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Vampires are superhuman beings with a long list of incredible talents and a tendency to consume the living, which supposedly opens up a wide range of plot possibilities. Additionally, vampires are cool or that is how they're represented in cultural identity. The lack of more vampire-themed video games may be due to the grey tone surrounding everything concerning vampires. 

Oddly, there aren't more video games that allow you to play as a vampire, given how popular they are or were a decade ago, at any rate. It appears to be the ideal fit. Aren't enjoyment and escape the focus of video games?

There have long been folk stories about them that have been told. These otherworldly beings were initially portrayed as savage beasts with no regard for human life. They only cared about quelling their lusts by ingesting blood. The attitude to soulless ghouls changed over time. When people started to suffer, many vampire were killed. The remaining ones hid at different places and were left lonesome and unable to die. 

Best Vampire Games 

Even though there aren't many vampire games released each year, there are a couple to take notice of this year. Here are some best new vampire games inspired by vampires and their evil legions.

Code Vein

Code Vein

Bandai Namco Entertainment created and released the adventure character-playing game Code Vein. This third-person gameplay is set in a post-apocalypse dystopian world and is performed from that viewpoint. Its graphics and gameplay were influenced by God Eater 3 and the Dark Souls video game series, both Bandai Namco creations, with Code Vein drawing staff from the latter.

Anime, manga, and JRPGs frequently explore the subject of nighttime animals. Some of the most well-known titles in such genres have some connection to the undead or gothic horror. Even though these components are typically magical in origin, some stories attempt to take a scientific stance. That is exactly what the Bandai Namco game Code Vein does.

You take on the role of a Revenant, a person suffering from a mysterious illness carried on by a parasite attached to their heart. This endows them with characteristics resembling vampire traits, such as the capacity to recover from lethal wounds and dependence on blood and "Blood Beads" for survival. 

Having the advantages of a vampire can offer you the benefit you need if you're attempting to go it alone because the gameplay takes place in a hostile, crimson-coloured world where danger lurks around every corner.



The German team Realmforge Studios created the covert combat role-playing gameplay Dark. The players control Eric Bane, a protagonist vampire with amnesia who tries to regain his memory.

Eric Bane discovers that his change has not fully taken place and that he will convert into a soulless ghoul unless he does not consume his sire's blood. However, in Eric's vision, an angel leads him down the noble road and alleviates the excruciating anguish that results from failing to swallow the good blood as it vanishes. 

Dark's gameplay revolves around covert action. Eric can use Shadow Leap to instantly relocate to various locations, execute stealth moves, briefly turn hidden, see in the darkness, and slow down time, among other paranormal vampiric "abilities." Every time Eric utilizes a skill, a set number of "blood points," which are tied to his powers, are depleted. To replenish his blood counts and life, he can suck the blood of his foes.

Darkest Dungeon

Red Hook Studios created and released the assimilation character-playing computer game Darkest Dungeon. The player controls a group of adventurers and explorers who discover these dungeons and engage in combat with the monsters. The participants can control a list of heroes and an inventory in the game's "hub-town" next to the mansion before entering a dungeon.

In addition to having unique statistics and skills that can be improved through time, each protagonist falls into one of fifteen character customization. A hero is permanently lost if they pass away while exploring a dungeon.

After finishing their preparations, the player chooses four characters and sends them into a procedurally generated dungeon. Combat battles go in a turn-based fashion. Unmanaged stress levels will eventually affect how the player behaves, making them afraid and unable to engage in direct combat, for example. 

Allowing a hero to experience tremendous stress can result in a heart attack, which could put them in danger of passing out if not treated right away. In a dungeon, stress can be reduced by camping, permitted at particular spots, or by using various calming supplies and returning to the neighbouring town.



Combat videogame and media franchise Darkstalkers, also known as Vampire in Japan, was developed by Capcom. The Earth, assimilating with the Makai world, is the setting for the Darkstalkers video games. 

