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Architecture is a perfect combination of art and science and is one of the most outstanding achievements of humankind. From building cave houses, pyramids, and ancient castles that touched the sky to today's modern gigantic skyscrapers, everything required creativity, workforce, money, and hard work.

Technology has brought stars from different galaxies into your pocket. You thought it couldn't allow you to build iconic intelligent cities and architecture without the expenditure of the earlier-mentioned things?

Here are the top 25 architecture games you can play on your android device. Though these games' greatness is not in order, every one of them is better than the other. Try out these games and give your creativity and management ability a sharp edge! 

1. SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt

If you have an unfulfilled dream of going to London or Tokyo or visiting the Eiffel tower, this game is where you will own these places. You can add whatever element you want in your cities, from a pleasant river to a jousting stadium. Also, to add a little bit of green to your city, you can add a small forest. 

Just like in real cities, the people of your city will face lots of problems, and the crucial part of these problems is traffic due to overpopulation; you will have to plan and build roads to avoid that. Now running a city takes extra effort, like defending your city from Monsters that will try to destroy everything you have built. 

The game is gratifying; you will get exclusive rewards by defeating the monsters or making trades with friends. There is a weekly challenge also that will help you to get some extra bucks in your pocket. 

Show your creativity, get Some fun, and gift yourself a customized virtual city.

  • Availability on Platforms: Android 4.1 and up
  • Price: Free (On Google play store)
  • Developer: ELECTRONIC ARTS
  • Release Year and Date of Launch: 15 December 2014

2. City Island 5 - Building Sim

Your dream of being a mayor of a mega-city will become a reality seconds after you download this game! Don't worry; you won't need to run in elections, and you will not require an internet connection after downloading the game, as it flawlessly runs offline.

You will be given a small island town to manage and grow. And as the mayor of that town, you can do any customization you want. You will have to turn your small island into a megapolis by collecting taxes and building necessary services like power, water, and sewage for your city's people. 

You must also build hospitals, fire services, and entertainment stations like parks, stadiums, and theaters to make the common folk happy. 

Happy citizens pay more taxes, so their happiness will be your utmost goal! Once you turn your island into a megapolis, you will be elected as the mayor of other neighboring islands for doing the same things but in different and challenging circumstances. 

  • Availability on Platforms: Android 5.0 and up
  • Price: Free (On Google play store)
  • Developer: Sparkling Society
  • Release Year and Date of Launch: 16 December 2018

3. Megapolis: City Building Sim

Megapolis: City Building Sim

Megapolis: City Building sim is one of the most famous architecture games with hundreds of unique features. You will have to build your dream town and do business simultaneously to increase its economic status.

You will need some resources to grow your city; you will get fuel by mining, and you can get natural resources that will make your wallet fat. And To speed up the progress rate, you will need to build some research centers. 

So here, you can make your metropolitan city and business tycoon simultaneously. The best and most unique part of this game is its user-friendly and relaxing gameplay. Do you know that you can build a space station and uncover the secrets of the universe? 

Megapolis will give you a variety of opportunities to show your skills. So use all of the features in this game and get rid of the boredom you get after a dull day.

  • Availability on Platforms: Android 4.4 and up
  • Price: Free (On Google play store)
  • Developer: Social Quantum Ltd
  • Release Year and Date of Launch: 30 November 2012

4. Pocket Build

Pocket Build

Most of the games in this list will allow you to own a city or two, but with this game, you can build and decorate the whole earth! Thanks to technology and developers, you can build a world out of your imagination, and this game won't require an internet connection most of the time!

The most remarkable thing in this game is you can rotate the earth and see which thing you have built and which place still requires your magical touch. To see the details of your creation, you can also zoom there. Isn't that incredible

What if you get done with all the resources? Then this game has that solution also. You can enable unlimited sandbox mode to get unlimited resources and building space!

The overall ambiance, sound effects, and soothing graphics will help you to relax. If you want something superb and colorful to get rid of boredom, this is the game you have ever wanted.

  • Availability on Platforms: Android 6.0 and up
  • Price: Free (On Google play store)
  • Developer: MOONBEAR
  • Release Year and Date of Launch: 17 November 2017

5. City Island 3 - Building Sim

City Island 3 - Building Sim

Yes, technology makes even the most impossible possible, but have you ever imagined owning a deserted island and turning it into a luxurious megapolis in a matter of weeks? Well, here is this game that will make your dream come true!

