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The first-rate GBA games are primarily a window into a unique era. Unsurprisingly, Nintendo and its partners packed this amazing console with some surely out-of-the-ordinary experiences. The best GBA or Game Boy Advance games cover a wickedly extensive range of genres in a relatively significant way. We have rounded up a list of some exciting GBA games to help you find out the best one for you. 

Best GBA Games of All Time

Whether you usually had been enjoying, for all intents and functions, traditional SNES video games like Zelda: A Link to the Past or diving into legendary RPGs without a doubt such as Golden Sun and Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, GBA  without a doubt have something for absolutely everyone in a delicate way. 

If you have been searching for some old-school video games for your GameBoy Advance but haven't discovered a good-sized list, then we have some precise choices for you.

Metroid Fusion 

Metroid Fusion 

Super Metroid wasn't converted to Nintendo's portable 32-bit powerhouse like previous Super Mario games had been, contrary to popular belief. Instead, series veteran Yoshio Sakamoto had other ideas. The outcome is Metroid Fusion, a fantastic adventure that moves the series in intriguing new directions. 

While it doesn't give the same flexibility as its older siblings, its more linear structure leads to a much deeper narrative than early Metroid games. It explores Samus' personality in a way that the later games would embrace. 

Its inclusion of Samus' arch-enemy SA-X, a lethal parasite created from her last Power Suit, is one of its other strong points. Samus is continuously being pursued by far more formidable foe because she is working to restore her lost abilities. 

The moody graphics of the game and the cramped nature of the GBA's small screen add to its lethal cat and mouse feel. Simply put, it's the best GBA game available on Nintendo's portable.

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish cap

The Minish Cap seems like a classic Zelda game even if Eiji Aonuma, who has overseen the series since Ocarina of Time, is not involved. The Minish Cap builds on the qualities of Flagship's previous work with the Oracle series for the Game Boy Color by enhancing aspects like dungeon design and providing brand-new Link sword moves to master. 

The Minish Cap's key innovation is Link's unique ability to shrink down in size, which significantly enhances the puzzle elements of the series because you have to switch between forms to discover new paths and complete various objectives. The game's talking hat, Ezlo, is also an excellent addition to the new sarcastic remarks. 

Advance Wars

Advance Wars

Nintendo's portable system feels like Intelligent Systems' series' true home, even though its pedigree can be traced back to the Famicom. The small troops and vehicles in the Intelligent Systems game may make it appear cute. 

Still, they are just a cheery cover for some tremendously difficult-to-understand maps requiring a true tactical genius to conquer. Fortunately, a group of commanders with various personalities and special abilities make the job much more straightforward. 

Even after you finish the drawn-out campaign, the war will still rage, and the compelling multiplayer maps will keep you playing until your batteries die. The 2003 release Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising continues the original game's plot. 

Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, which is the sequel, was launched in 2003 and maintained the primary game's story – and it's similarly great, introducing eight more excellent commanders, new powers, a brand-new Neo tank, and several different fine-of-existence tweaks.

WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgames

WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgames

Few video games gain the absurd heights of silliness that this mini-game sequence manages to achieve, which is pretty significant. The brilliance of Wario Ware Inc. roots to its sort of sheer accessibility and handy manipulation device.

You're typically given a single phrase training and then a relatively few seconds to obtain the required absurd task, which can vary from balancing a set of tiles at the same time as using a unicycle to sniffing a bogey much lower back into a girl's nose, which is pretty significant. 

Over 200 wild games essentially unfold across nine themed levels, particularly such a stage celebrating exceptionally ordinary Nintendo franchises. The total bundle is held together through a very abstract art trend that elevates Nintendo's recreation to even higher tiers of weirdness, or so they thought. The action and adventure involved in this game, makes it one of the best GBA games you should try right now. 

Castlevania: Aria Of Sorrow

Castlevania: Aria Of Sorrow

All three GBA Castlevania video games, for the most part, deserve to be in your collection of GBA games. However, if you can pick one, hunt down Sorrow. It's no longer solely the most aesthetically attractive of the three video games. 

Then again, for the most part, it is routinely affluent thanks to the brand-new Tactical Soul gadget that lets you soak up the souls of defeated foes and use them to embellish the competencies of protagonist Soma Cruz, which is pretty amazing.

You won't find a significantly inverse fortress here; on the other hand, you will essentially locate outstanding bosses, an exquisite soundtrack, and a dull quantity of weaponry to scan with.

Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga

Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga

The GBA isn't shortchanged in the RPG department, but indeed few maintain a candle to this wonderfully witty adventure. While the hilarious story will maintain your attention, the finely crafted fight mechanics make AlphaDream's adventure so much fun to play. 

The float of conflict will, for the most part, be immediately familiar to each person skilled in Mario's earlier RPGs. Still, fights are cleverly more desirable by using the inclusion of Luigi, indeed contrary to famous belief. 

This brotherly love extends to relaxation and recreation, too. In reality, the pair have a variety of exceptional moves that will enable them to navigate the BeanBean Kingdom in their mission to rescue Princess Peach, contrary to the famous belief. Try this game right now, and explore a new level of adventure. 

Astro Boy: Omega Factor

Astro Boy: Omega Factor

Treasure and Hitmaker's splendidly chaotic collaboration is now not only a love letter to Osamu Tezuka's notably classic manga series but also serves as an overview of his usually indeed the whole canon of work, which honestly is pretty significant, or so they commonly thought. 

At its core, the Omega Factor type is a beat-'em-up. Still, it prides itself on dishing out as pretty sort of excellent deal of damage as simply possible so you can rapidly, for all intents and purposes, in most cases, build up Astro Boy's EX gauge and make your foes flat with outrageous, typically pretty different attacks in a simply big way.

It's a without a doubt stunning game and is therefore present in the list of the best GBA games. The game is features technically outrageous boss encounters, an extraordinarily robust storyline, splendid graphics, and a hypnotic soundtrack which will make you fall in love with it. 

Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade

Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade

This is the seventh entry in Intelligent Systems' exquisite strategy series, and it serves as a terrific introduction to the highly-regarded franchise. Like its approach, stablemate Advance Wars, Fire Emblem, in reality, appears cute on the surface. 

However, it is a wide variety of challenging games, thanks to its complex AI, exceptionally designed maps, and triangle weapon gadget that powers each fight encounter. 

For the most part, things are further problematic by you permanently dropping members as they participate in battle, which is highly impactful as the compelling writing and attractive personalities make every character very effortless to join with, which in particular is pretty significant. The follow-up of this amazing game, Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones is equally crucial for your time and cash, which is commonly pretty significant.

Mario Kart: Super Circuit 

Mario Kart: Super Circuit 

The list of the best GBA games is incomplete without mentioning Mario Kart. While the pre-rendered graphical style hasn't stood the test of time, the polished karting mechanics sincerely have.

The splendor of Nintendo's transportable racer is that it doesn't mainly try to reinvent the wheel but, in reality, builds on the two video games that mostly preceded it in a big way. You might not find new power-ups or new characters.

Still, you will find 20 brilliantly designed tracks, challenging difficulty levels, and some brilliant multiplayer options, which is quite significant. In a slice of genius, it also approves you to free up the 20 tracks of Super Mario Kart. This pass proved so popular that the franchise continues to revisit pretty classic tracks to this day in a sort of significant way. 

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire

While Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen are generally gorgeous Pokemon video games in their rights, we've come what may, for the most part, managed to clock up even more excellent hours on this trilogy of RPGs, which is mainly quite significant. 

Many Pokemon fans weren't happy with Game Freak's decision to not import most of your previous Pokemon (meaning this was the first time you couldn't generally capture them all), but a new engine and no longer relying on the previous games allowed the collection to move in new directions. 

It also added dramatic new double battles and granted new Innate Abilities and Natures that further amazed the adorable creatures you were feverishly obsessed with.

Metroid: Zero Mission

Metroid: Zero Mission

This is still among the best remasters of the generation, right up there with Capcom's excellent Resident Evil remake for the GameCube. Nintendo R&D1 took the foundation of the groundbreaking 8-bit game. 

It is delicately retooled  rather than simple version of the original NES fairly classic (which mostly is featured as an unlockable extra) subtly. New cutscenes that specifically tell Samus' journey generally are added, and the already atmospheric adventure is vastly improved by improved visuals, which is pretty contrary to popular belief. 

The best part is that even at the game's conclusion, Nintendo has one generally the last move up its sleeve that lets you go through Samus' conflict with the space pirates like never before in a subtle way. If you are looking for the best GBA games, this one is a must try. 

