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Is Pokemon the best game of your childhood? Yes, you are right, youth. As a kid, you might have dreamed of becoming a Pokémon Master like Ash Gray and going on adventures with a Best Buddy like Pikachu. As you know, many Pokémon games bring back fond childhood memories. But, unfortunately, while some Pokémon are easy to catch (thanks to the game's creators), others are a complete nightmare. 

As you may know, Niantic, Nintendo, and The Pokemon Company launched the popular game Pokemon GO on July 6th, 2016. It is still a popular game among Pokémon enthusiasts and consistently stands out as one of the best-established mobile games in the world. As you know, Pokemon is the most difficult to obtain. 

So if you have one of the rarest Pokemon, please consider yourself lucky. Wait for a second! Do you know which Pokemon is the rarest in this game? Check out this amazing stuff below!

1. Melmetal


Melmetal is said to be the most difficult Pokémon to evolve. Not only is the price prohibitive, but obtaining candies is complex. Extremely difficult to catch makes this ultra-rare brand new Pokémon all the more appealing. Almost everyone who plays Pokemon Go wants it. 

Now let's look at the strategies you can use to catch this Pokémon. Meltan will arrive when you unlock Mystery Boxes in Pokémon GO, but be careful. Only the player who opened the Mystery Box will receive it. Touch the Meltan that appears on the field map and catch it with a Poké Ball! The rest depends on your luck.

Melmetal is said to unleash the most potent punches of any Pokémon. It rusts and falls apart. The remaining small fragments will eventually be reborn as Meltan. It can shoot electric beams from the hole in its abdomen.

2. Elekid

Every Pokéman Trainer should have a good selection of the various Pokémon Class Types they have available to choose from. And this Pokémon and its class type cannot be overlooked, as it is one of the most powerful Pokémon in the game. Electric-type Pokemon, Elekid. This Pokemon evolves into Electabaz's final and most potent form, Erekbile. As one of the most robust electric types in Pokémon Legends: Arceus and Elekid is also one of the rarest Pokemon in the game.

Elekid can be found in the Coronet region of Cloudcap Pass. It can be difficult to see early on, and you probably will only do this late in the game, don't expect him to be alone when you get there. On the rare occasion that an Elekid spawns, he'll be surrounded by his evolved form, the Elektabaz, and if you frighten one of him, an entire gang will kick you out of the area. It would help if you had good luck with him spawning and the ability to sneak up on him without being detected.

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3. Cherubi

Which is the best Pokemon? Eevee, Cyndaquil, or perhaps various baby Pokémon in the game. Kelbi is often forgotten but easily a top contender. It may not be the best Pokémon to fight, but it's still one of the loveliest companions. Krabi is found throughout the Coronet Highlands region but does not roam. 

Instead, Kelbi likes to hide in blue shivering trees, which are few in the area. And while you might think that limits it, the chances of knocking down cherubim by shaking one of those trees is also significantly reduced. Jump from a tree.

4. Munchlax

Snorlax is one of the most famous Pokémon. We need to find a young evolution., Man Crux Catch. Once found, they may not be the most difficult people to identify, but getting to them can be daunting.

Munchlax can be found in the Obsidian Fieldlands, one of his early regions to explore in the game. However, it is located in one of the region's most daring locations, Deertrak Heights. The mountainous area is full of challenging Pokémon, not to mention difficult to traverse. 

As such, finding a sleeping Mancrux on a rocky cliff can be a bit of a hassle. What makes it even more difficult and curious is that he is one of the Pokemon with the lowest spawn rate, resulting in him being one of the best Pokemon legendaries.

5. Giratina

As one of the three most powerful legendary Pokémon in the game, Giratina belongs to the Creation Trio. However, Giratina's legendary height is not easy to catch, and if you want to have him in your crew, you'll have to take a few steps, the first being a maximum of 30 hours. After that, the main thing it takes is to complete his story. After that, you'll have to fight through a series of battles to encounter a legendary Pokémon.

After clearing the main story, you must capture Azelf, Mesprit, Yuxie, Heatran, Cresselia, and Regigigas. Afterward, all Arceus plates should be collected. These two tasks alone are a long and arduous process involving several steps. However, completing them will allow you to progress to the top of Mount Coronet. To fight Giratina, you must first defeat Volo. Finally, you can get Giratina by fighting after defeating it.