This game has high-quality graphics, and fun and attractive quests that will keep you engaged for hours. Now at first, you will receive a typical village, and by adding advanced technology, you have to make a modern City out of it, and boom!

Your customizable town is ready. You can expand your city and build a transport system to another city. At the end of the building, the city's people will send feedback to let you know how well you are doing, and you can also upgrade your city. While playing, you will receive rewards that will put a smile on your face.

You can access all these features without any internet connection, and the game will win your heart in no time.

  • Availability on Platforms: Android 4.4 and up
  • Price: Free (On Google play store)
  • Developer: Sparkling Society
  • Release Year and Date of Launch: 27 December 2014

6. City Mania: Town Building Game

City Mania: Town Building Game

This is one of the funniest architecture games. In your stressful life, the adorable citizens of your city will surely melt down your heart with cuteness. To make a flourishing, peaceful City, you have to craft buildings, Landscapes, and tourist spots; for your citizens, you have to make some source of education and job. 

Along with that, make something that will entertain your citizens. According to your strategy, unlocking each spot will expand your city. Completing your task will get you some extra cash to help you progress in your city.

Though you don't have to pay anything to play this game if you want, then you can purchase some of the extra elements with money.

  • Availability on Platforms: Android 4.0.3 and up
  • Price: Free (On Google play store)
  • Developer: Gameloft SE
  • Release Year and Date of Launch: 26 April 2017

7. Virtual City Playground: Build

Virtual City Playground: Build

Along with the city building Architecture aspect, "Virtual city playground build" is also about time management; it is a single-player offline game where you will have to manage even the basic things, a garbage recycling system making the game unique from others.

And like other architecture games, you can also build your city and well-designed constructions. By playing this game, you can be the king of your kingdom, but in virtual life.

By crafting buildings, you can receive rewards, but while offline, the transporter will keep transporting things, and you will get the reward after you come back to play. There are hundreds of exciting things in-game, which you will only discover after playing it! 

  • Availability on Platforms: Android 4.0.3 and up
  • Price: Free (On Google play store)
  • Developer: G5 Entertainment
  • Release Year and Date of Launch: 20 October 2011

8. TheoTown - City Simulator

TheoTown - City Simulator

What does a smart city look like, in your opinion? You can put your thoughts into this game. You will get the chance to build a smart city with all necessities and luxuries, like railways, airports, and subways. An intelligent city also needs protection, don't worry, mayor! The military will protect you and your city.

You will also get the chance to build police stations, solve mysteries and catch criminals. You can even make a replica of famous cities like New York, Tokyo, and many others. You can make thermal, sustainable air, or nuclear power plants for electricity supply! 

Instead of scrolling mindlessly or being upset, you can try this game. It will cut out the sadness and put a shiny smile on your face.

  • Availability on Platforms: Android 4.4 and up
  • Price: Free (On Google play store)
  • Developer: blue flower
  • Release Year and Date of Launch: 11 April 2015

9. Designer City: Building game

Designer City: Building game

Transforming your fantastic ideas of room décor into reality needs nothing but this awesome game! More than 1 Million players have already broken all shackles off their creativity by downloading this game from the google play store!

This game is a perfect fusion of exciting puzzle challenges and designing variety! The game has an abundance of all the typical characteristics, like a wide variety of décor, customizable rooms, and a sound reward system. Moreover, this game also has a unique fantasy element that will impress you.

But wait to judge it; the gameplay has many layers, including RPG elements, multiplayer and social modes. This DIY home décor game will help you relax with its soothing music, cute color patterns, and avatars.

  • Availability on Platforms: Android 6.0 and up
  • Price: Free (On Google play store)
  • Developer: SGS - City Building Games
  • Release Year and Date of Launch: 4 May 2015

10. Global City: Build and Harvest

The game will immediately impress you with its realistic HDR graphics as soon as you tap the start button! You can build anything, from small residential rooms to skyscrapers and metro or railway stations! You can also build hotels and resorts in the special mode.

You can experience all the processes needed for building an architecture, from mining raw materials from mountains and mines, transporting them into factories, buying efficient materials, hiring skilled workers, feeding them, and giving them a salary.

