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We can all agree that Naruto is one of the best anime series of all time and has captivated audiences worldwide. The show's brilliance immediately impressed viewers at their initial exposure, and they were ecstatic to learn that there were accompanying video games. 

The games based on this acclaimed manga series have been a runaway success around the globe. Over the years, several different Naruto video games have been released. The Naruto video games based on popular anime series are tough and fascinating, and are perfect for people who love anime. 

To help you determine which games are worth all the hype, we have compiled a list of the best Naruto games to peruse and determine which are your favorite and which you disliked playing. Now, let us go to satisfy our Naruto appetite.

Naruto: Path Of The Ninja

The gameplay adheres to the anime plot until the conclusion of the Chunin Exams arc, when Sukaka becomes the final boss. Even though it's not a fighting game, the JRPG Naruto: Path of the Ninja was a huge hit in Japan and the United States.

Players choose one of six playable characters and venture to a mysterious village in the Naruto universe. The players are free to explore the world in search of materials and clues. They may do so in any environment, including forests, mountains, rivers, and fields.

Players will face off against additional bosses and enemies as they explore, each of which will need the use of unique combat skills. You need to ensure your strategies are strong enough to beat your opponent. It's intriguing to think that there could be a Naruto role-playing game. Naruto: Path of the Ninja provides fans with a similar opportunity.

The game follows the story from its inception until Orochimaru attacks Konoha, with Gaara serving as the game's final boss. It's a good game, and lovers of the franchise, especially those who enjoy turn-based strategic battles, should look into it.

Naruto Powerful Shippuden

Naruto Powerful Shippuden

It has a great comedic character style and can be picked up and played by people of any age. The developer has spent plenty of time and work to develop this game to look cute so that it would only work on Nintendo's 3DS.

The strong themes and comedic interactions in Naruto: Powerful Shippuden is based on the Naruto spin-off series Naruto 3D. Gameplay in Naruto: Powerful Shippuden is split between Naruto Uzumaki and fan favorite Rock Lee, just like in the manga.

At first, you get to pick which one to play, but later on, you'll find out that you need both to complete certain tasks. Keys are required to access certain missions on the map as you progress. There are other tests you must take before you can unlock the door.

There are two different narratives to experience throughout the game. The game can be played in two different ways: the main story or the endless battle mode; it's a cartoon with Anime elements and action-packed gameplay that won't let you down. There is no online play available in this game, and the character designs feel the same. 

Naruto Shippuden: Naruto Vs. Sasuke

Naruto Shippuden: Naruto Vs. Sasuke

Next up on our list of the best Naruto video games is Naruto Shippuden: Naruto vs. Sasuke. The anime's second season is chronicled in Naruto Shippuden: Naruto vs. Sasuke. With the help of a spy, Team 7 must determine where Sasuke is currently hiding. Because of Kakashi's injuries, Naruto and Sasuke now have a new team leader, Yamato. This game's mechanics are inspired by anime.

The game's plot is depicted through static pictures and elementary animation. To progress, you must leap and fight over various obstacles, such as spikes and hostile ninjas. You can choose from three playable characters in the game. As you progress through the game, you'll find ranged weaponry that you can utilize in combat.

It's based on the same plot as the excellent Naruto show. You can play a variety of different characters and assemble your team. Fighting styles from Naruto are re-created but offer a limited variety of settings. The lackluster quality of the audio service and addictive potential is completely absent here. 

It is one of the most loved fighting games Which one is better to play.

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja

Free-form combat is the norm in Naruto: Ultimate Ninja, which also features stage dangers and pits with no way out. The game has original combo attacks like Jutsu and chakra assaults.

The ability to switch out bodies to evade enemies is the game's unique selling point. Several hidden techniques in this game can be used to win at Jutsu. Animation storylines from "Land of Waves" to "Konoha Crush" are all a part of the game's playable timeline. You'll need to hone your ninja abilities to acquire cash and uncover the bonus's substantial excess.

There is a lot of action and difficulty in gaming. Several excellent game modes are available, and the visuals are top-notch. There's no solo-play option in this game. The in-game sequences are minimal and lack variety in the tasks. 