The motivation for these merging changes is based on continuity. Still, a recurring element is that it ushers in the entry of the Darkstalkers—a name that serves as a collective noun for the numerous legendary creatures—into the world of humans. The most powerful members of these supernatural entities and hunters engage in combat to decide who might dominate the night.

After a protracted absence, aliens called Pyron returned to Earth in the first video game and its successor, Vampire Hunter. The Darkstalkers emerge from hiding to fight his reign over people and the paranormal as part of his mission to take over the globe with a robot army. Characters in Darkstalkers are either inspired by well-known literary and filmy creatures or drawn from folklore and myths worldwide.

A Vampyre Story

A Vampyre Story

Autumn Moon Entertainment created the point-and-click action video game A Vampyre Story. Many former LucasArts adventure game creators worked on A Vampyre Story, which resembles a few of their earlier works in appearance and design. 

As a result, the game's interface is similar to Monkey Island's point-and-click layout with a perspective radial cursor. When a player clicks a responsive object, a graphical menu with various actions and capabilities will emerge all around the object.

As the game progresses, Mona will eventually learn how to employ her new superhuman skills. Therefore, the game's puzzles will heavily rely on Mona's newly discovered strengths and limitations, forcing her to exploit them to get past obstacles and advance. 

Mona is held captive and brought to his mansion in Draxsylvania, where she is transformed into an eternal vampire. She must devise a strategy to get back home and achieve her goal of being a well-known opera singer while coping with the strange issues brought on by her new illness.

Blood Knights

German firm Deck13 Interactive created the action character-playing game, Blood Knights. The two playable characters in the video game are Jeremy, a vampire killer, and Alysa, a vampire to whom Jeremy was ceremonially wed. They are on a mission to recover a relic that has the power to unleash cataclysms. The videogame has local cooperative and solitary modes; however, it does not support online co-op.

Participants go through several places, including woods and a palace, using precise leaping and solving riddles. By searching stages for chests, participants can find the equipable gear that increases battle performance. 

Set-piece encounters make up the majority of the gameplay, where the participants must destroy a large number of foes to go on and keep exploring the region. These adversaries comprise werewolves, other vampires, devils, and rogue humans.

Participants take control of Alysa, who utilises crossbows to perform ranged strikes, and Jeremy, a melee-focused protagonist, who wields a sword. Blood can heal one active player at the cost of the other by transferring health between the two protagonists.


High Moon Studios created the first-person shooting computer game Darkwatch: Curse of the West. The storyline of Jericho Cross, an illegal gunslinger whose identity has been changed into a vampire and forcedly enlisted by the eponymous devil-hunting covert organisation to battle supernatural entities, is told in this game that combines the West, horrors, and steampunk genres.

As the participant progresses thru the play, Jericho is presented with numerous options of the evil or good kind. By choosing morals, the participants can grant Jericho new abilities, known as "Brands," based on his ethical judgments. Silver Bullet, Terror, Mystical Armor, and Demolisher are good path abilities. Blood Frenzy, Turn, Black Shroud, and Soul Stealer are the bad powers.

When the blood meter on the HUD, which would be refilled by gathering the souls of defeated foes, is filled, the superpowers can be triggered for a brief period. Gathering the souls also helps Jericho get better.

The Blood Omen 2

Crystal Dynamics created the action-adventure computer game Blood Omen 2. The game is 3D and consists of both fighting and riddle-solving. Two vials are used to depict health: a red vial, which represents all hit points, and a blue vial, which shows how much time it will take to regain full health. 

Emptying the blood of a fallen adversary or civilians will restore damaged health. Various weaponry, like a broadsword or staff, can be acquired as the game progresses. If a weapon is utilised for excessive blocking, it will eventually fail because of its limited endurance. 

Claws and abilities obtained by defeating bosses can be utilised as weapons if none are chosen. These abilities aid in solving puzzles and moving forward in the game. Most of the skills, known as Dark Gifts in the game, are only usable once enemies have been defeated and the "Rage Meter" has been loaded.

