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The easygoing and relatively lax mechanics of city-building games make them one of the more well-liked gaming subgenres. It is the kind of game you would like to play when you just want to relax, unlike games with great intensity. City-building games test your ingenuity without requiring you to jam the controls to win.

We cover a wide variety of topics in this ranking of the best city-building games for android, from contemporary city-building experiences to well-known landmarks and historic towns. The Simpsons' hometown of Springfield even appears in one game. You could have found the new gaming genre addiction you've been looking for.

Best City Building Games For Android

City Building Games are the best way to give wings to your imagination. They allow you to build your cities, decorate them, collect resources, and make your dream life. The amazing part is that most of the best 25 city-building games for android are entirely free. Continue reading to find out the best city-building game for you. 



This game focuses more on city development than on war and invasion elements. In the medieval setting of Townsmen, you create your hamlet to draw in additional settlers. It offers a challenging gaming environment with over 150 town and production structures, a deep economy simulation, and even deep industrial chains.

Since this game is set in the medieval age, you must essentially start from scratch and construct your modest city into an empire from scratch. You will depend on ore mining, agricultural harvesting, and tax collection as your only technology sources if you want to expand your area. To maintain a happy population, you must construct amenities and offer services.

If you love action games or adventure games, then Open World Games indeed the best pick for you.

Snow Town: Ice Village Town

Snow Town: Ice Village Town

You are Snow Town's city administrator. Your responsibility is to construct your village from the ground up, including the roads, businesses, and other infrastructure. As city manager, it is your responsibility to maintain the basic needs of the populace.

There are more than 100 different building types to choose from in the free game Snow Town, including fire and police stations, roads, bridges, and highways. The majority of players lose themselves in it for hours.

The hardest part is that it's always winter, so be careful on the slick sidewalks and roads. You get more diamonds as you construct other highways. However, fans would prefer cloud backup. It's an otherwise engaging and family-friendly game with outstanding graphics.

The Simpsons

The Simpsons

The Simpsons: Tapped Out injects some humor into the city-building genre by requiring cooperation from the residents before you can begin to rebuild the town from the ground up. 

After you have located every character, returned them to their families, and modified the way they seem to fit the fashion of your new town, you can begin constructing Springfield, increasing the city and its economy as you go.

Not to add, the game's monthly in-game events are attracting more gamers swiftly. Tapped Out, a video game based on the enduring television series The Simpsons, lets you control Springfield and communicate with other well-known Simpsons characters.

Rise Of Kingdom: Lost Crusade

Rise Of Kingdom: Lost Crusade

The usual city-building game is taken to a new level in Rising of Kingdoms. Everything will demand a different strategy because there are many factors to consider, adversaries to battle, and even the strongest commanders.

Even in 2023, it's a very tactical game that won't disappoint you if you're seeking an Android active city builder game! The game's seasons and active community make it possible for ongoing development and advancement. You should play it.

Players have several possibilities throughout the game, including the ancient Chinese or Roman empires. Whichever ancient culture you select, you must protect your settlement from raids like Vikings or barbarians who have already arrived or are on the prowl.

The landscape is extensive and covers every aspect of gameplay, from real-time combat to exploration. There are also historical figures accessible, including Julius Caesar. The ability to freely explore ancient structures and underground networks is another appealing feature for gaming enthusiasts. 

Apart from that, the app is excellent and offers alliance building, one of the most well-liked features. Overall, it's simple to play and has detailed graphics and fighting mechanics. According to some critics, depictions of ancient cities and civilizations are stunning.

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SimCity Buildit

SimCity Buildit

SimCity BuildIt is a free iOS game that allows you to create the city you want and raise a thriving virtual population. It is based on a well-known city-building game series. You are responsible to your residents as Mayor to give them the finest.

To meet the needs of your city, you can start here by constructing industries, stores, stores, and roadways. In the end, you can negotiate agreements with other towns for better advantages using the taxes that have been collected.

As the game progresses, you'll have the opportunity to give your folks additional skill-based education. After that, you'll be able to manage the availability of services like power, water, sewage treatment, sanitation, etc. Therefore, make intelligent decisions and begin developing your city right now.