Mario Vs. Donkey Kong

Mario Vs. Donkey Kong

This charming 2004 release is effectively a non-secular successor of the previously 1994 Game Boy game, Donkey Kong, which is pretty significant. Many levels usually consist of Mario making an attempt to, for the most part, retrieve an actual key to open a checkpoint and then rescue a stolen toy Mario towards a strict time limit. 

However, the brave plumber desires to guide the retrieved toy Marios to protection in a separate stage and then face an innovative war against Donkey Kong, or so they thought. It's a neat notion with a superb presentation. Several sequels accompanied later systems, but the uniqueness remains our general favorite subtly.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

The list of the best GBA games is incomplete without mentioning this game. Vicarious Visions pulled off thia amazing game on Nintendo's small handheld in a subtle way. Yes, there specifically are fairly apparent concessions (the licensed soundtracks ly short instrumental renditions), and pretty sure the dinky visuals can pressure the eyes at times, but that would not detract at all from the great pickup and kind of play gameplay, which specifically is just as addictive here as it used to be on the sort of larger sort of domestic generally console versions. 

Despite a new isometric viewpoint, unique stages, for the most part, are flawlessly captured and right away recognizable, which is significant. Mechanically, it's outstanding, too, and whilst the pass set has been dialed back a little, it stays just as exciting, racking up insane scores contrary to popular belief.

Drill Dozer

Drill Dozer

During the 2000s, Game Freak centered nearly entirely on Pokémon games. However, it did find time to sort of flip out this gem of a platformer, very contrary to popular belief.

Coming across like a splendid manga, Drill Dozer works thanks to a sharp localization, complicated and kind of unique bosses, and resourceful mechanics that revolve around the titular drill that protagonist Jill uses, which for the most part, is pretty significant. 

The GBA's often forgotten rumble skills are cleverly used to highlight the intensity of your drill's power. At the same time, the creative degree plan and brain-teasing puzzles ensure that you always find exciting ways to get the most out of your hydraulic tool, which is pretty significant.

Golden Sun

The stunning RPGs of this GBA game are so intertwined that they're two aspects of an identical coin. Each, in particular, is a massive RPG, contrary to popular belief. 

Mechanically, it's magnificent, too, with combat revolving around securing the Pokémon-like Djinn, which you can find by way of exploration or beating them in battle and then use to decorate the fighting prowess of your party in a pretty significant way. It's all topped off by, for all intents and purposes, some of the most fantastic pixel art characteristics in any GBA game in a pretty significant way.

Kuru Kuru Kururin

Nintendo's handheld used to be a top-notch haven for people who love puzzle games, but few will boil your blood like this maddeningly complicated gem from Eighting, which is quite significant. Kururin's brothers and sisters have long gone lacking, and it's down to the brave duck to soar into his helicopter and navigate some very intricate levels to find his lacking siblings, which is mainly quite significant.

Unfortunately, in many areas, Kururin has to enter pretty little room for his helicopter blades, so you want cautious timing and deft manipulation of your speed to make sure Kururin doesn't blunder into actual nearby walls, basically contrary to popular belief. Sequels headed to each the GBA and GameCube; however, unlike the original, they never left Japan, or so they thought.

F-Zero: Maximum Velocity

Although Nintendo's console had a range of polygon-based racers in its later years, the games that, for the most part, attempted to replicate the Mode 7 stylings of the SNES fared the best.

Maximum Velocity is generally definitive proof of this, wowing game enthusiasts on launching with its fairly slick racing and snazzy-looking tracks, contrary to popular belief. 

While this part is set many years after the original game (meaning no regulars like Captain Falcon and Samurai Goroh), it retains the pretty equal mechanics, including progress-based velocity boosts and F-Zero's elimination-based format in a big way.

It works perfectly, and the stop result is mainly one of the pleasant racers on the system subtly. Two sequels followed; however, both are prohibitively expensive, mainly the pretty Japanese-specific F-Zero: Climax, or so they mainly thought.

Harvest Moon: Friends Of Mineral Town

While they're usually classed as RPGs, the Harvest Moon games are more about helpful resource management, and none will take a look at every one of your capabilities as an awful lot as this one. 

It's essentially a transportable remake of the PlayStation game, Back To Nature, and it mainly is a particularly ruddy one, too, reasonably contrary to popular belief. You quickly essentially recognize that the most crucial mission you face is time itself, and it becomes a real mission to tend your crops, feed your farm animals, and still discover time to kind of woo the girl of basically your dreams. 