Melty Blood

Melty Blood is a collection of 2D graphic novel combat games, sometimes known as Merubura. Fighting game staples like cancelling chain combinations and the utilisation of super bars are used in Melty Blood. Additionally, it features Shielding, a sophisticated defensive strategy, and Reverse Beat, a gameplay element common to French-Bread games that can be cancelled from one stronger normal move to another.

The main gameplay element in Melty Blood is the ability to switch from a regular strike to an air throw. Certain gameplay mechanics are varied or inaccessible based on the moon, a character mode with different regular and unique moves. 

Shiki Tohno encounters Sion Eltnam Atlasia while looking for the murderer, who engages in a dispute with him to catch him. After the battle, she confesses that she was attempting to catch him to make interaction with the "True Ancestor" to learn more about the "treatment for vampirism." Shiki finally agrees to assist her in this endeavour. 

The plot of the game progresses through various battles. The plot can go in two directions depending on how the battle turns out. This is consistent with how the game ends.

The BloodRayne

Terminal Reality created the action-adventure slice-and-shred video game BloodRayne. Since then, the game has blossomed into a brand with the release of successors, movies, and stand-alone comics. The gameplay has three parts and starts in 1933. When a vampire interrupts her course, Rayne, a dhampir searching for her dad, kills them.

Rayne's initial task with the Brimstone Society in Morton, Louisiana, is to look into a local breakout of an unknown sickness. The narration further fast forwards to many years ahead. Rayne is dispatched to penetrate a Nazi base and kill G.G.G. officials to stop them from gaining the mysterious object described as "the skull of Beliar."

According to an anonymous note that Rayne discovers, a G.G.G. official in Germany possesses a listing of the surviving G.G.G. officials. She chases her victims to Palace Gaustadt in Germany after getting the listing to eliminate the G.G.G. and, ultimately, Jurgen Wulf. 

The commander of the Gegengeist Gruppe, which includes retrieving and rearranging Beliar's remains, is Juergen Wulf. The Gegengeist Gruppe seeks to install Hitler as a leader by using occult artefacts.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

The combat role-playing computer game Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines was created by Troika Games. The game's main plot is around a person who is murdered and then resurrected as a young vampire. It is inspired by the character-playing video game Vampire: The Masquerade by White Wolf. 

The adventure of the young vampire across early twentieth-century Los Angeles to find out the truth about a recently unearthed artefact that signals the extinction of all vampires is portrayed in the video game.

Both first-person and third-person views are used in Bloodlines. The participants can modify their protagonist's fighting and dialogue skills, designate them to one of the numerous vampire clans each with special powers and advance through the Bloodlines in violent and peaceful ways. The participant's humanity scores represent the vampire's humanism. 

Some acts incur humanity points; a low humanism score changes the accessible conversation choices to be more hostile and raises the possibility of the vampire going on a killing rampage when their blood supply is low. Ghoul, Heather can be hired by participants as a bespoke servant who provides them with blood, presents, and money.


Action character-playing video game Vampyr was created by Dontnod Entertainment. The character that the gamer commands is a doctor who has been turned into a vampire and is driven to slaughter innocent people by his bloodlust. 

In order to accomplish this efficiently, he must observe and alter the behaviours of his victims, gather information, and build connections with the sixty residents of London, which acts as a fictionalised semi-open world centred around centres of neighbourhoods connected to other places. An ability tree makes it easier to develop skills fed by achievement rewards obtained via investigating or, optionally, from consuming blood.

He has the power to transform humans into vampires and needs the invitation to visit home. In addition to acquiring new vampire abilities, feasting on human blood satisfies one's physical needs. It is possible to trigger and passively enhance abilities directly. 

The best way to protect Reid's disguise as a doctor is to complete the game without murdering any citizens, but this almost prevents him from leveling up. One of four endings is unlocked by murdering no one.



