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Netflix has it all, whether you want an action-packed Hollywood blockbuster, an obscure K-Drama, or a platform-exclusive series. Even better, Netflix is available on nearly every platform, from your television and smartphone to a powerful Android tablet.

While Android already has an extensive library of games, including several good RPGs, Netflix started a gaming branch in November 2021 to enhance this collection. What's the best part? Playing curated games is available to all current subscribers.

However, not all of Netflix's smartphone games are of the same caliber. We've compiled a list of the greatest Netflix video games to help you determine which ones are worth your time. There's something here for everyone, whether you like puzzles, action, or stories.

Netflix Video Games

We're all aware that Netflix has many fantastic movies and TV episodes, but did you realize that your Netflix subscription also includes access to Android and iOS games? These games are free to play and contain no advertisements or in-app purchases, which is unusual for mobile games nowadays.


We begin with a game that many people will be familiar with: Moonlighter. This indie success was released much earlier on PC and consoles, but it is now available on your phone via Netflix Games. This is an amazing pixel art game. Here you have to play as a merchant in a village who must explore deadly dungeons to obtain products to sell during the day. 

Moonlighter is a delightful game with hours upon hours of material to keep you returning. It's half 2D Zelda-style adventure, with plenty of roguelike features and half management sim. However, because the game is divided into dungeon diving at night and managing your business during the day, it is also ideal for more bite-sized play periods.

Moonlighter delves into the minds of the wandering souls who occupy our favorite RPG adventures. After all, someone needs to manage the shop in town while the hero saves the world, right? That is the premise. 

You take control of an elderly guy attempting to make a living in a world where everyone's work entails fighting monsters and exploring dungeons. You trek out to the creepy catacombs at night to steal in-demand supplies, and during the day, you price those newly acquired weapons competitively for your flood of customers.

Asphalt Xtreme

Do you enjoy playing challenging racing games? If so, play this game. Asphalt Xtreme is the most excellent Netflix auto racing game in which you may drive cars, monster trucks, buggies, and other vehicles. However, by earning specific points, you can upgrade all of the vehicles. It offers a variety of challenges and events to master, as well as racing events themed after mountains, jungles, dunes, and cities.

Asphalt Xtreme is a Netflix-only installment in the renowned Asphalt racing series. It's like a mash-up of Burnout takedowns and Sony's Motorstorm off-road racing games.

Asphalt Xtreme has a large selection of legal vehicles to pick from. Rally cars with agile handling, such as the Ford Focus and Mitsubishi RS, may readily slide through turns. On the contrary, Chevrolet and Hummer monster trucks will make quick work of anyone who gets in their way. Furthermore, the game provides many control options from the start. Choose automatic and manual acceleration by tilting the phone or using on-screen controls.

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Poinpy's cute art style will catch your attention, but once you start playing, you'll be addicted to your screen. This gem comes from the creators of Downwell, one of the all-time great phone games, so the team understands what makes a mobile game addictive. Poinpy, unlike the previous game, merely requires you to move your character upward, targeting your jumps from platform to platform. 

It's that straightforward at first, but things quickly become more complicated as you get new things to remember and keep an eye out for emerge as you climb higher and higher. Poinpy is a must-play if you know you love games that make you say, "let's hit another run."

Fumoto's second game, Poinpy, brightens up the color palette considerably. This time, we're stuck in a Miyazaki-Esque landscape filled with bright fruit and convenient platforming ledges, attempting to heave ourselves higher towards the stars while keeping a giant blue beast beneath our feet satiated. It must be nourished with the grist you discover along the path, or it will swallow you whole.

Hextech Mayhem

Hextech Mayhem

Riot Games has spent the previous decade focusing only on League of Legends, the massively popular multiplayer behemoth that has become synonymous with esports. Riot has just begun freeing up some of its capacity to collaborate with third-party studios on smaller, oddball projects — ventures that don't have to be the most terrific game in the world. 

Hextech Mayhem is one of them, a rhythmic platformer in which you must time all of your jumps to the kickdrums and downbeats. When the tempo gets into your head, it won't leave. If you've watched Netflix's Arcane and are interested in the strange contours of the League of Legends universe, Hextech Mayhem is a terrific place to start. At the very least, your teammates will not be yelling at you through voice chat.

Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens made headlines in 2015 with one of the most unexpectedly successful Kickstarter campaigns ever. Elan Lee and Shane Small's hilarious little card game, where five players escape a feline timebomb waiting to detonate somewhere in the deck, raised over $9 million. (To put that in context, they initially sought $10,000.) 

The team has iterated on Exploding Kittens with several expansion packs and promos, culminating in an animated series based on the game that will be available on Netflix later this year. Naturally, the streamer delivered a digital version of Exploding Kittens to its games division, so you can catch up on all the lore before the franchise is permanently glued to the algorithm.

Wonderputt Forever

Are you a golf lover, or do you like to play? If so, these games should be on your list. Wonderputt Forever features stunning views and graphics in-game. This is a mini-golf tv game in which you must hold and prepare your shots to throw the ball and sink it into a unique hole. You'll think it's a simple game at first, but after a while, you'll like the genuine difficulty level.

Mini-golf games were among the most popular when Flash games were prominent, and while they're undoubtedly better than ever, they're not as often discussed. That should not be the case with Wonderputt Forever, which is nearly therapeutic. Everything about this video, from the perspective to the soundtrack and even the *clock*.

The sound of hitting the golf ball conveys a relaxed atmosphere. There's no pressure, just enjoyable courses to put your way through to find out where you'll be transported next. Wonderputt Forever is as magical as you remember mini-golf courses as a kid, and it's a lot of fun to play.

Stranger Things 3

This Netflix game was also inspired by the third season of Stranger Things. Play through iconic moments from the series while discovering never-before-seen missions, character messages, and insider information! This experience game combines a distinctly retro crafting style with modern interactive features to transmit vintage enjoyment with a fresh contort. 

Cooperation is at the heart of Stranger Things 3: The Game, just as it is in the show. Fans can work together in a two-player neighborhood community to discover Hawkins' universe, solve riddles, and confront the looming calamities of The Upside Down as one of the show's twelve beloved characters.

The crown jewel of Netflix is strongly represented in the company's fledgling games segment. Stranger Things 3: The Game gives Hawkins, Indiana, a magnificent pixel-art veneer reminiscent of the NES classics that the key characters grew up with. 

Expect a retro-style brawler as you and your fellow D&D junkies dive deep into the infamous government complexes and gory parallel universes that comprise the ever-expanding Stranger Things realm. The game looks and plays like it was created in 1989, which means Netflix hit the ball out of the park.

Krispee Street

Krispee Street is a lively hidden object game where you look for individuals and items using clues. Each hint reveals a small portion of the target image. You are then responsible for examining the complete scenario and matching the fragment with the appropriate person or object.

Krispee Street, takes the same premise that made adult coloring books a reality and applies it to those old Where's Waldo? Books. Art is the most crucial component here because gazing at things is the primary point of this game, which is happily great. 

From the weird yet joyous animals to a pair of eyeballs on a fire hydrant, every inch of each layout is filled with individuality. Even if you don't get the object you're looking for, no inch of space feels like a waste of time. You can play each level, earn coins, participate in daily challenges, or load up zen mode and play as much you want. Nothing will reignite your youth spirit like Krispee Street.

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Dwarves Dungeon

Dwarves Dungeon

It may seem contradictory, but an RPG that effectively plays itself feels curiously liberating. Enter Dungeon Dwarves, a game where you may sit back and watch your brave band of warriors slice their way through an endless swath of subterranean ghoulies for the remainder of their natural lives. 

You have to occasionally enhance your party's abilities to keep the numbers rising. Idle games are renowned for their onerous microtransactions, but Dungeon Dwarves is free on Netflix. There are no checkpoints that can only be passed with virtual currency, which is the most precious gift.

Shatter Remastered

Shatter Remastered

Apart from Snake and Tetris, one of the first games people played on their phones was the brick breaker. It's easy to see why. Moving a paddle left or right to bounce a ball up until you've hit all of the bricks above is similar to single-player Pong. 

Shatter Remastered takes that formula and expands on it to create a considerable arcade experience. The basis is the same, but add in different brick types, scoring multipliers, and other perks, as well as skills to divert the ball, and things get a lot more interesting. 

