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Fruit Dart

June 17, 2021
Last Updated
September 27, 2023

What is Online Fruit Dart Game?

Fruit Dart is fun to play online dart game available on the Frolic app. The fruits will appear on the screen in random order. The knife can be thrown by tapping anywhere on the screen. Each fruit is updated instantly. Players will get extra points for slicing more than 1 fruit with the same knife.

Occasionally there will be times when a bomb will pop on the screen. You have to avoid the bomb as slicing them will result in losing a life. You will have 3 lives in total, and the game ends if you lose all 3 lives. In this fruit slicing game, avoiding the bombs is what makes this game full of thrill and excitement.

Your objective is to slice as many fruits as possible before the three-minute timer runs out or you lose your 3 lives.To master this game, you need excellent eye-hand coordination and good reflexes to slice the fruits and avoid the bombs.

You must have good speed and accuracy to score the highest points in the game.You can play this popular game on Frolic in a 1v1 battle mode or challenge yourself by playing tournaments and winning real cash prizes. Just remember, if you slice the bomb, it’s Game Over!

Features of Fruit Dart Game Online

  • This fun fruit slashing game is free to play.
  • The game on Frolic is ad-free, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted gaming experience.
  • You can win real money just by playing Fruit chopping game on Frolic.
  • You can enjoy personalized tournaments and practice matches where you can play Fruit Cutting Game online for free with your friends, with opportunities to win even more.

How to Play Fruit Dart Game Online?


  1. Tap anywhere on the screen to release the knife.
  2. Slice the fruit that appears on the screen.
  3. Slice more than 1 fruit to score higher.
  4. Avoid the bombs, or else you will lose your life.
  5. Missing a fruit won't lose you any points.
  6. You get 3 minutes to score as many points as you can.

Tricks to win Online Fruit Dart

Let’s explore some tricks to win the game. 

Try to Slice More Fruits at the Same Time

The game has a time limit and to score maximum points in that limited time, the trick is to slice more fruits with a single knife and get extra points.