you progress and more. It has a few bugs, but the game is otherwise rock solid and a fun overall experience.

Crossy Road 

crossy roads

Crossy Road is a game by Hipster Whale. The comment section on the Play Store is full of positive reviews of the game, which means they are more than worth it. This game is one of the best runners in the play store. It’s a simple game, but it’s fun. Those who played Frogger back in the day should recognize many mechanics. 

Players can also buy other characters and skins with the coins they earn while playing. Furthermore, the game supports Android TV and offers both local and online multiplayer. It doesn’t look attractive graphically, but it’s still a great running game.

Into the Dead 2

into the dead 2

Into the Dead 2 is a game by PIKPOK with a 4.5-star rating in the Play Store. It also has more than 1 billion downloads all around the world. This game is more about shooting and action than any running game. Another plus point is that this game can be played offline and doesn’t require multiplayer. 

Into the Dead 2 is the latest iteration of the popular new zombie action franchise. You must run through a horde of zombies for as long as possible. The game includes multiple endings, seven chapters, 60 stages, various weapons, and even a friendly dog. 

This game is more violent than Temple Run. The game is free with in-app purchases. Thankfully, the free-to-play elements aren’t that bad.

Subway Surfer 

subway surfer

This could be a blockbuster game since it was unheard of back in 2012 when it celebrated road culture and cracked the game charts. It involves the main character running endlessly with the goal of not getting caught by a cop and his dog. 

Unlike athletics on totally different racetracks, you get to dodge the vehicles and trains while influencing excellent boards and jetpacks. There’s always a replacement journey to look forward to at each level. You’d have different levels of seasonal hunting, missions, and over 20+ exciting characters and boards to explore. 

If you’re setting a high replacement score, do not forget to use the magnet, the final word tool for coin assortment the secret to grabbing multipliers and beating your high score every time.

Sonic Dash 

sonic dash

Sonic Dash may be a platform game for Sonic. It uses similar gameplay to the now-classic "Temple Run" to supply exciting expertise that demands that you just have sensible reflexes if you want to succeed.

In Sonic Dash, you challenge your friends to match over the web due to online ranking tables. To do so, you simply play the sport, then send your score to your friends so they will attempt to beat it. If they do, they win.

Sonic Dash has spectacular, colorful graphics with fantastic character models and levels that are jam-packed with detail. If you've got a robust device, it'll run terribly. Sonic Dash is also a brand new twist on Sonic's usual role. However, it is a sensible game and one of the most effective in the "endless runner" genre.

Agent Dash

agent dash

Agent Dash is an endless runner game where your objective is to regulate a secret agent (assume James Bond) as he runs at prime speed through enemy territory, attempting to destroy everything in his path while avoiding the traps to kill him.

The game controls are terrible, kind of like those of the classic game Temple Run. In other words, you'll have to run and finish while switching between three lanes, memorizing all the gems you see, and avoiding the various traps that could end your game if you're not careful.

One distinction from Temple Run is that in Agent Dash, you'll be able to reach the top of every level truly. During this approach, you'll be able to unlock new levels and access new routes, which helps give you the sensation that you are progressing and makes the sport even more fun.

Agent Dash could be an entertaining game, easy to play, and addictive, with a captivating cartoon aesthetic that completely captures the texture of the sport.

One Epic Knight 

one epic knight

There may be one epic knight, but hundreds of different runs exist. From Simutronics, the creators of the inverted defense game "Little Heroes," this tongue-in-cheek person-running play puts you within the golden greaves of a knight destined to run through a dangerous dungeon time and time again.

The place is full of dangerous spikey things, broken floors, tricky stairs, cuboid blobs, and much more. It's an absolute riot to play. Thus, taking a jog or two through the halls is a decent plan. 

With simple swipes of the screen, create your knight's shift between the hall's left, right, and middle sections, avoiding obstacles and showing as much neatness as possible. A path of coins will usually tempt you to move when it is not completely necessary. However, the goal is to travel as far as you can without taking any successful steps.


These games, like Temple Run, are now widely available online. Before downloading and then playing any games, please do your research because not all of them are reliable.

Be mindful of following the rules mentioned above and play responsibly. Be cautious about advertisements, as some games contain harmful bots that can harm your mobile phone.


The mobile operating systems iOS and Android both support the video game Temple Run. Imangi Studios is the company responsible for developing it. The player takes control of a character running in an endless runner game, and the character must dodge obstacles and other players trying to stop them.

Temple Run is a game that can be played using only one hand, with the player being controlled by swipes and tilts. It takes thirty seconds to a few minutes to complete a single circuit through the temple. This makes it simple to try to beat your high score and run past the scores of friends, which creates an experience that is both addicting and easy to partake in.

The game is a racing game with a quick pace, and it does an excellent job of conveying the sense of urgency that comes with that. Because it is a reactive game that keeps players on their toes, there isn't a story, but there isn't a need for one. This means that you will die a lot, but the experience of doing so will not be particularly frustrating.

If you look at the All-Time High Scores for Temple Run, the most significant score you will find is 9,223,372,036,854,775,807, which is also written as 263-1, and it just so happens to be the largest signed integer that you can store in a data structure that contains 64 bits.

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