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Top 21 Games like Wordle: Test Your Wit in A Fun Way

Top 21 Games like Wordle: Test Your Wit in A Fun Way

Wordle is a puzzle game that has already made a lot of fans. The game asks the players to guess a five-letter word by giving them different clues and hints. The game requires the mental ability to solve puzzles of various kinds. But there are also many similar games like Wordle, which provide different puzzles and activities using words, pictures, animations, etc.

 Below is a list of a few exciting puzzle games like Wordle that will help you boost your mental ability by solving different types of puzzles not just with words but also through different texts, pictures, animations, etc.

List of Games like Wordle

The craze for puzzle games is continuously rising among people globally. The popularity of these amazing games can be calculated by the fact that the revenue of the Puzzle Game segment is anticipated to reach around USD 24,719m in 2022. 

The game Wordle restricts the player from only playing it once daily, making the players look out for similar games like Wordle. If you are one of those who is looking out for similar games like Wordle, then you have reached the right destination. Continue reading to explore some exciting games like Wordle. 

Block Puzzle 

Block Puzzle 

If you are looking for puzzle games that can leave you stuck and scratching your head, then Block Puzzle available on Frolic is the best pick for you. It is among the best free puzzle and hyper-casual games for android. Block Puzzle is an amazing brain teaser game with simple but highly-challenging levels designed to improve your cognitive skills. The best part is that you don’t have to pay a single dime to play this fun game. 

Block Puzzle is a classic tile-matching game and is highly popular in the gaming world. It will refresh your childhood memories of block video games. Your primary goal in the game is to drag and drop similar blocks to finish different rows and columns. You need to clear up the entire line as soon as possible due to the limited time and space. 

To succinctly describe, you need to make quick decisions and take super-fast actions in this thought-provoking game to be a winner. This game is not only for fun but will also aid to boost your brain fitness. The smooth gameplay, user-friendly UI, and beautiful graphics will make you fall in love with this one. It is the best free puzzle game for android if you want to spend your time doing something smart and beneficial. 



If you are a Wordle fan, then Wordplay is a very exciting game for you. The game has a lot of similar features to Wordle, but the plus point with this game is that you can play it as many times as possible in a day. 

In this game, the players get six chances to guess the five-letter words through different hints. The game has different sets of puzzles, including general knowledge puzzles, crossword puzzles, and different varieties of puzzles updated daily. It is also an educational game with different and unique puzzles related to vocabulary and brain-challenging games.



If you love Wordle, Quordle is a more challenging and fun game. Unlike Wordle, the players will get nine chances to guess the word. Instead, they have to brainstorm and guess four words in the play.

Each time you guess a word, it appears in all four puzzles. So one of the tips for playing this game is that one should not get stuck on guessing just a single word.

It is a trickier and more challenging game than Wordle, as guessing four words within nine guesses won't be an easy task. But if you love challenging your brain, then this would be a great pick for you. For more fun, check out the best puzzle games for android



A different game from Wordle, Worldle is a type of puzzle game in which the player is shown the shape of a country and needs to guess the name of the country.

 After every wrong guess, the game gives you different hints related to the country's direction from the country the player named wrongly and the distance of the correct country in kilometers from that country.

It is a tricky game as it is not an easy task to guess the name of a particular country from its shape, especially when you are not a geography student. The game also has a unique autocorrect feature that corrects the country's spelling if the player has misspelled it while playing.  



In Waffle, the players get all the letters arranged for six different words. But the only tricky point is that they are arranged in the wrong positions, and the players must drag-drop them to their correct positions.

The six words are placed in a set of three—three horizontally and three vertically. The game also gives indications using colors. The green-colored boxes mean that the letters are placed correctly, and the yellow-colored boxes mean that the letter is a part of that word but is in the wrong position, and if it is at an intersection, then it means that the letter is either on the correct row or column.

The player gets a total of 15 swaps, but the waffle can be solved only by using ten swaps, so the players must be careful before dragging any letter and dropping it to a new position.



Unlike other games like Wordle, in Crosswordle, the player gets one correct word, rightly placed and spelled at the bottom. The players' challenge is to put the other letters in their correct positions.

 The green boxes indicate that the letter is in the correct position, and the yellow boxes indicate that the letter is in the word but the wrong. Finally, the grey boxes indicate that the particular alphabet is not required in the puzzle's final answers.

The game has a new set of daily puzzles updated regularly. They also have other puzzles with different difficulty levels, starting from easy, medium, and hard modes. The players can choose according to their preferences and choices. If you love such thrilling games that give you an adrenaline rush, try out the arcade games.