A character-playing computer game called Fallout: A Post Nuclear was created and released by Interplay Productions. In Fallout, the participant interacts with non-participant characters while isometrically exploring the game space. The quantity of speech each character has varies; some only speak briefly, whereas others converse extensively. Throughout talks, "talking heads," or 3D models of prominent participants, are used as illustrations.

Bottle caps can be used as currency by the player to haggle with other players or to purchase products. Despite their inability to be completely controlled, the game contains associates that the participants can enlist for fighting and exploring.

The action-point concept is used in turn-based warfare. The participants may take as many moves as they want throughout each move unless they burn out of additional actions. Various acts use up various numbers of points. 

The participants may pick up a variety of weaponry, most of which can specifically target parts of foes and can immediately change between two loaded armaments. Swing and thrust are the two assaults that melee weapons commonly have. The participants can kick or punch if they have no armed weapons.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim – Dawnguard

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim – Dawnguard

Dawnguard is based on an old prediction foretold by an Ancient Scroll. The Volkihar, a strong clan of vampires with the ability to transform into monster "vampire lords," are making a comeback, and the Dawnguard, an organisation committed to killing vampires, is attempting to stop them. 

Lord Harkon, the head of the Volkihar, plans to obliterate the sun with an Elder Scroll forever. The participants have the option of supporting the Dawnguard or joining the Volkihar and turning into a vampire lord.

Dawnguard introduces two distinct skill trees: one for lycanthropy and one for vampirism. Players can fight alongside a group of vampire assassins called the Dawnguard or allying with the vampire Volkihar Clan. Palace Volkihar or Fort Dawnguard, the two available home bases, will be accessible to participants. 

A crossbow is among the new armour, benefits, and weaponry presented. A brand-new skill tree has been introduced for the vampire lord. A skill tree was also added for werewolves, which they lacked before. There are eight bonuses on the werewolf skill tree and eleven in the vampire king skill tree.

Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2

The follow-up to Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is the action thriller video game Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. The narrative follows a frail Dracula on a mission to vanquish his former foe, Satan, both in medieval and contemporary realms.

The participants again handle Gabriel Belmont, who is now renowned as Dracula, much like in the earlier games. The participants can command Dracula in the game's pilot episode while he still has access to his abilities and armaments. 

The Battle Cross from the first Lords of Shadow is fairly similar to Dracula's primary weapon, the Shadow Whip. The Void Blade and the Chaos Claws stand in for the prior game's magical component.

The majority of the gameplay is an open world, enabling the player to pick their path. The camera may be moved in Lords of Shadow 2, which was impossible in the first game.

The Sims 3: Supernatural

The Sims 3: Supernatural

The seventh Sims 3 expansion package is titled "The Sims 3: Supernatural." Witches, magicians, werewolves, zombies, vampires, spirits, fairies, and other mystical Sims can be created by participants. Each has unique magical skills, characteristics, and connections. 

Moonlight Falls is a brand-new world that comes with the Paranormal. The new alchemy talent instructs Sims how to manufacture various tonics and cordials with certain materials. Sims can study this skill.

Sims also pick up new spells that they can employ to enchant or allure other Sims. A broom, a gipsy carriage, a magic mirror, and a sliding bookcase door are among the new additions. The majority of the items are of a gothic design. 

A skeletal non-player protagonist Bonehilda is back from The Sims: Makin' Magic. Using a zombie virus tonic, Sims can also become zombies. Paranormal, Skeptical, Paranormal Fan, Night Owl, Brooding, Gatherer, and Proper are the six new qualities that have been added.

Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night

Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night

Adventure character-playing game Castlevania: Symphony of the Night was created and released by Konami. The gameplay is in two dimensions and is side-scrolling. The goal is to explore Dracula's mansion and kill Shaft, a being that possesses Richter Belmont, the self-declared castle king and protagonist of the occurrences in Castlevania: Rondo of Blood. 

The shaft may only be seen using a certain item that is acquired during gaming. After he is eliminated, the second section of the game which has a flip-side of the first mansion and additional bosses becomes visible. Alucard must locate five distinct bosses to get five pieces of Dracula, ultimately leading to the climactic conflict with a freshly awoken Dracula.