6. Arceus

Among the Pokémon Legends, Arceus is the rarest. Not surprisingly, Arceus. After all, the game bears his name. If you thought Giratina was hard to catch, you'd be surprised how hard it is to catch Arceus. First, we need to capture Giratina. This requires completing all the steps necessary. Then, to make things even more complicated, you'll need to catch all of the remaining Pokémon in your Pokédex.

Doing this will give you access to a hidden staircase in the Sinnoh Temple, revealing its location. Up this staircase, you'll face Arceus. So who is easily one, if not the hardest, Pokémon to fight and catch in the game? To say that Arceus is one of the best Pokémon in Legends is an understatement, as he is one of the hardest Pokémon to fight or catch.

7. Xerneas

When the Fairy type was introduced in Generation 6, no Pokemon performed as well as Xerneas. However, thanks to certain geomancy, he's proven to be a force to be reckoned with. Since his debut, it's been common to see Xerneas on top teams, and this Legendary has had a significant impact on the metagame, indicating that its fluffy tail is cute. 

Still, its rainbow-colored horns are business-like, giving it a beautiful yet intimidating presence. Xerneas also has the mysterious ability, rare among Legendaries, to make flowers bloom in the forest and revive those who were turned to stone by his Dark-type Yveltal.

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8. Dialga

Suppose there is a legendary Pokémon on this list called "total metal," Dialga, a giant dinosaur clad in armor that manipulates time with diamonds on its chest. In combat, Dialga has many functions. It's incredibly bulky, has a powerful attack, and is the only steel/dragon type in the game, so it has an impressive nine resistances and his one resistance, plus a dragon-like most dragons, and is not vulnerable to ice-type attacks. 

In the TCG, Dialga's ability to manipulate time allows him to do unfair things, like turning back the clock to degenerate his opponent's Pokémon or going two turns in a row. In the movie Arceus and the Gem of Life, this spiky behemoth stops an enraged Arceus.

9. Zapdos


Zapdos is a bird-type Pokémon with mostly yellow feathers. The eyes are surrounded by black rings and have a long, pale orange beak. The wings and tail are clumps of spiny feathers, and the tail feathers behind the wings and inside are covered with black feathers. A large crest of pointed feathers surrounds the head. Its thighs are khaki, and have countless paws that end in claws.

When a sudden clap of thunder fills a cloudy sky, it could be Zapatos. The design of this legendary bird is a sharp, jagged lightning bolt. The flapping of its wings produces a thunderclap, which becomes even more powerful when lightning strikes.

Zapdos' excellent typing gives him an advantage against many Pokémon while being weak against only two. With his incredible special moves, superior speed, and far above-average defense, Zapdos was a must-have for the Pokémon Stadium team. Watching the team is still competitive today.

10. Suicune

Suicune stands out among the three legendary beasts of Johto, an incarnation of the north wind, evoked by a purple mane and twin streamer tails, constantly rippling as if caught in the breeze. . Suicune is the most elegant of the trio, being at the same time a steely wolf and a lovable ice dog, which undoubtedly contributes to its immense popularity. 

The fan favorite appeared in the Super Smash Bros. spin-off, wreaking icy mayhem on stage, and at the Pokken Tournament, his four-legged friend wouldn't stop him, biting him and smashing his way to victory. Suicune has the edge over other legendaries due to the sheer amount of screen time, but there's no denying how cool it is.

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11. Ho-Oh

A legendary bird Pokémon based on Phoenix, Ho-oh is a mighty fire and Flying-type Pokémon. It can revive any Pokémon and has a swift and devastating fire-type attack, Holy Fire. Who would have thought you'd get your first glimpse of the legendary Pokémon alongside Ash while watching the first episode of the Pokémon animated series? But it remains a fantastic shared moment. 

But Ho-Oh isn't just for his ability to create the most beautiful rainbows; he can also revive both humans and Pokémon from the dead, which is why he started his three legendary beasts from Gen 2 and made them accurate. Shows impressive power. However, while it can give life, it can also take it away with Holy Fire attacks: He can paralyze opponents with 100 base power and a 50% chance to burn. 