In Squareword, the players will get around 15 chances to guess ten words. As the words are placed both vertically and horizontally, the letters of the alphabet written once can be a part of more than one word.

As the words are both across and down, every correct letter can help correctly guess more than one word. There's one more helpful hint: the column on the right-hand side, which shows the position of the wrongly placed alphabet. So every time the player places the alphabet in the wrong position, it will be indicated in the right column.

The pro-tip for playing the game is that if the player thinks according to both directions, it will be a very easy task to guess the words correctly and within the guessing limit.



Speedle is just like other word-guessing and puzzle games, with its unique concept being the time limit. While playing speed, players must keep a note on time and answer correctly within the time limit.

Once the time limit is over, and the players cannot guess the right words, the player loses the game. The players must name as many words as possible from a given alphabet. The faster they guess the words, the chances of them winning more stars increase.

The game also has an autocorrect feature where misspelled words are corrected, and there are no limitations to its gameplay as you can play the game an unlimited number of times.



If you are looking for a more adventurous and unique game that will lead to more brainstorming, then Dordle is the perfect pick for you. This game is also referred to as "wordle-plus-wordle" because while playing this game, the players have to guess two words simultaneously.

This game is much more difficult than other games in this category as the player needs to guess two words from the same hint. This is because the words will be five-lettered, and the players must guess both words simultaneously. 

For players who want to play a much more tricky and difficult game than Wordle, this game is best suited for them as it is much more tricky and requires a lot of thinking to guess both words together through the same hints.

Wordle Peaks

Wordle Peaks is just like Wordle, but unlike its helping features, this game gives the players a lot of hints and clues to land on the correct words.

If you are one of those people who likes to get spoilers for playing the game but in a unique way, then Wordle Peaks is the game for you. This game provides various types of hints, beginning with green-colored boxes indicating that the alphabet is in the correct position, orange-colored boxes indicating that the guess is close to the correct answer, and blue-colored boxes indicating that the alphabet is completely incorrect.

 The game also gives a unique kind of hint for each block, showing that the correct alphabet for that block ranges between certain alphabets. For example, if the correct alphabet for that block is M, the hint will show that the alphabet you should place here is between C and P. This game helps you to get the correct answer with the help of clues and without cheating.



Numberle is a puzzle game requiring you to play with numbers and differential equations. In this game, the players must get numbers or the mathematical symbols required to complete the puzzle.

The puzzle has a set of equations comprising addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. Sometimes, the numbers are incomplete, or the mathematical symbols are not present. So the players must guess, according to the particular equation, which number or mathematical symbol will be the correct one for completing the equation.

The game puts your mathematical reasoning and mental ability to the test by giving different types of mathematical puzzles with different difficulty levels.



Adverswordle is the same as Wordle, but with the unique feature that this game works in the reverse format, unlike other puzzle games.

In this game, the player has to choose the word and give adequate hints to the bot. The bot then tries to find the correct word from the given hints. The players also have to indicate the correctness of the alphabet placed by the computer by double-clicking on the correct alphabet and making it green in color. 

If the letter is in the correct word but is wrongly placed, then the players have to mark it with the color yellow. After marking these indications, you must click on submit so the computer can guess the word again.

Players get one chance each day to make the artificial intelligence guess the right word, and if the player loses, they have to wait for the next day to play this game.

Spelling Bee

The Spelling Bee is a simple word puzzle game in which the players get a set of 7 letters. Out of which six letters are grey, and one letter is yellow.

The players have to form different words using the sets of alphabets. The only important rule of this game is that the yellow alphabet appears in all the words. Each puzzle consists of a seven-letter word with all the alphabets in the set.

The player can come up with any four-letter word or longer. The more words players form using these alphabets, the more points they earn. This game is very simple and not as tricky as other puzzle games.



Artle is a puzzle game like Worldle, created by the National Gallery of Arts. However, it is a very different game and is best suited for people who have a keen interest in art and artists.

In the game, the player is shown a work of art by a particular artist, and the player must guess the artist's name. If the player guesses the wrong name, they are shown another work of art by the same artist. This process is repeated until the player correctly guesses the artist's name related to the artwork shown.

The artworks are usually shown in the gallery and are by famous artists, so if someone has good knowledge of different kinds of art and their artists, they can easily guess the correct answer and win points.

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Game of the Box Office

Game of the Box Office

This game is perfectly suited for big fans of films and cinema, as in this game, they have to guess the names of the movies. The answer generally relates to recent movies that are already at the box office around the weekends.