Alucard gains experienced credits from killing demons, and once he has accrued a certain number, he will level it up, improving his characteristics. Alucard can uncover Life Vessels and Heart Vessels dispersed throughout the mansion in supplement to level-ups, which eternally raise Alucard's ultimate hit credits and hearts, accordingly.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

The game concept is modelled after the post-Symphony of the Dark Castlevania video games and uses a Metroidvania genre. As Miriam, the player manoeuvres through a maze-like succession of chambers that are presented as a platform game, battling enemies and bosses while acquiring keys or abilities that enable them to access previously inaccessible regions. 

To kill enemies, Miriam can employ a variety of weaponry, melee or distant assaults, or special powers provided by the demon shards she has collected, such as mystical attacks. Miriam has a magical power strip in addition to a health bar. When health reaches zero, the game ends, and the player must load the most recent save phase. Health is lost through attacks from monsters and the surroundings.

The participant can save their gameplay and completely replenish Miriam's life, and magical strength in the save chambers, which are scattered around the maze of rooms. The participants can also immediately move from one map area to another by utilising a warp room that has already been found.

Infamous 2: Festival Of Blood

Infamous 2: Festival Of Blood

Sucker Punch Productions created the action-adventure computer game Infamous: Festival of Blood as an independent downloadable title. New Marais has been overtaken by vampires, who have abducted Cole MacGrath and used his blood to revive their lord. 

He just has one night to track down Bloody Mary, the Head Vampire, murder her, and safeguard the city. If he doesn't, he will always be a vampire under Bloody Mary's influence.

The tale, a satire given by the narrator's companion Zeke Dunbar, departs from the chronology of the Infamous series and tells the tale of Cole's slow metamorphosis into a vampire. The videogame includes new personalities, abilities, and a user-made comic finale for the main game, Infamous 2. 

Because of Cole's vampire status, this game differs from others in that it does not punish the participants for killing innocents by consuming their blood. Rather, they act as a means of restoring Cole's health when it is depleted.

Vampire Hunter D

Vampire Hunter D

Inspired by the same-named book and film series, Vampire Hunter D is a PlayStation computer game. D, the participant character, can walk or run and can alternate among two fundamental operating modes. "Search mode" and "battle mode." 

In the first mode, D draws his weapon from its sheath and uses it to perform basic assault combinations, jump assaults, and use an opponent lock-on feature. Since D cannot use his weapon to assault outside of "combat mode," the player can more readily pick up objects and investigate the surroundings in the latter mode, which has D's weapon concealed.

D uses his weapon and sub-weapons to slay the various creatures and boss figures he encounters throughout the game. Additionally, straightforward platforming sequences are rare. 

Three different endings are available in Vampire Hunter D, and each may be obtained by visiting particular locations, gathering particular objects, and selecting particular actions when requested. Additionally, three different difficulty levels are available.


Predators prowl in the pitch-black night while the moon is overhead. That indicates that vampires are waiting to strike in the shadows. In the past, vampires frequently appeared in movies, television shows, and video games. However, in recent years, vampire-themed video games have become increasingly rare, and bloodsuckers have shed some of their appeals.

Vampires have decelerated, but they have a long history in video games. They have appeared in video games since the 1980s, either as the primary protagonist or the major adversary. The best vampire video games are those in this list. 

A few of the best new vampire games exclude the key components of vampirism, such as feasting on the human; thus, you can't always fully live the life of a vampire in them. However, every game on this list does allow the player to operate as a vampire in some capacity.


The much-loved Vampire: The Masquerade franchise will soon get a new instalment called Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong. In this game, players experience a campaign that is the storyline and is situated in Boston.

Vampyr does offer a captivating journey for those wanting some blood-sucking pleasure, despite the story being a little uninspired and the gameplay being clunky as heck. Additionally, it succeeds in conveying the impression that you are a monster of the night.

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