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Most Downloaded Games in The World to Try Now

Most Downloaded Games In The

The Google Play Store has expanded, and there are now a massive number of games available. In addition, the Play Store has options in every game genre, from casual, straightforward arcades to strategic, graphically intensive playthroughs, except for PC and other console games, which are part of their respective gaming genres.

This list will cover the top downloaded games that have received between 100 million and one billion downloads as of April 2022. The games listed below are the most popular ones. Add any game titles you believe should be on the list. Here's a list of some most downloaded games in the world.

Candy Crush

Candy Crush

The phrase "designed for middle-aged moms, teens, and others" sounds better because the game has successfully captured their attention. Candy Crush is one of the most downloaded games in the world. The player only needs to match the three puzzles to advance and unlock everything on their path.

It is among the most delightful puzzle games. Millions of players love this game. In addition, spin Wheel Booster participates in time-limited contests and offers free rewards.

To get beyond the extra-sticky problems, plan your actions by placing three or more candies in a row. You may also utilize boosters wisely. You'll be craving more after playing through thousands of levels of blasting chocolate and collecting candy!

  • Applications: 83 MB
  • Over 1 billion downloads overall.
  • 4.4% on the Play Store.
  • Rating based on age: 3+

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Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers

One of the most enjoyable games, regardless of age, is Subway Surfers. Everyone enjoys it, whether they are young or old. In the Google Play store, it is one of the most downloaded games. Subway surfers use the well-known pattern and perform it with flair and finesse. This game was created as a YouTube animated series.

It has vibrant HD graphics, which are excellent. It is the second most downloaded game from 2022, with over 23.7 million downloads.

  • Applications: 123 MB
  • Over 1 billion downloads overall.
  • 4.3 on the Play Store.
  • Rating based on age: 7+

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Garena Freefire

Garena Freefire

The battle royale game Free Fire, commonly known as Garena Free Fire, was created by the Vietnamese gaming studio 111dots Studio and released by Garena for Android and iOS. In 2019, it rose to the top among all downloaded mobile games.

The game provides users with goods like pets, skins, gems, and weaponry to improve their gameplay experience. Up to 50 players participate in a battle royale match, parachuting onto an island in quest of tools and weapons to use against their opponents.

Also, players can pick their beginning location and bring supplies and weaponry to increase the duration of their combat.

  • The size of apps: currently prohibited in India.
  • 10 billion total downloads
  • Play store rating: N/A
  • Rating based on age: N/A

Stumble Guys

With up to 32 players online, Stumble Guys is a massively multiplayer party knockout game where players must battle their way through increasingly chaotic rounds until only one winner is left. Then, re-enter the fray and continue running. Join the thrill of running forever!

Most of the challenges in Stumble Guys are intended to knock you back or eject you from the playground. These impediments move rhythmically because they are aware that people may anticipate them. Consequently, you should delay your relocation until after they have done relocating.

  • Storage: 512 MB of space is available.
  • Number of downloads: 225 million
  • Play store rating:4.3
  • Rating based on age: 9+

Bridge Race

Bridge Race

In the game of Bridge Race, your goal is to cross the pool from one side to the other. You'll need to gather a few of the dispersed blocks on the ground and utilize them to build a walkway to accomplish this.

The color of your character matters in Bridge Race since it's ideal for picking up blocks of the same color and putting them in your rucksack. Then, when you have a sizable collection, proceed to the pool and begin paving a road there.

The objective of this game is to cross the pool first while competing against other players. To triumph, you must traverse the collection before your rivals while accumulating as many blocks as possible. In some situations, pushing your adversaries will cause them to lose their grip on the blocks.

The goal is to cross the pool and win. Therefore, you must sprint around collecting blocks of the same color as your character. You can unlock new skins for your character to change things up as you earn awards.

  • App storage: 650 MB
  • Number of downloads: 10 Cr+
  • Play store rating: 4
  • Rating based on age: All ages

Ludo King

Ludo King

The well-known board game Ludo is available digitally as Ludo King, played worldwide, including in Southeast Asia. Eight hundred million downloads of the game have recently been recorded worldwide—the desire to make an enjoyable online Ludo game led to the creation of Ludo King.