 The players are given different hints related to the statistics of those films. For example, the film's total budget or the box office earnings are given along with a few more general hints. The players have a total of 1,000 points which they can spend on getting more clues related to the correct answers. These clues can be related to the film's main hero, the movie's genre, the place you shot in it, the actors who played the side roles in the movie, etc. 

These clues make it easy for the players to guess the right answer. Each right answer gives players a couple of points. For more such brain-teasing games, try the best strategy games



Cloudle is a unique game, specially made for people keen on meteorology and its sprites. However, this is not an easy game as it requires a good amount of knowledge about geography and weather conditions.

In this game, the players are given the name of a particular city and have to guess its weather conditions. But the game isn't over yet; the players must predict the weather for the next five days in that city in six tries.

The options given in the game are very much similar to the terms we generally see on the weather forecasting sites: cloudy, partly cloudy, sunny, humid, rainy, foggy, etc.



This game requires the player's geographical knowledge to guess the correct country. The players are given hints related to any particular country. The player then has to find the correct answer and spell the name of that country.

After each guess, the map around the country gets shaded with colors from orange to red. The red-colored area on the map means that the guess made by the player is closer to the correct country, and the orange means that the country named by the player is farther from the right answer.

This game perfectly suits people with good knowledge of geography or students who want to improve in geography and related studies.

The Lordle of the Rings

The Lordle of the Rings

If you are a big Lord of the Rings fan, this game is the right choice. Lordle of The Rings is a puzzle game based entirely on the Lord of the Rings film series.

This game is like Wordle, where the player must guess a five-letter word within six tries. However, the game's unique and exciting feature is that the words are related to the Lord of the Rings series.

 The words can be the characters' names or the series' actors. They can also be related to different scenes shown in the series, several items used in the series, dialogues in the series, etc. This is a must-play game for Lord of the Rings fans.



If you are a Taylor Swift fan, this game is just for you. In this game, players get a total of six chances in which they have to guess different four-letter to eight-letter words related to Taylor Swift.

The words can be related to her career, lifestyle, way of living, hobbies, discography, shows, etc. This game is for the Swifties, who are die-hard fans of Taylor Swift and follow her day-to-day activities very nicely.

Big fans of Taylor Swift play this game for hours without a break. With each try, the color of the boxes in which the alphabets are placed changes, which helps the Swifties to find the correct word related to their favorite artist, Taylor Swift.


This game is entirely based on the LGBTQIA+ community. The players get six tries in which they have to guess a four-letter-to-eight-letter word related to the LGBTQIA+ community. The words can be proper nouns.

 Players get to guess a new word every day, and it sometimes gets difficult to guess the right word through the long puzzle. This is because these words generally do not have spaces between them. The different feature of this game is that the players can even place two words together to guess the right answer.

The game sometimes does not provide hints and rejects your guess, but that guess won't get counted in your daily guess limit. This game is perfect for someone who has good knowledge of the community or wants to gain knowledge about the community.



Lewdle is just another similar game to Wordle but with a twist in the choice of words in the game. This game is mostly related to words that are not safe for work or, you can say, are dirty.

Players will get six chances in which they have to guess the correct answer, but the unique feature of this game is that the words will be lewd, meaning you can't use them in front of your parents. The color of the boxes containing the alphabets changes according to the correctness of the alphabets placed in them.

Lewdle can also be described as the dirty-word wordle, as the answers to this game are generally words that are dirty or erotic. Additionally, this game is based on people who are over the age of 18.


If you are a big fan of Wordle, then games like Wordle will be entertaining for you. After playing and becoming an expert in Wordle, players look for similar options in games related to Wordle. If you are one of them, you should definitely try out these games as they are unique and from different genres. There are also different puzzles related to different difficulty levels and choices.  


Is there anything else like Wordle?

If you like Wordle, try Quordle, Octordle, Dordle, and Sedecordle. Each of these four-word games appears to be a variation on Wordle, but with more rows, columns, and words to solve. For example, Dordle requires you to solve two words simultaneously. Quordle four times in a row.

Which app is the most similar to Wordle?

With only three more chances to get it right, Quordle, a Wordle substitute for those who find the original too simple, requires you to attempt to guess four words at once.

How is the Octordle played?

A Wordle-inspired game called Octordle challenges you to group eight different five-letter words simultaneously with just 13 guesses. The mechanisms are well known. You are given hints as to which letters are present in each word, which ones are absent, and which ones are merely in the incorrect positions.

What is Heardle?

One of the most intriguing Wordle-style puzzles recently come to light is Heardle. The theme of this straightforward puzzle game is music. More specifically, it challenges them to identify a song based solely on its intro.

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