Also, Ho-Oh can finally spread his wings again with competitive Pokémon, so he's found his way back to the pro team. Beauty and flaming muscle all rolled into one.

12. Kyogre

The majestic whale Pokémon Kyogre caused quite a stir with its debut in Pokemon Sapphire as Groudon's water rival on land. Their epic feud dates back to ancient times and formed the Earth and the Sea. So we know Legendaries are powerful and influential as their battle reshapes entire planets.

Possibly the best Water-type Pokémon of all time, its impressive stats make it an offensive and defensive threat, and its ability to change the weather. This trait has shaped the entire metagame in sure generations. They had to either use Kyogre or come up with a Kyogre solution. 

Despite being one of the giant Pokémon, it can fly. This is what you see in the Super Smash Bros. series when you pop out of a monster ball and blast fighters off the side of the stage, sending them to their fate in the water.

13. Giratina

Giratina's Altered Form is a giant dragon-like Pokémon that resembles a large sauropod in appearance. It has six legs, golden rib-like projections, and golden horns on its head. The neck has five red stripes and four black stripes. It has black lines on its back that extend down to its legs. It has black wings, from which it has three red thorn-like appendages called girasol.

If this were a ranking of the scariest Legendary Pokémon, it would be won by Giratina, the only Dragon/Ghost type. But that didn't stop them from finding a way and returning people to their warped homeland, just as Team Galactic boss Cyrus tried to remake the world. Giratina boasts incredible bulk in her super-creepy Origin form and even better attack stats in combat. A powerful ghost attack that can be used.

14. Lugia

Do you know these three powerful legendary birds from Gen 1? Well, Lugia is her boss! This legendary Pokémon exists to keep her three other legendary Pokémon in check, as we've seen in the Pokémon movies, showing its strength.

The Lugia Movie (2000) also has a song. This is reason enough to put it ahead of other Legendaries - where are her songs? Drop her hit single, and let's talk. Lugia's ridiculously high defense stats make it very good in combat, earning it the nickname of the "Great Wall of Pokémon." 

It can be used to significant effect. Finally, Super Smash Bros. demonstrates the power of Lugia's signature Aeroblast move. Popping out of a Pokéball almost guarantees a stage wipe.

15. Rayquaza

In a game series full of dragons, Rayquaza is a dragon. Though he may look like an angry green flying serpent of death, he is one of goodness, keeping the peace between the legendary Groudon and the Kyogres of land and sea. Act as a responsible Sky Guardian. Rayquaza protects Earth from alien threats, including meteorites and lurking aliens.

When it comes to combat, Rayquaza does, and Mega Rayquaza is insanely powerful and lightning fast, capable of taking down an entire team single-handedly. He has no damage cap and can take down even the most powerful Pokémon with a single hit. Also, no villain team has attempted to capture and control Rayquaza as part of their master plan. The reason is simple.

Rayquaza seems to be an aggressive and territorial Pokemon, as shown when he attacked Deoxys. However, his aggression towards Deoxys is similar to Delta's in Pokemon Games, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire. It may stem from the belief that Rayquaza has a natural duty to protect the Earth from meteorites and similar threats, as alluded to in the episode bonus.

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16. Mewtwo

Would the psychic-type Mewtwo be number one on this list? A first-generation OF Legendary, Mewtwo set a precedent for what it is to be a powerful Pokémon. While other legendary Pokémon are the creation or manifestation of planets, Mewtwo is an artificial Pokémon created by humans. Still, as we've seen with Pokémon, there's no denying that.

The first film's tragic origins led to the franchise's most inspirational quote: Rayquaza may be ridiculously cool, but what life lessons does Rayquaza teach us these days? Do you have one? Mewtwo is the only legendary with two Mega Evolutions, which are extremely powerful in the exemplary scenario.

Still, the pure vanilla Mewtwo has long been an absolute beast on the battlefield, with many versatile abilities to unleash. Features a movement pool—sound effects with high speed and even higher special attacks.

17. Togekiss

Togekiss evolved from Togepi, who was cute, small, and powerless. This Pokémon is rarely seen in the wild due to its rarity. However, Dawn received one from the princess. This Pokémon should be on your list. Aside from looks, these fairy and flying Pokémon have excellent stats. Plenty of decisive moves also take advantage of their great stats. 

