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Color Switch

June 17, 2021
Last Updated
September 4, 2023

What is Color Switch?

Your main aim in this fun game is to help the cute little ball to cross the dangerous world of colors and reach back home. This game on Froic is fun, and you need a lot of patience to play this amaing game. Some levels are easy, but some are highly difficult to get through, making the game more exciting.  

The mobile game depends on screen-tapping. In this obstacle-based game, your objective is to play through the intricate by tapping the small ball of a specific color through shapes of the matching color. You need quick reflexes and motor skills to be a champion of this game.

Why Play Color Switch on Frolic?

  • Color Switch has a practice match option to help you improve your skills before entering the cash lobby and playing for real money.
  • The matchmaking process is quick and flawless.
  • The game has appealing graphics and easy to use interface.
  • Frolic ensures a completely safe and secure gaming experience for all users.
  • We offer 24x7 active customer support where the players can submit their queries.
  • How to Play Color Switch?


    1. Tap the screen to move the ball up.
    2. The obstacles can move, rotate, and change colors.
    3. Do not touch them and cross them wisely.
    4. Your goal is to move through the obstacles.
    5. But you can only move through the color that matches the color of your ball.
    6. After passing each obstacle, the color of your ball will change

    Tricks to Win Color Switch Game

    Tapping is the Key

    Tap, tap, and tap to move forward and keep getting past the obstacles. Additionally, tap to make the ball jump and cross the obstacles.

    Always Be at the Centre

    Try to always stay at the center and get through the obstacles. It will help you to get further without hitting the wall.

    Pay Attention to the Obstacles

    The obstacles in this game are highly challenging. They move, change color, and can even rotate, so you need to pay attention to the obstacles and cross them smartly.