A later release known as Harvest Moon: sort of More Friends Of kind of Mineral Town also exists; however, it swaps the lead personality for a woman in a subtle way.

Rhythm Tengoku

Rhythm Tengoku

Nintendo's enormously closing first-party GBA sport in no way reached the west, but it's certainly an absolute blast to play that requires little know-how of Japanese to enjoy, which is quite significant. 

Like WarioWare, it's a collection of super-fun mini-games with an incredibly unique visual style; however, the focal point of each loopy task, in reality, is based totally on maintaining, without a doubt, your rhythm as a usually awful lot as possible, virtually opposite to famous belief.

Mini-games vary from punching objects to plucking whiskers from furry vegetables and using sea animals to bounce to the moon, contrary to popular belief. It's utterly bonkers. However, the tightly crafted controls and terrific tunes will put your feet on the faucet a whole lot as, basically, your fingers in a fundamental way.

Sonic Advance

Sega's hedgehog might also have performed heresy with the aid of moving over to Nintendo's handheld in the eyes of a form of sure fans; however, all people else located that Sonic, in actuality, had typically lost none of his trademark pace or flair in the as soon as unthought-of move. 

Dimps and Sonic Team's platformer, without problems, recaptures the speedy pace and sensible stage layouts of the before Mega Drive games, and there's a tightness to the ranges that aren't found in the two sequels subtly. 

Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy, indeed Rose, are all forms of play in a different way to each other, so you have masses of motives to return as soon as you've achieved its six zones, which for the most part is pretty significant. This is a perfect people for people who love endless runner games

Kirby And The Amazing Mirror

Kirby And The Amazing Mirror

While Kirby's unique trip on the GBA especially was once a more muscular remake of his first NES adventure, his second form mainly was a more excellent, ambitious affair, which is pretty significant. 

Traveling through Mirror World is like traversing a gigantic maze, and Kirby will frequently, for all intents and purposes, have to honestly name three certainly different Kirbies (via a cute cell phone) to remedy highly positive puzzles and hugely continue his quest mainly. 

It's a neat idea, however, it does admittedly work tremendously, a whole lot higher when you grew up with three other virtually human opponents. Mechanically, it's otherwise simply like any, without a doubt, other Kirby game. Still, it's bolstered using its main nods to the Metroidvania style and some very entertaining mini-games in a big way.

Gunstar Future Heroes

Gunstar Future Heroes

Treasure's incredible run-and-gun is as exceedingly a homage to traditional Sega video games of ancient as it genuinely is a revisit of the Mega Drive original, or so they buy and consider. 

While the combat mechanics of this game have been pared back somewhat, it nevertheless manages to offer masses of tactical action as you change between generally your accessible weapons and shoot sort of your way through numerous levels, taking aside gigantic, regularly spectacular-looking bosses as you do so, which is explicitly pretty significant. 

Many of the levels will be right away acquainted explicitly with fans of the kind of original game. The only kind of honest criticism is that it's painfully pretty quick with six levels.

Double Dragon Advance

Million's remake of the arcade game is not only one of the excellent video games in the series but the satisfactory brawler on Nintendo's handheld, contrary to famous belief. 

While it consists of overhauled variations of the authentic four stages of the arcade hit, it provides four more, notably increasing the fun in the process. Combat mechanics are also expanded, with million searching to later video games in the series for ideas and introducing new weapons to spice up the already intense gameplay, or so they often thought. 

As with many scrolling fighters, Double Dragon Advance, in reality, comes without a doubt alive with a 2nd player; however, considering the very high fee of the game currently, that may additionally be a little challenging to achieve, which is quite significant.


We hope that now you don't have to browse from one web page to another to find great video games for GBA because we carry you to the top list of best GBA games. 

If you a GBA handheld or downloaded an emulator for your PC, the listing above will undoubtedly come in handy and will be helpful for you in fulfilling your desire for some amazing GBA game.  


You will need the Gameboy Player add-on if you choose to play Gameboy games on your TV using GameCube. It has a slot in the front for Gameboy video games ranging from the authentic Gameboy to Gameboy advance.

Nowadays, it is extra and extra complex to buy original Nintendo products. Several games are cloned and bought with a box. But some times are different from the originals (only that know unique recreation Identify it).

Most GBA games are 8MB to 16MB; that is the quantity of area you will have to work with. There are many locations where you can purchase these things, like Amazon.

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