You must also try making your building earthquake or other disaster-proof and many more! You can also trade exclusive items with other cities using the ship ports and airports. To get the money to build your dream city, you must collect taxes from the citizens.

 It is a thumb rule that more population gives you more taxes, so try to make your city pleasant so that people from other places move into your city!

  • Availability on Platforms: Android 4.4 and up
  • Price: Free (On Google play store)
  • Developer: UPWAKE.ME
  • Release Year and Date of Launch: 17 November 2020

11. Village Island City Simulation

Village Island City Simulation

Are you tired of the busy, polluted streets of cities? Here is this game to bring you close to your pleasant country lanes! Simply put, you become the mayor or chief of a village and try to grow it and keep its citizens happy and healthy.

There are more than 100 unique buildings, with dozens of upgrades. You can also customize the styles of the buildings. You can also build churches and statues. The game flawlessly covers the typical features of a city-building game, like building infrastructure, parks, schools, fire departments, hospitals, etc.

But wait to judge; this game has many unique features like economy handling, creating jobs for individuals, spreading education and awareness to the villagers, and many more things, even without an internet connection! 

But the fun part is, you will start from a small village, and by doing hard work, you will eventually turn it into a megapolis!

  • Availability on Platforms: Android 4.4 and up
  • Price: Free (On Google play store)
  • Developer: Sparkling Society
  • Release Year and Date of Launch: 7 June 2005

12. Property Brothers Home Design

Property Brothers Home Design

Building stunning and delicate homes are a piece of cake once you download this game. This game is engaging, and you will not feel bored even for a second while trying to help Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott, aka the property brothers.

They will hire you to design the interiors of their home in the primary story mode of the game. Don't worry; you will soon become famous as you renovate, demo, and customize according to the brothers' style.

The game's essential features include puzzles, celebrity houses, a variety of décor, and many more. But don't worry, nothing will match its voice-over feature. Famous TV artists have given voice to the Property Brothers. They will encourage you at every step and even compliment your excellent work!

  • Availability on Platforms: Android 4.4 and up
  • Price: Free (On Google play store)
  • Developer: Storm8 Studios
  • Release Year and Date of Launch: 19 June 2019

13. City Island 4: Simulation Town

City Island 4: Simulation Town

City Island 4 is the fourth installment of the most popular city-building architecture game series with millions of players worldwide. Don't worry; the game might seem very similar to most of the games in this list, but don't worry, you will realize the real magic as you go deeper into this magical world.

The premise is simply elegant, you start as a small tycoon belonging to a small village, and using your hard work, creativity, and other abilities, you turn your village into a magnificent city with billions of people! 

Not only that, once you finish with your village, you can go worldwide to different cities like Paris, New York, etc. You can choose from a wide range of buildings, from vintage churches to modern skyscrapers. You can also add iconic buildings to your city to attract more citizens.

  • Availability on Platforms: Android 4.4 and up
  • Price: Free (On Google play store)
  • Developer: Sparkling Society
  • Release Year and Date of Launch: 26 December 2015

14. Minecraft


You will have a hard time finding people living in the 21st century who haven't played or even heard about Minecraft; it is not just a game; Minecraft has turned into a global video gaming icon with more than 1 crore active players on Android and even more on other platforms. 

The world of this game is like heaven for your creative wings; with no restrictions, you can carve out anything from the simplest homes to magnificent castles.

You will get lots of emotions from this game, but boredom is not one of them! You can free-roam in the available pixel world or build your dreams in the creative mode with no resource limitations.

You can also dive deep into the rich open world of the game in survival mode. There is also a multiplayer mode, where you can compete among players in many ways, fighting, building, and castle defending. Not only that, this architecture game even gives you weapons and an engaging combat system. 

  • Availability on Platforms: Android 5.0 and up
  • Price: 650 Rupees (On Google play store)
  • Developer: Mojang
  • Release Year and Date of Launch: 15 August 2011

15. Block Craft 3D

Block Craft 3D

Are you tired of concrete, bricks, rods, and cement? Don't worry. Here is this game where you can build with digital pixels! You can make so many different things in this game using colorful pixels. You will love this game even more if you are an animal lover, as Players can pet and play with animals, even if you can adopt an elephant

There are no monsters to destroy your work, so there is nothing to worry about. As this is a multiplayer game, you must choose a customizable avatar. Being that character, you can visit your friend's village and collect some ideas for your village. 