Levels always provide at least a dash of spice, and never ask for more than a few minutes of your time. This isn't a game you'll want to play for hours or even an hour, but it's great when you have a few minutes to kill and want to do something bright and exciting.

Shooting Hoops

Shooting Hoops

Sometimes a mobile game with a straightforward premise — like Flappy Bird or Desert Golfing — overcomes its cheap surroundings and becomes euphoric. That's the allure of Shooting Hoops, in which you must repeatedly flick a basketball into a rim. 

There is nothing more or less. It should be no shock that this is difficult, tedious, and impossible to put down. We recommend Shooting Hoops with caution because there is a reasonable probability that it will wreck your life.

Lucky Luna

Lucky Luna

While Lucky Luna may appear to be yet another attempt to cash in on nostalgia, you will see it in an entirely new light once you start playing it. This game concentrates on vertical platforming rather than traditional side-scrolling, with levels brimming with collectibles, mysteries, and tasks to complete. 

The controls are simple and fluid, even if you lack a fundamental maneuver that practically every platformer requires: a leap button. The game's outstanding design includes the requirement to bounce off foes or exploit the environment to acquire height. This slight modification alters your approach to levels, compelling you to revisit them until you achieve a perfect run.

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Before Your Eyes

This game is one of the most unusual, and nearly anyone can play it. We don't say it lightly, but this narrative experience is entirely controlled by blinking. 

The plot is about a person's life flashing before their eyes, mirrored in the mechanics, where blinking can end one memory and flash you forward to the next without your control. Despite your best attempts, you will miss critical emotional moments, resulting in a game that will stay with you long after you've completed it.

Relic Hunters

Relic Hunters: Rebels is a cute pixelated game that combines top-down shooting and RPG components. Battle foes and collect items before crafting to expand your arsenal of weapons. You may have played Relic Hunters previously, but Rebels marks the series' first mobile appearance, accessible only on Netflix.

Raff, Ace, Pinkyy, and Jimmy are the four heroes in battle, each with their personality and powers, and the goal is to bring down the evil Ducan Empire with the help of the four tribes.

Relic Hunters: Rebels, another pixel art game with roguelike features, is much more of an homage to classic SNES top-down shooters. You select one of four heroes, each with unique skills, and then jump into stages to blast waves of opponents, level up, and fight bosses. 

While it may appear to be a primary shooter that you can play without thinking, and you certainly can if you want to, the plot is engaging if you pay attention to it. Relic Hunters: Rebels is an excellent match for gaming on the go, with fun and quirky firearms, vibrant foes, and much to unlock and make.

Into the Breach

Given how wonderful the gameplay feels on the phone, it's astonishing that Into the Breach took this long to get to any type of mobile platform. This turn-based tactical rogue-lite plays more like a puzzle game than anything else.

Into the Breach is a challenging tactical RPG that needs you to consider every action carefully. It puts you in command of mechs to defend humanity from giant extraterrestrial insects. Levels are grid-based and filled with flora, familiar objects, adversaries, and your units. Participants take turns tactically deploying their units and attempting to outwit one another. Each mech has its own set of strengths and limitations. 

Each mech and bug has its movement and attack choices, but what makes this game so fascinating is that you can predict what the opposing team will do and then plan your turn to counter it. 

Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2

Do you think you could survive the end of the world? You can find out in Into the Dead 2, an action-packed Netflix game full of intrigue and thrills in which you must confront the evolving undead. You'll need to constantly upgrade your weapons and keep your canine buddy at your side.

Fighting the undead is still exciting and enjoyable in Into the Dead 2. It's a fast-paced on-rails shooter about a man striving to get home to his family. You only need to shepherd him through apparently unending waves of the undead.

Although a serviceable narrative frames the campaign's levels, don't expect the narrative quality of something like Telltale's The Walking Dead (a superb adventure game), as this is an auto-run game. However, it is the right place for the zombie-busting action.

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Bowling Ballers

Bowling Ballers

Bowling Ballers is a unique infinite runner. You control a bowling ball, and your goal is to knock down as many pins as possible while collecting cash, jumping on ramps, flying in planes, skateboarding, and generally causing mayhem.

You need to navigate past obstacles and over ramps in each stage. You get points by collecting coins and smashing down pins. When you cross the finish line, you advance to the next level. You must only steer the ball left or right because it rolls automatically. However, later levels put your reflexes to the test more than anything else.