Ludo King recreates the traditional board game on mobile devices. The game has only become more popular in the current situation, as individuals are engaging in social isolation by staying in their houses due to the ongoing lockdown, as people are turning more and more to their smartphones to keep in touch with their friends and loved ones.

For those who have never played before, Ludo King is a straightforward board game of strategy that is mostly automated, requiring the player to roll the dice and select a token to proceed. Additionally, when a ticket is available for movement, the computer moves it for you immediately. 

While Ludo serves as the centerpiece of the digital version of the game, there is also a Snakes & Ladders game included in the app that can be played much like when you were a youngster.

  • App storage: 61.1 MB
  • Number of downloads: 500 million
  • Play store rating: 4.2
  • Rating based on age: 9+

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Users can play games on Roblox, an online platform and marketplace. In addition, people can play games created by other developers on Roblox, which is not a game. This is where it differs from any online kid's fun and more resembles the PC gaming platform Steam.

Roblox is unique in the gaming industry because all of its games are created by its users, unlike a storefront like Steam. Games may be made on Roblox, so having fun isn't limited to just playing them. These video games are not officially created by the Roblox Corporation but by platform users. According to the official website, the platform's users have published over 20 million plays.

  • App storage: 20 MB 
  • Number of downloads: 50 Cr+
  • Play store rating: 4.4
  • Rating based on age: Teen

Race Master 3D

Race Master 3D

It is a racing video game that lets you drive a virtual car. The game presents a genuine driving challenge while being very simple to play. It features a wide selection of vehicles, risky rivals, and infinite diversity. Players receive speed, drama, and much more in this addictive casual driving game that is as intuitive as ridiculous.

Race Master 3D is so easy to play that only one finger is required. To start moving the automobile, simply tap on the screen. Swipe from one side to the other, and the car will follow you. Throughout the race, you will travel on various routes, each of which has its peculiarities. 

For example, some tracks feature bowling pins you must throw or drums that explode, which you must dodge. You'd be better off if you also kept an eye out for any vehicles that could try to thwart your efforts to win.

  • App storage: 211.5 MB
  • Number of downloads: 100M+
  • Play store rating: 4.3
  • Rating based on age: everyone

Temple Run

Temple Run

Imangi Studios is the creator and publisher of the 3D endless Run video game Temple Run. The player is in control of an explorer who has found a legendary artifact and is being pursued by creatures that resemble demonic monkeys.

It is an action game with a platform resembling "Endless Runners," where you must run while dodging various obstacles that you may come across along the way, which won't be few. However, in contrast to other games of a similar nature where you can only jump in a 2D perspective to avoid obstacles, Temple Run requires you to make various movements. 

For example, you must slide your finger across the screen to make your character turn corners, tilt your Android device from left to right to make him run along the left or right side, slide your finger upwards to make him jump, and slide your finger downwards to make him slide on the ground.

  • App storage: 47.5 MB
  • Number of downloads: 5.9 million
  • Play store rating: 4.6
  • Rating based on age: 9+



PUBG is a player-versus-player shooter game in which up to 100 players compete in a battle royale, a massive last-man-standing deathmatch in which players compete to stay alive. The match can be entered by a player alone, in a pair, or as part of a small team of up to four individuals.

There are three major game modes: solo, duo, and squad; the latter allows you to form a team of four with three other players. Each is a little bit different, with different advantages and disadvantages. Team play's main advantage is having teammates help you, keep you going, and add a cooperative strategy element to the game. 

You descend on the game island by parachute to begin the game. When you arrive, your goal is to collect anything you can to help you win, including medical supplies, weaponry, and upgrades for those weapons.

  • App storage: 40GB
  • Number of downloads: 50Cr+
  • Play store rating: 4.1
  • Rating based on age: 13+

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Tall Man Run

Tall Man Run

Supersonic Studios LTD created the casual runner game Tall Man Run. Complete the predetermined route while gathering various points, bonuses, and other helpful objects to quickly increase in size. The final boss battle will be waiting for you there. You can pass through numerous doors in the game to change the size.