There are several natural hazards to be aware of and fantasy components like monsters. Your genuine concern might just be aggressive rival mayors. The Statue of Liberty and other real-world attractions can be unlocked through gaming. 

When the population of your thriving metropolis reaches a particular number, you can network with other mayors to exchange information and pool your resources to protect your inhabitants. The app generally captures the joy of SimCity games on different platforms.

Designer City

Designer City

Designer City is a city-building game that emphasizes creativity over conflicts and strategies. You want to build stunning residences and buildings that people will want to buy for themselves. However, to keep people happy and ensure your town is worth the move, you will need to have local solid areas and appealing buildings.

Not to be forgotten is that you can play a variety of "Designer Cities." You have several possibilities, including Designer City: Space Edition, Designer City: Empire Edition, and even Designer City 2, the follow-up to the first game. We'll stick with the original because it's a timeless game that's fun to play.

Even though the game is free to play, there are extra treats that can be acquired by spending a modest amount of money. You can also get the cash you require for constructing and other town-related costs by using your daily reward spins or the revenues from your gold mine.

A fantastic alternative for a leisurely gaming experience is Designer City; leave it alone and check in occasionally to see how your wealth and city have grown. There are always new structures and amenities being installed.



Megapolis: City Building Sim is one of the most real city-building games on android. You'll develop your little village into the largest city it can be, perhaps one of the world's largest cities, by following real-life, market-driven economic factors. Every facet of city life must be considered, including the infrastructure, business, housing, and even the armed forces.

Megapolis has a feature that allows you to add a research facility, elevating your town to the forefront of business and industry. You can also participate in government-sponsored competitions to win extra money, prizes, and bonuses. The Eiffel Tower and other well-known structures are among those that can be added.

Megapolis incorporates strategy into its city-building game since you must design a city by market laws. This means you must carefully consider your choices and the things you produce because your infrastructure risks crumbling otherwise.

This game of city-building is entertaining and challenging. You will be forced to follow stringent building codes as you develop your city, forcing you to consider your options carefully.

If you are a fan of fighting games, then Enthralling Anime Fighting Games is a must-try for you.



With glimpses of city skylines, TheoTown has distinctive gameplay somewhat reminiscent of SimCity. What makes this game difficult to learn is the highly intricate gaming mechanic. Several tutorials are available online to assist you in getting started, even though the learning curve for this game shouldn't be underestimated.

In this game, you can use your ideas freely; if you want to divide your city into a wealthier and a poorer section or between a more rural and modern province, you can easily do so. Rails, roads, and other features can be used to divide the zoning. In the end, you want to populate your city with desirable people.

The ability to simultaneously manage multiple towns makes this game unique. This time, natural disasters and crises related to public health are included.

For both public and private lands, you are accountable. Both residential and commercial space, as well as transportation, must be considered. Cities that have been developed are modeled after real places like London and Paris, and as a result, landmarks like the Eiffel tower can be included.

We appreciate the number of plugins offered by the in-game plugin store and the fact that playing requires no online connection. Your city can be networked through infrastructure as well. If you don't think this is one of the best games for building cities, try it out and tell us what you think.

City Island 5

City Island 5

The idea behind the upcoming Android city building game, City Island 5 — Building Sim, is to build up a town exactly how you like it and then move on to the next. Send airships off to explore once your first island is how you want it.

Each island has a distinct motif. Establish your town by relocating to a location (or locations). You'll go on quests to find a hidden treasure as well. Playing City Island 5 with friends is possible both offline and online. Every island, structure, and town has its flair.

Your city will become more sophisticated, and you'll be awarded more as you play. Pop-up advertisements do frequently interrupt the game, as we discovered. The graphics are fantastic, and your rewards for creating a thriving city make it all worthwhile.

The scant handful of new iOS games permits offline play. Playing City Island makes you feel like a tycoon responsible for managing a city. You, as a tycoon, started on a small island to grow and prosper the metropolis. You must perform challenges to gather, improve, and adorn the city to accomplish the objectives.

Tropic Paradise Sim

Tropic Paradise Sim

Tropic Paradise Sim can help you build your city in a more beautiful area. It's a straightforward town-planning, and construction simulator, except you're building tropical resorts over several islands where people may vacation from their villages and towns. When selecting a facility and planning a destination, service must be considered.