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes

The video game Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes is based on Naruto Ultimate Ninja 2; the game focuses on action-oriented combat, while the anime focuses on storytelling. The game adds various new features and lets you pick from a pool of up to 20 participants.

The magnetic component of the new features is the hidden team talents that guarantee victory over your adversary. These features include a three-on-three fighting system and wireless two-player battles. You choose a favorite character, then use their enhanced stats to create a unique ninja.

There are challenging single-player and multiplayer/team-based game modes in the game. You can train your ideal team of formidable ninjas in the fascinating Naruto universe.

A large number of possible options for each personality. There are eight different battle arenas to explore in this game. The difficulty level of a challenge always remains the same. However, there is no internet functionality in this game. 

Naruto To Boruto: Shinobi Striker

Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker

The action-packed Shinobi Striker: Naruto to Boruto is a three-dimensional arena combat game created entirely from the ground up for player-versus-player competition. This game occurs while Konoha is hosting the upcoming Chunin Exams, and Naruto is the Seventh Hokage.

Joining the Arena is your chance to show that you can go head-to-head with the best opponents. This tournament does not have an easy mode. To win, you must work together like never before.

Players may make their ninja for the first time and learn the show's devastating ninjutsu from recognizable characters. True enough. Finally, you may customize your fighter to suit your play style in various game types, making the most of your skill set. Round up your Shinobi "fighting" team and plan out the team's utter destruction of the opposing team in a 4v4 team deathmatch arena battle.

Exhibit your stealth skills in a "capture the flag" game powered by Chakra, or hold your ground in the conventional base battle style that will function like "control" or "domination." There is no story mode, so players must be prepared to fight.

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm

The fighting game industry was radically altered by Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm. The first game in the Naruto series to have a fully open 3D arena is often considered the series' pinnacle. That's quite good for a game that spawned five more installments.

If you were a fan of anime as a kid, this game fulfills all of your wildest fantasies. Gamabunta, Manda, and Shukaku are just some of the massive bosses you'll face as you travel throughout Konoha and interact with its many inhabitants.

Playing this game is really about looking back. You're free to explore Konoha in the story mode, but that's about it. A more skilled player may tire of the game's repetitive fetch quest, and the boss fights consist primarily of quick-time events (Quick-Time-Events). The stunning visuals and cinematic sequences are the closest we'll get to reliving the original Naruto series. 

Still, you'll probably need a Sharingan of your own to take on the game's final boss if that hasn't already put you off. The local multiplayer of the original Ninja Storm is legendary. For the first time, battles are taking place in vast, open spaces suitable for the scale of the conflict.

Wall-running and ultimate ninjutsu displays that are both long and wonderfully animated are well worth the wait. Time was when ninjas could magically appear and disappear from battle to set up spectacular special attacks, that the action of Naruto could be brought to life. This timeless game is excellent for local PVP with simple mechanics yet sophisticated fighting.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3

This third installment of the NARUTO SHIPPUDEN series, NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja Storm, is a 3D fighting game that takes place during the fourth great ninja battle and features a tonne of new and original characters and cinematic content. This game is a whirlwind of feelings for those invested in the franchise.

While Ninja Storm 3's epic narrative mode is welcome back, it might drag on at times due to long, monotonous scenes with even fewer quick events than in previous games. Numerous other enhancements to online play make this a fantastic entry in the series.

Explore the devastated landscape of the 4th Great Ninja War. The cinematic campaign is packed with engaging story missions and massive boss fights. With the right mindset, you can use the strength of gigantic-tailed beasts to your advantage in player-against-player combat. Using ninjutsu combinations across multiple characters allows for unprecedented levels of tactical depth.

When you have 80 different characters to choose from, PVP is bound to be exciting and difficult. Use sudden realizations to tap into your latent strength, then destroy your enemies with superhuman abilities. Large lobbies, Epic combos, and both ranked and regular PVP modes will have you returning for more.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

The plot begins to unfold in Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, which features the cast of characters from the original Naruto series. A lot was expected of the first sequel in the Storm series. The developers aimed to improve upon the flaws they saw in Ultimate Ninja 1, which was so beloved by fans, and they reworked several aspects of the game in response to player feedback.