Here you will need gems to buy something. To earn some extra gems, you can create your custom block and sell them. You will have a lot of fun and a great chance to show your creativity with this game!

  • Availability on Platforms: Android 5.0 and up
  • Price: Free (On Google play store)
  • Developer: Fun Games For Free
  • Release Year and Date of Launch: 24 August 2016

16. Townsmen

In this game, you will be the mayor of the city, and your job will be to take care of fellow citizens. You will have to do exciting and crucial jobs like finding mining fields and farming pads.

You will also have to collect taxes from your citizens, don't be a cruel dictator and always try to address their concerns. With that, several things, like fire and disease, can harm your population, so be sure to take preventive measures!

You will get military support for defending your homeland from invaders. Now the most exciting thing about this game is the dynamic weather system. When winter comes, it covers the land with a thick layer of snow.

Though this game is free to play, if you like it, then "Townsmen" also comes with a premium version. You can check that too.

  • Availability on Platforms: Android 4.1 and up
  • Price: Free (On Google play store)
  • Developer: HandyGames
  • Release Year and Date of Launch: 3 August 2012

17. Lego Worlds

Lego Worlds

In keeping with the notion that the LEGO World game is all about creative freedom, much like managing the Lego bricks system in real life, it allows players to build excellent infrastructure and a wide range of other buildings.

This architecture game presents infinite building options thanks to the many different categories of bricks available, which architectural gamers would like to love

In this game, you can build your own house as well as recreate famous locations from your favorite serials, books, and even other video games in the immersive and realistic virtual world of this game. 

This is always a great sign when it comes to making games, as such pursuits act as the most crucial test for a title's strength.

  • Availability on Platforms: Android 5.1 and up, Nintendo Switch.
  • Price: Free
  • Developer: Traveller's Tales
  • Release Year and Date of Launch: 7 March 2017

18. Idle Construction 3D

 Idle Construction 3D

Your journey of becoming the best builder in the world unfolds with this popular building game having more than 10 million downloads on the google play store. You will become a construction tycoon in the game and build iconic skyscrapers or classic historic buildings all around the world in this game. 

To reach your goal of becoming the most prominent tycoon in the world, you will have to solve the fun challenges the game will give you. You can build iconic buildings like Burj Khalifa, the Statue of Liberty, the last most challenging Sydney Opera House, and many more!

Besides making a proper design for your masterpiece, the other vital aspects include hiring skilled workers and engineers from different parts of the world. The game gives you an authentic experience of being a manager as you will have to take care of the wellbeing of your workers, remember happy workers, and do better and more efficient work. 

You will have a great time seeing your dream project built brick by brick in the game's immersive and realistic virtual wall.

  • Availability on Platforms: Android 5.0 and up
  • Price: Free (On Google play store)
  • Developer: Green Panda Games
  • Release Year and Date of Launch: 20 November 2019

19. Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter

You might have heard about the famous game developer Bethesda and their iconic Fallout Series, and you will, at every moment in this game, feel the legacy of this shelter-building game which already has more than 50 million downloads on the google play store.

The premise of this game is entirely different from the others in this list; you will have to build underground shelters in the post-apocalyptic world for the remaining survivors. Don't take it lightly; the succession of human civilization depends upon you; if you don't build the proper shelters, humans will die from radiation and other dangers.

To get enough resources for your shelters, you will sometimes have to go to the surface to collect raw materials. You will have to turn scraps into working equipment, see through the health of the survivors, and, most importantly, keep them safe from the dangers of outside.

  • Availability on Platforms: Android 7.0 and up
  • Price: Free (On Google play store)
  • Developer: Bethesda Softworks LLC
  • Release Year and Date of Launch: 12 August 2015 

20. Redecor - Real Home Design

Redecor - Real Home Design

Don't worry; your pain of needing more in your wallet to build a dream mansion ends by downloading Redecor - Real Home Design. This game covers all aspects of architecture, from building a solid structure to choosing the right paint for your wall.

Unlike most of the games in this list, this game has a multiplayer leaderboard mode where you can show your creativity to others. You have to vote for the creations you like; the more someone gets, the more they climb the leaderboard. There are rare décor items and home designs for those who secure top ranks.