You can play a game that simulates what it could be like to have your little island paradise. It is up to you what you construct, whether a large city, a resort, or a little village. It's crucial to reward those who are drawn to what you've created once they do. And the game itself rewards you for doing so.

You'll start with a sizable sum of cash and gold and receive regular incentives. You can earn even more money to put toward development by watching advertisements.

Rise of the Roman

Rise of the Roman

In Rise of the Roman Empire, you take on the role of an emperor sent to rule a region. It's your responsibility to restore Rome to its former splendor as its fame is quickly dwindling. Fortify it to withstand, among other things, pirate and barbarian invasions.

You have two respected leaders, Ovid and Asteria, at your disposal. Each has particular expertise to contribute; it's up to you to decide which one to entrust with running the imperial outpost. Otherwise, regulating the flow of commodities and services, keeping your inhabitants nourished and safe, and expanding your domain are the main objectives of this game.

We especially appreciate that players can share the world map. Despite the app's size, the adverts are tastefully handled. There aren't many tutorials either, which can be frustrating. But overall, it's a well-made game with gorgeous visuals.

The Battle Of Polytopia

The Battle Of Polytopia

This city-building game, formerly known as Super Tribes, focuses on being a turn-based world builder that draws inspiration from the Civilizations series. You can here let your inner power grow and conquer loose. 

Players can advance by finding and creating new technologies that they can employ to conquer rival cities and gain an edge. Your victories will ultimately lead to success. In the turn-based strategy game, the Battle of Polytopia, you must manage and construct a map by finding tiles that you can later employ to your advantage. 

To become the dominant tribe in the area as the leader of a tribe seeking to establish a great civilization, you will need to compete with other tribes, using the resources available to develop new technologies and ward off threats.

Village Island City Simulation

Village Island City Simulation

Village City Island Simulator is a straightforward city builder, but it's also one with a lot of polish and delight. In this game, you'll need to take care of your town by providing your residents with fulfilling employment and fulfilling lifestyles as an advisor tries to provide you with information on their needs and how best to assist them. In addition, there are missions to do and adventures to discover!

You still have many stuff (and structures) to discover, resulting in a sizable and successful village. It's direct and to the point, a game that delivers what it promises: a charming little city-building simulation that does everything right.

Village Island City Simulation, a throwback to the earliest village construction simulations, allows you to create the ideal island paradise according to your preferences. Hotels and movie theatres are just two of the more than 100 different types of structures.

Thriving island communities will balance employment opportunities, leisure activities, and business interests. The graphics are otherwise of excellent quality, and gameplay is generally simple to pick up on. The more XP earned, the more sorts of structures are unlocked, keeping things interesting. 

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Forge Of Empires

Forge Of Empires

Originally a web browser game, Forge of Empires is among the top free city-building games on android and iOS. Players must build up their towns and armies from the Stone Age period in which they begin. 

There is guild versus guild conflicts where players can challenge other guilds from around the server, similar to other mobile fantasy city builders where you challenge other cities to plunder their resources.

A city-building game called Forge of Empires takes you from the Stone Age to the Modern Era as you adapt and expand your empire. In Forge of Empires, adaptation is the actual problem. You'll need to utilize strategy to progress through several eras, hoping to keep your empire alive long enough to enter the contemporary period and find more helpful technologies.

There are adversaries to defeat and plunder in this game. The game performs remarkably well in terms of graphics. It's a masterpiece of strategy and well worth your time. And because the game moves along at a relatively leisurely rate, when we say it's "worthy of your time," we mean that it will take a long time to advance.



DomiNations, one of the top free games for years running, focus more on the competition. You expand your city, foster economic growth, strengthen your military, and attempt to annex neighboring cities from other players. Fortifying your base is crucial because there's a potential that you could be invaded as well.

In DomiNations, where you must fight against other countries, you must consider your defenses. After deciding on a well-known civilization from history, you must begin developing your town while considering combat tactics and trying to survive. A lot of strategies are involved in what you're doing, as well as potential pitfalls.

Even if the game is more of a strategy than a city builder, it deserves to be mentioned. It looks even better than it plays out. You won't even be aware that you've been playing for a while because you'll be immersed in the game.