Tall Man Run's gameplay is straightforward and approachable, which makes it a somewhat addictive game. You must direct your character on a long journey to the finish when you engage a considerable adversary. As a result, you'll see a variety of blocks throughout the race. 

The red ones will hurt you and cause you to lose the game, while the green ones will assist you. When you acquire a green block, its associated number is added to your overall score. The greater the number, the greater the likelihood you will find and defeat the final foe.

  • App storage: 91.7 MB
  • Number of downloads: 1Cr+
  • Play store rating: 4
  • Rating based on age: 10+

Fill The Fridge

Fill The Fridge

In the entertaining puzzle game Fill The Fridge, you must figure out the best method to stock your fridge with all of the items that show up on the screen. Like Tetris, each level's puzzles in Fill The Fridge put your thinking skills to the test.

You may use the space in your fridge to fill it by using Fill The Fridge's very straightforward and user-friendly control mechanism. You will need to select the item and the area of the refrigerator you desire, which requires you to press on the item and then select the location inside the refrigerator. Remember to arrange the things neatly to make the most of the fridge's space. 

For example, do you think you put the milk carton in the wrong spot? You can move it around in Fill The Fridge a set number of times, but if you want additional tries, you'll need to view some video adverts.

  • App storage: 224.9 MB
  • Number of downloads: 1 Cr+
  • Play store rating: 4.2
  • Rating based on age: Everyone

Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride

The Jetpack is operated using a straightforward one-touch system in the game; Barry rises when the player pushes anywhere on the touchscreen. Barry falls, and the Jetpack shuts off when the player lets go. The player can only control his movement along the vertical axis because he is constantly moving, not his pace.

Travel as far as you can, gather cash, and escape dangers like zappers, missiles, and intense laser beams are the game's goals. Barry would instantly pass away if he made contact with any of these barriers, albeit his body would continue to slip and tumble after he passed away. Golden "Spin Tokens" will sporadically appear as the player moves around, and you can collect them. 

These spin tokens are utilized in a slot machine after each run (one ticket equals one spin), which can grant the player a variety of rewards, including cash, extra spin tokens, a head start, a player revival, and explosives that can further the player's body after death. 

  • App storage: 4GB
  • Number of downloads: 10Cr+
  • Play store rating: 4.6
  • Rating based on age: 10+

GTA V (Grand Theft Auto V)

GTA V (Grand Theft Auto V)

Grand Theft Auto V is the most downloaded game in the world, reinventing open-world gaming in many ways. Based on the GTA game of the same name, it is one of the most popular mobile games that takes you to the infamous San Andreas. Michael, Trevor, and Franklin are the three central characters withinside the story. 

Each has a different personality, which often leads to new challenges in the game. The game world here is beautiful, huge, and, of course, diverse. In contrast, you may see everything sublime, ridiculous, greedy, and hypocritical. 

You can transition from one energetic moment to the next. This brings a new level of variety and intensity to missions. Even when they are not on missions, the three main protagonists in Grand Theft Auto V can sneak a peek. You can always bring them along and see what your new friends are up to. The most popular game ever.

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Assassin Creed: Valhalla

Assassin Creed: Valhalla

The best games are all for gamers, especially those readily available on Google Play and the iOS App Store. Like Assassin's Creed: Odyssey and Its Origins, Assassin's Creed: Valhalla continues the series' path to full-fledged open-world role-playing games. Valhalla is primarily focused on recreating medieval England.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla - become Eivor, a famous Viking raider in search of glory. In this most popular iPhone game, there is much to explore and discover in and around the atmosphere of Valhalla, the world's best mobile game. 

Explore a stunning, vibrant open world against medieval England's harsh backdrop. To gain a place among the gods in Valhalla, you must raid your enemies, expand your settlement, and increase your political influence.

Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach

Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach

Every branch has the best mobile games to hit in 2022, but Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach reigns supreme. It dominates the dopamine rush. This indie game series has Freddy's most terrifying and highly complex timeline. The show is in a Chuck E. Cheese-style pizzeria (Freddy Fazbear's Mega His Pizzaplex) filled with arcade games, balloons, and other fun stuff in the 1990s.

You play as Gregory, who is trapped overnight at the start of the game. Be careful with security cameras. Animatronics roam the streets, chasing intruders at night. These video games are complete with leap scares. It's not advisable to stay in one place too long. 

Still, glam rock Chica, Montgomery Gator, Roxanne Wolfe, and security guard Vanessa come across Cotton, his candy pizza his stand he flips over one by one. As the game progresses, you'll be amazed to hear stories involving serial killers, haunted robots, and ruined families.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact

The most popular open-world action role-playing game is Genshin Impact. The most popular game is a vast, portable adventure role-playing game that is free to play. Therefore, when an unknown and powerful god becomes too infatuated to jump between realities at will and thinks that this must be the end, the magic of roaming the universe for no apparent reason. 

You will see the twins. As a result, the self-proclaimed goddess kidnapped one, controlled others, and was trapped in a land searching for her sister and home. Genshin Impact lets you change your character, not your weapon type. Some use one-handed swords, some use bows, and some carry spellbooks. 

So build a group of four people and immediately swap letters. You can use gear to enhance your best weapons further as you collect equipment. This also leads to what could be a great war—ranked in the top 10 games.

GRID Autosport 

GRID Autosport 

One of the things we learned from the lawsuit between Epic and Apple was that games make up 70% of the App Store's revenue. This is the ultimate wake-up call for major game developers and the industry. For example, GRID Autosport is a well-known brand known for high-performance 'fun cars' because they are ordinary cars at the forefront of GRID Autosport drag racing. 

The feel of a driver trying to hold back his 8,000 horsepower while being shoved at over 300 mph is like an all-out assault on the senses. So instead, GRID Autosport brings a console-like gaming experience to your mobile device. You'd think a game with graphics as stunning as this would cost the same as his PC version of the original, but GRID Autosport is a big game, even if it runs on a small screen. 

It's a reasonably large smartphone app with 6 GB of recommended free internal storage. A realistic racing game that can drive even the most seasoned racer while engaging the casual gamer looking for a taste of the "classic" racing game. Not surprisingly, those video games are complete with leap scares.



Not surprisingly, GRIS tops the charts as one of the most-played mobile games in the world, with over 2 billion downloads. The best essence of GRIS is color. It looks like it starts with a person's name, a color name, black and white. It makes perfect sense with the protagonist's inner world. 

The entire mechanics of this game revolve around finding colors and unlocking colors. This is more than just a game. It's almost like making a movie. Keep in mind the game's depth, as everything is hand-sketched and colored frame by frame, with no games. It feels melancholic.

If you ever feel like earning money while playing these fantastic games, Frolic is your lookout. It immediately pays out genuine plutocrats. Prizes for this website's participants include actual plutocrats.

There are over 25 games on the forum, including mysteries, actions, and adventures. Real-time communication, GPS tracking, live streaming, and social networking are all appealing features to include.

Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra is the best digital trading card game. Published by Riot Games, the creators of League of Legends, it is set in the League of Legends universe and uses game locations and characters. In this game, each player plays a card from a deck to try to defeat his opponent using various cards and techniques.

Then, all you need is to take on other opponents. Each player starts the game by randomly drawing four cards from the deck. Both players get their first mana stone at the start of the game, and one player also gets an attack token to indicate that they will attack the next game turn.

In addition, a defense marker is given to the opposing player. Attack and defense markers are exchanged between players at the end of each turn, and the player also gains additional mana for his gems.



The most creative platform for 1-4 players to build and share levels with the world. This award-winning platformer maker lets you create your dream levels and other people's nightmares. Here are 100 articles that can unleash your creativity and productivity.