The prologue picks up three years after The Hurricane Chronicles' conclusion when Naruto has been away. In adventure mode, you can accompany a mature Naruto and Sasuke on their journeys, while in multiplayer, you can engage in local and (for the first time) internet PVP. 

For those who don't mind a more straight progression, this plot is a big improvement over the original. More than merely quick-time events, the boss fights have increased in intensity.

Although online ninja combat and the inclusion of the Shippuden cast are the most obvious changes to multiplayer, there are many others. We cut wall-running, epic ninjutsu combat, and cinematic introductions to vs. battles. While some saw this as an opportunity to speed up the process, most fans just wanted to climb the wall.

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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

The climactic Storm game does not disappoint. The NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja Storm series has implemented a new fight system. Join the Fourth Shinobi World War, fought by the Allied Shinobi Forces. Don't give up on Naruto or Sasuke's paths until the end of the series.

The fourth installment of the Naruto video game series, Ninja Storm, is unparalleled. The updated fighting system is lightning fast and visually stunning. The addition of team switching and damage animations elevate competitive multiplayer gaming.

You can switch to your ninja and start a combination in the middle of a fight. Persistent burns are visible after a fire has struck, and the blaze can be removed by fleeing the area rapidly or being exposed to water. Every battle is exciting and realistic.

You can relive the thrilling conclusion of the anime if you choose to do so in story mode. Although the graphics aren't as good as on the show, the story is gripping, and the excellent anime adaptation will move true fans. The game is still enjoyable to engaging. The fans are calling this the perfect storm.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution

The latest installment in the series of 3D fighting games based on the manga and anime Naruto is titled Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution: Naruto Shippuden. It's a big step up from the series, but it also has some serious flaws.

This Storm series installment has 100 playable characters and 100 pieces of original artwork. Revolution appeared to be worthy of its awaited debut thanks to another significant roster addition, several new gameplay elements, and a couple of short films.

While the new battle mechanisms are an improvement, they may feel unbalanced at first. Even though the emphasis on defense is likely intended to increase the game's breadth and strategic depth, it can sometimes feel a bit unbalanced. Adding "drive-types" lets users customize their ninja's fighting style, but the concept feels incomplete.

This story fails to deliver and instead acts as an exhibition. Although the graphics and attention to detail are great, many fans of the Naruto series would recommend Ninja Storm 3 or 4 instead if you're seeking a more streamlined PvP experience. 

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Naruto Online

Players of the internet MMORPG Naruto Online take part in tactical adventures set in the Naruto universe. The game stays true to the source material by letting you create a team of your favorite ninjas from the anime. Kishimoto himself designed five new ninjas to play like the first Naruto adventure.

Cinematic sequences and special interactions between "bonded" characters, gorgeously animated combo ninjutsu moves, and characters that change and develop as you play are just some of the game's highlights. You'll be able to personalize your ninja team and fight in strategic, fast-paced turn-based ninjutsu fights.

Challenge yourself in difficult boss raids, or show off your prowess in global PvP. Play Naruto Online at no cost and with no restrictions to take on the world or your friends.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst

Shadows secretly gather to attack Sasuke and get off to an explosive start to Storm 3. which is followed by the introduction of more mechanics and improvements. Assisted characters in Ultimate Decisions, Mob Mode, Ultimate Choices, Awakening Mode, and new Tag Team Assisted Moves.

Storm 3 was a welcome change compared to the previous installments as the series ramped up the drama and spectacle. You'll have to fight through waves of the ninja as you progress through the locations rather than simply engaging in combat with the main bad guys.

When the developers heard that players missed the plot and dramatic boss battles removed in Generations, they worked to bring them back. Storm 3's final boss fights were even more epic than the previous games, with massive beast confrontations, tonnes of explosions, and several outcomes depending on your Ultimate choices. While there were fewer complaints about Storm 3, some users experienced issues with Storm 4. 