Paradise City

Paradise City

Next on our list is Paradise City: Building Sim Game, a city-building game with a tropical island theme. Although you start with little more than the barren countryside, the eventual result will be a thriving city. 

You'll create a small community, build residences, businesses, and a resort to draw tourists and strengthen the local economy. You may play this no-download city-building game online or offline. Success necessitates careful balancing of resources, employment, and population. Growth only occurs when and how you can afford it, paid for with gold.

Based on feedback, pop-up adverts do seem to interfere with gameplay. Apart from that, Paradise City is entertaining and addictive. A common aspect of the game is placing the roadways, pedestrian pathways, and waterways. However, a few side missions would be nice to keep things interesting.

Global City: Build And Harvest

Global City: Build And Harvest

Look no further than Global City: Build and Harvest for the best visuals on our list. Resources, just as in real life, are what propel your development. Create infrastructure and mines, sell your goods, and watch your town expand. Everything your expanding metropolis can live without can be transported to other places.

A chat feature with players worldwide is one of the game's many advantages. There are also side quests if you want something different. Your city will benefit from a robust revenue base as the population rises, the city's boundaries are widened, and industry is stimulated.

Although this is an excellent city simulation game, some players may find that upgrades progress slowly. It has appealing aesthetics and is a fascinating experience.

Little Big City 2

Little Big City 2, the second book in the Little Big City series, is on our list. We admire players' many development strategies, from heavy industrial to a focus on the IT sector. Alternatively, make your city a hub for culture and the arts. If not, you'll collaborate closely with the Mayor of your town and other members of the local administration.

Transform your tropical island into a vibrant, attractive city! Together with the Mayor and his eccentric allies, you'll create the city of your dreams, one that's not just a scientific and industrial powerhouse but also a haven for the environment.

Another perk is the freedom to visit your friend's city and see how they're doing. There are plenty of structures and landmarks to add and unlock. With frequent news updates, stay informed on game-related activities. There are many things to do in this entertaining and fascinating game. As your town expands, numerous types of structures and infrastructure exist to install.

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter

One of the greatest city-building games focusing on developing your Vault in a post-apocalyptic world is Fallout Shelter, based on the popular RPG Fallout franchise. 

You must micromanage like a city builder by providing your people with food, water, and improved facilities. You can delegate jobs to each person's aptitude to generate additional resources and look for weaponry to ward against vault raiders.

In Fallout Shelter, players construct and oversee their Vault as an Overseer, who serves as the Vault's coordinator and commander. The inhabitants, or citizens of the Vault, are led and guided by players, who must satisfy their requirements for power, food, and water to keep their content. 

Using the SPECIAL statistics system from the past Fallout games, they rescue inhabitants of the wasteland and assign them to various resource-generating structures in the Vault. Each character's SPECIAL profile impacts how well they can produce multiple resources, and each state's numbers can be improved by training in a particular chamber.

Pocket Build

Pocket Build

A more straightforward look is used in Pocket Build to offer it a more tranquil presentation. There is a sizable open world where you can grow your city and gather materials from the landscape. 

Sandbox features are also present in the game, allowing players to construct anything they want without any constraints. The game, however, leans more toward medieval structures like wooden bridges, castles, and arenas than it does toward contemporary cities.

In the open-world game Pocket Build, you are free to construct anything you want. Build anything, whenever, and however you like. There are countless options! The building has castles, trees, fences, people, animals, farms, bridges, towers, houses, rocks, and land.

Android smartphones can download the free game Pocket Build. It is free to download, install, and play. Although Pocket Build offers optional microtransactions for some resources, playing the game is free.

City Mania

City Mania

The main aim of this game is to build, extend, and modify. You can hire folks with distinct characteristics to help populate the city and maintain its happiness while developing your metropolis. You can even erect iconic buildings in your town, including the Eiffel Tower and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Everything you anticipate from a city-building game is available in The City Mania, but what jumps out is the animation. Your empire won't get tired of this interactive game's bright and endearing energy and playability.

Fun is constantly increasing in this city! This is because City Mania isn't your classic tycoon game. In addition to adding unique features like attractive parks, striking structures, and impressive monuments, you'll also populate your town with eccentric people to liven up every street!

