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Ninja world has always been fascinating and to date, it is one of the most exciting gaming genres. Appearing from the dark shadows, killing the enemies in split seconds, and disappearing into thin air is a fantasy that every ninja lover wants to live. It might not be possible in the real world, but in the gaming world, you can live all these fantasies. Here is an article with the best ninja games you should try on your android for some ninja fun.

List of Ninja Games for Android

The ninja craze is not limited to the movies, it has expanded its horizon into the gaming world and today you can find tons of ninja games. With adventure, thrill, gore, fights, and bone-chilling action, ninja games online are winning hearts. In order to help you find the best one for a good time, we have created a list of the blood-soaking ninja games for you to have some thrilling time.

Ninja Revenge

Katana slashing, ghastly combat, and spine-chilling fights are what you will get in this thrilling, fast-paced ninja game. This game follows the story of an angry ninja who is on a mission to avenge the death of the love of his life. As a protagonist of the story, your aim is to kill every assassin.

The core features of this game include true ninja experience, tons of missions, a global leaderboard, fast pace control, and action-packed challenges. You have to be highly careful in the game as there are a number of bad guys and daggers waiting to kill you.

Apart from this, the speed of the player increases gradually with each step taken on the length of the action, which will require you to ensure quick responses. That’s not it. It features splendid graphics with hypnotic damage and death animations. Try this game right now for an enthralling gaming experience.

Ninja Warrior: Legend of Adventure Games

Ninja Warrior: Legend of Adventure Games

If you are looking for something to completely immerse yourself into the ninja world, then Ninja Warrior is the best pick for you. This title comprises a wide range of levels and worlds, in which the difficulty levels boost up with each surpassed goal. It is one of the best action games for android to get your blood pumping.

In this spell-binding world, you have to face your enemies using numerous combos, weapons, and tactics. Sounds easy? But it is not. While fighting, you have to be highly careful as there are various traps and infiltrators waiting to ruin your game. The cold is the worst enemy in this game, but secret traps, thorny places, and gunshots are no less dangerous. Play the game right now and be the best ninja warrior in the world.

Ninja Run

Ninja Run

If you think the ninja genre is limited to monotonous action-packed games, then my friend you are wrong. Ninja Run on Frolic is a simple, casual, and fun game. It is one of the best endless-runner games you can find on the internet. Amidst the all hustle-bustle of life, this game will give you moments of fun. With smooth gameplay, basic rules, and appealing graphics, this ninja game is winning hearts.

Your goal in this game is to dash as fast as you can and accurately dodge all the obstacles in your way. It might sound easy but with each passing level, the game becomes intense and highly challenging. This ninja game will allow you to test your quick reflexes while having some chilling time. Download this exhilarating game right now and let the ninja fun begin.

Ninja Dash Run

Ninja Dash Run

If you love arcade games, Ninja Dash run is a must-try for you. Featuring diverse worlds and animations, this game is full of fun and adventure. You have to fight enemies including devils, bad bosses, and even demons, tapping here and there to prove that you are the best ninja. Moreover, it features coins and rewards to get you hooked on the game.

You need to enhance your character and skills to make yourself invincible in the game. Additionally, you get eight different scenarios, each with super-exciting levels that grow intense and complicated as you move forward. You can perform robust combos and make unimaginable attacks which will make you fall in love with this ninja game.

Shadow Fight 2

When it comes to the best ninja game, Shadow Fight 2 has to be on the list. It is a nail-biting mix of classic fighting and RPG. In this ninja game, you can use different close fights. Obviously, you have to play the role of a Ninja in this game with lethal techniques and weapons. This game is perfect to live all your ninja fantasies fighting battles in the shadow and killing the enemies.

The scenarios in this game replicate gloomy and dark places with a touch of Asian animations and awesome graphics. What else? The characters are amazingly worked and highly realistic, which will leave you wanting more. In addition to this, the game features six magnificent worlds full of dangerous monsters and demons, which you need to kill to progress and win.

Ninja Arashi

Ninja Arashi

If you are looking for ninja games with lots of battles, blood, and violence, then you should try Ninja Arashi. This game includes tons of challenges that require splendid strategies to complete. It is an amazing combination of strategic traps and fights to fulfill your desires of mind-blowing challenges.

In this action-packed ninja game, you need to complete different levels by evading traps and killing your enemies using advanced weapons and moves. You can boost your moves, power up your skills, and buy different weapons like guns, axes, and swords, making this game more engaging and exciting.

Ninja Fight

Ninja Fight

This one is a fast-paced scrolling game in which you can choose from different ninjas to fight zombies, monsters, and devils. With colorful graphics, impressive animations, and smooth gameplay, this game will win your heart.

One of the best things about this game is that each character has a different set of strengths and skills that you can use smartly to destroy your enemies. In addition to this, the characters have different skills like cooldown-based abilities, fighting techniques, and additional features which will allow you to participate in insane combos.

Final Words

If you love games full of action, adventure, and fights, then you should try deadly ninja games. Sneaking through dark worlds and shadows, clashing swords in climatic fights, and killing your enemies with deadly moves are the core features of these games. Moreover, these ninja games are full of violence and battles, to satisfy your cravings for action. The ninja games mentioned in this article will allow you to revel in fantasies of power and adventure. Try these games right now and invoke the ninja in you.


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