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Animal Tetris

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What is Animal Tetris Game?

Dive into the magical world of Animal Tetris, where cute creatures come together in a classic puzzle game adventure! Arrange falling blocks to create solid rows and clear the board while enjoying charming graphics and lively animations. Get ready to test your skills and unleash your inner strategist in this amazing online game for free.

Why to Play Animal Tetris Game On Frolic?

  • Cute Animal Characters: Play with a variety of adorable animal shapes.
  • Classic Tetris Gameplay: Experience the timeless challenge of arranging falling blocks.
  • Colorful Graphics: Enjoy vibrant visuals and charming animations.
  • Multiple Difficulty Levels: Choose from different levels of challenge to suit your skill level.

How to Play Animal Tetris Game Online on Frolic?


The rules of the Animal Tetris game are straightforward.

  1. Use the arrow keys to move and rotate the falling blocks.
  2. Arrange blocks to create solid horizontal rows with no gaps.
  3. Clearing a row earns points and frees up space on the board.
  4. Avoid letting the blocks stack up to the top of the screen.
  5. The game ends when the blocks reach the top.

Tricks to Win Animal Tetris

  • Plan ahead to create strategic placements for incoming blocks.
  • Aim to create multiple rows simultaneously for bonus points.
  • Use the down arrow key to speed up the falling blocks when needed.
  • Keep an eye on upcoming blocks to anticipate your next moves.
  • Practice regularly to improve your speed and accuracy in clearing rows.

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