You can construct anything, even a fire station with personnel explicitly chosen by you among your city's residents or a water tower. You can assign missions to the populace to aid in the growth of your city. To populate your town and increase the number of workers, they will return bearing resources or pals.

Dungeon Village

Dungeon Village

The pixelated art of its numerous unique species and mountains of wealth make this one of the most conventional city-building games that offer the same enjoyment and a different vibe from the typical 3D visuals.

The player must choose and decide on a group of heroes to be used in combat to complete a mission to advance in the game. A player can establish a high score for each completed assignment depending on the loot obtained, the number of structures constructed, and a few other things. 

Dungeon Village's appeal lies between the loot drops and the hero competition for the rewards. The game's primary objective is to draw heroes to your town and send them out to battle monsters outside the city walls. 

The player's city must host activities that garner renown and attention from outside sources. Additionally, the city must be improved by adding new structures. The player can instruct heroes to do tasks and offer them presents to make them more benevolent toward the town as monsters arrive.

Virtual City Playground

Virtual City Playground

You are responsible for running an entertainment city in Virtual City Playground. You need to construct entertainment hubs like malls, movie theatres, public transit networks, and parks in addition to residential areas. 

You must also produce various retail goods to provide for your residents. The game has multiple levels with four distinct settings for a more enjoyable playing experience.



Township is a casual farming and city-building game that Playrix created and released across various platforms. In Township, players create starter cities by constructing factories, gathering crops, and producing items. 

The game's primary goal is to connect a single independent agricultural enterprise to a full range of industrial chains, raise revenue, extend the area, and improve your town's prosperity by growing its population.

The game's foundations are puzzles involving production and farming. Crops, including wheat, corn, carrots, potatoes, sugarcane, cocoa, tomatoes, rubber, silk, strawberries, rice, and pepper, are among the first to be harvested by a player. Factories use assets to produce goods that give currency and experience points.

In the early levels, Ernie offers the players some assistance by giving them little tutorials. It must be possible to generate or gather more than 250 goods. Production problems are driven by orders arriving on the helicopter pad first.

You must try this game if you love the fun of brain-teasing puzzle games

Disney Magic Kingdom

Disney Magic Kingdom

Gameloft created the freemium world-building video game Disney Magic Kingdoms, based on the Disney Parks and available for iOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows. The official launch date was March 17, 2016. The setting for the game is the Kingdom, primarily modeled by Disneyland and Magic Kingdom. 

Mickey Mouse is the Kingdom's guardian. The players must aid in the Kingdom's recovery by building their park after Maleficent casts a terrible spell on it that drains it of all its potent enchantment. Merlin occasionally shows up as a guide to further the plot.

The game also includes chests, occasionally concealed throughout the Kingdom but may also be purchased for Gems. Each compartment offers a different gift depending on the box type, such as attractions, tokens, decorations, or concessions. 

The player can also buy tokens and attractions from Merlin's Shop using elixirs, which are gained by exchanging them for props and food in Merlin's cauldron. Additionally, each franchise's floats are included in the game and can be used to receive Magic, Tokens, or Gems during parades.


Here are the best city-building games for android. Although they might not be as quick-paced as other game genres, like shooting and action RPGs, they'll undoubtedly test your intelligence and cunning. Even managing a single home can be difficult; imagine trying to work with an entire community. 

Even if it's only virtual, strive to grind for resources to satisfy your fellow inhabitants. Although it won't happen immediately, it would be rewarding to reap the benefits of a prosperous virtual metropolis.


The most recent free game available from the Epic Games Store is Cities Skylines, which was free until March 17, 2022, at 8:30 PM.

The objective of SimCity BuildIt is straightforward: create and run your city. To make your city a metropolis, you must build roads, factories, stores, buildings, skyscrapers, and other things.

Free City may only be a made-up video game featured in the film Free Guy, but it takes inspiration from several existing video game franchises. A movie representation of the video game industry, Free Guy, is from 2021.

The best city-building game available right now is Cities: Skylines. It builds on the fundamentals of SimCity, all of its best features, ignore all of its flaws, and produces a city-building game entertaining for hundreds of hours.

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