There's also a level-based option if you want to feel like you're progressing, fulfilling the level's objectives to unlock the next. Bowling Ballers is a fun mobile game to pass the time.

This is a true story

This is a true story

While many of us take water for granted, This Is a True Story puts you in the shoes of individuals who have to overcome enormous challenges.

It's a narrative puzzle game with a strong emphasis on storytelling told through hand-painted visuals and simple side-scrolling gameplay. It's short and sweet and especially interesting because it's based on actual interviews.



Townsmen is a medieval city-builder in which you must construct a country from the ground up. Keep your fields fertile for food production, your employees happy for material collection, and your settlers safe and entertained.

There's plenty to keep you occupied with hundreds of structures to choose from, people types with varying demands, weather variations, natural calamities, and intricate economies.

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Arcanium is a roguelike fantasy strategic card game. In a world that combines magic and technology, you must build a party to preserve the land of Arzu from devastation by the terrible Akhan the Calamity.

This is a single-player game, but your AI partners make it feel like a team adventure, mainly because you must connect your anthropomorphic pals by playing your cards well and investing in the appropriate improvements.

Card Blast

Card Blast

It is one of the best puzzle card games available solely to Netflix subscribers. Users must save various cards from a moving truck and place them on one of three lines to form winning hands before being destroyed by the deck dicer. Defeat a series of challenging situations in an exciting single-player adventure, or compete against other players for unrivaled quality across multiple occasion leaderboards.

Stranger Things 1984

Is there another? Things can certainly get odd. This is an isometric adventure game, similar to Stranger Things 3, but with more cartoony graphics. Stranger Things: 1984 also focuses on puzzle-solving rather than combat, unlike Stranger Things 3. You take control of the characters from the program once more. Play as Hopper, Lucas, Nancy, or Eleven, each with their skills and abilities.

Stranger Things, Netflix's most popular online series, inspired this game. The games are described as taking place in 1984. As we know, Hooper and his children have a fantastic journey in the series, and the same will be confirmed in this game. 

Players can explore and experience diverse areas such as Hawkins Lab and Mirkwood Forest. It is a fantastic Netflix game. In this game, players must use their unique abilities to solve the puzzle by controlling numerous characters.

Rival Pirates

Rival Pirates

Force them to walk the plank! In this swashbuckling adventure, set sail, fire cannon balls, and be the last boat standing among your foes.

Do you think you've got what it takes to dominate the seven seas? It's a combat royale with multiple players. Select two crew members and a reliable ship, then be ready to fight against gamers worldwide. Use cannon fire and unique skills to send your adversaries to the bottom of the ocean.

To win, be the last ship to sail! The skirmish may accommodate up to 16 players. To escape elimination, keep your spacecraft from being destroyed, and make your adversaries suffer. In between battles, enhance your crew and ship and discover new countries.

Dragon Up

In this colorful and brilliantly illustrated idle adventure game, you can hatch and collect unique dragons, then help them resurrect their magic. Save the kingdom by learning about each dragon's distinct design and characteristics. Some dragons, such as the Pug Dragon, Queen Dragon, and Robo Dragon, provide special prizes and earning potential.

Increase the size of your idle empire by unlocking new territories and unusual habitats. Upgrade your dragons and nests to generate more coins. Collect cards and magical potions before leveling up your favorite dragons to improve their skills.

Eating money is the best method to make money. Feed gold to your pet dragon Billy at the end of each day to gain access to incredible treasures, new dragons, and nests. Rebuild your nests, resurrect your dragons, extend your empire, and establish your dragon utopia. Increase the excitement with time-limited events. Win rare dragons, gems, and potions to advance your primary mission.



For the teens of Camena High, a fantastic night of partying takes a spooky turn. In this choice-driven thriller, unravel the mysteries of a haunting fissure.

Alex is a brilliant, rebellious adolescent who invites her new stepbrother, Jonas, to an overnight party on an abandoned military island. In this World War II-inspired narrative, GamesBeat calls "a huge next step for adventure games," her senior-year tradition takes a terrible turn as she discovers the island's enigmatic background.