Moreover, the graphics of this game are stunning; you can even see the creases on the bricks or the woodwork on the furniture. These tiny details, along with a realistic risk-reward system, will surely make your time worth it!

  • Availability on Platforms: Android 5.0 and up
  • Price: Free (On Google play store)
  • Developer: Reworks Ltd.
  • Release Year and Date of Launch: 10 April 2020

21. PLAYHOUSE: Design Game

This game will erase all the financial and time management barriers between you and your dream of building iconic architecture. Don't worry; you can show off all your architecture skills with nothing more than your android device, thanks to this game!

The game gives you a wide range of control over your dream house, from outside additives like swimming pools or gardens to tiny interior details! You can even make your dream mansion look European, Asian, or American with the pre-loaded templates. You can also choose from historical buildings to modern ones; the game has an abundance of all.

Moreover, you can decorate your interior with thousands of décor products from iconic real-life brands. You will be amazed to see the details of the products, the graphics, and even the prices of the products are realistic.

  • Availability on Platforms: Android 4.4 and up
  • Price: Free (On Google play store)
  • Developer: CookApps
  • Release Year and Date of Launch: 11 March 2011

22. Home Design Makeover

Very few architectures or home-building android games have crossed the mark of 10 million downloads on the google play store, and this one is a shining example of them. Don't worry; you won't need to be a genius to realize this game is a masterpiece just by spending a few minutes in the immersive and realistic world.

This game will help you master home-building skills as it contains hundreds of home décor products from dozens of brands. First, you will have to make a blueprint of your home, don't take stress; the game will guide you at every step.

Then, you need to earn enough points to buy the raw materials by completing intuitive puzzles or playing fun mini-games. Next, you have to design the interior of your royal home using those points. And Bingo! Your dream home is ready for showing off to your friends using the Social Share feature present in the game.

  • Availability on Platforms: Android 4.4 and up
  • Price: Free (On Google play store)
  • Developer: Storm8 Studios
  • Release Year and Date of Launch: 8 May 2018

23. Town City - Village Building

If you got power, how advanced a city can you make out of a village? Well, it seems impossible in real life, but you can get power in the virtual world thanks to this game.

So show your creativity and make a beautiful, sophisticated and elegant city out of a typical village with this game. You will receive many challenging tasks and opportunities to unlock 300 unique buildings, which will be placed on six beautiful islands. 

You might have understood how pretty the graphics would be just by seeing the vast numbers of game downloads on the google play store. After completing the required tasks and making your citizens happy, you will receive rewards that you can use to add unique buildings like the Taj Mahal, Opera House, etc. 

  • Availability on Platforms: Android 4.4 and up
  • Price: Free (On Google play store)
  • Developer: Sparkling Society
  • Release Year and Date of Launch: 23 April 2018

24. Designer City: Empire Edition

Designer City: Empire Edition

Architecture has evolved with time, the houses, cities, and everything was utterly different hundreds of years ago. This game will take you on a journey through time into an ancient city, which you will have to build, grow and manage.

Humanity needs a place to stay, clothes, and food to survive. And for all three things, they need work, which you can provide by creating businesses and industries. And here you don't have to think about materials and time. You can use materials for free, and there is no time limitation.

The citizens of your Ancient city will not like to stay in a polluted place. So you have to take care of that also. There is a lot of green in this game which is very soothing to watch, and the gameplay is relatively smooth as it is an offline game.

  • Availability on Platforms: Android 6.0 and up
  • Price: Free (On Google play store)
  • Developer: SGS - City Building Games
  • Release Year and Date of Launch: 15 May 2020


Video games have covered every aspect, emotion, and history of humankind. Architecture is the backbone of human civilization. From the Great Pyramids to the Burj Khalifa, architects have spread their magic worldwide. 

Many dreams of becoming an architect or managing a city and its population. The real world is cruel and the killer of many dreams, but in the virtual world, your creativity and your imaginary wings get all the air to spread their wings. 

Thousands of building games are available on the internet, but not all canvases deserve your brushes. Here is this list to save you from the suffering of finding a world suitable for your creative mind. 


You can simply download the games in this list from the Google Play Store.

Yes, these games are safe for children, and according to experts, these games help increase their creativity.

Yes, most games are free to play; however, they include in-app purchases.

These are android games. However, some of them also have a PC version you can play.

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