Naruto Shippuden: Clash Of Ninja Revolution 3

Naruto Shippuden: Clash Of Ninja Revolution 3

Clash of Ninja: Revolution 3 is the fifth game in the series, and many consider it the series' zenith. Even though it was published in 2009, the Wii's online component is still being used by players.

The game features 40 characters and 40 stages. You can engage in some of the most difficult combat throughout the Kazekage Rescue Mission's story mode, such as Gaara vs. Deidara.

Revolution 3 is a highlight in the Clash of Ninja series thanks to its accessible combat, deep combinations, and entertaining gameplay. Since the fighting style is more in line with Tekken, anyone can get in and have fun, even if they have never played any of the games in the series before. 

It has some simple visuals and shaky animation, but that may be due more to the system than the game. But now that 4-player fights are a thing, you can forgive many more sins.

If you love action games oradventure games, then GTA is indeed the best pick for you.

Naruto: The Broken Bond

The Broken Bond is the second most memorable Naruto game because of its unique focus on puzzles, exploration, and geography. The gaming mechanics are different from anything else out there. 

The visuals in this game are solid. There are many new additions and refinements to the game's systems. The voice acting and music from the original anime have been remastered, making them enjoyable to listen to and play.

Up to 35 players can join this massively multiplayer game—power up your character how you want to see them succeed in battle. Also, you can band together with like-minded individuals and employ your ninja talents in team combat.

If you liked Rise of the Ninja, you'd love The Broken Bond. The levels were larger, the story lasted longer (though only from levels 81-135), the player's ability to traverse quickly and utilize wall and river running increased, and combat was vastly enhanced. Hand seals, activated by sliding the thumbsticks, are included in the last few games, including The Broken Bond.

Naruto: Narutimate Hero 3

In Naruto: Narutimate Hero 3, you can choose from a large cast of playable characters and experiment with different builds to improve their skills and techniques.

The game has a brand new story, gameplay options, and a tonne of original music. The game's narrative departs from previous entries in the series to focus on the hero's backstory. This game's major draw is its fantastic role-playing mechanic, which makes it possible to complete missions and access a wide variety of playable characters, each with its own set of skills. 

Professional gamers worldwide praise this game for its innovative gameplay improvements over previous Naruto titles that lacked substance. However, this game is a significant step forward for the Naruto video game franchise. 

The game's gameplay is superb. Stunning visuals are just one of the many highlights of this game; fantastic in terms of entertainment. An enhanced combat system has been added to the game. Background music is not of quality music. There is no internet functionality for this game.

Naruto Shippuden: Dragon Blade Chronicles

Naruto Shippuden: Dragon Blade Chronicles

Similar to anime, the plot of this game is linear. In this game, you must stop Kuroma, popular as giblet-head, from using five elemental dragons to destroy the world. There are a few issues, but the tale makes up for them.

One of the most impressive features of this game is the opportunity to end the revenge of enormous dragons that spew fire. To defeat the strong Genryu and preserve the world, Naruto must wield the dragon blade.

Struggling against huge dragons and activating formidable ninja abilities are neat. The artwork for the character is superb. Constantly being subjected to meaningless chatter is a necessity. Unfortunately, the game's camera angles are terrible and Identical foes in each task to defeat are seen.

Naruto: Rise Of A Ninja

You take control of Naruto and train him to become a ninja and the strongest possible leader. The popular anime video game is now playable on Xbox 360.

The roster of playable characters in Naruto: Rise of a Ninja is extensive. The techniques of Naruto's Shadow Clone Jutsu, Kakashi's Lightning Blade, Kiba's Fang Over Fang, and Sakura's Chakra Control Polm Healing are just a few examples.

Now choose your hero and lead them to victory! Playing this game is like being transported to the fascinating world of Naruto, and you get to be there as the young ninja does his growing up.

The game's plot is based on the events of the anime. Sound quality is excellent - multiple game modes to choose from. The game lacks sufficient difficulty and weak multiplayer support.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3

Many boss battles may be found in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3. The gameplay is flawless and stays true to the anime plot.