As Alex, you hike and chat through lush woodlands, abandoned military forts, and more on a mysterious island. What's seething beneath Edwards Island's stunningly gorgeous veneer will forever alter your perception of reality.

Communicate with the supernatural: According to legend, if you stand at the exact correct spot, you may use a radio to listen to a station that doesn't exist on Edwards Island. Turn on the radio to activate methods for saving your companions and communicating with spirits.

Create or sever bonds. Your decisions are significant: Will you encourage your closest friend to ask out his crush? Can you bridge the gap between you and your new stepbrother? Be careful that your decisions will impact your relationships and how you deal with otherworldly threats.

Skies of Chaos

In this colorful, arcade-style, shoot them up, hop into the cockpit and fight an evil empire. You're the last hope for the resistance! General Ramshackle and his Lieutenants of Doom intend to crush the last resistance fighters and restore order to a broken world.

You have to play the role of Captain Campbell, a genuine dogfighter. With crucial rebels either missing or kidnapped, it's up to ace pilot Campbell to turn the tide and keep the dream of independence alive. Will you demolish the evil empire? Or will General Ramshackle establish global dominance?


Your task is maneuvering a platform to guide a ball into a hole. There are no dragons or creatures. Gravity and the laws of physics are your only adversaries.

A hole, a ball, and a platform are Simple on their own yet stunning when together. Teeter is a stunning combination of excellent design and inventive gaming mechanics that provide players with a one-of-a-kind experience.

It's a lovely game of whimsy and fun, with improved controls for 3D Touch devices. Remember to shake your phone for a surprise! Getting a ball into a hole has never been more creative, challenging, or entertaining.

Exploding Kittens

Bring your catnip. Draw as many cards as you can and try to avoid — or defuse – deadly felines. Otherwise, the dynamite will go off! Players draw cards in this multiplayer, kitty-powered game of chance – until someone draws an exploding cat and blows up. Unless they have a defuse card, that player is out.

Defuse cards allow players to distract their furry adversaries with laser pointers, belly massages, catnip sandwiches, and other distractions. The remaining cards in the deck can all be utilized wisely to move, mitigate, or avoid. 

Nailed It! Baking Bash

All home bakers, take note! In this game based on the blockbuster series, throw a party for your friends to see who can make the best-looking - or worst-looking - cakes. Welcome to the craziest and most inventive baking competition. Gather a bunch of pals and compete to see who can recreate the game's gastronomic marvels the best. Can you do it?

The player includes a Mini-game madness mode. In it, you can play a series of quick-fire mini-games to bake, paint, and decorate your way through internationally-themed cakes.

The game also features a traditional multiplayer mode. In this, you compete with friends to recreate gastronomic marvels under time constraints, much like the show's finalists. Earn and employ diversions to make your opponents' bakes even more difficult.

Wild Things

Wild Things

In this colorful match-3 adventure game, you can rescue charming animals, explore an immersive universe, and design your perfect house. After a severe storm, assist best friends Liam the Lion and Emma the Elephant in rebuilding their homes and reviving their animal pals. Play challenging match-3 puzzles, create and renovate animal habitats, care for charming critters, and solve the storm's riddle.

Solve match-3 puzzles to help save animals and the environment. Unlock the extraordinary powers of your animal buddies to smash through tonnes of levels and restore order to the Wildlands.


While Netflix Games doesn't have much content currently, there is plenty to cause decision paralysis, primarily if you've never heard of many of the games available. Not every game is at the same level or will appeal to you, just as not every TV or movie on Netflix is. Rather than skimming through the selections and never settling on a choice, try one of our recommendations for the greatest games on Netflix Video Games.


You can download a game directly to your mobile device if you find one you want to play. Every game is available for free with your Netflix account. You won't have to worry about in-app purchases as long as your primary Netflix account is active. There will also be no advertisements.

When you launch any Netflix game, you must be connected to the internet so that the app can determine whether you still have a Netflix subscription. However, some games will allow you to go offline and play without issue after you've joined in.

Netflix currently offers over 30 mobile games on its platform. Below is a complete list of every game it has launched for iOS and Android as of October 2022.

Netflix intends to increase its video game collection from 24 to 50 by the end of the year, a considerable expenditure. According to Apptopia, Netflix's mobile games have been downloaded 23.3 million times worldwide.

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