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Carrom Pool

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What is Carrom Pool Game?

It's a game where you flick your finger to hit little discs into pockets on a virtual board. It's super easy to pick up and play, with controls that anyone can handle. You get to play against people from all over the world, which makes it exciting and keeps things fresh. As you play more, you unlock new stuff like cool boards and different ways to hit the discs. It's a blast to play and perfect for anyone looking for some casual gaming fun! And the best part? You can play this amazing classic game online for free and enjoy the fun like never before.

Features of Carrom Pool Game Online

  • Easy-to-use flick-and-shoot mechanics make gameplay accessible to players of all skill levels.
  • Compete against opponents from around the world, adding excitement and variety to each match.
  • Progress through the game to unlock new boards, strikers, and customization options, keeping gameplay fresh and engaging.
  • Enjoy the thrills of Carrom Pool without any cost, making it accessible to everyone with a compatible device and internet connection.

How to Play Carrom Pool Game Online on Frolic?


The rules of the Carrom Pool game are straightforward.

  1. Use your finger to flick the striker and hit your pieces into the pockets.
  2. You have to pocket the bigger disc, called the queen, before your last piece.
  3. Don't pocket your opponent's pieces or the striker itself, or it's a foul.
  4. Take turns with your opponent to flick the striker until someone wins by getting all their pieces and the queen into the pockets.

Tricks to Win Carrom Pool

  • Practice your aiming skills to ensure consistent and accurate shots.
  • Utilize rebound shots by aiming for the edges of the board to pocket multiple carrom men.
  • Control the speed and direction of the striker to avoid fouls and maintain precision.
  • Strategise by anticipating your opponent's moves and planning your shots accordingly.

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