Speaking of non-Legendary Flying-type Pokémon, Togekiss rules the skies. And everyone needs a party-flying Pokemon to carry from town to town, so this Pokemon is a perfect fit. Also, Togekiss (the entire lineage of evolution) is extremely rare in the wild. Having it at a party will make you unique. Finally, Togekiss is a Fairy-type move, a decisive Fairy-type move like Moon Blast, which is effective against powerful Dragon-type Pokémon.

18. Lucario

This Pokémon is very elusive in the Pokémon world. It is one of the few legendary Pokémon that can use the Aura Orb as an attack move. Lucario fights and steals Double-types. A lot of resistance, thanks to the steel typing. This Pokémon has a long list of powerful movements and high stats that work well. Lucario is also a very handsome Pokémon. This Pokemon gives us more love than most other Pokemon anime and movies! Most recently, Ash caught Riolu, who eventually evolved into Lucario. 

This powerful Pokemon is Ash's passion. It perfectly complements your personality. The Pokémon series loves Satoshi's Lucario so much that they even decided to Mega Evolve Satoshi's Lucario to reach even greater heights in battle!

But sometimes, he finds out things he doesn't want to know and gets stressed easily. You can also aggressively manipulate this energy in the form of explosive energy orbs.

19. Gyarados

Let's talk about the first-generation Pokemon, Gyarados. This Water-type Pokémon is great for travel, as it can surf and be easily transported from place to place. This Pokémon is large and can be ridden more comfortably than other smaller Water-type Pokémon. In trainer battles, he overwhelms his opponents with powerful techniques. 

And as a bonus, Magical is everywhere, so you can get him early in the game. Magikarps are common, and Gyarados are rare. Evolving Magikarp into Gyarados is hard in the Pokemon world. 

After evolution, this already powerful Pokémon can advance to the next level by evolving into an even more enormous Dragon. However, he has a quadruple weakness in electric attacks. Therefore, evolution doubles the vulnerability to electrical attacks. Remember Misty? Her signature Pokemon is Gyarados. Everyone is delighted that Misty has finally overcome her fear of Gyarados.

20. Greninja

Ash's Greninja has been featured throughout the Pokémon XY series. And for a good reason. Greninja can mega evolve without a mega stone. It's also a very cool Pokemon that is insanely strong (more robust than your average Greninja). With his ferocious techniques (cut, aerial ass, water shuriken, double team), he can hold his own and win many battles. 

He would be even more unstoppable if Ash taught him more powerful moves such as Light his Hydro his Pump, Night his Slash, Extrasensory, etc. Ever seen a glowing Greninja? Instead of dark blue, the shiny version is black with a red neckline. Are you talking about looking wild? This water-type Pokémon can be purchased as a starter. I'm sure it will make your trip much more accessible.

Greninja is a two-legged frog-like Pokémon. Most are dark blue with a yellow chest, white triangular markings above each eye, light blue square stars on each thigh, and yellow lower half of the face.

21. Charizard X

Charizard has been loved from the first generation until now! Every die-hard Pokémon fan has a soft spot for this fire and flying Pokémon. Ash's Charizard has been in the spotlight for many seasons. It's not the strongest Pokemon ever, but it looks great. And it's one of the only two Pokemon with two Mega Evolutions. Talk about love. 

Eventually, by evolving into Mega Charizard X, this dragon look-alike gained Dragon Typing. Is Charizard X rare? That's right. Charizard only evolves into this form in scarce Mega Stones. As a trainer, you'll need to find or obtain it from someone else to help Charizard into its wild state.

Charizard is a draconic two-legged Pokémon. It is predominantly orange with cream underparts from the breast to the tip of the tail. 

22. Golisopod

This Pokémon is Guzma's main Pokémon. He is mighty and has a good pool of moves. He can land a powerful physical attack with a base power of 80 by joining a Pokémon battle. Fully armed and ready to fight. He'll threaten you with that face when he doesn't have strength. 

Have you seen how well a gnathopod beats primarily? Are they hard to catch and find in the wild? Yes! To find its pre-evolved form, you must first find a way to see it. Winds are timid and flee at the sight of humans. It would help if you used a very fast Pokémon to fight and hopefully catch. 