As GR-18 is a delivery robot in training, take over control to run, jump and blast through over 90 challenging handcrafted training levels. Then, play with up to three friends on the same couch for fun entertainment. After playing a group, you can release a specific level in the whole world and keep an eye on your playing time, attempts, and follower stacks. 

With powerful search and curation capabilities and no platform limits, the Levelhead makes it easy to gain followers and play unlimited user-generated content worldwide.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile

Thanks to its stunning aesthetics, smooth gameplay, and extensive COD history, Call of Duty is the most downloaded game in the world, with more than 50,000,000 downloads on the Play Store and App Store. To players, he offers two modes: Battle Royale, where he has to survive the experience of 100 players, and Multiplayer, where he participates in traditional 5-on-5 team-based battles. 

But the fun doesn't stop there. This game is one of the most compelling games. A new update adds many other game modes, such as zombie action and sniper vs. sniper combat. It also included a new map called Summit.

It is straightforward to play but very difficult to master. Excellent gameplay mechanics focus on the realism of elements such as weapon recoil, augmented reality crosshairs, and excellent drone attack controls that make this game highly addictive. Simple operation and exceptional server durability are just the icings on the cake.

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Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall

Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall

Game of Thrones is among the most well-known video games in existence. Season 8 was a disappointing one, but people loved the show. Behaviour Interactive plans to release Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall in partnership with HBO and Gaea. The game is currently in the beta testing stage (internal and GOT community only). 

However, some features have been published by members of the GOT community via Reddit. For example, you'll be able to play Commander-in-Chief of the Night's Watch as Brynden Bloodraven Rivers. This is because a former Commander-in-Chief was killed at the Battle of Winterfell.

Also, according to the Watchers on the Wall community, you have the option to play as Jon Snow (Aegon Targaryen) and Daenerys Stormborn (Targaryen). This RPG (role-playing game) is one of the most anticipated mobile games of 2022. In addition, it could become one of the most popular mobile games.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft Pocket Edition is the mobile version of the legendary PC game Minecraft, available for all kinds of devices. The mobile version's gameplay is similar to the PC version. There is also a trial version before choosing a paid app. 

Players can play in creative mode with all resources or survival mode with nothing in their inventory and having to acquire everything from scratch. 

Survival mode is the most challenging mode. If you get caught by a spider or creeper, you lose all your resources and have to start over. The Minecraft community has been tremendous since the PC version was first released in 2009. The mobile version is the same as the Java version, so I'm sure you'll like it.

Stranger Things: The Game

Stranger Things: The Game

Developers released the game Stranger Things in 2019. Remember the Netflix hit Stranger Things 3? The plot remains the same. However, this game requires you to complete some extra errands, which makes the game very interesting. The game allows him to face four different bosses depending on which device he's using. 

This game is an action-adventure game that lets you explore Hawkins and its surroundings. Solve puzzles, and collect egos and gnomes to solve mysteries. Stranger Things: The Game is the must-have mobile game of 2022.


These games are the most downloaded in the world. As well as the most famous ones too. Suppose you are searching for the best games in the world if you are searching for the best games that give you more entertainment and fun. Then this article will provide you with the best 25 games in the world. Then why are you still waiting? Go to all the games, download your best game, and start enjoying it.


Which game is the most downloaded in the world?

According to Sensor Tower data, check out the world's top mobile games by downloads in January 2022. Garena's Free Fire was the most downloaded mobile game globally in January 2022, with 24 million installs, a 51.6% increase compared to January 2021.

How much GB is required for Fortnite?

Fortnite has the same file size on Windows and macOS at 29.2 GB. When playing Fortnite on Xbox, you can expect it to be much smaller than macOS or Windows. The install size is only 13 GB, and the game may require an additional 5 GB after installation for 18 GB.

Which game is the most popular worldwide?

Fortnite. The battle royale game Fortnite is the most-played online console game, with a total of 3,802,500,000 days. That's about 3.8 billion days or 10.4 million years.

Is Minecraft a free game?

You can play Minecraft free in your web browser by visiting without downloading or installing anything.

No items found.

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