Young Kakashi and Obito Uchiha are two of the new characters in the game. The game's signature combat system has been upgraded to support four players. Now is your moment to prove yourself worthy of a spot on the team and unleash a ninja assault with catastrophic effects.

Overcoming enemies in battle requires a lot of careful planning. The game's excellent mechanics make it fun and accessible for players of all skill levels. In the long and storied history of Naruto video games, this is among the most popular and beloved entries.

The overall production quality of the game is high. Up to 4 players can participate in the game battle. The gameplay is the same as before, and many filler elements add no value to the whole. The game has many bugs.

If you are a fan of fightinggames, then Games Like Rope Hero is a must-try for you.

Naruto: Path Of The Ninja 2

Naruto: Path Of The Ninja 2

A sequel to the first Path of the Ninja game was never released in the Western region. This is a big disappointment. Instead, his third game in the series was renamed Naruto. Path of the Ninja 2 was released instead. This change was made to differentiate it from its predecessor in the series.

The game centers on a unique plot that is incredibly captivating to unravel. The strategy-based, turn-based gameplay is exactly as robust as it has always been, making this an excellent way to infuse the world of Naruto with some new flavor. 

Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles

On November 16, 2006, the PlayStation 2 version of Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles was made available to consumers. This game is an action-adventure title that features rather excellent combat. Compared to the version released in Japan, the Western version of the game had a significant amount of omitted content.

Despite this, playing the game is still a decent amount of fun in its own right, even though it seems as though certain aspects of the experience have been eliminated fairly haphazardly. We can counter these problems carried over into the next series installment.

Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles 2

Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles 2

Even though it may seem excruciatingly brief, the sequel to Naruto: The Uzumaki Chronicles is a good game overall and a worthy continuation of the series. Next hand, the majority of individuals won't be bothered by a speedy presentation of a clever plot that is very serviceable.

The fact that it can be played in various modes and includes an alternative storyline in which Kakashi plays a role adds a few extra hours to the total playtime. Although this game might not provide a particularly remarkable experience for Naruto fans, they will have a fantastic time playing it.

Naruto: Clash Of Ninja 2

Naruto: Clash Of Ninja 2

Clash of Ninja 2 is a fighting game that, even though it is not among the best Naruto games available, nevertheless manages to provide a decent amount of entertainment. A further plus is that the cel-shaded visual style holds up very well after all these years.

Fans of Naruto who can discover a method to play this game even though it was released exclusively for the GameCube will have a great time with it. The fighting mechanics are strong, and the whole experience of playing a Naruto brawler is one of the best ways to pass some time.

If you are a fan of fighting games, then Check out the Battlefield Series

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact

One of the most well-known and widely played fighting game series based on a character from a well-known franchise is the Ultimate Ninja series for Naruto. Most people are familiar with Ultimate Ninja Storm, but Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact was also made available on the PSP. Both of these titles are ninja-themed.

It does a fantastic job of imitating the gameplay of Dynasty Warriors, which is another of this game's many strengths. It also includes some of the best story arcs from Naruto Shippuden, which is a huge plus for fans of the series.


Playing Naruto-style games is all about getting together with your pals, yelling and destroying each other, and proving who is the best ninja in the land. It's a nostalgic activity that's also a lot of fun, and the more you play, the merrier it gets. We hope you liked our list of the best naruto games. 


There's no denying that Naruto stands apart even among the ninjas of the Naruto universe. Among his many unusual characteristics are that he keeps a fox demon inside of him, that he exists mostly on ramen, and that he develops strategies that no one else would ever dream of. In all of shinobidom, he is unique. 

Naruto's chakra affinity is Air, which provides ninjutsu with a sharp, cutting edge. To create the Wind Release: Rasengan, he merged it with his Rasengan. This Jutsu was rarely used in the show because its more potent counterpart, the Rasenshuriken, swiftly stole the spotlight. 

The first game encompasses the entirety of the "Naruto" series, while the second and third games cover Shippuden until the end of the Fourth Great Ninja War. You may expect to acquire practically all the important events of Naruto and Shippuden tales in this Trilogy, except the final arcs covered in UNS4.

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