You can also use Ghost Pokémon to use their spiteful appearance to prevent them from escaping. You will then need to train this little Pokémon hard to evolve it into a Golisopod.

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23. Metagross

This pseudo-legendary Pokemon is powerful due to its high stats and excellent typing. Due to its Steel-type characteristics, it is one of the few Psychic-type Pokémon that is weak against Dark-type and Ghost-type moves. However, it is solid and has a high defense value. Hoenn Champion Stephen has a shiny Metagross that can Mega Evolve. Did we mention what the shiny Metagross looks like? 

The silver and gold coloring makes this Pokémon look better than its standard form. This Pokémon is not only strong, but it also seems very tough. Unfortunately, Metagross and its pre-evolutionary forms are extremely rare in the wild. In most games, defeating champions rewards Beldum. Then you have to grow this Pokémon through a lot of rigorous training.

24. Noibat


Noibat is a flying and dragon-type Pokémon. Ice, fairy, dragon, and rock moves are immune to this. Neubert's most powerful moves are Wing Attack and Dragon Pulse. Auburn evolved from Neubert. They live in entirely dark caves. Their vast ears can generate ultrasonic vibrations of 200,000 hertz.

Neubert is a small, winged mammal Pokémon that resembles a baby flying fox. The body is covered with shades of purple fur, with black patches of bushy skin on the neck and legs. Its bushy head is light purple with a patch of dark purple skin just above its mouth. Neu Bats have large yellow oval eyes with slit pupils. 

The ears are large and rounded with dark purple and black rings inside. It has tiny lilac wings with small black claws. Flaps of dark purple skin connect the little wings to the body. Its belly is light purple, as are its slim hanging legs.

25. Sandile

The Sandile is a dark-type ground-type Pokémon native to the Unova region. If you give it 25 candies, it will evolve into a crocodile, and its final evolution will be a crocodile. This Pokemon is obtained from a "red egg" egg because of its particular color. 

The Sandile is a short, four-legged Pokémon with a long nose and tail. Its body is mostly light brown, except for a black stripe across the top and bottom of its legs and a pink underbelly. In addition, it has a black line on its snout in front of its eyes, and a black stripe covers the tip of its tail.

Its eyes resemble shadowed binoculars, with a black membrane covering the entire front surface. This membrane prevents sand from getting into Sandy's eyes and helps her see in the harsh sun of her desert. The tip of her long snout is her two protruding nostrils; Her mouth covers the lower half. Her feet are flat and have three sharp black claws. They are attached to the stub legs on her sides.

26. Unown

Unown is a flat, thin Pokémon shaped like an eye structure, with appendages resembling letters and punctuation marks. All black except for the white sclera. All 26 alphabetic forms of Unown have their eyes fully open, while the two punctuation forms are half-closed. Although each state has a counterpart in the Latin alphabet, Unown resembles ancient writing and hieroglyphics. 

Whether Unown is a previous work or a retrofit on which one is based is a mystery. Unown can move their appendages independently, like tentacles and fingers. The Pokédex and Dr. Oak's research disagree on whether Unown communicates via electromagnetic waves or telepathy. Either way, it is recognized by PokéGear on his radio and interpreted as Azul's flute melody. 

The relationship between Unown and Arceus is unknown. It is said that a "mysterious power" is born when multiple strange things gather. Certain unknowns wandering in the jade region could deflect Pokéballs containing Pokémon, preventing them from fighting. In the anime, they can read the minds of other life forms.


If you are the best Pokemon lover and find the best pokemon, this document will give the best resources about Pokemon. The Pokemons described above are the rarest Pokemon ever, so if you are finding the best and exclusive Pokemon, read the above pokemon details; believe us, this article will satisfy you and give you more information.


The pre-release Raichu may be the Pokémon card ever. Perhaps the most controversial Pokemon card of all time, Prerelease Raichu, may be the most occasional Pokemon card ever made.

In each game, shinies appear in varying percentages, but even at the highest rates, they're less common than Legendary.

Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf are the Lake Guardians of Sinnoh. While they are the only Legendary Pokémon to appear in the wild outside of Events and Daily Adventure Incense, they are three of the rarest Pokémon in the game.

Pokémon such as Rattata, Piggy, and Zubat are all species of the same species once caught. Ditto's encounter rate is only 3%.

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